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The Shape of Me Will Always be You

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Can I print out a copy?

Absolutely! You’re very welcome to make a printed copy for your own personal use.


Can I repost this on another website?

While I appreciate interest in sharing the fic, I’d definitely prefer if this doesn’t happen. In some cases I’m willing to let translations appear on other websites, but please contact me first so we can discuss.


Is the fic available as a book version?

Afraid not. Aside from the copyright issues, the idea of Thomas Harris finding out what I did to his characters (or, more specifically, made them do to each other) gives me some serious cringe :-D


Can I connect with you on social media?

Thanks for asking *hugs* but at the moment the only place I’m involved in fandom activity is right here on AO3. However, if this ever changes I’ll post the account links to this page.


Are you ever going to do a sequel?

Thank you for your interest – and yes! A sequel is now in progress. Admittedly it’s several years too late, but if you’d like to then you can read it here.


Do you read all the comments?

I love hearing from readers and always do my best to read and reply to everything people send me (unless they’re rude, in which case they get eat…deleted).


Do you do commissions?

No, in the sense that I don’t charge money, but yes in that I’m happy to do prompts for people. You’re always welcome to contact me if there’s something you’d like to see included in a WIP. In the future I’m also definitely open to start writing one-shots instead of the rambling multi-chapter monster-length epics, so if you have a specific request feel free to leave it in the comments.


Have you published any books?

Bless you for thinking I might have done, but no. I’d love to have a go at an actual novel in the future, but at the moment writing is just a hobby.


Will you beta my fic?

I’m so sorry, but I currently don’t have time to beta other people’s work. I really enjoyed doing it in the past though, so if/when that ever changes then I’ll update it here.


Can I send this fic to members of the cast/crew?

Noooooooo. Sorry if this sounds ungrateful - I do genuinely appreciate people’s interest in sharing my work, but for me there’s a VERY firm line between fanfic and the actual creators. So I am begging you (on actual hands and knees) never to do this.


Why do you keep making changes?

This fic was my first proper attempt at creative writing and looking back on it now there are several aspects of it I’m not totally happy with. I’ve never found the time to do a complete makeover on it (although hopefully I will one day) so in the meantime make the occasional edit. If you like the story in its current version then don’t worry – I will never make any substantive alterations or significantly change it in any way. It’s really more like tidying it up, and I’m always genuinely impressed when people are observant enough to notice I’ve done it :-)