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Under-appreciated Performance

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For some reason, people couldn’t seem to understand Chane. This was utterly perplexing for Claire - but then again, from his position at the centre of the world he supposed that everything might appear somewhat skewed.

But to him Chane was an open book. Meaning was communicated through every graceful movement, from each slight tilt of her head and the hesitant affection conveyed by her beautiful dark eyes.

Chane's mere existence in his world was like listening to music that resonated with his soul. Apparently, it was music that only he could hear. When others spoke about her lack of a voice, it made no sense - she spoke all the time, softly but with purpose - through each and every action. The guarded expression she held whenever her father was mentioned, the concern in the way she held her glinting knives, when her friends were threatened, the gentle curve of an unconscious smile whenever she looked up at him.

Claire was known for his theatrics, he was a performer through and through - and why not? The entire universe was his stage after all.

Yet, Chane was happy to fade into the background and observe from behind the curtains, so that she could be spring into action whenever those that she cared about were in danger. However, when she did put on a show, it was for him alone. A private performance, that he was sure others would be able to hear, if only they understood her like he did. Whenever he looked at her, he felt a spotlight shine down so that she was centre-stage in his line of sight. If he had roses he would shower her with them in appreciation, for her unique art.

Actually, that might not be such a bad idea, perhaps next time they met he'd gift her with some. The silent song of her appreciation and gentle wonder, at receiving gifts from him, hadn’t changed since he first gave her the white dress she wore so well. The idea of it brought a grin to his face, running a hand through his vibrant red hair, he deftly spun around towards the nearest flower shop.

For even if no one else could appreciate her melody, Claire would make certain that she received the applause she deserved.