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Not In My Shoes

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Peggy smirks and swirls around, legs crossing as she looks into the interrogation room’s mirror (window?) and presses on a coat of lipstick.

Her lipstick, dammit.

She grins, momentarily wondering what this actually looks like to Daniel and Jack.

“You don’t honestly think you can pull this off, do you?” Dottie sneers. “You’re good, Peg, but you’re not that good.”

“You say that like you think you’re better.”

Peggy clicks on the cap of her lipstick tube and turns herself around. Dottie grins, and Peggy acts not the slightest bit fazed, but she is certainly...intrigued.

“You say that like you’ve not noticed that I am,” Dottie replies casually, but Peggy knows the response is too calculated to be casual.

Peggy chuckles and slowly stands up and walks over, crossing her arms and meeting Dottie’s hesitant, yet not quite fearful, gaze as she moves, then leans up against the edge of the table.

Dottie’s eyes follow her, too, and her head even tilts up after Peggy’s at her side. Peggy vaguely realizes that means Dottie had spent those couple seconds looking her up and down instead.

“You really do underestimate me. You”

Dottie sets her jaw, but her breath and heartbeat quicken.

Peggy bends forward, and then to her left, and gently, more gently than she ever has, kisses her. Dottie’s only momentarily shocked before responding with a touch more force - but she passes out without little more than an offended gasp of realization, and Peggy leaves her.