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“… He looked at me…” Suga looked up from the phone in his hands, not sure if he’d heard Jungkook speak or if he’d imagined it. “He… Looked at me…” The older boy frowned in confusion, just as he opened his mouth to speak; he remembered that Jungkook had been acting strange since they’d passed a certain sunbae in the corridor after their rehearsal. Yoongi’s eyes went wide in realisation, before he looked frantically around the room, only to find that the other members had seen this coming and conveniently disappeared. Suga cursed inwardly before accepting his fate and moving to sit next to the maknae; ready for the inevitable onslaught of fan-boying that was about to happen.

“Who looked at you Jungkook-ah?” Suga smiled bitterly while he asked the question which he already knew the answer to. Jungkook turned suddenly, as if only realising he was there, before a broad grin broke its way onto his face.

“G-Dragon hyung! GD hyung looked at me!” Suga rolled his eyes at the boy who had begun bouncing lightly on the sofa.

“Sunbae-nim.” Suga corrected, slightly snappily. “He’s not your hyung he’s your sunbae.” Jungkook’s face had fallen and he’d stopped bouncing, a childish pout forcing its way onto his lips. Suga rolled his eyes at the behaviour; Jungkook spent half of his time trying to convince the other members he wasn’t a baby and the other half acting like a baby. “At least you’re not calling him oppa anymore.” Suga spoke with a smirk.

“Hyung! That happened once! Why do you keep bringing it up?! I can’t control what I say in my sleep!” A deep blush spread on Jungkook’s face at the memory of the time he’d woken from a particularly… interesting dream about his idol to see his hyung across the room filming him with a grin on his face. “Why did you have to record that, anyway..?” Suga grinned at the younger.

“Blackmail, of course!” Jungkook rolled his eyes at the response; the video had already been used against him too many times to count. Suga meanwhile was getting slightly hot at the memory of the times he’d used that video for other purposes.

“Whatever, hyung… You probably don’t even have it any more and are just pretending so that I’ll do what you want…” Jungkook scoffed, regretting it immediately when Yoongi quirked an eyebrow at him before pulling out his phone. The sound of Jungkook’s moaning voice quickly filled the room through the phone’s crappy speakers as Suga turned the screen around so they could both see it. The real Jungkook cringed at the video, though he couldn’t bring himself to look away from the screen; he hadn’t actually seen the video before and he’d always slightly wondered what he would look like when he was having those dreams.

Suga, meanwhile, didn’t know what to do. He’d expected the maknae to try to take the phone or at least tell him to turn it off, but the younger just sat there watching himself on the screen and the video was starting to have its usual effect on Yoongi. Suga bit his lip and willed the swelling in his pants to stop, though the more he thought about it the harder he felt himself getting.

At the sound of quiet panting from beside him caught Jungkook’s attention and he looked away from the screen to see Yoongi’s eyes were closed tightly, his face was flushed and he was biting his lip. The maknae was about to ask what was wrong before a particularly loud moan from the phone and the following shudder from the older member made it painfully obvious. The maknae smirked to himself before looking back at the screen and feigning innocence.

“Wow, hyung, this video’s really shaky…” He watched his hyung from the corner of his eye as the older rapper was suddenly jerked back to reality; looking at Jungkook then back at the screen, realising that he was right. “Are you sure you weren’t filming this with one hand, or something?” Jungkook laughed brightly, pretending it was just an innocent joke, whilst Yoongi meanwhile was blushing hard at just how spot on the maknae had been. Jungkook took the elder completely by surprise as he yanked the phone out of his weak grasp, threw in on the sofa beside them and straddled his hyung’s lap before Yoongi could even think.

“Ju-Jungkook! Wh-Wha-?” The older was cut off as Jungkook rolled his hips, creating some amazing friction on the older’s erection.

“Wow, hyung, is that your phone in your pocket?” Yoongi stared at the younger in disbelief; only he could make himself look innocent whilst doing this. “Oh, wait; your phones over there!” Jungkook paused as if he was thinking. “Hmm… I wonder what this is then…” Jungkook continued to grind himself onto the hardness; keeping the quizzical look on his face as if he was genuinely trying to investigate the mystery object.

“Jesus… Jungkook…” Suga’s voice was deep and panting as he tried to stop himself from thrusting up into the maknae. Jungkook smirked before leaning down to whisper in Yoongi’s ear, purposely making his voice as husky as possible.

“How many times have you watched that video, hyung?” That was it; Yoongi snapped. He grabbed onto the maknae’s hips and flipped them over so that he was lying on to of Jungkook before the younger had even seen it coming.

“Fuck, Jungkook-ah… You’re such a fucking tease…” Yoongi’s voice was deeper than normal and Jungkook moaned quietly, still grinding himself into the other boy, only from this angle the older boy could definitely tell how hard he was as well. With an evil glint in his eye, Yoongi stilled Jungkook’s hips with one hand while the other pinned his hands to the sofa above his head. “I need to teach you a lesson about what happens to little boys who mess with horny men.” Jungkook glared at him for calling him a ‘little boy’, but his expression quickly slipped as Yoongi began thrusting into him.

“Hyung!” Jungkook moaned loudly. Yoongi looked into his eyes for a long moment, before bringing their lips together for the first time. The kiss started off passionate; completely surpassing any innocence as they both just wanted to feel each other’s tongues. Jungkook moaned as Yoongi completely dominated the kiss, the older’s warm tongue desperately exploring every inch of his mouth. Suga unconsciously sped up the movement of his hips on the younger’s, not noticing until he was forced to break the kiss; panting hard.

“Yoongi, hyung… I need you…” The younger member whimpered as Yoongi’s hands released him; his hips automatically bucking into the older as he was freed. Suga quickly freed them both of their shirts; his hands instantly roaming Jungkook’s abs before finding their way to his nipples. He licked and sucked at Jungkook’s neck as his fingers continued to toy with the hard buds; loving how Jungkook whimpered and thrust more as his senses were overloaded. As both boys grew desperate, Yoongi was quick to free them both from their pants, leaving them both in only their underwear. The older rapper slowly removed the younger’s boxers before he pulled back for a moment to admire the sight before him. Jungkook’s face was flushed, his lips red and slightly swollen, his eyes were glazed over with lust, his chest rapidly rising and falling in time with the pants that were leaving his mouth and his entire body was exposed for Yoongi’s viewing enjoyment. When the younger looked up at him questioningly, Yoongi couldn’t help but smile softly at him. How was it possible to still be cute like this?

Jungkook couldn’t wait any longer; he pulled Yoongi down on top of him again, their lips once again meeting briefly before the older pulled away yet again. Jungkook was about to complain before Suga brought his fingers to his lips and sucked on them sensually. The maknae almost came just from the sight, but he bit his lip and suppressed the urge.

Yoongi shifted back slightly as he brought his fingers to the younger’s entrance, watching Jungkook’s expression for any sign of discomfort as he slowly pushed the first finger in. The maknae whimpered slightly, but not in pain; he did this to himself far too often for it to hurt with only one finger. Seeing this, Yoongi was quick to add the second; waiting for a brief moment before thrusting them in and out of his dongsaeng and crooking them so that they scraped the younger’s insides. Jungkook was rapidly reduced to a moaning mess as Yoongi continued to stretch him. He felt himself nearing his peak and panicked.

“Wait! Stop, hyung!” Yoongi stopped immediately and looked up at Jungkook, concern written all over his features. “I need you… Now…” Jungkook blushed furiously as the words left his lips while Yoongi let out a sigh of relief before pulling his fingers out of the younger. Suga stood up to take off his underwear, before kneeling back down on the sofa and spitting on his hand; about to put it to his cock when Jungkook stopped him. He looked up questioningly before the younger’s lips were suddenly wrapped around his erection. Yoongi let out a loud moan as he felt Jungkook’s tongue swirl around him.

“Fuck, Jungkook! I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop…” Jungkook pulled away with one last lick of Yoongi’s head before lying back on the couch.

“Fuck me, hyung…” Jungkook spoke in his most seductive voice, smirking at how it made Suga shiver. The older member couldn’t take it any longer; leaning over the younger as he lined himself up with his entrance. He bit his lip as he pushed in slowly; moaning loudly at the tight heat that surrounded him instantly. He waited for a moment before he felt Jungkook relax around him and began slowly thrusting in and out of the warmth.

As Jungkook began bucking to meet his thrusts, Yoongi let all of his self-restraint leave him as he began pounding the maknae into the couch cushions; hard and fast. Both boys were moaning out loud at the new pace. Yoongi’s hand wrapped around Jungkook’s leaking erection and began pumping him in time with the thrusts. Jungkook cried out as his hand automatically flew up to Suga’s shoulders; his nails digging into the older boy’s pale skin as he rammed into his prostate over and over again. The lewd sounds of their moans and slapping skin filled the empty room as Yoongi pressed sloppy kisses to Jungkook’s neck.

Feeling a sudden urge to be in charge, Jungkook flipped them over so that he was on top. The surprise on Yoongi’s face was quickly replaced by pure unadulterated lust as Jungkook began riding his dick. Suga kept his hand pumping Jungkook’s erection as they both neared their finish.

“Fuck, Kookie! I’m gonna cum!” Yoongi warned before releasing himself into the maknae as his hand sped up its ministrations. The feeling was enough to send Jungkook to his climax as well; his hips stilling as he came all over Yoongi’s chest.

The two boys panted in unison, as they attempted to regain their breath. Jungkook pulled himself off Yoongi’s dick before he looked down at the older boy, smiling softly as their eyes met, before leaning down to kiss him. Just before their lips met, a noise made both boys’ eyes go wide as they quickly looked at the door. Jungkook felt all of the colour drain from his face as he saw who was at the door.


The rapper looked shocked as he looked at the two boys on the sofa before glancing at the door he had just opened.

“Ah! Wrong room! Sorry!” G-Dragon bowed twice and attempted to hide the amusement from his face as he quickly left the room.

The two boys sat in an awkward silence for a long minute before Jungkook spoke again.

“… He spoke to me…” Yoongi couldn’t help it anymore and burst out laughing.

“Get off me you idiot!” The rapper playfully shoved the younger boy off him before pressing an innocent kiss to the younger’s lips. “Now hurry up and get dressed before anyone else comes in.”

After their performance, Bangtan were exiting the stage, bowing at everyone they passed, until the two at the front froze after being met with a certain sunbae for the third time that day. Rap Monster looked at them in confusion before elbowing his members and bringing them back to reality.

Suga and Jungkook bowed awkwardly, blushing the entire time as G-Dragon just returned the bow before smirking and saying “You guys looked great!” The other members thanked him, assuming he meant the performance, whilst Suga and Jungkook’s mouths fell open at the wink he shot their way before walking off towards the stage, leaving them in a stunned silence.

“Y’know, I think I’m getting kinda sick of G-Dragon…” Jungkook whispered to Suga, making him burst out laughing again as they headed back to their dressing room, nudging each other playfully on the way.