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“Mr. Solo. I’ve got important news for you.” Mr. Waverly moved his pipe closer to his mouth but then moved it away again. “From now on you will work with a partner. He’s Russian. Mr. Kuryakin.”

Napoleon eyed his boss looking very surprised. He stopped spinning his pen in his hands and pouted slightly showing that this news is not all that pleasant for him.

“Mr. Waverly, I thought we had agreed. I’m used to working on my own, as you know.”

“I know. But the decisions like this are not up to you, Mr. Solo. He’ll be here tomorrow morning. The young man is a newcomer in this country. He studied in… Sorbonne and got his PhD at Cambridge. Don’t let him think we’re not hospitable.”

“PhD…” Napoleon nodded shortly. “I see. But our section deals with more than brainstorming.”

“Mr. Kuryakin is proficient in physical arts, judo, karate and fencing. Also, he’s a sharp shooter and speaks fluently five languages.”

Napoleon raised his eyebrows looking unflinchingly at Mr. Waverly.

“Is there anything else I’ve got to know about my future partner?”

“He plays practically all music instruments and has deep knowledge of haute couture."

Solo smiled with corners of his mouth and looked down at the pen that was still in his hands.

"I wonder if you’ll still need me when this Mr. Kuryakin appears.”

“We’ll see, Mr. Solo. You may go now. I’ve got a lot of paper work to do.”