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The Other Side of the Coin

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Bo woke with a tickle in her throat and a queasy feeling in her gut. She pulled the blankets up over her shoulders and curled her knees up against her chest, burrowing her face into the pillow as she debated whether or not she could get away with sleeping all morning. She knew almost immediately that it wasn't an option; she had to make her final report on her latest case, a rare instance of working a case with no Fae influence whatsoever. It was just a run of the mill property retrieval. She had the jewelry, she just had to give it back and collect her check. And oh, that check would feel so nice in her bank account.

The thought of having enough money for dinner finally prompted her to kick away the blankets and roll out onto the floor. She managed to squirm into her robe before she trudged into the kitchen. Kenzi was awake and looking no gladder about it than Bo was. Bo cleared her throat, rubbing her neck with one hand as she made grabbing motions with the other hand.

"Coffee." She coughed, surprised by how raw her voice sounded.

"Whoa, Boldilocks. Who did you do last night?"

"No one." She settled on the stool and cleared her throat with a series of rough coughs. "Maybe that's the problem. Run of the mill case means I don't get to feed." She shrugged and took the cup of coffee Kenzi offered her. "Thanks."

"Oh. Um." Kenzi tapped a fingernail against her top lip. "No offense, Bo-Bo, and not to kick you while you're down, but you need to do a little maintenance. Your friend Tom is coming to visit."

Bo furrowed her brow. "Who?"

"As in Tom Selleck. As in you have a few wee little hairs..." She touched Bo's top lip. "Nothing major. We can totally wax tonight. We'll make it a real girls' night in. Rent chick flicks, do our nails, talk about boys." She realized who she was talking to. "Or girls. Or couples, or whatever floats your dinghy."

Bo chuckled and had to stop from self-consciously shielding her upper lip from Kenzi. Facial hair had never been a problem for her in the past. She always thought it was part of the succubus deal, like her bust size and what Kenzi called her "general oomph factor." When one wanted to be attractive to the opposite sex, one needed to have the goods. Tiny little dark hairs on her upper lip weren't exactly attractive, but they certainly fit her mood for the day.

After breakfast she dressed, passing on her usual revealing attire for jeans and a button-down shirt. Kenzi saw her on the way out of the apartment and whistled.

"Wow. You must not be feeling well. You only look gorgeous today, not drop-dead beautiful."

"Thanks, Kenz. I'll be back by lunch, but I think I'll spend a few hours in bed before we have our girl night. Deal?"

Kenzi gave her a thumbs up. "Want me to invite Dr. Libido?"

Bo touched her upper lip without realizing it. "Um, no. Not tonight."

"Okay. Just the two of us. The dynamic duo."

"Later, Kenzi."


The client was named Billie Martin, and she received the stolen jewelry with the reverence of a priestess being handed holy relics. She examined each piece and then looked at Bo with shock and gratitude. "How on earth did you manage this?"

"It wasn't exactly easy, but I do well in a pinch." She cleared her throat as quietly as possible and took a sip of her water. They were in a bright, normal diner instead of the Dal, and Bo felt uneasy with so many upstanding members of society. She shifted on her side of the booth, occasionally scratching her throat and rolling her shoulders. Her clothes felt weird on her body. She just wanted to go home and crawl back in bed.

"Well thank you. Thank you so much." She grinned and laughed incredulously, then twisted to one side to open her purse. "I have an extra check here, as a-a bonus for being so quick. I hope it's all right, but I made it out to your partner."

That was unusual. Bo said, "Kenzi?"

"No. I think she said her name was Bo."

Bo stared across the table at her. "My partner? Bo?"

"Well, your sister I assume? I-I thought you were twins, or..." She shook her head and pushed the checks across the table. "I recognized you because you look so much alike. She didn't tell me that she was... I assumed I would be dealing with her today, so I made the checks out to her name. Is that okay?"

Bo looked down at the checks. Bo Dennis. She then noticed her hands, the way they seemed wider than normal. Her knuckles looked like they had been broken and replaced with small wooden nuts. She blinked and looked at Billie, who now seemed wary.

"It's fine." She forced a smile. "Thank you. And if you need... our... help again, you know where to find us."

She nodded and slipped out of the booth. Bo slid across the vinyl to follow suit, but something twisted inside her jeans and she hissed at the odd sensation. She grunted and Billie looked down at her.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes." Bo was struggling to keep her breathing steady. "Sorry. I think I'm coming down with something."

"Oh. I'm so sorry. Would you like me to drive you somewhere?"

Bo managed to shake her head no. They made it through the formalities that would let Billie leave, and Bo shoved herself up from the seat. She grabbed the checks and lurched through the diner to the bathroom. She was breathing heavily, dripping sweat now, one hand crossed over her abdomen as she swayed toward the restrooms.

She went into the women's room and slapped her palms against the sink just before she would have collapsed. Her breath was coming in fast, ragged puffs and she finally lifted her head to look in the mirror. Her mustache was fuller now, complemented by a light dusting of whiskers on her cheeks and chin. Her jaw was sharper. She lifted her chin and saw the smooth column of her throat was broken by a bulge.

And speaking of bulges... she pushed away from the sink and went into an empty stall. She slid the bolt lock in place and yanked her jeans open. She shoved them down to her knees with her underwear and stared down at her clitoris. It had become bulky and thick, rising from its hood and... holy shit, still growing. It didn't feel good or bad, but it was a numb tugging sensation that started high in her belly and stretched all the way down to her upper thighs.

She rested her head against the stall and clenched her teeth, breathing roughly until the sensation abated enough for her to breathe normally. She looked down again and saw a fully-formed limp cock between her legs, the balls thick and heavy underneath it. She brought her hand up and touched the shaft, then pressed her hand against her chest.

Her flat chest.

Bo stood for a moment, horrified and confused, but finally she decided that she wasn't going to find an answer lurking around in a women's room. She tugged her pants back up, spending a full thirty seconds trying to figure out how to pack her cock into the meager space offered by her panties before she came out of the stall. She hurried out before anyone could come in and catch her/him lurking where she didn't belong, rushing from the diner without a fully-formed plan of where she was going. All she knew was that she had to get there fast.


Her entire body felt strange as she walked through the streets at a fast clip. She was taller, she moved differently, and her goddamn cock kept getting tangled in her panties. She adjusted it as much as she could without causing a scene, but by the time she got to the Dal she had given up. Her arms were more muscular now, and she was stretching the material of her jeans to an uncomfortable degree. Her only solace was at least she seemed to be a slender man.

She took her customary place by the bar and motioned Trick over. He barely glanced up. "Welcome to the Dal. What can I get you?"

"Trick. It's me."

He looked at her then, staring at her without comprehension for a moment before he realized. "Bo?! What the hell happened to you?"

"That's what I wanted to ask you. Have you ever heard about anything like this happening? Is it a Halloween thing? Succubus, get in touch with your inner incubus?"

He ran a hand over the top of his head and ran his eyes down her body again. "I don't know. It's nothing I've ever heard of, but maybe it's not the sort of thing that gets bragged about."

"Right. And if no one noticed, then maybe that means it's temporary."

Trick shrugged. "I can look into it. I'll let you know what I find."

"Thanks, Trick. For now, I think I better lie low for a while."

When Bo reached the entrance, the door swung open to meet her. She stepped to one side, barely avoiding a bloody nose. "Hey! Watch it, jackass."

"Why don't you watch--" Dyson stopped mid-sentence, and Bo cringed inwardly as he ran his eyes over her. "Bo?" He breathed deeply, catching her scent despite the change in her appearance, and he let the door fall shut behind him. "What the hell happened to you?"

"Trick's trying to figure that out right now." Bo took a step back from Dyson, but the sight of him... the feel of him so close to her... it was doing things to her that she didn't know how to control. She was breathing hard, and she felt her cock swelling inside the tight confines of her underwear. "I... was just going to head home. Hide out..."

"Probably a good idea."

"Yeah." Her voice was soft, nearly back to her normal register. His shirt was open at the collar and she swore she could smell his sweat. He kept his eyes on hers, his entire body so still that it was almost like the rest of the world was vibrating around him. Bo took in a deep breath through her nostrils and let it out through pursed lips. "Oh, fuck."

They crashed through the men's room door, neither of them bothering to check if the room was vacant before they hit the first stall. Bo pulled back and Dyson smiled, dragging his finger down Bo's cheek.

"Facial hair. It's unusual."

"Now you know how I feel," Bo groaned as she kissed him again, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. She pressed her hips against his, the bulges of their cocks straining against their jeans. "How's that feel, wolf-man?"

His eyes were dark when he smiled. "Nothing I haven't felt before. I've had a long life, Bo..."

Bo grinned. "Of course you have."

He moved his hand down to cup her ass through her jeans as they kissed again. Bo got a hand between them and unzipped, pushing her underwear out of the way and grappling with her cock. She pulled it forward and grunted. "Ow."



He chuckled and kissed her again, moving her hands and wrapping his fingers around her. She closed her eyes as he began to stroke, moving his lips to her neck. Bo bared her teeth as he spun them around, pinning Bo to the side of the stall as he circled his palm over the head of her cock to smear the pre-come.

"Maybe... this is like an injury... and sex will cure me..."

"Maybe," Dyson murmured against her throat.

Bo whimpered and turned her head, kissing his ear. "So make me come, Detective. Get on your knees and suck my cock."

Dyson pulled back, his eyes dark with desire as he met her gaze for a long moment. Then he sank to his knees and wrenched her jeans open. He tugged them down, stroked her muscular thighs before cupping her balls in one hand and guiding her cock to his mouth with the other. He looked up, his bottom lip just barely making contact with the bell-shaped head, and Bo buried her hand in the curls of his hair.

"Do it... don't fucking tease me."

He exhaled across the sensitive tip and Bo's eyes crossed. "God."

"Not so much fun on the other foot, is it?"

She whimpered, sobbed, and said, "Please, Dyson..."

He took her into his mouth and Bo slapped her free hand hard against the stall to prevent from collapsing. Dyson took her deep into his mouth, stroking her with his tongue. She had to fight from thrusting her hips forward, worried about choking him, worried about ending things too soon. His hands massaged her balls, then slipped back to tease her ass with the blunt tip of one finger. Bo shivered and tried to relax enough for him to push inside, but he didn't even try. He only teased her, then pulled back and focused on her new scrotum.

"Get up," Bo growled, surprised at the sound of her own voice echoing in the bathroom. It sounded like a man, like a bruiser, and it gave her the sensation that someone else was watching them. "Get up... get up."

She pushed Dyson off her cock, his mouth freeing her with a gasp. The air was cold on her wet dick, and she hauled Dyson to his feet and manhandled him - pun intended - to the sinks. She pressed him against the wall hard enough to shake the mirrors, kissing him hard as she undid his belt. They gasped into each other's mouths, and he brought his hand down to twist his fingers around her panties.

"These must be really uncomfortable with your new equipment," he said, his voice so damn calm that it pissed her off.

"You have no idea."

He twisted and tugged, and the panties were ripped from her. She stepped back and let her jeans fall below her knees, pushing Dyson's down to free his cock. He slipped a finger under the base of his shaft, lifting it as if he expected her to repay his favor. Her eyes shone purple as she shook her head. "No. You've felt my mouth on your dick before. And I've felt your dick in my ass... but this is a new day."

She spun Dyson around and he slapped both palms against the wall to brace himself. He grinned over his shoulder as Bo stepped close again, a hand between them to guide her wet cock between his cheeks.

"You want this? Huh? Say it. Say you want my cock."

"I want your cock, Bo."


His laugh sounded like a growl. "I want you to fuck my ass with your big, new cock, Bo."

The shiver started at the base of Bo's skull and traveled all the way down to her tailbone. He put one hand on Dyson's hip to hold him steady, then guided herself to his anus. Dyson arched his back and Bo was actually grateful she didn't have breasts to obscure her view. She pressed the tip against him, held her breath, and rolled her hips forward.

He closed around her like a fist but tighter, and Bo squeezed her eyes closed. "Oh, fuck..."

"You don't have to go slow..."

Bo didn't think that was possible, so she was grateful. She pushed herself completely into him, finally releasing her breath when his hips were flush against hers. She put both hands on his hips and held him steady as she began to thrust. She threw her head back and bent her knee, using her foot as a fulcrum for her steady movements, her hips slapping against Dyson's ass until, far too soon, she felt tightness spreading through her balls.

"I think I'm gonna--"

She came buried in him, her jaw dropping at the sensation. "Holy shit..."

"Ah, God, Bo!" He leaned back, his back flat against her chest as he twisted to find her lips. They kissed, Bo finding herself oddly drowsy as he tightened and relaxed around the length of her throbbing cock. She held herself tightly against him until she was spent, then brushed one hand down the length of his stomach. She wrapped her fingers around his cock, tongue in his mouth as she finished him off with a few well-practiced strokes of her hand. She cupped her palm over the head of it and he covered her hand with his thick white come, which she brought to her mouth after he was finished. He watched as she cleaned it up with long, sure brushes of her tongue, he kissed her again and finally pulled away from her.

"So... I guess it's not something that can be healed."

"Yeah." Bo's voice was shaky, and she bent down to pull her jeans back up. Her cock still felt weird inside her jeans, but at least it had room to breathe now. "Still, I wouldn't call it a wasted experiment."

"No... definitely not that." He smoothed down his shirt and tucked it into the waistband of his pants. "So now what? Gonna hide out until Trick comes up with something?"

Bo considered. "I'm going back to my apartment, but I'm not going to be hiding out. I'm going to see if doctors still make house calls."

Dyson smiled. "I think for this one she'll make an exception."

Bo cupped the bulge in the front of her jeans. "I hope that's not the only exception she makes."