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Our Time~A Kodomo no Jikan Fanmix~

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Our Time~A Kodomo no Jikan Fanmix~ from kaleidoscoping on 8tracks Radio.

01. Raining by Cocco [ lyrics ]

This is a song that tells a specific story, and that story itself doesn't have anything to do with Rin, but the overall feel of the song made me think of Rin as she was when we first meet her, so broken and betrayed.

It was a very bright, sunny day
And I thought I didn't need the future
I was powerless and couldn't choose my words
Only the scent of the way home was gentle
I can keep living
So I thought
Someone laughed in the classroom
It was a very bright, sunny day

02. Overprotected by Britney Spears [ lyrics ]

Rin's theme. While no one would ever call her overprotected (quite the opposite), the feeling of being betrayed by adults fits her perfectly.

I tell 'em what I like
What I want
What I don't
But every time I do I stand corrected
Things that I've been told
I can't believe what I hear about the world

03. My Name's Women by Hamasaki Ayumi [ lyrics ]

A song for all three girls. While the song itself is coming from the perspective of an adult woman, the theme of "don't underestimate us" works two-fold for Rin, Mimi, and Kuro, who are fighting against being seen as "just kids" as well as "just girls".

You act like you understand
Do you think you control everything?
I'm telling you
We're not just dreaming dolls

You look so satisfied
Who do you think you're fooling?
Just remember
We're not just simple creatures

04. Sotsugyou Shashin by Hamasaki Ayumi [ lyrics ]

SailorPtah made it clear in their request that Rin and Daisuke getting together was not something they wanted to see, so I wanted to respect that in making this mix. But Rin's feelings for Daisuke (and increasingly his feelings for her as well) are such a huge part of this series, I didn't feel I could just leave it out. So I tried to choose songs from the perspective of looking back on a love that's over.

This song is really about classmates, rather than teacher and student, but I think it works for Rin and Daisuke as well. Whatever happens to them in the future, Daisuke is clearly someone who defined this period of Rin's life.

I used to walk down that road under the whispering willows
But now I only see it from the window of the train

Please don't forget how you lived your life back then
You are my youth

05. First Love by Utada Hikaru [ lyrics ]

Another perspective looking back on an old love.

You are always gonna be my love
Even if I fall in love with someone else someday
I'll remember to love, you taught me how
You are always gonna be the one
Now it's still a sad love song
Until I'm able to sing a new song

06. Find Myself by Eriko with Crunch [ lyrics ]

In moving on from Daisuke, Rin has to find herself.

Where am I heading now?
What's waiting for me someday?
In this broken world I've gotta
Find myself
I'm searching
So I can be myself

07. Frienger by Otsuka Ai [ lyrics ]

Another theme for the three girls. Best friends who will always be there for each other, no matter what.

When something bad happens
I'll always come running as soon as I can
I don't need anything, so just do what you like
I'll always be there for you!

08. It's Good to Be in Love by Frou Frou [ lyrics ]

Kuro's theme. Kuro's feelings for Rin are often played for laughs, but it's what I first think of when I think of Kuro, so a song about watching someone you love fall in love with someone else seemed perfect.

It's good to be in love
It really does suit you
Just like everything
I'm happy you're in love
'Cause every color goes where you do

09. Tomorrow by Okamoto Mayo [ lyrics ]

Mimi's theme. Unlike the other songs, which are all from that character's POV, this one felt like someone singing to Mimi. I also thought the cheery, early '90s jpop sound was perfect for her.

Each tear you shed makes you stronger
Like a flower growing in asphalt
Don't be scared of everything you see
Tomorrow will come for you

10. Another Orion by Fujii Fumiya [ lyrics ]

Daisuke's theme. Loving Rin, but letting her go for her own good.

You and your tears taught me
That this is not goodbye, but hello
I will get stronger for you
And no matter how far apart we are
That star will always be watching over us

11. Alone Again, Wonderful World by Plastic Tree [ lyrics ]

Reiji's theme. I would like to think that Reiji gets over Aki eventually, but he is so, so broken right now.

I won't ever see you again, will I?
It doesn't seem real
I've forgotten how to sleep
Anyway, this isn't a dream
And you're not here
Ah, but I miss you
And it hurts
And I'm going crazy
The distance between us, the passing days
Those are the things that are pulling us apart

12. Fuckin' Perfect by Pink [ lyrics ]

Bonus track. From Rin to her best friends.

Pretty, pretty please, don't you ever, ever feel
Like you're less than fucking perfect
Pretty, pretty please, if you ever, ever feel
Like you're nothing, you're fucking perfect to me