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Haven't Forgotten My Way Home

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Little Q,

Good to hear you and the loud one (I’m kidding don’t kill me) are settled in. Sir says he “finds the pictures acceptable, but please tell Rachel we need to talk about the color scheme in the living room.” (Actually had to give him the laptop.)

Back to me now. Emma’s good, her and Lana are just spending their time spoiling the monkey face. I finally have babysitting privileges, after I took the paternity test. It would’ve been nice to be a dad, but Lana’s looks are scary so I’m glad it came back negative. And Sir and I got some brochures from an adoption agency yesterday; we’re going to see about maybe a kid of our own.

Don’t worry about Rach finding a role. Sir says it’s a tough business but if anybody can break into it Rachel can. Oh, thought you’d like to know that Schuester got arrested for taking bribes from Anderson-Smythe. So now all his cases are being reviewed. Dunno what that means for yours, but Sir says not to worry, he’ll let you know. And Emma and Sugar are on top of it too.

I gotta go cause it’s roleplaying ni grefsrersl  cause Sir says so, but I’ll write again soon.

Miss you, Little Q. Love ya.


Quinn closed her laptop with a smile; she’d answer Noah later. She sipped the last of her tea and glanced out of the shop, seeing the sun beginning to slip down. It had been a good day, her first at the bookstore. Her boss was nice, a sweet little submissive who was pleased that Quinn knew so much about art and Broadway, and Quinn got a 20% discount on books. Mistress was limiting her to two books a month though – “Just for now,” she had said – because they were just starting out and she knew Quinn would buy out the store if she could.

Today was also Mistress’s first day, at an off-off-Broadway workshop, and Quinn couldn’t wait to ask her how it had gone. She knew Mistress was in a hurry to win a good role, because she wanted success for herself and Quinn, and to get them both out of the small apartment in a moderately good but still not the best neighborhood. But it would come in time, Quinn had reassured her, and after all, they’d only been in New York a month.

She was on her way, and so was Mistress.

And the apartment might be small, but it was theirs. It was on the 4th floor but thankfully there was an elevator, and Mistress had been glad that there was a doorman for a little added sense of security. They had decorated it together, though apparently Jesse didn’t agree with the shade of green they’d chosen for the living room. Quinn could only imagine what Mistress would say to that, and she laughed softly.

As if on cue, she felt someone slip in next to her and clear their throat expectantly, and that’s when Quinn realized.

The sun was going down.


“I was supposed to be home an hour ago.”

“That you were,” Mistress said, but she wasn’t angry, and she rested her head on Quinn’s shoulder. This was Quinn’s favorite shop besides the bookstore, and Mistress knew that if Quinn wasn’t to be found, she’d usually be here, just two blocks from their apartment.

“I’m sorry, Mistress.” Quinn tilted her face to kiss her forehead.

“Mmhm,” Mistress hummed. “When we get back to the apartment, for an hour you’ll spend 3 minutes of every 10 in the corner. Perhaps that will help you remember the importance of time.”

“Yes, Mistress,’ Quinn answered, and smiled as she began running her fingers through Quinn’s hair.

“Are you sure you like it?”

“I told you I did,” Mistress said, toying with the cropped pink strands. “It’s a good look for you. And very, very hot.”

“Mm, good to know,” Quinn said, kissing her. “I think I’ll keep it this way for a while, then.”

“Let’s get home now,” Mistress said. “Arnie missed you.”

“Just Arnie?” Quinn teased, standing up and shouldering her bag as Mistress circled her hand around her wrist, holding her protectively.

“No, not just Arnie, you little Fabrat,” Mistress said with a roll of her eyes.  “I missed you too. And I was worried. I thought you’d forgotten your way home.”

Quinn shook her head and stopped in the middle of a busy New York evening to hug her Mistress, and kiss her with as much love as she possibly could.

“I could never forget my way to you.”