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The Other Side of the Coin

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Bo was lucky that Kenzi wasn't in the apartment when she got back. She stripped out of her clothes, climbed into the shower, and explored the contours of her new body. Her nipples were still sensitive, and her stomach was still flat. But her hips were wider, and her feet... no wonder they hurt when she got to the Dal; they were far too big for her boots. She wiggled her toes against the porcelain and ran her eyes slowly up her calves, past her knees, and then to her cock.

It was bizarre. She cupped it with her hands and let the shower fill her palms with water. She stroked the length of it, then let it drop.

A sob startled her, and she pressed the back of her hand to her mouth. Her eyes were burning with tears. She didn't know where the sudden burst of emotion had come from, but she knew its origin. A part of her was terrified this was permanent, that she would never be a woman again. It was more than just being a succubus; she was a woman in her soul. Being in the wrong body, as fun as it might be for the first few hours, would quickly turn into torture.

She took a deep breath and put her head under the shower spray. She let the cold water pelt the back of her head and then cupped her hand underneath it. The water pooled in her hand and then formed a twisting trail down her arm to her elbow. She did the same with the other hand, then ran her wet palms over her chest and down to her stomach. She closed her eyes as she explored herself, feeling her cock swell again as she teased it with quick passes of her hands.

When the water ran cold, Bo shut off the faucets and tucked a towel under her arms. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, realized how ridiculous it looked, and she let the towel drop to her waist. Pubic hair that she kept neatly trimmed as a general rule was now a sparse field of dark curls around the base of her cock, but the trail ran up to her navel. She turned to one side, then the other.

If she had to be trapped in the wrong body, this was a damn good one.

She left the bathroom and heard a noise in the front room. "Lauren?" She allowed herself a brief fantasy that Lauren had a miracle cure-all, something she could administer and get Bo back in her proper skin. She stepped out before she realized the new arrival was Kenzi. She put down the bag of takeout and started to shrug out of her jacket before she turned around and saw she wasn't alone in the room anymore.

"Hubba hubba." She cleared her throat. "Uh-hh, I mean. Hi. Sorry."


"We've met. Sorry, I can't really keep you guys straight. Not that Bo is a slut or anything."

"Gee, thanks, Kenz."

Kenzi's forehead wrinkled and then her eyes widened so much that Bo could see the color of them from across the room. "Bo?"


"Your tits!" She put up her hand to block them from sight, then realized it was futile. "What the hell! You must have an amazing Wonderbra if you're that flat." She dropped her hand entirely. "Wait. What?"

"That's kind of what I'm wondering, too. Hopefully Trick will have something that can switch me back the way I'm supposed to be."

There was a knock on the door and Lauren let herself in. "Bo? You sounded so strange on the phone. I... I, uh... oh." She had come around the privacy wall and averted her gaze. "Oh. I'm sorry, Kenzi."


"I didn't know you had company. Bo called and asked me to come by."

Bo cleared her throat. "It's all right, Lauren."

Lauren turned to look at her, curiosity on her face rather than confusion. She took in the sight for a moment and then ran her eyes down Bo's body. It was a clinical sweep, and Lauren absently dropped her purse as she crossed the room to get a closer look. "Oh, my God."

Kenzi coughed. "Uh, Bo(y)?"

Bo said, "Huh?"

"I think your little friend noticed Lauren's arrival."

Bo stared at her.

Lauren said, "Oh... my."

Bo finally realized what they meant and looked down. The front of her towel was tented. She cleared her throat and hunched her shoulders forward, tugging at the terrycloth so that the rise was less noticeable. "We can take this into my room..."


"I'll probably take my food down to the Dal. Give you some privacy for the... exam." She clucked her tongue. "See you, Bo(y)."

"Don't call me that."

"I'd call you Beau, but that only makes sense if you can see how it's spelled."

She left and Bo escorted Lauren into her bedroom. Lauren said, "I would tell you the towel is unnecessary because it's nothing I haven't seen before, but... that's not really true, is it?"

"It's okay." Bo dropped the towel and Lauren inhaled softly. "At least I'm well-hung, right?"

"Yes." Lauren blinked and shook her head. "Uh. Sorry."

"Don't be sorry. Trick is looking into the mystical side of things for a cause, hopefully that will lead to a cure. But if there's a medical avenue we could take, I'm all for it. I just want my breasts back."

Lauren smiled shyly as she inched closer. "They are worth fighting for." She was close enough to touch, and she tentatively brushed two fingers over Bo's flat chest. "Was there pain?"

"More discomfort than pain. Queasiness."

"This is definitely not natural." Her eyes brightened. "Well, despite your sex, you're definitely still a succubus. I feel the draw coming from you. So if you're still you, so maybe this can be cured the way you cure everything else."

Bo shook her head. "I tried that with Dyson. It didn't work. I didn't even feel a draw, so I think it means that as a succubus..."

"Well, no. You have a cock, so that would make you an incubus. And you fucked Dyson, so your power would have been less on him. Incubi are focused on impregnation, whereas succubi are only focused on the orgasm of their partner regardless of gender. They don't heal the same way a succubus does, but you would have felt something even if you... e-even if you weren't expecting it. It should have worked if this was something you could heal with sex so there's no reason to explore that again."

Bo dipped her chin and tilted her head, trying to see Lauren's downcast eyes. Lauren seemed fixated on Bo's cock. "Lauren? You sound disappointed..."

She smiled sadly. "Well, I never like it when Dyson gets to have all the fun..."

Bo touched Lauren's cheek. "I fuck him. I make love to you."

Lauren looked up into Bo's eyes, and Bo stroked her thumb along the line of Lauren's cheek. They stared at each other for a long moment until Lauren gripped Bo's wrist and turned her head into the caress of Bo's hand. Bo stepped closer and brushed her lips over Lauren's eyebrow.

"I'd love to make love to you right now. But I know you don't like... even with a strap-on..."

"I don't. I don't like penetration, but I love you, Bo." She opened her eyes and stepped back. "I want you however you are." She held eye contact as she stepped out of her shoes and began unbuttoning her blouse. "So if this does take a while to fix, and if you're wearing that body for longer than we expect, I want you to know that you'll still have me."

She slipped the blouse off her shoulders. Her bra was dark purple with pale lilac lace. Bo crossed the room, her cock bouncing with each step until she took Lauren into her arms and kissed her. Her cock pressed against Lauren's stomach just above the waistband of her slacks, a hard length against the soft skin, and Lauren made a quiet noise against Bo's mouth. She slid her hands down Bo's stomach and gently took hold of it. Bo moaned and Lauren tentatively stroked it from base to tip, down to the base and then pulling slowly back up. She was uncircumcised, naturally, and the skin covering the head and then pulling back to reveal the pink head with a bead of pre-come.

"You can come?" Lauren asked, looking down to see her fingers move along the shaft.


"So the change was on a more than physical level. It was actual biologic shift. We--"


"Not now?"


Lauren moaned as they kissed again, moving her hand faster. "Let me know if I hurt you or if I'm not... not doing it right. I'm not good with these things."

"Then let me take control."

She pulled Lauren's hand away and brought it to her mouth. She kissed each fingertip, then dropped to her knees and kissed Lauren's stomach. Lauren ran her fingers through Bo's hair, threading it and letting it fall as Bo unfastened Lauren's trousers and gently eased them down. She pressed her face against the crotch of Lauren's panties, breathed deep, and then pressed the flat of her tongue against the material.


Bo hooked her thumbs in Lauren's underwear and dragged them down, pulling back just enough before pressing her cheek against the soft blonde hair between Lauren's legs. She stroked the back of Lauren's thighs with her fingers, tickled the back of her knees which made Lauren gasp and chuckle. She stepped out of her pants and Bo kissed her mound, then used her tongue to tease her. Lauren's breathing became rougher, the hand stroking Bo's hair trembling more.


Bo looked up, and Lauren was looking down at her. The signal was in her eyes, so Bo pulled back and put her hands on Lauren's hip to push her down. Lauren sat and scooted back on the bed, spreading her legs and bending her knees as Bo climbed up to join her. She settled on top of Lauren, her thighs fitting perfectly into the new curves of Bo's hips. Bo braced one hand on the mattress next to Lauren's head, stroking her cheek with the other hand.

"Is this okay? I want to watch you..."


Bo nodded and ran her hand down Lauren's neck, over her breast, then between her legs. She stroked and felt how wet she was, and Lauren squirmed. Her eyes closed as Bo parted her labia with two fingers, stroking gently just at the entrance then spreading the moisture over the head of her cock. Her heart was pounding as she settled the tip at Lauren's entrance and she bowed down to kiss the corners of Lauren's mouth.

"I've fucked so many people, Lauren. But you're the only one I'll make love to this way."

"B-oh-my-god." She pressed her head into the pillow as Bo pushed inside of her. Lauren's muscles tightened around her and Bo stopped moving. "Sorry," Lauren gasped, tears beading at the corners of her eyes.

"It's okay. We don't have to do this..."

Lauren gripped the back of Bo's head. "Don't you dare pull away." She inhaled sharply and let out a trembling breath, then nodded. "I want you, Bo. Just go slow." She swallowed and repeated it in a whisper. "Just go slow."

Bo nodded. "This is new to me, too... let me know if I hurt you."

"I will. Fuck me, Bo..."

Bo bit her bottom lip, her arms tense as she tried to ease her way forward again. Lauren grunted and almost immediately said, "Don't stop." She slid her arms down Bo's sides and flattened them in the small of her back. She pushed, and Bo sank deeper. Once she was completely inside, Bo closed her eyes and held her position for a long moment, both of them getting acclimated to the feeling. Bo kissed Lauren's forehead, letting her lips linger.

"I'm inside of you."

Lauren chuckled breathlessly. "Yes, you are. How does it feel?"

"It feels perfect, Lauren... can I--"


"You don't know what I was going to say."

"I don't care."

Bo kissed between Lauren's eyebrows, the tip of her nose and then her lips. She braced her knees on the mattress and began to thrust gently against Lauren. Lauren moved her hands up, closer to the middle of Bo's back, and held on tightly. She sat up and pressed her cheek against Bo's chest, and Bo held her as she found the right rhythm. The bed protested under them, adding a harmony to their ragged breathing.

Bo turned her head and kissed Lauren's ear. "If I come inside of you--"

"We'll deal with that later, just... don't stop, please, Bo."

Lauren curled herself around Bo, hands on her back and legs wrapped around Bo's like vines of ivy. Bo squeezed her eyes closed and grunted, thrusting hard as she felt her orgasm building. If she stayed in this body she was going to have to learn how to control it, make it last, but right now there was no stopping it. She exhaled with a cry and came hard, her hips slapping against Lauren twice before she ground hard against her. Lauren lifted up to meet her, gasping words under her breath that Bo couldn't hear.

When she was spent, she pushed herself up with a hand on either side of Lauren's head. Lauren looked up at her, dazed and skin flushed, and Bo kissed her lips.

"Did you come?"

"I... n-no..."

Bo immediately pulled out of her, cock swinging as she kissed her way down Lauren's body. She was still wearing her bra, so Bo teased the nipples through the material before sweeping her tongue over the oh-so-feminine stomach. Bo lingered there, enjoying the feel of the skin and the elongated navel. God, she missed her own stomach. She swirled her tongue in the navel and Lauren squirmed.

Bo settled between Lauren's legs and lifted them onto her shoulders. "I think this is something that transcends gender." She wet her lips, winked up at Lauren, and used her tongue to tease Lauren's folds. She pushed them apart, then dragged her tongue up to her clit. She sucked gently, her hands cupping Lauren's ass and kneading it as her tongue explored.


"What? Did I do something wrong?"

"Yeah. You didn't shave."

"Sorry," Bo said. "Should I stop? I could go out and buy a razor or--"

Lauren put a hand on top of Bo's head and pushed her back down. Bo smiled as she began using her lips and tongue again. She could taste herself, her come mixing with Lauren's juices to make something Bo honestly thought she could get drunk on. Lauren's breathing became steadily harsher and the hand not on Bo's head tugged helplessly at the sheets. "Bo... Bo..."

Bo sucked on Lauren's clit and moved her hand up, using one finger to tease her until she came. After she went limp, Bo moved up her body with her lips, chin and forefinger wet with her juices. Lauren sucked Bo's finger and then kissed her, pulling her close. It felt odd to have Lauren's breasts against her flat chest, but even weirder was how Lauren's sex felt against Bo's semi-flaccid cock. They moved against each other as they kissed, Lauren teasing Bo back to mostly erect hardness.

"Should I take it in my mouth?" Lauren asked.

"If you want to."

Lauren smiled and ran her tongue over her bottom lip, eyes locked on Bo's as she moved down her body. Lauren kissed and sucked Bo's nipples - oh-ho-kay, that was still an A-plus even in her new gender - and then stroked her stomach. She knelt between Bo's spread legs and, after the briefest of hesitations, parted her lips.

Bo's eyes rolled back in her head and she made a squeak of approval. She still wanted her original skin back, she wanted to be who she was born to be, but at the moment, with Lauren's tongue sliding over the head of her cock before taking it into her mouth, she wanted to thank whoever or whatever had made this moment possible.


Billie Martin dumped all but one piece of the jewelry Bo had recovered for her in a dumpster, slipping the remaining piece into the pocket of her housecoat. She hailed a taxi and gave the driver the address in a terse voice that brooked no comment. As he drove without comment, she removed the necklace from her pocket and held it up so that the diamond caught the light. She smiled and let the glamour fall from her. Her hair changed color, her skin became less flawed, and her eyes became brighter. Her cheekbones raised and her smile widened as she observed the sparkling of the jewel.

It was a shame the effects only lasted twenty-four hours. A month would have been close to appropriate, a fitting punishment for the cocky young bitch. Laughing at her humiliation, then furthering it by leaving her wet and bound for whoever happened across her? The nerve of that succubus... She hoped Bo was truly suffering in her new body.

The fucking little unaligned sex nymph needed to be shown that there were some Fae you just didn't cross. The Morrigan smiled to herself and returned the amulet to her pocket as the taxi continued on toward her home.