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It's cold.

Guren lazily traced his hand along his side, trying to find where his blanket could've gone. He stopped when he felt something was underneath the tangled blanket- it was right next to him. He groaned because he's getting colder and he doesn't know what the fuck he just touched. He doesn't want to get up yet but he has to.

He cracked an eye open and all that he saw was the darkness of his blanket and snow white hair pooling on the pillow next to his head. The sun has risen up and it entered through his window unprotected by curtains. A glow of mild light showers Shinya- Guren's friend- as he slept soundly. His chest rose steadily with every breath as his lips were slightly parted.

Guren saw a little drool trickling its way down to the side of his face but his brain somehow registered this as 'cute'. Guren cursed inwardly at the thought. He ignored his impulses telling him to reach out and touch the other boy's cheek. Instead, he tugged the corner of his blanket but Shinya had it all to himself.

"Greedy bastard", Guren grumbled as he tugged harder. "Why do I have to deal with this.", he breathed.

He just remembered that it started snowing heavily yesterday and a certain idiot was supposed to take the last bus but it was stopped due to the heavy snow and Guren, with his bike, saw him.

"Oh, haha hello Guren~", said the idiot as he rub his naked hands together, keeping them warm.

"Are you alright?", was his reply.

"Haha~ I'm fine. I might be a bit stranded though~"

Guren frowned, noticing the slight shaking of his hands. "You look like shit."

"Ah~ well it is cold.", He grinned, trying to keep the 'I'm fine, no, I'm not really troubled' charade.

Guren doesn't understand why he smiles all the time. He eyed his trembling hands. He's definitely really cold right now, he could ask Guren to lend him his scarf, but instead, he's smiling even though he's slightly trembling. 

When Guren tugged off his scarf and wrapped it around Shinya's neck, the white-haired just stared at him, blinking.

"....Guren what-?"

"Idiot.", Guren muttered, tugging Shinya's wrist. "Get on, you can't go home can you?".

Shinya blinked again. It took him a minute to dawn on him what Guren said. 'You can't go home so stay the night.' He stared at Guren and the latter just stared back at him.

"What?", Guren frowned.

"..Thank you."

Shinya smiles too much but all of those smiles aren't exactly the same. He often uses his shit-eating grin and the guess-how-much-fucked-up-your-day-would-be smile but when his lips curled up sweetly and his blue eyes softened as he stared to meet Guren's gaze, the latter realized that, that suits him so so much and Shinya looks really pret- no, he looks beautiful like that. Guren turned away and swallowed the lump in his throat.

"Are you getting on or not? We don't have all day.", he snarled, fighting the hot sensation spreading on his cheeks. He felt the bike shifted with Shinya's weight and he could faintly smell vanilla and snow. Shinya laughs behind him as he held Guren's side. Guren doesn't understand the way his heart is thumping in his chest, he started cycling anyway, silently hoping that Shinya wouldn't hear his rapid heartbeat.

Maybe the only common thing about them was that they were both stubborn, they don't admit things but instead keep them to themselves only. 

 Guren was snapped back from his thoughts when Shinya stirred in his sleep. He turned to his side and is currently facing Guren. Shinya's hair was everywhere, his eyelashes were long and his lips looked soft and pale and-


Guren froze. Did Shinya just called him? or was he dreaming? 'What? Is he dreaming of me..?', he held his breath. Shinya's voice is so soft, it's almost a whisper.

"...G-Guren...", Shinya's eyes fluttered behind his closed eyelids. Guren gulped as Shinya's mouth slowly opened themselves, probably about to say his name again.


'I what?', he impatiently listened but said nothing.

"I-I love-"

Guren choked, wide eyed, he stared at Shinya.

"-love jam...", Shinya sighed contentedly as he curled to his side, securing all his warmth from escaping him. After that, he stopped talking. 'Shit', Guren cursed. His heart almost stopped and now its currently raging against his chest. He groggily stood up and made his way to the bathroom. He needed to calm himself.

He splashed his face with cold water. He hissed because it's chilly.

"God damn it Shinya...", he growled squinting at his reflection on the mirror by the sink. He looked like shit and feels like one. He thought that Shinya was confessing in his dream, he thought that he loves him. That was enough to make Guren Ichinose's heart almost explode. But then he has to mention the jam! Guren wasn't disappointed or anything really, he's just angry at himself for actually assuming that Shinya will ever love him.

Will Shinya ever love him..?

Guren punched himself next and groaned loudly. He needed to stop thinking about those kind of things. Besides, graduation is nearing and all of his actual friends- 'Guren's squad' as Goshi would joke- would go into different universities. Guren heard from Shinya that he will be studying abroad because that's what his adoptive father wanted. He got a few months left with them- with him. Guren doesn't exactly know what's going on inside him either so he would let it be, even though it's a bit unpleasant. He wanted to spend his last few months with them- with him- peacefully.

Guren breathed and glanced at the mirror. Yup, he still look like a mess but his heart stopped going haywire.

"...Good.", he yawned. He can't go back to sleep now, he's wide awake after all that happened. Guren got out of the bathroom and wore some jacket, he swore that one day he'll buy a heater in a weather like this. He went to the kitchen and made some breakfast.

After a few minutes, he's started to set down the plates. A mess of white hair peeked in the kitchen from the living room.

"Good morning Guren~", Shinya greeted, his voice still a bit husky. He probably just woke up  few minutes ago. Guren mumbled a 'Morning' as he finished making food. He glanced at Shinya by the doorway.

"What are you standing there for? Come on, breakfast's ready.", Guren glanced at him as he took a seat. Shinya yawned for a bit and stretched before walking towards the table and sitting down. He glanced at Guren and smiled. Guren caught it, it was the same smile from yesterday. Shinya with a bed hair, wearing Guren's clothes- he lend it to him yesterday- and with that smile on his face, Guren couldn't help but unconsciously gulp. He averted his gaze and stared at his food. 

"My, my, Guren would make a wonderful husband, doesn't he?", Shinya started eating. Guren just scowled at him. "I don't know about that, but I'm confident that I will be better than you". Shinya just chuckled.


"You bet."

 Shinya's laughter filled the whole kitchen and strangely, Guren's okay with that.


Shinya left after, thanking Guren. The latter just nodded. He didn't missed the look on Shinya's eyes as he glanced at him before disappearing outside. Guren thought that it's familliar but at the same time, different. He pressed his lips in a thin line. Those blue eyes were hiding so many things from him.

Guren never found out about it in the end and they both separated their ways. 




Shibuya is such a busy city.

Guren leaned back on his chair a bit, exhaling. He's almost done writing his report. He glanced at his wristwatch, it's already lunch break. He stood and went to the cafeteria downstairs. He needed to drink some coffee.

His phone buzzed in his pocket on his way upstairs. Sipping the bitter hot liquid from the styrofoam cup, he fished his phone out of his pocket. He was surprised to find his nephew's name on the screen instead of Shinya's.

After going into separate universities, the white-haired idiot still kept their contact. He would always text Guren in ungodly hours and spam him with memes he found in the internet. Guren would only swear at him, sometimes he complains about things to him too. When his nephew- Yuichirou Amane- came into his life, he also sought advice from Shinya. He had just graduated and had just got a job that time. He doesn't know a thing about raising a kid. Shinya were always there to tell him to calm down and he helped him with things he doesn't know. 

Meanwhile, Yuichiro Amane is the son of Guren's half-sister. His sister and her husband died in an accident and he has to take care of little Yu. He started living with Guren a few years ago. Now Yu's in high school and no longer cute. He grew up to be a sarcastic little shit, as Guren would call him.

There were still the occasional memes Shinya would send but he doesn't spam Guren as much as he does back then. His messages gradually decreased every month and Guren was left wondering if Shinya got a busy life and job or if Shinya finally realized that he's annoying as fuck so he stopped bothering Guren. Either way, Guren's slightly disturbed by it. It was strange to not be bothered by the white-haired man. He got used to the annoying idiot and now the said idiot was being less annoying. Guren sighed, he would drop a message later after he's done with his job.

 Guren opened Yu's message.


From: Little Shit (aka Yu)

-Guren I have something to tell you. P-promise you won't get angry..? >A<)


Guren doesn't understand what his nephew fucked up this time, nor the need to stutter in text messages, nor the face at the end of his message.


To: Little Shit (aka Yu)

-What did you fuck up this time? Don't tell me you impregnated a girl and she's now carrying your child?


Guren got back to his desk when his phone buzzed again. He took another sip of his coffee as he sat down.


From: Little Shit (aka Yu)

-Guren that's not it!! Oh my god, that wouldn't happen!! //// anyway.. do you really promise to not be angry?


To: Little Shit (aka Yuu)

-Haha I forgot that you're a cherry boy, my bad. Okay, I promise so say the goddamn thing. I have work to do, you know?


Guren put his phone down and started writing his report. After an hour he finished. He leaned back on his chair and stretched. He noticed his phone and picked it up. He got 8 messages from Yu. Guren didn't noticed his messages because he was absorbed in finishing his work.


From: Little Shit (aka Yu)

-Fuck you, Guren. U-um yeah so you know about my allowance right? I know you just gave it to me yesterday but somehow spent it all. I can explain! >A<)!

-You know I take art classes on Saturdays right? Well I need to buy a new pen because my old one got broken. I remember my teacher showing us a pen with nibs and stuff and I saw something like that in an art store. I tried it and oh boy it was smooth and good and decided to buy it. I FORGOT to look at the price and I ended up paying with my whole allowance...



-look man, I'm really sorry okay?

-I would like to ask for another allowance since I spent my previous one...

-Hey are you angry..?

-I'm sorry okay!! Please don't ground me!!! xAx)!


Guren's eye twitched. Even though he got promoted a few months ago, the pay was just enough for the both of them. 


To: Little Shit (aka Yu)





You're a huge fucking idiot you know?? I won't give you another one but be grateful I won't ground you. Go find a job or something. Also, fuck you too.


Guren grumbled and put his phone back in his pocket. Yu might be a great pain in the ass but he's glad he came into his life. Guren found another purpose in life beside working his ass to death. He wanted Yu to be able to grow and live normally despite all the tragedies that happened in his life.

Still, Yuichirou is a huge idiot.


It was already 9 in the evening when Guren got out of his office. He rode a bus home. He almost flinched when he felt his phone vibrate all of a sudden. He cursed under his breath as he opened the screen.

It was from Shinya.

After a month of silence from him, he finally decided to message Guren.


From: Annoying Shit (aka Shinya)

-Hello Guren~ I'm sorry I haven't been able to talk to you for a long time~ <3 How are you?


Guren could almost see Shinya's grin through his message. He realized that he hasn't seen his smile or his face for years now. He wanted to see Shinya's smile on a certain winter dusk, like from years ago. Guren could still remember it clearly.


To: Annoying Shit (aka Shinya)

-I was about to text you to see if you're still alive or not. My head hurts, Yu is the cause as usual.


Guren has to admit, he missed venting things to Shinya.


From: Annoying Shit (aka Shinya)

-Aaw~ Haha I'm still alive y'know~? I'm so happy Guren is worried about me haha <3 Oh and how is Yu-kun?


To: Annoying Shit (aka Shinya)

-Oh hell no. I don't fucking care about you okay?? Yu's still a little shit.


Guren knew he was lying. He doesn't want to admit that he's worried when Shinya kept silent for a few weeks. It wasn't like him.


From: Annoying Shit (aka Shinya)

-Guren's so meeeaaan :c


btw I'm glad you and Yu-chan still get along so well~ <3


Guren opened the attachment and saw a picture of frog with a sad face. Guren frowned.


To: Annoying Shit (aka Shinya)

-What the fuck was that??????


From: Annoying Shit (aka Shinya)

-Ahahahahaha! That was a meme Guren~ anyways, I messaged you because I have something to tell you. I'm back from Europe.


Guren almost dropped his phone. Shinya's back. He's somewhere in Tokyo. Guren would be able to see his face again. Guren missed him- He stopped himself. Yes he does but he doesn't understand why his heart has to go 'thump thump'. He scowled. The unpleasant feeling from years ago came back.


To: Annoying Shit (aka Shinya)

-I see, that's great.


Was all Guren could reply at the moment. He wanted to ask him since when did he arrived, what's his job now, where in Tokyo is he and just how well is he doing right now. But instead, Guren sent those words. Guren felt the bus halt and he glanced outside. This was his stop. He got off and walked home. 

He was unlocking his apartment door when he felt his phone vibrate again. Shinya took a long time to reply.


From: Annoying Shit (aka Shinya)

-Haha~ yup~


Guren narrowed his eyes. Shinya hasn't sent him a short message ever. This was the first time. There was a sinking feeling in his stomach, he doesn't know what it is or why it's there.


To: Annoying Shit (aka Shinya)

-Yeah. Take care.


Guren opened his door and put his phone back into his pocket. He saw Yu in the living room, draped on the couch, sleeping with his sketchbook and lots of papers scattered around.

"Damn it Yu..", Guren grumbled as he rested his bag against the couch and started picking the papers. It has Yu's drawings on it. Guren glanced at the colored one. There was a smiling blond guy with blue eyes drawn on it. Guren has to admit that his nephew has a talent in art, unlike him. Guren couldn't draw for shit. He gazed at the sleeping Yu on the couch, his sketchbook was tucked under his arms. He looked like he's hugging it. Guren carefully tugged it away. He saw that it was open in a half and the blond guy he saw earlier were drawn in his sketchpad as well.

Guren snorted. It looks like his nephew was in love. 'Great', Guren thought. 'I could use this to blackmail Yu if he misbehave in the future.' He put all of them in the table beside the empty cup of noodles. Guren trudged in Yu's bedroom and got his blanket. He draped it over the sleeping teen.

"Goodnight little shit", Guren whispered and took his bag as he went to his own room. As soon as he got dressed in his comfortable pjamas he laid down on his bed. Guren heard his phone buzzed on his nightstand. He picked it up. It was another message from Shinya.


From: Annoying Shit (aka Shinya)

-I will. You too okay? Goodnight Guren..


There wasn't any stupid memes, or hearts, or the little '~' symbol Shinya normally uses. Guren frowned and scowled. He put his phone back on his nightstand. Guren doesn't understand why he was upset that night. He wasn't upset at Shinya but instead, in his self. There's so many things he could have said and there were also many things he couldn't comprehend.





It has been three weeks since Shinya last texted him and Guren was extremely bothered. He should be grateful that no one's bothering him anymore but no, instead, he's upset.

"Whoa, Guren. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed?", Yu asked him one rainy evening. Guren shook his head. "Shut up brat. Where were you?"

Yuu disappeared in his room and came back dressed in a t-shirt and baggy jeans. "Part time job. Someone didn't give me my allowance so yeah." Guren glared at him.

"That was your fault for being stupid. You're not doing a job in a red light district, are you?"

Yu choked on his cola, face turning red. "G-Guren! I can't believe you!! I won't do something like that!!", Yu threw his arms in the air. Guren smirked, "I'm just making sure that you're not getting yourself into more trouble." Yu glared at him, his smirk only got wider. 

"I'm modeling you know."

Guren let out a chuckle, "Really? Those who hired you has some shit taste." Yu hissed at him. "Not like those in the magazines! I'm like a human wooden figurine, you know? The one artists use for poses and stuff." Guren nodded. It was fun messing around with his nephew. Guren stood, he still has to finish his paperworks in his room. He passed by Yu and ruffled his messy hair.

"Guren what the fuck??", Yu yelled, trying to pry Guren's hand from his head.

"Thanks." for cheering me up

Yu could only blink at him. He ignored the teen's questions and he continued in his room. He picked up his phone, there were still no sign's of Shinya's messages. He sighed and busied himself with his work.


The next day, it was pouring like hell. The weather forecast said that a storm arrived yesterday. It's getting late and Yu's still not home. Guren was starting to get worried. He opened his phone and texted his nephew.


To: Little Shit (aka Yu)

-Where the hell are you? It's raining like balls out there, go home already.


 While waiting for Yu's reply he started working on his business report, to get his mind off things. He's halfway done when the power went out.

"Fuck", he cursed loudly. He reached his phone by his nightstand and illuminated the papers on his table. He arranged them before getting up and looking for the flashlight stored somewhere in the cupboards in the kitchen. He barely got in the kitchen when his phone vibrated. He frantically opened the screen and he sighed in relief when it was Yu's reply.


From: Little Shit (aka Yu)

-Guren I'm stranded in school! I'm with my art teacher though so don't worry. We couldn't get any bus and the power in school is currently out. Btw he was the one who hired me as his substitute for a wooden figurine.


To: Little Shit (aka Yu)

-Okay, stay there. I'm going to pick you up. Hold on.


With that, Guren dropped his phone in his pocket. He grabbed his keys and umbrella and quickly went out.



Yu couldn't believe that his phone just died after reading his uncle's message. He scowled. 

"Yu-kun are you okay?", his teacher called out to him. Yu scratched the back of his head,"I'm fine Shinya-sensei, my phone just died. My uncle said he's going to pick me up though". Shinya just smiled at him.

"I see. I'll wait here until you get your uncle to pick you."

"Wait, sensei should come with us! Your apartment is way too far and the weather is fucked up at the moment."

Yuu frowned, the man just chuckled and pat his head. Shinya then turned towards the glass double doors. He could see the terrible raining outside.

"Thank you for caring about me Yu-kun but I must decline."

"Why?", was Yu's stubborn reply. Shinya sighed and glanced up the teen who was already looking at him.

'Because I don't want to see Guren- your uncle', He wanted to say but said "That'd be too troublesome for my student~" instead. Yu frowned. "I don't want to trouble my student, that's why~", the older man added.

Shinya was aware of his feelings for his friend since they were just teens. He doesn't want to ruin their friendship that's why he kept silent for many years. But the pain in his chest just grew and grew as years passed by so he decided that he'll confess to Guren once he come back. Shinya bit his lip. He had two choices; one- if Guren ask him to meet up, he would confess, two- if Guren doesn't give a damn then that means he doesn't and will not so Shinya has to let go.

'I see, that's great.' 

Clearly, Guren didn't care at all.

Shinya cried that night. Those words meant that he would never be able to tell him how he feel and that Shinya should have just let go of his first man he ever loved. Guren didn't cared and Shinya had waited long enough. He thought that maybe it's now the time to give up. In the end, Guren wouldn't be his.

From then on, he didn't contacted Guren again.

He applied for a job and landed in Yu's school as an substitute art teacher. Tough luck, he told himself. Of all people he would meet, it has to be Guren's nephew. Shinya muses on how much their personality are almost alike. Yu's a good kid but Shinya haven't told him that he knew his uncle.

Yu opened his mouth to reply but the loud crashing of the doors interrupted him.

"Yu? Come here let's go home. I've got us a cab."

Guren voice echoed through despite the loud rumbling outside. Yu turned to him.

"Guren! Thank god, my phone died right after i received your message.", Yu run up to him. It was dark so maybe Guren hasn't noticed that it was Shinya who was standing a few meters behind Yu.

Shinya held his breath, since his eyes already adjusted in the dark, he could clearly see Guren. He wanted to run and bolt right out of the building but somehow he's frozen, standing there.

"Oh yeah! My teacher is so stubborn. His apartment is far and the weather is shitty. Maybe we could take him with us?"

Yu's voice slapped some senses into Shinya. He can see that Guren's squinting in the dark to look at him. He averted his gaze and looked at Yu instead. The teen glanced at him. Shinya shook his head, a silent 'no'. Shinya doesn't want to speak. Guren would recognize him then and there.

"I see. I don't mind, since he helped some brat with temper issues like you.", Guren snorted. Yuu let out an indignant cry.

"Guren how dare you embarrass me in front of my favorite teacher!"

Shinya would have laughed if he was in a different situation.

Guren raised his brow and stared at the other man behind his nephew. There was a streak of lightning that flashed outside and it illuminated the whole room for a second. Guren thought that he saw a pale man with silver white hair. His heart picked up it's pace somehow.

Shinya trembled. Has Guren saw his face? What will happen if he found out? His mind was racing.

"Shinya-sensei come on, you won't be able to get home at this rate. Please just ignore what my stupid uncle said just now."

Guren's eyes widened and whipped his head to face his pouting nephew. Was his teacher- the man standing in front of him- Shinya..?

Shinya gulped. Yu have done it. He needs to get out. Now.



They both called. Guren froze. He know that voice. It was the same as ever. It was gentle and barely audible. It was Shinya Hiragi's voice.

"Yu-kun, since you have your uncle now, I'll have to go. Please take care.", Shinya was breathing heavily as he turned his back to them. 'I have to get out', he kept repeating the same phrase in his head. He was reaching for the door when Guren's voice echoed in the darkness.


The white-haired stopped. 'Shit', He inwardly cursed at himself for stopping.  His mind screamed at him but his body wouldn't listen.

Guren can't believe that Shinya had been close to him all this time. He's been teaching Yu for fucks sake. He wouldn't let him out of those damn doors this time, he wouldn't let Shinya run away from him again.

Yu just glanced at the both of them, confused. There was something up with his uncle that's for sure. He's started to notice that his teacher was very tense. 'Just what the hell is going on???', he thought but decided to not say it out loud. He would let adults do their stuffs.

"Yu.", Guren called, not daring to let his gaze on Shinya's back falter. "Take this umbrella and go outside. There's a cab waiting outside the gate. Wait for us.", He stressed on the last word. Yu nodded and took the umbrella in his uncle's hand. He spared them a glance before going outside, passing by his teacher in the doorway. Shinya gave him a reassuring smile despite the clouded look in his blue eyes. Yu squeezed a smile and went outside.


"Shinya.", Guren called, reaching in front and holding the other's arm. Shinya kept his back to Guren. 

"Let me go Guren. I have to get home.", he kept his voice steady but he know that he's trembling. He heard Guren snort.

"Go home? Even idiot Yu knew you wouldn't be able to in a weather like this."

Shinya tugged his arm but Guren held on to it.

"Why are you running away from me Shinya?", Guren asked, his voice low. "Please stop-"

Shinya whipped his head to look at Guren in the eye. He's smiling but it doesn't reach his eyes. Guren noticed that Shina's blue eyes had the same look from years ago, he wanted to know what's behind those this time. There's no more running away from the truth.

"I'm not running away from you Guren. This is what we both wanted."

Guren's chest got heavy as his heart kept pounding against him. The rain and thunder outside got louder and he wanted everything to stop.

"We both wanted? Don't fuck with me Shinya, I didn't told you that I-"

"Guren you told me that you don't care, I believed you. I kept my distance because you don't care."

Shinya's voice was heavy but his face was still smiling. Guren suddenly pinned him against the door. The other man let out a squeak in surprise. Guren's frustrations from the past weeks had slowly seeped out of him.

"That's fucking stupid.", he began, staring at those clear blue orbs beneath him. He inhaled. His hands were sweaty, his breath was shaking and his face feels hot.

"I didn't- I wasn't- just- listen. I don't fucking mean it!"

Guren paused. He hasn't been honest with himself ever since he could remember. He wanted to let Shinya know, it's been burdening him since that winter dusk, when Shinya smiled. He wanted him to know to clear up the misunderstanding between them. He wanted to get his feelings out.

"I fucking missed you okay? I'm fucked up in the head for that, I know. I'm glad that you came back. I couldn't tell you because I can't be fucking honest."

Guren took a breath.

"I don't want you to run away, so stop. I care about you a fucking lot. Why do you think I'd let you sleep in my house that one winter dusk when you were stranded, huh? Pity? sure. But I don't want to see you like that. Pretending that you're okay when you're not."

"Guren what are you..."

"Let me finish talking first.", Shinya shut his mouth and continued listening. "When you smiled, I have to admit that I like seeing you like that. Before I knew it, I've been wanting to see more of it. I wanted see you genuinely happy, Shinya. I don't know why but-"

There was a lightning and Guren saw Shinya's clear blue eyes. He now knew that the look on his amethyst eyes was the same as Shinya's back then.

"I don't want you to leave again.", Guren breathed. 


It was his first day of school in high school when he saw Shinya. He was seated at the back and he was unaware of the white-haired's presence until their eyes met. Guren looked away and grumbled. Shinya decided to seat next to him so that he could tease Guren everyday. They became friends somehow.

Goshi broke his arm so he and Guren had to switch roles in their play. Shinya was the heroine because the class decided that he was pretty enough (Guren disagreed with them) There was a romantic scene between the Prince and the Princess. Goshi was supposed to be the Prince but he got injured. So the one who caressed the Princess' cheeks was Guren. He gazed at Shinya's face and they were really close. It was Guren's first time to look at the white-haired's face up close. He was stunned because Shinya is really a beauty. He wouldn't dare to say it out loud though. It was when he realized that Shinya also had a very soft skin.

They were sophomores when Shinya became extremely popular. Guren would rest in the rooftop to avoid all the overwhelming noises and a certain idiot would be joining him because he's got nowhere to hide. 

"I like it better in Guren's side than be chased by lots of people~", Shinya singsonged as he lay his head on Guren's lap. The latter just slapped his head lightly and scowled. The white-haired just laughed. It was annoying but Guren doesn't want it to disappear.

It was the second semester of their sophomore year when Guren met Mahiru again. Shinya said he has lots of game at home and that his family is on vacation so Guren's squad could come over and play. Mahiru was there and so was Guren. He remembered having a crush on her since elementary. The feelings were mutual so they started dating. Shinya was still there for him. He remembered calling him after he and Mahiru hooked up, he even told Shinya about it. As usual he teased him. Guren wouldn't get tired of his never ending antics.

The next year, Mahiru decided to break up with him. Guren drank and told Shinya all he felt, because he was under the influence of alcohol. Shinya listened to him and stayed by his side, comforting him. He woke up with a headache and a sleeping Shinya next to him. Guren was grateful for meeting an idiot like him. Guren smiled.

Winter next semester, Guren saw Shinya outside, trembling. That's when Guren became aware of his abnormal heartbeat around Shinya. He doesn't realize it then but he really liked Shinya's smile that day.

It was the day Guren Ichinose fell in love.


Everything doesn't make sense but there's one thing Guren was sure of. When he connected the lines in his memories there was a strange feeling that would rise in his chest. It was unpleasant to Guren but it also got worse when Shinya's not around. He took him a lot of years to know that he was longing for the white-haired man.

Guren wanted Shinya.

For a very long time now.

Shinya could feel the corner of his eyes sting. "D-Do you mean all of that?". Guren slowly nodded.

"You have no idea Guren..", Shinya choked, dropping his smile. "I've been wanting to confess to you ever since I came back but I thought you didn't care so I let you go. But here you are, confessing to me first.", one by one, Shinya's tears fell. Guren kissed them away.

"Guren I've been keeping this for years, it hurt like hell. Guren I wanted you and I waited for you to notice it..", Shinya's chest felt like bursting any moment now. He had already given up on everything and tried to cut himself from Guren's life. But Guren pulled him back, he wanted him and he never wanted him to leave. Shinya felt so happy.

Guren rested his forehead against Shinya. His eyes had already adjust from the dark so he could make out Shinya's face in the darkness. He matured a bit but he's pretty as ever. He could feel Shinya's breath hitch. And without thinking, he closed the distance between them.

Shinya's lips are softer than Guren had imagined.

Guren's heart was thumping loudly in his chest. Kissing Shinya felt so so right. He doesn't understand why he has to wait for years to do this. Things would seem easier if he did it sooner.

Shinya moved against Guren's lips. They were slightly chapped but still soft and warm. He let himself be swayed by his feelings and by Guren. He wrapped his arms on his neck while Guren pulled Shinya by the waist to draw them closer. Their hearts raced, breaths mingled as the heavy rain outside kept pouring.

Guren could smell vanilla and it's addicting but he has to let go. He needs to breath so he broke away, slightly panting. Even in the dark he could see Shinya blush. He's too cute for his own good, Guren thought. Shinya held him close and hugged him. Shinya let his head rest against the crook of Guren's neck. He could smell the rain and a scent of coffee. Guren kissed the top of his head and they stayed like that for a while.

"I love you.", Shinya said in the darkness. Guren stared at him before pecking his lips.

"Love you too, idiot."

Shinya threw his head back and laughed. It covered the white noises outside and Guren liked the sound very much.

"Guren's the idiot one for not noticing things sooner."

The other man just grumbled. It was true and he doesn't want to argue.

"So does this mean, I would be able to be with Guren?", Shinya asked. Guren rolled his eyes.

"Which part of 'I don't wan't you to leave' have you not understand, huh, Shinya?"

"Ahaha~ alright then.", he pecked Guren on the lips, causing the other to blush. "Yu-kun's waiting outside come on.", Guren nodded. He almost forgot. Since Yu had his umbrella, he and Shinya run across the field to reach the cab. 

Shinya was laughing as he held his hand and as the rain drench both of them.

"Uhh.. are you two okay?", Yu stared at them once they got inside. Shinya beamed at him. "Don't worry Yu-kun~"

"Uhhh okay then..", Yu's really confused but he's glad that the thing between his uncle and his teacher seemed to be already cleared up.

"By the way Yu-kun, I know your uncle. I'm sorry I havent told you ahaha~"

"Really? What was he like when he was younger?",Yu innocently asked. Guren glared at the both of them.

"Well your uncle is pretty much like you, but you see he's a huge pervert-"

"Shinya what the fuck.", Guren growled as he threw his wet shirt at Shinya's face.

"My, my", Shinya picked it up and waved it. "See what I'm telling you now, Yu-kun~?"

Shinya laughed and Yu smirked. Guren just groaned. He glanced outside and the rain had somehow subsided. Shinya followed his gaze and muttered, "The storm was supposed to leave the city tonight. Maybe tomorrow it will be sunny again."

Guren nodded, he's glad that Yu's safe and that he has Shinya by his side again. He sighed contentedly.