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Married to the Music

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Jonghyun was driving to the mall to hang out with Kibum, and turned up the music when he heard his favourite song come on. The bass was causing the car to shake slightly, but he didn't really care; he just wanted to listen to his music. He started singing along to the song loudly— but not terribly. 

Jonghyun rolled down the windows and continued to sing. What he did not know was that someone was harmonizing with him, singing the other part of the song. 

Jonghyun heard another voice singing his favourite song. He would mind if they didn't have a very appealing voice, but the person who was singing had the nicest voice (other than his) he has ever heard in his entire life. His voice was smooth and soft, yet powerful. His voice was so fucking velvety

He turned his head to see who was singing, and they met eyes for a second before Jonghyun looked away. Oh God he's adorable. His voice is astounding, and he is cute. Jonghyun thought, life is unfair. 

Even though he was a bit flustered, he still sang because after all, it was his favourite song and he was not going to let a mere stranger stop him from doing so (even if he was the most beautiful person he has ever seen, sorry Kibum). 

Their voices fit so well together, and Jonghyun had never would've thought that anyone's voice matched well with his. 

"What's your name?!" Jonghyun yelled out of his window after their mini duet. 

The man yelled back, "Lee Jinki! Yours?" 

Jonghyun grinned before replying, "Kim Jonghyun! I hope to see you again!" He winked at Jinki, who was slightly blushing at his statement, and turned in the direction to the mall. 

After that, Jonghyun never saw the man since then, but if they did ever happen to cross paths again, Jonghyun promised to himself that he would ask him on a date. 

(They do meet again after four months.)