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Taehyung spots his new boy-toy when Namjoon is yelling at Yoongi and Jimin to “stop wrestling in the pool! You can’t have sex here so stop your foreplay!” Hoseok and Seokjin are standing nearby laughing, and Taehyung turns away from the commotion to look up at the blue sky, but before he can tilt his head all the way back a six-pack catches his eye and, of course, everything goes south from there.

The six-pack belongs to a boy, a very handsome boy who, besides his six-pack, has toned legs, dark brown hair, a strong jaw-line, aaaand…abs. Did he mention abs? Damn he’s sexy.

Taehyung’s pretty much drooling into the chlorine filled pool but couldn’t care less as he watches the male walk around the side of the large pool, dark eyes surveying the populated warm water. It’s the beginning of summer, and many other people besides Taehyung and his friends are here trying to cool off. However, mister sexy lifeguard is only making Taehyung feel hotter.

“Yo,” Hoseok says, swinging his arm around Taehyung’s shoulder. He notices that the younger is intently staring into the distance and follows his line of sight. “What are you looking a—…oh. Damn.”

Immediately Taehyung snaps his head towards Hoseok, eyes wide and dangerous.

“Hyung no! He’s mine!” Taehyung nearly growls and Hoseok holds his hands up in defense, stepping backwards until he’s heading down the ramp into the deep end and can’t stand anymore. That snaps Taehyung out of his momentary rage and the younger laughs, moving to drag Hoseok back to a place where’s he’s not drowning in the water.

“Seriously though,” Hoseok says, smiling at Taehyung and bumping their shoulders together. “You gonna try and hit that?”

“Are you kidding? Of course!” Taehyung says, his eyes scanning the area for his new prey. He spots the boy after a couple seconds of frantic searching. He’s sitting atop one of those tall towers that overlooks the pool, sunglasses on and a long, red life preserver sitting beside him. Oh…wait…he’s a lifeguard.

Damn, that’s attractive too!

“I’m gonna suck his dick,” Taehyung exclaims to no one in particular, and from that second on his goal for the summer is set. In fact, he’s so determined that he doesn’t notice Namjoon’s look of horror when the blond haired boy happens to overhear.


“Oh please, hyung. I’ve seen your porn stash and—”

Taehyung is dunked under the water before he can finish.

Taehyung sneaks back into the pool a few days later, alone. He’s not even sure if hot lifeguard man is gonna be here but god be damned if he wouldn’t at least try to sneak another peek. Luckily for Taehyung, the hot lifeguard with a six-pack is on duty, sitting high on his pedestal and surveying over the pool unenthusiastically.

Taehyung grins and then paused, placing a hand on his hip in consideration. What does he do now? A classic move like approaching the guy and trying to flirt? Hmmm…nah! That sounds boring, and Taehyung hates taking regular approaches to challenges. So, instead, Taehyung decides that he’ll just fling himself into the pool and pretend to drown.

“OH SHIT!” he cries loudly, making sure to keep his eyes trailed on the male lifeguard as he hurls himself into the deep end of the pool, flailing wildly. His body submerges into the water with a semi-painful smack and, honestly, Taehyung wants to pat himself on the back for being such a good actor.

There’s a couple seconds of silence as Taehyung floats back to the surface of the water, playing limp, before the muffled sound of someone diving in reaches Taehyung’s ears. Curiosity and anxiousness coursing through his veins, Taehyung opens his eyes, ignoring how the chlorine burns, and turns his head to see whose coming to his rescue.

He breathes in a fucking lung full when he sees a saggy old woman rushing through the water towards him rather than the cutie he desires.

Fuck!” Taehyung yells, pulling his head out of the water so fast that he’s sure he’s just given himself whiplash.

Scrambling to the edge of the pool, Taehyung weakly pulls himself out and rolls onto the rough concrete, the pavement angrily scratching at his back before he flips onto his hands and knees and begins coughing roughly. His lungs burn, his ribcage bruised painfully before he finally manages to get all the water out from his airway.

What a fucking terrible idea, Taehyung thinks to himself dejectedly as he collapses back onto the concrete, the sun overhead blinding him. The warm pavement is damp on his back, and he sighs, feeling ready to give up on life.

“Hey…are you ok?”

Suddenly there’s a soft hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, and the copper haired boy cracks his eyes open, bringing his arm up to block the sun from his face. Once his eyes finally manage to focus he spots a shirtless boy with concerned eyes and a life preserver draping across his chest. Oh…wait.

“Did I die and go to heaven?” Taehyung says with a weary grin, still trying to flirt despite the fact that his voice sounds positively wrecked from all the coughing he’d just done. The hot lifeguard above him sighs and stands from where he’s knelt beside Taehyung, offering the copper haired boy a hand. Taehyung wastes no time in grabbing it, never wanting to let the boy’s hand go, but the lifeguard pulls away as soon as Taehyung is on his feet.

“Hey, you never answered me,” the boy speaks again, and Taehyung really wants to loose himself in the guy’s cute fucking voice. Or maybe he just wants to make-out and have the guy moaning into his mouth. Either? Both? Just…Everything.

“Yo…dude, quit spacing out. Did some water get to your brain or…oh,” the lifeguard pauses when he notices little bloody scrapes along the back of Taehyung’s shoulder. Slowing, cute lifeguard man places his hand on Taehyung’s bicep and turns him slightly so that he can get a better look at Taehyung’s back.

“Uhh…you’re bleeding.”

“What?” Taehyung says, finally snapping out of his perverse daydreams as he angles his head and tries to look at his back. He fails, of course, and ends up spinning in a circle like a dumb dog, but at least he makes the lifeguard laugh.

“C’mon dude,” handsome man speaks, friendly enough as he pats Taehyung’s bicep once more before heading towards the lifeguard’s office. Taehyung follows after him aimlessly, eyes glued to the boy’s slightly tanned back and watching intently how his defined muscles move every time he takes a step.

Fuck, Taehyung thinks he’s in love.

“Go ahead and sit there,” the lifeguard says, pointing to a small folding table. “I’ll get the first aid kit.”

Taehyung does so, hopping onto the table and swinging his legs back and forth happily as he watches the boy work. He’s rummaging through a cabinet full of obscure medical supplies, eyebrows furrowed and tongue poking out of his lips in concentration. Taehyung makes sure to stare.

“Hey, cutie,” he eventually calls, smiling, and the hot lifeguard seems confused for a minute before he tentatively pauses his searching and turns to face Taehyung. He raises an eyebrow, clearly unsure if it was him being talked to, and Taehyung’s smile stretches wider.

“Sorry, I didn’t know what to call you because I don’t know your name,” he says, not sorry at all, and the lifeguard’s cheeks flush a shade of light pink.

“Jeongguk,” the boy replies, and Taehyung smiles.

“I’m Taehyung. Nice to meet you Jeonggukie!”

Jeongguk shoots him a less-than-serious glare, huffing as he finally pulls the first aid kit from the cabinet and walks back beside Taehyung.

“How do you know you’re older than me?” he questions, pulling out some Band-Aids and disinfectant, and Taehyung grins again.

“I don’t, I suppose. How old are you?”


“Hmm, I’m 21,” Taehyung hums happily, and when he catches Jeongguk’s slightly peeved gaze he winks playfully. “Call me hyung, from now on, yeah?”

Jeongguk nods in affirmation but says nothing, instead setting to work as he steps behind Taehyung and wipes a cool disinfectant wipe between his shoulder blades. Taehyung jumps involuntarily at the feeling, hissing as the alcohol burns the newly formed scratches on his back.

“Hang in there,” Jeongguk mumbles quietly, and Taehyung isn’t sure why his heart thrums so harshly. He barely knows the boy, but the care in his voice is ruining Taehyung in a completely different way compared to his sculpted muscles.

Jeongguk works fast, cleaning off Taehyung’s back and putting Band-Aids over the scraps that are bleeding and not just an angry, puffy red color. He then repacks everything into the first aid kit and shoves it back into the messy cabinet before grabbing his life preserver, which he’d set down, and turns to face Taehyung.

“Well,” he coughs somewhat awkwardly, a little put-off by the fact that Taehyung is still smiling at him like the world is perfect and nothing could ever go wrong. “I need to get back to my post now…”

Jeongguk moves to walk past Taehyung, but before he can get too far Taehyung latches onto his wrist and shoots him his best puppy stare.

“Just…one thing before you go?” he questions innocently, and Jeongguk is hesitant but nods nonetheless. “Can I show you something cute?”

“Uhhh,” Jeongguk starts, now more unsure than ever, but Taehyung quickly turns towards him and holds his arm out, pinching his skin together between the two moles on his arm.

“Look! It’s an elephant!” he exclaims, signature goofy box smile lighting up his face, and Jeongguk looks stunned for a second. Then, finally, a laugh slips past his lips, and Taehyung swears the sound is one of the most beautiful things he’s ever heard.

“God, you’re cute,” Jeongguk laughs and then freezes, realizing that he’s said the wrong thing. He flushes red as a look of horror overcomes his features, and he’s gone from the room before Taehyung can even think about returning his own words.

So, instead, Taehyung leaves the room, leaves the pool entirely and then runs up the street yelling, “JIMINIE! JIMINIE! THE CUTE LIFEGUARD TOLD ME I’M CUTE HOLY FUCKING SHIT DUDE I—”

“TAEHYUNG SHUT THE FUCK UP MY NEIGHBORS ARE GONNA BE PISSED,” comes the equally loud reply from the end of the road, but, of course, Taehyung doesn’t.

Taehyung returns to the pool approximately 42 hours and 12 minutes later. Originally he’d planned to return and seduce Jeongguk within 24 hours and 10 minutes, but his mother had asked him to help her with some things and he really, really liked his mom so he’d managed to spare his thirst for the day in order to help her.

She rewarded him with ice cream for being a good son. It was totally worth it.

Today, however, is a different story. Taehyung is having eye-candy withdrawal, and that needs to be fixed, like, right now.

While he’s skipping down the street towards the bustling pool, Taehyung texts Jimin, pretty much yelling at him to come hang out because “if cute lifeguard isn’t there then I need you to entertain me”—to which Jimin responds “fuck off asshole”, but Taehyung knows that translates into ‘I love you too’.

A few minutes later Taehyung enters the pool area, eyes hungrily scanning the area for Jeongguk. He eventually spots the lifeguard on his tower, eyes meticulously trained on the water, but not before he spots Park Jimin and Min Yoongi in the corner eating face.

He promptly stomps over to the corner of the pool that they’re hogging (all the adults having evacuated the kids from that area because jesus chirst Jimin and Yoongi might as well set up camera’s and make a soft-core porno) and splashes water all over them. They pull apart in shock, and Taehyung tries not to make a barfing sound when he see the trail of saliva connecting them. He’s sloppy himself, he knows, but while he supports Jimin and Yoongi’s relationship 102%, he still doesn’t need to see them playing an intense game of tonsil hockey right in front of him. He doesn’t like sports to begin with.

“Tae, what the fuck?” Jimin finally manages, brushing his soaking bangs out of his face. Min Yoongi looks ready to commit murder, but Taehyung knows he’s in the clear as Jimin’s appointed best friend.

“You’re too kissy,” he tells them, pouting angrily, and Jimin sputters.

“Seokjin hyung and Namjoon hyung are being kissy too!” he yells, waving his arm angrily towards the lawn chairs behind them. Taehyung turns to find Seokjin and Namjoon packed into one of the large chairs, Seokjin tucked into Namjoon’s lap and reading a book while the younger rests his head on Seokjin’s shoulder, teeth nipping at his ear lightly.

“That’s totally different,” Taehyung responds. “They’re cute and intimate! You two…are like deprived bastards who should get a hotel room instead of corrupting the brains of innocent children.”

Jimin huffs, crossing his arms, but gives up.

“Anyway, you asshats never told me you were coming!” Taehyung accuses, making sure to glare at each and every one of them—even Hoseok who is on the other end of the pool, playing with some kids and completely oblivious to their conversation.

“We figured you’d show up at some point,” Namjoon responds with a nonchalant shrug. “You’re up here all the time now anyway—trying to get the lifeguard to notice you.”

“He did notice me! DID YOU NOT HEAR?!” Taehyung explodes immediately, and Namjoon looks scared.


“His name is Jeongguk!” Taehyung hisses, quickly skittering up to where Namjoon is sitting. He squishes the elders face in his hands, and Namjoon is too scared to bat him away. “He noticed me dammit. He put Band-Aids on my back and told me I was cute!”

“Yes yes, Taehyung, we’ve all heard,” Seokjin soothes, prying the younger’s hands from his boyfriend’s face. “Now why don’t you go see him, already? He’s been working since noon so he might be getting off soon.”

At that, Taehyung hurriedly turns and speed-walks towards where Jeongguk is, not bothering to yell at the others because they’ve been here since noon?! These treacherous bastards! Why hadn’t they called him?!

“Hey,” Taehyung speaks coolly, tapping Jeongguk on the shoulder after he sneaks up behind the lifeguard. Slightly startled, Jeongguk twitches and turns with wide eyes to look at him. Taehyung just beams a friendly smile, swinging an arm around Jeongguk’s shoulder before the younger can think to say anything.

“You remember me, right?”

“Yeah,” Jeongguk breathes, eyebrows furrowing together as his dark eyes meet Taehyung’s. “Taehyung…right?”

“Taehyung hyung,” the elder corrects with a playful frown, ruffling his hair in a reprimanding manner. The younger makes a noise and attempts to swat him away, but Taehyung simply holds him tighter.

 “But Taehyung hyung sounds weird,” Jeongguk mumbles in complaint, sighing and quitting his struggling when he realizes Taehyung has no plans of letting him go. “It’s like…repetitive.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Taehyung grants, finally releasing Jeongguk as he bring his hand to his chin thoughtfully. The maknae watches him a bit wearily, adjusting the strap of his life preserver. However, right before Taehyung can remind Jeongguk that he said during their last meeting just to call him ‘hyung’, or maybe he’ll even dare to suggest ‘jagi’ (because what does he have to lose, really?) the younger speaks up.

“Maybe Taehyung-ssi is better,” he says, missing the way Taehyung’s eyes widen because holy shit hell no—that made them seem like practically strangers! “After all…I don’t really know you that well.”

Taehyung wants to scream. ‘Taehyung-ssi’?! Oh dear god kill him now—he was in no way a ‘ssi’, especially not with his middle school-like sense of humor and bubbly personality. But, once again, before he can say anything to the maknae, Jeongguk blinks and looks around, suddenly seeming to remember where he is.

“Ah—shit,” he spares a short glance to Taehyung before waving briefly over his shoulder, hurrying back towards the lifeguard tower. “I have to get back to work. Nice talking with you again, Taehyung-ssi.” And with that he’s gone, leaving Taehyung standing there to wonder what the hell he ever did to deserve a cute boy referring to him as if he was some strange middle-aged man.

When the others pack up to leave half an hour later, Taehyung sulks along beside them. He’s too depressed to stay and try to flirt with Jeongguk again to today, so he follows behind Jimin like a lost puppy as they walk to his house. Half way up the block Namjoon, Hoseok, and Seokjin split off from the pack, heading in the direction of their own houses (or, at least, Seokjin and Hoseok’s homes, but Namjoon is surely planning to spend the rest of his day in Seokjin’s bedroom after acting so domestic and calm at the pool). Yoongi tags along with the 95z, glaring openly at Taehyung. The younger doesn’t notice, too busy kicking pebbles, and Jimin shoots Yoongi a regretful smile. Yoongi just sighs, knowing he won’t get what he wants today—especially not when Jimin’s best friend is sulking like a kicked puppy—and simply accepts his unsatisfying fate.

When they reach Jimin’s house, Taehyung trudges inside without saying anything, leaving Jimin and Yoongi standing behind him on the front porch. As he scales the first few stairs towards the second floor of the house, Taehyung hears Jimin’s muffled groan and internally warns the two not to show too much PDA—especially when Jimin’s neighbors are two crabby grandparents who have scolded them more than enough times over the last…many years.

Kicking open Jimin’s bedroom door, Taehyung flops onto the boy’s unmade bed, his face smushing uncomfortably into the pillow. He can’t bring himself to care about the air his lungs need and stays like that until finally, after a good few minutes, Jimin pads into the room and gently closes the door behind him.

Bro,” Jimin says, clearly a little peeved at having his private time with Yoongi vetoed by Taehyung, but the younger only groans and rolls onto his back, gulping up a much needed chunk of air.

“Jiminie~ Jeonggukie called me ‘ssi’! ‘Ssi’!”

“Oh,” Jimin says, plopping down into his desk chair and chucking his beach towel near the hamper in his closet. It misses, but he doesn’t bother to try again. “So…what? You’re thinking he doesn’t like you or something?”

“Yeah! But—but last time I showed him my elephant and he told me I was cute and he agreed to call me ‘hyung’ and now this time he’s telling me that it’d be better just to call me ‘Taehyung-ssi’ like I’m some kind of middle-aged asshole whose not trying to suck his dick!” Taehyung groans, limbs kicking around in the air defiantly. Jimin just sighs and rest his cheek in his palm, watching Taehyung calmly.

“I don’t know dude…maybe it’s not that he doesn’t like you but that, you know, he actually has to be polite to people while he’s doing his job? Plus, it’s not like you two are actually close—he put Band-Aids on you last time, that’s it. Maybe if he actually knew you he’d call you ‘hyung’.”

“You think so?” Taehyung mumbles quietly, a sliver of hope shining in his dark eyes. Jimin nods.


“So…I should try and get to know him, first? But what about sucking his dick?”

“One thing at a time, Tae,” Jimin smirks, running a hand though his hair as he stares at his friend fondly. “One thing at a time.”

Despite the fact that Taehyung wants nothing more than to return to the pool the next day and plead at Jeongguk just to go back to telling him he’s cute and calling him hyung, he doesn’t. He instead decides to listen to Jimin’s advice—decides that maybe he needs a day to adjust his plans—and heads to the mall. Why the mall, you ask? Well, there’s this motherfucking good smoothie place there and Taehyung has nearly been dying at college without it.

So, around noon he drags his ass out of the bed, snatches the keys for his father’s car off the counter, and is out the door before his father can tell him “Taehyung, goddammit, no!”

The drive is about 10 minutes, Taehyung blasting Big Bang’s BANG BANG BANG on repeat the whole ride. When he’s stuck at a traffic light, behind the drivers wheel attempting (more like slaying) the choreography to the song, two girls in the car beside him laugh and point fingers. He decides to ignore them, because clearly they don’t appreciate the musical genius of Big Bang, and continues on his way.

He manages to snag a parking spot towards the front of the packed rows and practically skips into the mall. As always, there’s a table of cosplayers in the corner of the food court and he makes sure to yell words of encouragement at them because honestly there’s a chick totally pulling off Mikasa and Taehyung only wishes he could be that cool.

On the outskirts of the foot court, more towards the main section of the mall, is the smoothie place. Taehyung waits in line happily, ordering a “Stripper Sunrise” with way too much uncontained pleasure when the worker finally asks for his order.

Five minutes later, large smoothie happily in his grasp, Taehyung wanders aimlessly through the vast expanse of shops. He debates wasting his entire 20 dollar fortune at the chocolate shop, and then is tempted again when he sees a Build-a-Bear Workshop has been put in, but manages to convince himself that the 20 dollars can be better spent on other things…

Like the new Steven Universe t-shirt from Hot Topic.

So, Taehyung moseys his way to the second floor and to the goth looking shop. He’s just about to step inside when he spots a familiar head of brown hair ducked down behind the earring stands. He’s looking over two different sets of gauges quite intensely, mouth set in a frown, and Taehyung debates going in. After all, Jimin told him to take it one step at a time—and if he just keeps chasing after Jeongguk everyday (or simply coincidentally running into him, in this case) then the maknae may think he’s a stalker or something…

Jeongguk looks up and spots him, eyes going a bit wide. Knowing that he’s caught, Taehyung smiles pleasantly around the straw still stuck between his lips and casually makes his way into the shop.

“Hyung,” Jeongguk greets with a dip of his head, and Taehyung feels his heart flutter with hope as Jeongguk backtracks, seeming to think that he has made a mistake. “Oh, I mean—Taehyung-ssi…”

Taehyung wants to hug Jeongguk tight and brainwash him until he finally realizes that Taehyung is certainly no ‘ssi’, but instead he decides that maybe he should tone his weirdness and hormones down a notch and takes a more appropriate route instead.

“Hey, hyung is more than fine, alright?” Taehyung assures him with a deep chuck, his mouth stretching into an honest smile. Jeongguk stares at him in something akin to barely concealed confusion an amazement, his head tilted to the side ever so slightly in wonder. Taehyung doesn’t take that as too bad of a sign and decides to continue. “Also…I swear I’m not stalking you. I mean, I go to the pool a lot to cool off (and also see your sexy bod), but I didn’t think I’d see you here.”

“Though,” he grins, looking Jeongguk’s black outfit up and down. It was the middle of summer, for Christ’s sake. “I guess I should’ve expected it. You seem like a Hot Topic kind of kid.”

At that, Jeongguk finally snaps out of his blank-faced state and scoffs. “What the hell does that mean? I just like black is all, alright?”

“Sure, sure~,” Taehyung hums, waving his hand in the air nonchalantly. Jeongguk rolls his eyes.

“You can’t talk, hyung. You’re here too, you know.”

Taehyung smiles, inwardly squealing at hearing Jeongguk call him ‘hyung’ once again.

“Hey, I’m here to check out a t-shirt, and one that’s not even black!” he defends, laughing slightly, and then looks around. He spots the shirt near the door and happily runs over to inspect it, leaving Jeongguk to return to his earring hunt. Taehyung is in the middle of fanboying and searching the rack for his size when Jeongguk sneaks up behind him, looking over his shoulder at the shirt design curiously.

“…it’s just a star,” he says, and Taehyung whips his head to glare at Jeongguk so quickly that the vertebrae in his neck crack. Jeongguk’s eyes widen in surprise at the horrifying sound, staring at Taehyung in shock, and the elder glares at him sternly for another few seconds before groaning and bringing a hand to rub at his neck as he pulls a t-shirt in his size from the rack.

“You just don’t understand, Jeon Jeonggukie,” he sighs. “You just don’t understand.”

“Apparently not,” Jeongguk feigns with an amused snort, and Taehyung laughs quietly as well.

“It’s a…cartoon thing,” Taehyung explains tentatively. “Steven Universe it’s called…if you’re into that sort of thing.”

“Oh, alright,” Jeongguk says, tone completely nonjudgmental, but Taehyung feels the need to defend himself anyway. However, before he can say anything Jeongguk quietly speaks up again.

“I’m kind of in love with this anime called ‘Haikyuu’, so…”

“WHO’S YOUR FAVORITE?” Taehyung ends up yelling before he can stop himself, and Jeongguk laughs while the elder flushes in embarrassment, sending an apologetic look to the worker behind the counter.

“Kageyama,” Jeongguk says with a knowing smirk and Taehyung laughs, staring at the boy with nothing short of amused fondness.

“Of course you like Kageyama,” he says, box-smile appearing. “I like Hinata.”

Taehyung really isn’t sure what’s going on with him and Jeongguk until, two days later, when Taehyung returns to the pool to relax, the lifeguard abandons his station and bolts over to Taehyung, grabbing his shoulder tightly while saying, “Hyung! Where have you been the last two days?! I started watching Steven Universe and I have so much shit I need to rant to you about you have no idea!”

It’s then that Jeongguk and Taehyung exchange phone numbers, and Taehyung tries not to squeal like a little girl when Jeongguk texts him that night. They talk about Steven Universe first, but diverge into anime and then video games and then…just…banter.

Kookie Monster:

You’re weird, hyung, you know that? Kekeke –10:49PM


No weirder than you, bratty maknae! –10:50PM

Kookie Monster:

I disagree. That one time you feel into the pool but somehow managed to not drown was kinda of weird. Especially the fact that you suddenly came back to life when you saw that old lady lmao –10:52PM

Taehyung blinks, pink flushing his cheeks as he rolls onto his stomach, rubbing his legs against the sheets on his bed in embarrassment and nervousness. Jeongguk had actually seen that, huh? Of course he had…being a lifeguard and all.


Well I was hoping a specific someone at the pool would save me, but that lady beat them to it so I wasn’t too happy lmao –10:55PM

Taehyung shrugs as he sends the message, deciding that fuck it—if Jeongguk figures it out so be it. He still likes the maknae—maybe even more than he had before now that they were beginning to learn about each other. But…

His phone vibrates, cutting his thoughts off. Jeongguk had responded.

Kookie Monster:

Oh? You’re crushing on someone at the pool? I’ll have to keep an eye out from now on so I can spot your type kekeke –11:01PM

Taehyung rolls his eyes.

“You’re my type, idiot.”

Taehyung and Jeongguk’s friendship only continues to grow into something Taehyung can’t quite define—something that leaves him confused and fluttery at the end of the day. It’s like…they’re friends—they hang out at the pool, Jeongguk neglecting his jobs at times to sit with Taehyung a play games with him. They sometimes head out for food after Jeongguk’s shift is over and take longer than necessary drives, dancing like maniacs in their seats to whatever badass kpop song Jeongguk can find on Taehyung’s worn out iPod. They’re like best buds…but then Jeongguk smiles his bunny-like smile and makes Taehyung feel fuzzy. He touches their thighs together when they’re hiding out in Jeongguk’s lifeguard stand even though they’re not supposed to be. He rubs his thumb over Taehyung’s kneecap like it means nothing to do so. He gives Taehyung these innocent, tempting looks where he’s glancing up through his long eyelashes, pink lips insanely tempting…

And the problem is…Taehyung can’t tell if Jeongguk is doing it on purpose.

Yes, at first Taehyung had been all for sucking Jeongguk’s dick, maybe getting a fuck out of it too, but that had changed. They’d become friends—and Taehyung was totally chill just staying as friends at this point if Jeongguk wanted to!—but now…Taehyung can’t just delve into the topic of dick sucking and romance so nonchalantly. Hell, they’ve been hanging out for at least three weeks now and Taehyung still has no idea if Jeongguk is attracted to dudes or not.

He has no fucking idea if Jeongguk knows he’s batting his eyelashes and practically flirting with him—and it’s frustrating. Incredibly so.

“Hey,” Taehyungs speaks tentatively, eyes shifting over to look at Jeongguk. The maknae sitting in the computer chair behind the lifeguard desk. They’re currently both holed up in lifeguard’s office, rain pouring outside and the pool deserted. Taehyung had only stayed because Jeongguk had asked him, claiming that if Taehyung left his entire life would melt into a puddle of boring.

“Hmm?” Jeongguk responds without looking up from the game he’s playing on his phone. Taehyung’s eyebrows furrow ever so slightly, his tongue popping out to lick at his lips as he debates his next choice of words.

“…did you find my type yet?”

Jeongguk’s eyebrows raise as he pauses his game and sets his phone down, looking over to Taehyung considerately.

“Probably not,” he says honestly, small grin tugging at his lips. He throws his hands behind his head and stares up at the ceiling as he continues. “I honestly just kind of assume that you like any girl who looks nice in a bikini.”

Taehyung almost grimaces at hearing that. Jeongguk really doesn’t know anything at all…

“You’re way off,” Taehyung responds, pulling his best I’m-perfectly-fine smile. It seems to fool Jeongguk enough, because the younger leans forward and props his elbows on the desk, looking expectant as he rests his chin in his open palm.

“Oh yeah? Care to elaborate then?”

And here we go again with the whole ‘am I flirting or just being totally fucking oblivious?’ ft. Jeon Jeongguk.

“Well…,” Taehyung starts. “To start…I don’t really like girls that much.”

Jeongguk’s eyebrows raise in clear surprise, but he doesn’t say anything, only nodding for Taehyung to continue when he doesn’t.

“So…yeah. I like dudes. And…I guess my type is someone who’s funny, cute, handsome—you know,” he says, purposefully flicking his eyes over to meet Jeongguk’s. The younger holds his stare, not looking away as Taehyung slowly eases out of his seat, making his way towards the Jeongguk with surprising bravery. “I like guys who laugh and are willing to be silly with me. If they have muscle that’s always a bonus too…”

Taehyung notices Jeongguk’s Adams Apple dip and wonder if he’s finally digesting the meaning of Taehyung’s words. However, before the younger can even think to say anything or move to get away if he so wanted, Taehyung is in front of him. The elder cages him into his chair, hands gripping the arm rests as he leans in, eyes searching Jeongguk’s worriedly. The younger’s breath has picked up a little, but other than that Taehyung can’t read him.

He sighs in partial defeat.

“I…I like you, Jeonggukie. You’re my type…”

Taehyung grants the boy another few moments to let the words soak in, worry coursing through his mind. What if he just royally fucked this up? What if Jeongguk doesn’t like boys and doesn’t like him and doesn’t want to be friends with him anymore? What if—

A small movement knocks Taehyung away his racing mind, and he focuses back in on reality just in time to see Jeongguk’s face near his. He nearly shrieks in surprise when the younger’s lips make contact with his, soft yet unmoving. However, Taehyung is not about to waste this moment—it’s what he’s been dreaming of after all—and he quickly kisses Jeongguk back. He removes his hand from the chair arm rest and just beginning to thread it into Jeongguk’s damp hair when the maknae suddenly jolts. He jumps backwards into the chair, eyes wide and lips still parted as he breathes heavily. Taehyung can only stare, dazed by the moment.

“I…,” Jeongguk starts, eyes frantically searching Taehyung’s face. However, he quickly snaps his mouth shut and slips out of the chair and past Taehyung, grabbing his bag near the door. His ears are red when he steps out into the cool rain, muscled back to Taehyung as his shoulders sag with his next words.

“I…I’ll…talk to you later hyung.”

And then he’s gone, leaving Taehyung alone to bang his head against the desk and regret everything he’s ever done.

This. Sucks.

That night Jimin takes Taehyung out for some much needed drinks. Just them—no Yoongi, no Hoseok or Namjoon or Seokjin. Only Jimin, Taehyung, and Taehyung’s emotional distress.

Jimin watches Taehyung silently down 3 shots within the span of 10 minutes, sipping quietly on his own mojito, before the alcohol in Taehyung’s system loosens his mouth and words begin spilling out all at once.

“Jiminie~! I tried so hard, bro! I—hic—I tried to follow your rules! I became friends with Kookie and man it’s so great, you know? He likes anime and plays video games with me and appreciates the musical genius of Big Bang! He—hic—man he’s fucking amazing and hot and smoking. Like, I’ll suck his dick right now! Dare me! I’ll do it!”

“I know you will,” Jimin says quietly, trying to hold back an amused smirk as he pats Taehyung’s shoulder sympathetically. Most of the patrons of the bar are eyeing them by now, Taehyung one who’s never quiet to begin with and being drunk only makes it worse, but Jimin ignores them. After being friends for this long Jimin knows what he’s getting into, hanging out with Taehyung in public, and could care less about all the looks they get.

Ugh! Bro…I can’t even. Jeongguk was, he was…like…I don’t know man. He was tempting me all the time! Brushing our thighs together…batting his eyelashes at me…I mean, that seems like a sign, right?! Wrong! Fucking wrong! I try and come out to him but he just runs away! I mean, he kissed me first, but he’s the one who got up and just…ran off!” he yells, flailing his arms in the air wildly. Jimin watches Taehyung with a bitter sweet smile, clearly seeing that his friend is distressed over this boy he’s come to like a lot more than Jimin had originally thought possible…but then his brain catches up to Taehyung’s words.

“Wait, Tae—aish, just wait a minute will you!” Jimin scolds when he sees Taehyung reaching to down another shot. He set the glass back on the counter roughly and the cups Taehyung’s face, forcing the younger to look at him.

“Focus on me,” Jimin says, and Taehyung blinks innocently.

“Jiminie if you kiss me right now I don’t think Yoongi’ll be happy…”

“Shut up,” Jimin chastises, smacking Taehyung’s cheeks, before he finally speaks again, “But, Tae, didn’t you say that Jeongguk was the one who kissed you?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung sighs, “He, like, leaned up and kissed me and all that shit. But then, the minute I responded, he was like ‘nah bro’ and pulled back and booked it.”

Jimin laughs a little, dropping his hands from Taehyung’s face as his lips twitch up in disbelief. Jeon Jeongguk…what are you thinking?

“I…don’t think you should be upset, Tae…I don’t think he rejected you,” Jimin says, and Taehyung looks up in drunken surprise.


Jimin rolls his eyes, digging in his back pocket for his wallet. He slaps a few bills down on the counter, nodding to the bartender, and then grabs Taehyung by the shoulder.

“C’mon buddy, I think you’ve had enough to drink.”

“But…,” Taehyung pouts, looking at his unfinished shot, and Jimin rolls his eyes again.


Reaching forward, Jimin grabs the remaining shot before Taehyung can say anything, the liquid burning his throat pleasantly as he downs it. Taehyung’s gasps, clearly upset at having his drink stolen, and Jimin laughs and drags him towards the door.

“You’ve had more to drink anyway. Now, let’s head back to my place and play some drunk Mario Kart, yeah?”


The next morning Taehyung wakes up on Jimin’s floor. The carpet is prickly against his face, and he groans, pushing himself off his stomach and onto his knees. One eye shut in pain at the slight thrumming in his head, Taehyung looks around the room. Mario Kart is still up on Jimin’s TV, the music playing quietly and likely on endless repeat for hours now.

Taehyung smiles when he sees that he managed to beat Jimin.

And speaking of Jimin…where is he?

Yawning, Taehyung pushes himself to his feet, ruffling his hair as he tiredly looks around for his wallet and phone. He finds his wallet in his back pocket, thankfully, and his phone is resting beside his Wii controller from the night before. He picks it up, clicking the screen to life, and then freezes.

3 new messages from Kookie Monster

No, nope, he can’t do this.

Rigid, Taehyung shoves his phone into the pocket of his jeans and hurries from Jimin’s room. When he makes it to the first floor of the house Jimin spots him from the kitchen, the older nursing a mug of coffee between his palms.

“Hey, morn—hey, wait, Tae, what’s up?” Jimin questions at seeing Taehyung stiffly moving to grab his shoes. Before he can put them on and run out into the world to find the nearest cliff to jump off of, Jimin stops him.

Bro,” Jimin stresses, looking him hard in the eyes. Taehyung stares back, lips pulled firmly into a flat line, and Jimin sighs.

“What? Did he text you or something?”

Taehyung says nothing, only continues to stare at Jimin without wavering, and Jimin takes that as a ‘yes’.

“You can’t run forever, Tae, even if you want to.”

“I know…,” Taehyung surprisingly speaks up, voice quiet and scratchy after all the yelling they’d done the night before. He looks up at Jimin under his eyelashes and Jimin can tell how terrified Taehyung is—and that’s concerning. Because the almighty Kim Taehyung does not get ‘scared’ over petty emotional things—he’s the one that always bounds back without question and nulls the situation. But…here he is now—about to cry over a boy that he’s grown to like far too sincerely, and Jimin actually hurts for him.

“Tae…listen to me,” Jimin pleads, grabbing onto his friends shoulders lightly. Taehyung looks up at him, face defeated. “Read the texts, at least. I’m not going to force you into doing anything or going to see him, but…”

“Yeah…ok…,” Taehyung gives, sighing, and Jimin abruptly pulls him in for a hug. It takes a few seconds, but Taehyung hugs back, hands lightly resting on the small of Jimin’s back.

“You still heading out?” Jimin asks when they break apart, and Taehyung nods.

“Yeah…my mom is probably worried.”

Jimin laughs, patting Taehyung’s bicep. “Alright man, call me if you need anything.”

“Alright,” Taehyung replies before slipping on his shoes and exiting Jimin’s abode. He silently walks down the street, hand tightly gripping his cellphone inside his pocket. He debates just chucking his phone onto the pavement and running away from his fears, but Seokjin’s mother-like voice in the back of his head scolds him not to and he doesn’t.

Finally, about 5 minutes later, Taehyung walks through the door of his own home, briefly greeting his mother and father before he trudges into his room and collapses onto his bed. His cellphone is still in his pocket, hand never having let go of the device, and finally Taehyung decides to face his shitty fate and pulls it out.

He swipes on the screen with a fast-beating heart, his and Jeongguk’s message stream popping up before his eyes. At the bottom are the three new messages.

Kookie Monster:

Um…hey hyung. Sorry about earlier, I –1:34AM

Sorry I hit the send button by accident –1:35AM

Anyway…can we talk? –1:42AM

That’s it. No harmful words, no ‘hyung I hate your guts’, just…can we talk.

Before he knows what he’s doing Taehyung is clicking on Jimin’s number.

Tae…you okay?” his friend’s concerned voice pipes up over the speaker and Taehyung sighs.

“I…I don’t know, maybe? Anyway, Jeongguk wants to talk…so…”

…is he working today?”

”Yeah, from noon to four,” Taehyung replies, realizing that he knows way too much about Jeongguk’s work schedule.

Alright, I’ll round up the others and we can all go together. That’s what you want…right?”

“Yes, thank you,” Taehyung sighs gratefully, and Jimin laughs quietly.

Cool. I’ll see you later, Tae.”

With that, the line goes dead and Taehyung sighs, rolling onto his side and snuggling his face into his pillow. He’s still tired from his semi-hangover, but before he falls asleep he at least manages a brief text to Jeongguk.


Sure. I’ll see you later. –9:39AM

At 11:30 Jimin knocks on Taehyung’s door with the other five flanking behind him. They all drag Taehyung out of bed, force him into his swim trunks, tie a towel around his neck, and then drag him into the summer heat with a polite goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Kim.

They’re at the pool within 10 minutes, staking claim on a cluster of chairs in the corner, throwing their towels and shirts and shoes in one giant pile before jumping in. Everyone is happy, yet cautious because Taehyung is not. Unlike the rest of them the typically playful boy stays near the edge of the pool, kicking his feet back and forth in the water slowly. On any other day Namjoon or Jimin or Hoseok would’ve waded over and pulled him in forcefully, but they know that now’s not the time—not when Taehyung is like this.

They all fool around in the water for a while, Jeongguk not yet having made an appearance. After all, it’s still another 15 minutes till his shift starts. He’ll show up soon enough, though, and with that realization Taehyung sighs and pushes himself to his feet. He starts towards the small food vender on the other end of the pool, craving some comfort food at the moment, but as he’s walking someone bumps into him. He opens his mouth to mumble an apology even though it isn’t his fault in the first place, but before he can an angry cry cuts him off.


Taehyung turns just in time to see a larger male reach towards him, face reddening with furry. His eyes go wide as the man grapples for the space between his collarbone, likely trying to grab onto his shirt, but since he’s not wearing one the man’s hand instead slides over his throat and tightens. Taehyung winces, eyes wide as the man propels him backwards into the metal fence behind them. His back stings instantly and he hisses, hands coming up instinctively to claw at the man’s grasp on his neck.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Taehyung spits, really not in the mood, and the guy shoves him into the fence harder.

“You knocked the ice cream out of my hand, you fuck!” the guy says, pissed, and Taehyung stares incredulously. This was over a fucking ice cream cone!? WHAT THE FUCK!

By now the male straggling Taehyung has caused a commotion, the other occupants of the pool looking on in horror. Taehyung’s friends have spotted his predicament as well, it seems, because over the man’s shoulder Taehyung can spot an utterly pissed looking Namjoon and Jimin storming through the pool waters towards them.

I just need to buy some time before he smashes my face in, Taehyung thinks, knowing that there’s no way in hell he’ll be able to take this guy by himself.

“Your mom know you still get upset over shit like this?” he snidely remarks, eyes trailed behind the man and watching Namjoon and Jimin reach the edge of the pool. They’re just starting to pull themselves out of the water when the hand around Taehyung’s neck tightens, the guy clearly pissed by his words.

“You little fuc—”

His words cut off midway, a fist connecting with the side of his face and sending him to the hard pavement. Taehyung stares in shock, pressing himself to the fence, and glances forward. Namjoon and Jimin are still standing near the edge of the pool, looking just as shocked. But…if they hadn’t rescued him then who—?

Taehyung turns, his eyes widening when he sees a very pissed looking Jeongguk standing there. His fist is hanging by his side, knuckles red from the force of impact and chest heaving in exertion and anger.

“I’m going to have to ask you to leave the fucking pool and never come back,” the maknae speaks, voice hard when the man turns to look at him. The anger in his eyes evaporates the minutes he sees the lifeguard marked life preserver around Jeongguk’s neck and, grumbling, he staggers to his feet and exits the premises. Once he’s gone, only then does Jeongguk return his attention to Taehyung (whose been staring at him in shock this entire time).

“Come with me,” he growls, though his tone has lightened, and grabs onto Taehyung’s wrist, dragging him into the lifeguard office. He shuts the door behind them, Taehyung still lost as he aimlessly stands in the center of the room.

“Are you…are you ok?” Jeongguk asks with real concern, worry slipping into his dark eyes as he approaches Taehyung. He runs his fingertips lightly along Taehyung’s collarbone and neck, touch feather-light as he inspects the assaulted area. Taehyung lets out a shaky breath at the feeling, and Jeongguk pulls back in concern.

“Taehyung, are you o—”

“Please don’t do this to me,” Taehyung’s quiet voice begs, interrupting him. He looks Jeongguk in the eyes, mouth pulled into a sad frown. “Please don’t…I…Jeongguk if you don’t like me please just…tell me. I want us to be friends, and if you don’t like me that’s ok, really…but if we’re gonna be friends you have to stop touching me like that because it’s driving me fucking insane and I—”

“Hyung, wait, what?” Jeongguk says in confusion, cutting him off. “But…just being friends? I…I was the one who kissed you first.”

“Yeah, but then you fucking stood up and ran away so I figured since you ran the minute I started kissing back you decided ‘nope, can’t do it’ and fucking hightailed it!” Taehyung yells, throwing his hands in the air in frustration. Jeongguk stares, taken aback.

“I…no…hyung, I…”

“Just break my heart! Do it!” Taehyung continues loudly, once again waving his arms in the air violently. “I get it Jeongguk! Trust me! I—”

Taehyung is cut off when a pair of hands firmly grip his waste and back him into the desk, Jeongguk’s lips warm on his. Taehyung desperately kisses back, throwing fate to the wind, and after a few seconds Jeongguk pulls back, smirking fondly.

“Hyung, I don’t think you ‘get it’ at all.”

“Yeah?” Taehyung says, a little breathless from the kiss because Jeongguk had not been that good of a kisser the other day.

“Yeah,” Jeongguk chuckles, resting their foreheads together. “I…I like you too, hyung. I’m sorry about reacting the way I did the other day.”

“Yeah, why’d you do that, by the way?” Taehyung questions with a smile, relief flooding into him because Jeongguk likes him too. Oh man.

“I, uhh, have never really been with a guy before,” Jeongguk admits sheepishly, cheeks flushing pink. “So…when you confessed I was so overwhelmed because I’ve liked you for a while now too, hyung, but at the same time I’d never…you know. So when I kissed you it was kind of on impulse…but then I felt awkward so I kind of…ran away?”

“Yeah, no shit,” Taehyung laughs, hitting Jeongguk’s bicep in retribution. The maknae jumps in surprise, glaring, but Taehyung just smiles. The happiest smile he’d smiled in the last week.

“So…do you wanna, like…go out?” Jeongguk says, clearly trying to gather some intelligent thoughts within his head, and Taehyung laughs again. Swinging his arms around Jeongguk’s neck, Taehyung presses their lips together happily and beams a smile at him when he pulls back, Jeongguk looking dazed.

“Yes, I’d love to go out with you,” Taehyung says. “But I hope you know, Jeon Jeongguk, that I’m no cheap date!”

At that Jeongguk laughs, rolling his eyes. “Yeah, I’m sure.”

“Actually,” Taehyung ponders after a moment, lips curling into a devious grin as he removes his arms from Jeongguk’s neck and begins lightly trailing his hands down Jeongguk’s body. The maknae shivers at the feeling, eyes going wide as he watches Taehyung slowly sink onto his knees, the older’s fingers playfully curling around the waistband of Jeongguk’s swim trunks.

“I take it back,” Taehyung purrs, licking his lips at he stares up at Jeongguk’s flushed face. “I’m a cheap date—for you, that is, because I’ve wanted to do this since the day I saw you.”

“Hyung, what—,” Jeongguk starts, clearly flustered by the sudden turn of events, but his words catch in his throat the minute Taehyung slowly teases his shorts down his thighs.

“Just let me take care of you, Jeon Jeonggukie,” Taehyung says, pressing a kiss to the inside of Jeongguk’s smooth thigh. The maknae swallows visibly, and Taehyung grins. “I’ll make sure your ‘first time’ being with a guy is worthwhile.”

The two emerge from the office about 15 minutes later, Taehyung’s lips swollen and knees red, and Jeongguk’s face blissed out yet flushed in embarrassment. Taehyung’s friends catch sight of them immediately, already putting the pieces together when they notice their disheveled states.

“So?” Jimin questions when Taehyung happily skips over, plopping into the chair beside him. Jeongguk stays at the other end of the pool, hurriedly taking his place in his watch tower because after everything that had just occurred he was already about half an hour late.

“So,” Taehyung repeats, smiling happily. “We’re dating now.”

“And?” Jimin pushes, already having figured as much. Taehyung looks him in the eyes, biting his lip.

“And…his dick is on point, bro.”

“Nice!” Jimin says and they high-five in a congratulatory manner, not missing Yoongi’s sigh behind them.

“…I wish I hadn’t heard that,” the blond says, rubbing his temples, and Jimin cocks his head to the side innocently despite the devious smirk pulling at his lips.

“What? Your dick is on point too, hyung.”

“…Jimin, I swear to god—shut the fuck up.”