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Farewell, Bad End Generals!

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The Bad End Kingdom, the home of the most cruel and terrifying beings. A place where monsters out of this world roam around at all times. A place where any poor soul could fall victim of the most barbaric torture.

This description is probably outdated, now that the emperor of Despair, Pierrot, has been sealed away by Märchenland's Royale Queen… But that bit about the torture? It's still very much true, even though the population of the Kingdom had been reduced to four. And right now, two of those inhabitants had been imprisoned in their own dining room.

All of Akaoni's limbs were shaking. The ogre wasn't unfamiliar with fear, but he was now realizing how unpleasant it could be, when you were not the one causing it. Wolfrun, sitting on the other side of the table, shared his feeling, but was doing a better job at hiding it. He wanted to appear nonchalent, to face his imminent demise with his head up.

"Is it going to be painful, -oni…?" Akaoni mumbled, slowly giving in to panic.

"Beat me man… We gotta suck it up." Wolfrun responded. "Tell yourself that it'll be over soon."

The red demon sniffed loudly, giving away that he was on the verge of crying. His canine companion's face didn't move. To look like he was about to spit in death's eyes once it finally arrives, that would be the best way to give his last breath.

And here came their executor, humming a tune that was probably composed by the king of hell itself. The one who was going to kill both of them was here… Conscious they were living their last instants, both generals looked in her direction.

Here was Majorina. In a yellow apron.

"Kyehehe… I knew you two would stay. You truly can't resist my cuisine, -dawasa!" The witch cackled, putting a large platter between both of her colleagues.

"Are you for real, old hag?" Wolfrun sighed. "We're here because you threatened to turn us into…"

"EAT WHILE IT'S WARM, -dawasa." The woman interrupted Wolfrun, handing him and Akaoni big plates of… of…

"What is it, -oni? The smell is making my eyes hurt, -oni."

"Natto Gyoza Candy, -dawasa." She explained. Telling those boys what they were dying for was probably the least the tormentor could do for her victims. "Humans banned them from the market, so I have to make my own from now on, -dawasa."

"Jeez… Humans create horrors like that, but we are the monsters for some reasons…"

"Shut up and taste it, -dawasa!"

And this being said, the witch grabbed a handful of her experiment and forcefully shoved it into the werewolf's maw. Taken by surprise, Wolfrun didn't have time to push her away, and now the gross taste had literally paralysed him.

He could feel his fur turning white and tears building up in his eyes. That was the worst… Cure Happy was probably to blame for this somehow.

Meanwhile, in the Mysterious Library, Miyuki Hoshizora sneezed.