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Witch of Queens

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A/N: This is an AU, cross over, with King of Queens. Some things are canon, ages are different.

In this story, the girls were all 16 when they met Stefan and Damon, and Elena died a few months before her 17th birthday instead of being turned into a vampire.

Some chapters will contain mature content, including underage drinking, underage sexual content. 

Chapter 1 - Goodbye Mystic Falls, Hello Queens.

"I'm going to miss you so much." Caroline was sobbing on Bonnie's shoulder, to the point that she was positive she was going to have to change her shirt if it went on any longer.

"I'll only be 8 hours away." she reminded her friend, patting her on the back and once they pulled apart, Bonnie wiped her own cheeks of wetness.

Caroline sighed, "I know this is probably selfish, but I wish you didn't have to move."

"Technically, I don't. I'm 17, I could chose where I want to live, but my dads wish was that I go live with my god parents if something happened to him." Bonnie replied, furrowing her brow, trying not to think about the fact that her last remaining parent was... no longer remaining. She didn't have any other family, at least not any family she knew of.

"Call me as soon as you get there and don't forget to take as many photo's as possible." the blond leaned in for another hug.

Bonnie squeezed her, and kissed her cheek before letting her go completely.

"I'll need to board my plane in a few minutes."

Caroline nodded and gave her one last look of sadness mixed with love, turning around and walking away.

Bonnie wandered around the area, waiting for the voice over the loud speaker to tell her she could board.

The flight would only be a little over an hour, but she was nervous. She had never been on a plane, and while it was just about as safe as driving, it was still worrisome.

"Terminal 28 is boarding."

She blinked and tightened her carry on bag on her shoulder, heading for the terminal.

"Hey!" Bonnie heard from a little ways behind her, and she turned, confused, although she recognized the voice.

"Damon?" she mumbled to herself and wish a flash of his feet, he was standing straight in front of her.

Bonnie gasped, startled, "You can't do that!"

"No one was lookin' calm down." the man smiled, his pitch black hair a perfect mess on his head.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, brushing a lock of her long dark brown hair behind her shoulder.

"I came to say goodbye, of course." Damon said, almost like that should have been obvious.

Bonnie swallowed, "That doesn't sound like you."

"You were Elena's friend, I've known you for a year now." he replied, crossing his arms over his chest.

This was true, Stefan, followed by Damon had somehow intertwined their lives with Elena, Bonnie and Caroline's a year before when the girls were 16.

"Oh, so you're just saying goodbye to me being you had the hots for my best friend?" Bonnie asked, pursing her lips and nodding.

"I take that back, it definitely sounds like you.

Damon rolled his eyes, "You're my friend. Yes, I may have had a thing for Elena, but it was one sided, and never progressed past her being perpetually pissed at me."

"If you'd like, I can be perpetually pissed at you, bring back some memories." she said sarcastically.

"Ha-ha." he looked at her unamused.

Bonnie sighed, "Elena died 6 months ago, my dad died 4 weeks ago. I just want to get on the damn plane, and forget about Mystic Falls."

The man before her, literally towered above her, at 6'1 he was a full foot taller than her. Since, he looked a solid 24 years old, anyone watching them might think he was being creepy, talking to a 17 year old girl. But, the truth was, he was over a hundred years old, and that 17 year old girl, could burn down the airport with her mind. Not that she ever would.

Unless there was a really giant spider or something.

"That's why you're leaving? Because you want to forget?" he asked her, his bright blue eyes a little more serious.

"Yes, and no. I don't want to forget everything, but just the bad parts." Bonnie answered, looking behind her and seeing she only had a few moments to board before she'd be screwed.

"Look, I really need to go, Damon." she said furrowing her brow.

Damon nodded, "Just, can I ask you something?"

"Hurry up." Bonnie pursed her lips.

"Don't forget me, even if I am a bad part." he said slowly, shoving his hands in his jeans.

Her heart sunk a little, and she stepped forward, unsure of what to say.

"Not sure what you are honestly." she said and with a hesitant sigh, she leaned up on her tip toes, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He was surprised by this, but wrapped his arms loosely around her waist, before giving her a tighter squeeze.

Bonnie pulled away, "You have my number, text me, call me, whatever. Tell Stefan to too." she said quickly and fixed her bag on her shoulder.

"I'll come visit you eventually!" Damon called with a promise as she turned around and ran for the terminal.

Bonnie turned to look at him one last time before turned, her hair 'whooshing' behind her and she disappeared through the door...

Her seat wasn't bad, it was comfortable but she was hungry 30 minutes in and she wasn't a fan of peanuts or stale cookies.

"30 more minutes." Bonnie told herself, tapping her fingers along her jeaned knee and wondered why only Damon had come to say goodbye, and not Stefan too. Then again, there were a few people who hadn't come to say goodbye. Caroline was who she was the closest too.

About a half an hour later and she was finally getting off the plane, thankful for being able to walk around again, with her carry on slung over her shoulder.

Bonnie bit her lower lip and looked around, she didn't really remember what her god parents looked like. She hadn't seen them since she was maybe 3 or 4 years old. Her father had went to high-school with Carrie, that's about the jest of what she knew.

"Bonnie!" a male voice called from several yards away.

Turning around, she saw 3 people standing with a cardboard sign her name written in clumsy black letters on it.

With a small smile she walked over to greet them.

The woman with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes waved a little at her, and she knew she was Carrie... Heffernan. The man beside her who was on the short side for a male, but still taller than both the women, had light brown hair and caramel colored eyes, he was Doug, her husband.

However, she didn't quiet remember the older man standing in between them.

"You're here!" Carrie smiled, she had a think Long Island accent and her finger nails were long and painted deep red.

"Yup." Bonnie popped the P, and tried to act like she wasn't about to pass out from nervousness.

The plane had done a number on her ears and her heart was beating too hard.

"I got you a gift." the old man said, with salt and pepper hair, graying blue eyes.

"Oh, you didn't need to do that." Bonnie insisted, but a crinkled brown paper bag was handed to her.

Bonnie blinked, and reached her hand in, pulling out the contents inside. In her hand she held a ceramic purple giraffe that was missing one ear.

"Uh." she said slowly, and then looked up at the man, who's eyes were nervous and curious at the same time.

"I love it."

The man cheered, rushing forward and wrapping his arms around her in a tight hug.

"I told you she would love it!" he laughed, turning around and pointing his finger at the two of them.

"Oh! Arthur!" Bonnie remembered, and smiled.

He was Carrie's father. He hadn't been living with them when she knew them, but he was now.

"Was your flight okay?" Doug asked with a chuckle, shaking his head at his father in law.

Bonnie nodded, "It was okay."

"That's a surprise, we should probably leave this airport before we get mugged." Carrie teased and Bonnie pursed her lips, not really finding that funny and the women looked at the floor before clearing her throat.

"She's not kidding." Doug said after a second.

"Oh." Bonnie blinked and they headed over to the baggage claim to get her things.

"I'm sorry about all the bags." she apologized as they were stuffing her 4 suit cases, 2 duffel bags and several other assorted bags into the trunk of their car.

"No, no, sweetheart it's fine." Carrie waved, and looked over at Doug who was struggling to get the trunk closed.

"I'd have just as much stuff." she added with a smile.

Bonnie nodded, feeling a little strange, being with these people. They already seemed different than the people in Mystic Falls. Then again, Queens wasn't a supernatural hell.

"Are you doing alright?" Carrie asked a little more quietly, wanting to be friendly to the teenager girl she'd just invited to live with her.

Doug and her hadn't really thought about kids yet, well they had, but they didn't have their own. Carrie wasn't too great with children, but Bonnie was 17, she had to be easier to get along with right?

"Um, I guess kinda, I mostly just try not to think about it." Bonnie frowned a bit.

"Your father was a good man! Even if he did cheat me out of those red vines." Arthur ranted, hearing their conversation and patting her on the shoulder.

Bonnie raised an eyebrow and looked over at Carrie who shook her head as if to say, 'just ignore him'.

The car ride wasn't very long, maybe 15, 20 minutes and once they got to the house, Bonnie grabbed two of her bags and helped everyone get the inside.

"Alright, so. We don't have too many rooms, but in light of you, I took my office out of the smaller bedroom." Carrie explained, and Bonnie felt a little bad that she was causing them to have to rearrange everything.

"Oh, I hope that you found another good place to work." she said slowly, and Doug waved a little.

"I finally got rid of my work out equipment and she moved her desk into our room." he said with a chuckle.

"Get rid of? I thought you said you put it in storage." Carrie said, putting her hand on her hip and the man blinked.

"I-..In storage, yeah that's what I meant, that I got rid of it...and put it in storage." Doug lied, and even though Carrie knew this, she just rolled her eyes and this was kind of sweet Bonnie thought. In a weird, married people way.

"You could have had the big basement, and I would've took the room upstairs." Arthur said chewing on a Popsicle that he now had in his hand.

"Oh no, no I think she's fine." Doug said slowly, and it was obvious that he didn't want Arthur's room to be upstairs.

"Doug, take her last two bags upstairs." Carrie pointed and he sighed, grabbing the two bags and heading upstairs.

"And, dad, you know you're not supposed to have sugar after 7." she shook her head.

"What!? Now a man can't have his icy treat!" Arthur said gruffly, and turned around, storming into the kitchen and down to the basement.

Bonnie blinked, a bit taken aback by the dynamic of this family.

"Sorry about that." Carrie smiled a little, and lead her into the kitchen.

"You're probably starving, can I get you something to eat?" she asked, and Bonnie sat down at the table, itching to look at her phone that had vibrated several times in her pocket.

"Ugh, yeah, I'm hungry. Um, anything is fine really." Bonnie replied and watched as Carrie opened the fridge.

She didn't want to be rude, start stuffing her face in her phone when she hadn't even been in her new home for 10 minutes.

"I can heat you up some pizza, is that alright?" the woman asked, and she nodded.

After 2 minutes of listening to the microwave hum, Carrie set the plate with two slices of pizza on the table in front of her.

"Now, you don't have to ask for food. You can get whatever you want, whenever. I just, wanted to get you something, since it's your first night." She explained, sitting in a chair to the right of her and putting her hands on the table.

"Thanks..." Bonnie replied, biting at the inside of her cheek before lifting the steaming pizza up, blowing on it and taking a bite.

Her stomach growled as she ate the first piece.

"We didn't see your dad much, after your mom left, and we wish we could have went to the funeral." Carrie sighed, running her fingernail along the table in a circle.

"It's alright, I understand." Bonnie replied slowly, biting into the second piece of pizza.

"You don't have to start school right away, we've let the school know, but haven't given them a start date or anything." she said brushing her shoulder length hair behind her ear.

"Okay." Bonnie pursed her lips, wondering what the new school would be like. What a school without vampires (hopefully) and without the death toll that her old school had would be like.

Would she make new friends?

Would she take up cheer leading again?

"Whenever you're ready, I can take you there and you'll pick our your classes and set a first date." Carrie smiled.

Doug came walking into the kitchen, "Oh, thank God, I thought I was imagining the smell of pizza." he sighed, putting a hand on his head and opening the fridge, pulling the box out.

"You had dinner before we left." she scolded him a little, but he pouted.

Carrie waved him off and let him get a slice.

"Here, I got it." she took Bonnie's plate when she was done.

Bonnie stood up from the kitchen chair, "I think I'm going to go upstairs."

"Okay, if you need anything, let us know." Doug told her, as he stood, waiting for the pizza to heat up.

She nodded and inhaled, "Thanks... a lot, for letting me live with you guys."

Carrie furrowed her brow and stepped over, touching Bonnie's arm.

"No need to thank us, just know it can get a little nutty here." the woman replied, invoking a small smile from Bonnie.

Bonnie turned around and walked out of the kitchen, through the living room and up the stairs.

"Rooms to the left!" Carrie called from the kitchen and thank god she did or else she would've been lost.

"Thanks!" she called down, turning the door knob of the bedroom and flipping the light switch on.

A hazy yellow light lit up the room, and she closed the door behind her.

The walls were reddish orange, a futon along one wall, a dresser that looked brand new along the other, and a opened empty closet.

The carpet was the same color as the rest of the house's tan short, and the curtains on the window were a floralish pattern. Bonnie smiled a little, the room wasn't bad, and there was a padded window seat.

Over all the room was bare, but there wasn't too much room for anything else. Maybe a small bookcase and a TV. It didn't bother her though.

Her bags were stacked on top of each other in one corner of the room.

Bonnie took her sneakers off, setting them to the side of the door and pulled her cellphone from her pocket.

Caroline:  I miss you already!

Caroline:  *selfie* this is my missing you face!

Caroline:  Are you there yet!?

Bonnie chuckled, pushing the call button and putting her phone to her ear.

"Bonnie!" Caroline answered, excited.

"Hi, yes I'm here and I know you miss me, and yes I saw your missing me face." she said quickly, taking a long breath afterwards.

"Good, good. How are they? How is the house? How is your room? When do you start school?"

Bonnie blinked, "Okay, woah, one question at a time... Carrie, Doug and Arthur, they are nice, a little.. silly but, nice."

"Nice is good." Caroline replied.

She chuckled, "Hold on, I'll send you pics of the room."

Bonnie opened the camera on messenger and snapped a few photo's of the room, sending them.

"Ohh.. not to shabby. Too bad I'm not there, I could totally spice is up."

"Yeah, with that, I'm actually glad your not hear, because I don't need a room that looks like Barbie threw up in it." Bonnie chuckled and her friend gasped.

"As for school, I'm not sure yet, maybe in a few days. I need time to adjust."

An hour later, or maybe it was two, Bonnie wasn't sure, but it was completely dark out and she had just hung up the phone.

Getting up from the futon, she stretched her arms above her head and turned around. She unfolded the futon from it's couch form, to it's bed form and stripped the sheets off, along with the covers on the pillows.

Going through one of her bags, she grabbed her own bedding and made up the bed.

"That's better." she looked at her dark purple bedding and then grabbed her pajamas.

After changing, and turning off the light, she finally laid down, feeling kind of tired but mostly just drained from the last month in general.

It was difficult to sleep, without Elena, without her father, without Grams. In the last year or so, more people than she wanted to think about had died.

Now? Now, it was different. No originals to worry about, no danger, no emergency, everything was calm, even in Mystic Falls, but in Queens? It was extra, extra calm.

For the first time in a year, she was living like an actual human.

However, her magic tinging at her finger tips, reminder Bonnie that no matter where she lived, she would always be a witch.

Rolling over on her side, she grabbed her phone again, plugging it into the charger and finally looked at the time.

"10?" she mumbled, "Caroline can really talk."

As she closed her eyes, and attempted to fall asleep, she almost missed the vibration of her phone.

Sighing, she opened her eyes and stared at her phone before picking it up and baring the bright light of the screen.

Damon: Did you make it there?

She blinked, and typed back.

Bonnie: Yeah, a few hours ago.

She waited for his reply, tapping on the screen every few seconds with her thumb.

Damon: Hope all is well.

Hope all is well?

What in the hell was that supposed to mean? 'Hope all is well.' Since when did Damon hope everything was well, and since when did he say things like that?

Sure, maybe she expected him to say, "hope everything is cool" or "everything going good?" but "hope all is well." sounded like a weird hallmark card, or something that one friend you met at church camp would say.

Bonnie: It's okay...

She waited again, her eyelids growing heavy; but after ten minutes of looking at the screen to see if he'd reply, she couldn't stay awake anymore.

Her phone tipped out of her grasp and onto the bed as soft snores surrounded her head; blanket pulled up to her chest...