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Pick up Your Porn Magazines

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It all started with a porn magazine. It wasn’t that Genos hadn't seen one before or this was the first time Saitama had left one laying around, he left many things laying around and Genos picked up most of them. But this was the first time Saitama hadn't been around to pick up the magazines himself.

So out of curiosity he stopped the tidying he was doing to peek inside. It was a mess of colorful shiny pages with women either partially or completely nude in a number of lewd and erotic positions. Genos absentmindedly flipped through it noting that most of the focus of the pictures was the women’s lower half’s instead of their tops. He was aware that many men (and women) were fans of breasts, usually of the larger capacity, but if these pictures were reflective of his tastes it seemed as though Saitama was rather indifferent.

Genos closed the magazine and set it down where he had found it before standing from his couched position to return to his cleaning. It wasn’t until much later when he was visiting Doctor Stench for his usual repair that the contents of the magazine returned to the forefront of the young cyborgs mind.

“Doctor.” Genos stated, laying immobile on the metal table most of his internals spread around him as Dr. Stench continued to look over the cyborgs diagnostics that scrolled across his screen. The doctor didn’t look up from his work as his fingers continued to fly over the keyboard but hummed in acknowledgment.

“I want to be able to have sex.” The brusque statement hung in the air for a few moments and the doctor didn’t stop his typing for a moment until the words registered. The older man froze, his fingers still hanging over the keys. The scientist turned slowly, trying to keep his panic out of his voice.

"Well I can't say I'm surprised, I've been waiting for this day and I have just the upgrade ready and -- "

"I want a vagina." Genos interrupted. A long heavy silence followed after as the scientists stared at the blonde cyborg.

"I....I see, well that is unexpected but I suppose I can see what I can do." Dr. Stench mumbled and he hurried back to his computer no longer wanting to draw the conversation out any longer than was necessary. Genos nodded contently, though the doctor was no longer facing him and settled back against the table to wait.

“Sensei.” Genos stated standing above the bald hero, who was lounging on the floor in front of the TV as he lazily scratched his stomach legs slightly buried beneath the kotatsu quilt. The bald crusader raised his eyes to Genos, noting the light flush on the cyborgs cheeks.

"What's up?" Saitama asked, shifting into a sitting position as he watched Genos shift closer.

"I got an upgrade," Genos spoke softly, eyes averted in an almost shy manner that perked Saitama's curiosity. Genos peeked at his master from underneath his eyeslashes. "Would you like to see?"

"Sure." Saitama answered cooly, jolting when Genos' own chilly metal hand grasped his own and began to guide it. Saitama didn't protest as first only watching with confused interest until Genos began to pull his hand towards his lower half slowly Saitama's curiosity was melting into concern and when Genos' free hand reached between his metal thighs and tore away the thin fabric that kept his lower body hidden from view did Saitama truly realize the precarious situation he was in.

Saitama instantly began to struggle gently, not wanting to harm Genos but also not ready for the possible awkward situation at hand. Genos remained firm as he dragged his teacher’s hand forward and shoved it between his legs.

Saitama’s protests died on his tongue the moment his hand met with something that was definitely not metal. The material was soft and smooth but nothing like flesh; Saitama can feel warmth emitting from inside but that isn’t anything surprising considering how much heat Genos generates on his own. It was slightly slick as Saitama curiously rubbed his fingers over the lips of…well of Genos vagina.

“This is…new.” Saitama said slowly. His early embarrassment and shame gone as his fingers explored the younger man’s new body feature. Genos breathing had become slightly heavy at the sensation of someone else’s fingers touching him. He was not yet used to the sensitivity of his new sexual organ.

“Dr. Stench installed it earlier today.” Saitama’s brows furrowed for a moment in concern. His fingers stilled and Genos had to bite back the whine bubbling up in his throat.

“Is he some kind of pervert?”

“No, Dr. Stench has been nothing but kind to me. He only did so at my request.” Genos confirmed, unable to stop his hips from trying to grind down on the fingers still brushing against his outer folds. Attempting to get Saitama to continue his ministrations. Saitama blinked as he digested the new information before his fingers once again began exploring Genos’ body. Genos hummed, happy that Saitama had returned his attention to Genos’ body but found that it was no longer satisfying. His body was desperate for more stimulation.

“Sensei it’s not enough!” Genos whined, hips wiggling as he tried to press his master’s fingers deeper into his cunt. The words seemed to wake Saitama out of whatever daze he’d fallen into as his fingers had rubbed Genos’ inner workings.

“Oh..oh..” The bald hero mumbled as he withdrew his fingers, deaf to the needy whimper that fell from the cyborgs lips. “You should probably finish that yourself.”

“But sensei I have a problem.”

Saitama tilted his head in confused curiosity as Genos sat on the hard surface of the kotatsu before leaning back ever so slightly and wrapping his hands around his knees and guiding his legs open, presenting himself. Saitama felt his mouth dry as he stared at his disciple, Genos’ legs spread wide showing off every slick, glistening inch of his new vagina.

Genos released one kneecap, but continued to keep his leg spread, and allowed his fingers to reach down and begin teasing his folds. Saitama’s eyes followed a shining trail of slick that was escaping the young cyborg, sliding down his plating until it splattered onto the wooden tabletop. The bald crusaders eyes jumped back to his younger counterparts face when he spoke.

“I don’t know how to make myself feel good.” Genos spoke with a genuinely frustrated furrow in his brow. His fingers continued to hesitantly rub his new sex organ with uncoordinated and almost clumsy movements. When he spoke it was with practically innocent need. “Please Saitama-sensei, teach me how to feel good?” Genos asked gazing up at his teacher through thick false eyelashes.

“I suppose it is my responsibility.” The bald man sighed before bending forward and batting Genos’ hands away, and grabbing the younger man’s thighs keeping Genos almost spread eagle as the cyborg lay back against the table.

Saitama promptly fell to his knees and scooted forward until his head was between Genos’ spread thighs, warm breath puffing against the cyborgs pussy and drawing a sharp gasp from him at the tingling sensation that rushed through his system. Saitama gave a gentle kitten lick to the teens wet folds, drawing some of the liquid into his mouth. He smacked his lips as he tasted it, definitely not oil, it wasn’t exactly pleasant but it didn’t taste terrible either. He waited a moment but his body gave no protests to ingesting the fluid and Saitama had to guess it was some kind of synthetic lubricant. Probably nothing impressive to make for a doctor who completely rebuilt Genos on a weekly basis.

Saitama returned to his task and began to lick Genos in earnest, sliding his warm wet muscle between the cyborgs folds and teasing his clit. Genos was writhing on the kotatsu table top body alight with completely new and dazzling sensations. The bald hero continued to slurp up the younger boys fluids, switching between long firm laps across Genos’ entire pussy and sharp quick jabs between his labia. He would sometimes pause to settle his mouth over as much of his disciples vagina as possible and softly sucking which always managing to tear a moan from Genos’ throat.

Saitama gave one more soft lick to the cyborgs outer lips before roughly shoving his head closer, his nose jabbing Genos’ clit as he plunged his tongue into the younger man’s depths. Genos’ back arched off the kotatsu and wailed weakly at the ecstasy sparking in his veins. Saitama continued to thrust his tongue deeply into the cyborgs cunt, rubbing the muscle against the teens inner walls milking each noise of pleasure from the younger man. Genos’ hands shot down to his master’s head, weakly pressing it deeper into his cunt. Saitama growled causing the cyborg to mewl at the vibration before he found his hands pinned above his head. The bald man hovered over him, one hand pressing both of Genos’ wrists down into the wood table while the other clutched at Genos’ thigh keeping the younger male spread.

Saitama gazed down at his younger counterpart, taking in the dazed expression and drool messily sliding down the cyborgs chin. The arousal that had been growing tight in his stomach was reaching its breaking point and Saitama couldn’t help his hips from pressing down into Genos’ pussy. The younger man gasped at the feeling of something thick and warm spreading his folds.

Saitama gently slid his cock between the slick folds of Genos’ pussy. The cyborg fingers clutched weakly at the air still trapped in Saitama’s iron grip. The bald crusader gave a few gently humps, rutting his heavy cock against Genos. The cyborg whimpered softly every time the thick head of his teachers dick teased his entrance. The older male allowed himself a few moments of grinding, slicking his erection with Genos’ own lubricant. When he finally forced his hips to stop rubbing he couldn’t help but laugh as Genos whined and continued to grind upwards into him.

“Please,” Genos gasped, breathes laboured as he fought to calm his pounding pulse. “no more teasing; please make me feel good!”

Saitama couldn’t refuse such a demand and gently lined up his straining cock before sinking the entire length of his penis into Genos in one thrust. Genos’ back arched away from the table, mouth falling open in a silent scream as pleasure tore through his system. Saitama bit his lip as he felt the cyborgs pussy clamp down on his cock, pulsing greedily around him.

Genos fell back against the kotatsu with a harsh thud as he gulped air into his lungs body still trembling with the aftershocks of pleasure. Saitama watched him patiently waiting for Genos to recover. When the younger man’s eyes blinked lazily at him with an almost sleepy wonder glittering in his dark pupils Saitama withdrew his penis until only the head remained and then slammed forward. Genos’ head flew back, his slender mechanical throat bared as his eyes went wide and mouth open in a gasp. Fingers clenching down on nothing and his toes curling in the air as pleasure began to drown him.

Saitama continued his attack, hips banging against Genos’ metal one as his cock continuously entered the younger man. Slick squelching and harsh breathing along with the quiet whir of mechanical workings was all that could be heard; the pattern only broken when Saitama would hit a certain spot that would cause Genos to moan loudly or the cyborgs cunt would tighten and cause the bald hero to groan lowly.

Slowly the pleasure began to build again and Genos found himself writhing uncontrollably against the kotatsu as he the sensation grew stronger. Saitama seemed to sense his disciples sudden need and his pace grew harsher and faster; the bald man slowly bent forward as he rutted the young man. His mouth hovering inches from Genos’ ear.

“Cum.” He ordered softly and who was Genos to disobey his master? His entire body was wracked with a shudder as his orgasm overtook him, pussy clutching Saitama’s cock like a lifeline. No sound escaped the teen as he came. Eyes tightly closed and jaw slack. His body went limp as the pleasure finally fell but Saitama didn’t rest. Instead his steady thrusting continued and Genos’ wailed softly at the sensation as the pleasure became laced with pain. His wriggled needily, wanting to stop but at the same time wanting more. His body was quickly deciding that more was the better option and the familiar heat was sparking to life inside Genos’.

Saitama huffed harshly as the teen’s cunt gave a strong pulse around his erection and the pleasure inside him began to boil higher. His tempo began to quicken and the cyborgs pussy only grew tighter with each resounding thrust. Saitama continued to pound his young counterpart easily finding his control slowly slipping through his fingertips.

“Sensei!” Genos cried as Saitama’s thrust became erratic and almost violent. The older male’s hips slamming into Genos’ with fierce strength. His entire length sliding completely into Genos each time, the head of Saitama’s cock ramming that special spot with each thrust.“Sensei!” Saitama gave a few more desperate humps before he slammed into Genos down to the root, the bald man shuddered as pleasure wracked his strong frame. Genos whimpered as he felt his master’s warm seed splatter against his inner walls. Saitama finally heaved a large sigh before straightening and if not for the glistening sheen of sweat covering his body and the cum still cooling inside him, Genos could not have known that Saitama had just spent the past hour fucking him senseless as the bald crusader didn’t look the least bit fatigued.

“You alright?” Saitama asked and Genos could only nod, still unable to properly find his voice. Saitama gave a gentle hum of approval before he slowly pushed the cyborg’s legs wider apart as he freed his softening length from Genos’ vagina. The younger male bit his lip at the now empty sensation left inside him; his fingers reaching down to feel his now gaping entrance barely holding back a moan as something thick and warm trickled down his fingertips. His master turned to dig around from something to clean them up only turning at the sound of Genos’ voice.

“Sensei,” Genos gasped, chest heaving eye’s heavily lidded as he gazed up at the bald crusader. He hooked both hands underneath his knees and shamelessly lifted and spread his legs, give Saitama full view of his slick, pink entrance. Saitama felt his mouth going dry as he watched some of his own cum begin to ooze from the cyborgs well used pussy. “please, again. Make me feel good again.”

Saitama grit his teeth as his cock, which had easily returned to full hardness, pulsed with arousal. Who was he to deny Genos? The cyborg trembling with need and breathe labored.

“I’m going to regret teaching you aren’t I?” Saitama chuckled as he positioned himself, easily throwing Genos’ legs over his muscled shoulders and with a sharp thrust buried himself back inside the cyborgs throbbing warmth. Reveling in the cry it ripped from Genos’ throat.

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“Sensei I want to suck your cock.” Genos stated seriously, sitting opposite of the bald crusader with his feet tucked neatly beneath his metal posterior. Saitama, who had been mid slurp of his noodles, was now frozen; face blank with shock as he stared at his disciple. He quietly finished his bite of udon and swallowed slowly before turning from the television to fully face Genos.

“Why the sudden interest?” Saitama asked. Genos set a familiar magazine with a extremely attractive and busty woman teasingly running her tongue up a strangely shiny toy printed on the front, on the tabletop.

“It seems to make a continuous appearance in a number of these pornographic magazines and I thought perhaps I would also like to try.” Genos explained, determination written plainly across his face.

“No.” Saitama stated before returning his attention to his lunch. Out of the corner of his eye watching the young cyborg, chuckling internally as he watched Genos eyebrows began to furrow into a familiar pout.

“But Sensei!” The cyborg said, had he been anyone else Saitama might even had called it a whine but since it was Genos the bald hero just couldn’t bring himself to think that. Genos straightened slightly, robotic palms flat against the table.

“I said no, Genos.” Saitama repeated, tone leaving no room for argument as he finally turned all his attention back to the report on TV. Genos sunk back down, crossing his arms over his chest seemingly in silent, if not a little disgruntled, acceptance. Who was to know that Genos was already formulating a plan to get his way.

Genos had just finished rinsing the few dishes that had accumulated in the sink from dinner when Saitama finally drifted off. When the cyborg finished tidying the kitchen and putting his apron away and made his way back into the main room of the apartment the bald man was already happily tucked into his futon; his soft snores indicating he’d already fallen into his REM cycle.

The cyborg carefully pulled out his own bed and quietly lay it out besides Saitama’s, straightening the sheets before he began to shed his normal attire. After neatly folding it and putting it away Genos finally stilled. The night was silent as it always was in the abandoned district, moonlight trickled in from the balcony doors. The cyborg allowed himself to enjoy the serene atmosphere for a moment.

Genos then promptly crawled under his teacher’s blankets. He guided Saitama’s legs apart so he could settle between them, hands gently stroking his teacher’s covered cock. He tugged the hem of Saitama’s pajama pants down along with the bald hero’s silly patterned boxers to allow his still soft penis to bounce free. Genos gently took it in one hand and traced the larger veins with his fingers curiously before leaning forward and nosing along his older lover's dick.

His tongue peeked out to shyly lick the now hardening member and as Genos became more comfortable he grew bolder. Dragging his tongue up the length of Saitama’s fully hardened cock before sucking softly on the darkening head. Tongue lapping up the bitter precum that dripped freely from it. Genos’ hips shifted restlessly as arousal began to burn low in his belly, his cunt beginning to leak.

The cyborg pulled off Saitama’s cock to catch his breath, heaving as he watched his own saliva ooze down the side of the thick erection. He lapped at the small amount of precum that had accumulated on the tip of his teacher’s dick before opening his mouth wide and sinking down onto the bald hero’s member.

Genos clumsily swallowed down his masters erection, inching down at a snail's pace as he became acclimated with the heavy weight on his tongue and stretch of his jaw. When his nose was finally buried in the dark wiry hair of his master’s crotch he paused. Breathing deeply through his nose as he savoured the taste of his lover.

He gave a few soft sucks, running his tongue along the pulsing veins of his masters member before he began to bob his head. He kept his lips tight as he slid his mouth along the member before taking a break and simply allowing it to sink into his throat before resuming his pace. Saitama’s breathing had become labored in his sleep, his hips softly humping upwards and he tried to bury his cock deeper into Genos’ warm, wet mouth.

Genos could feel his own slick dripping down his thighs as his cunt desperately clenched around nothing, jealous that Genos’ mouth was being filled. The cyborg hummed in need, the vibrations pleasantly ringing through Saitama’s cock and causing the bald man to moan loudly and thrust roughly upwards; causing Genos to gag on the sudden excess of cock jammed into his throat. He pulled off his master's cock quickly to take gulping breaths of air. The blanket covering him tumbled off his back, pooling around his feet instead.

His pussy gave another sharp ache as it begged for attention and Genos found himself unable to deny it. His hand dipped underneath himself to rub his fingertips against his slightly swollen lips, dragging the digits through the mess of lubrication and teasing them against the rim of his entrance. With his hand that wasn’t busy touching himself he steadied Saitama’s penis to swallow it down again.

He moaned around the cock stuffed in his cheeks as he thrust his fingers into his cunt. Curling his fingers at the knuckle to rub against his sensitive inner walls as he eagerly bobbed on his teacher's dick. He hollowed his cheeks as he sucked, tongue flicking over the head each time he was able. Humming eagerly as he felt Saitama’s cock begin to swell, ready to swallow down his master’s load. Unaware of sharp eyes watching him intently.

Genos’ eyes popped open as strong familiar fingers slid into his hair, gripping his hair extensions firmly enough to cause tingles to skitter across his scalp as he was dragged upwards and off Saitama’s pulsing cock with a wet pop. Genos pupils glowed softly in the darkness as he stared up at the older hero, lips wet with a mix of saliva and precum. Saitama looked down at him with a mix of amusement and disgruntlement.

“Genos.” Saitama spoke softly, a slight rasp from sleep still clinging to his tone. His eyes sliding down his mechanical lovers form; taking note of the one metal arm Genos had between his own legs, his fingers dipping and gliding in such a way that Saitama easily knew what the young cyborg was doing. Ignoring the harsh twitch of his member the bald hero easily tugged the cyborg upwards, pressing his own flesh chest flush against Genos’ toasty metal one.

“Saitama-sensei, please…” Genos breathed, eyes heavily lidded and hips grinding forwards; allowing Saitama to feel Genos’ warm, slick folds rub against his throbbing erection. The bald crusador watched as his lover needily rutted against him for a moment longer before pushing Genos up into a sitting position; having the blonde’s robotic thighs caging his body while his ass bumped against Saitama’s leaking dick.

“Do you want it?” Saitama questioned, tone teasing. Genos nodded eagerly, shifting his weight to his knees so he could lift his crotch off Saitama slightly to thrust his hips forward bearing his dripping cunt for his masters viewing pleasure. The cyborg’s fingers sunk between his legs to gently toy with the lips of his pussy, chest heaving as he stared down at Saitama.

“Yes,” Genos whimpered softly. “Please Sensei, please give it to me.” Saitama shook his head and shifted Genos backwards a few inches so the head of his penis gently slid against Genos’ outer folds.

“Nope, this time you have to do it yourself.” Saitama said, smiling at Genos’ befuddled but still aroused expression. The bald hero slid his hands from their resting place on the cyborgs waist to his hips, giving them a firm squeeze of encouragement. The cyborg seemed to flounder in his inexperience for only a moment before making his decision; the blonde reached down to grip the base his masters cock and hold it steady as he lowered himself.

Genos released a high pitched whine as he felt the blunt head of Saitama’s dick stretch his entrance. Slowly, as Saitama wouldn’t allow Genos to just drop onto his dick as the younger boy wished too, the young cyborg’s cunt greedily swallowed every inch of his masters thick erection; only stopping when Genos’ butt made contact with Saitama’s hips. Genos’ head was thrown back, revealing the long slender expanse of his throat as he moaned. The young man’s hands were splayed against his older lover's muscled abdomen.

“So full sensei.” Genos murmured, thighs shaking as pleasure sang through his circuitry. “Your penis is filling me up.” The cyborg moaned in surprise as the member buried inside him twitched harshly. Saitama clicked his tongue as the knot of arousal tightened in his stomach, Genos had no idea what he did to him.

Genos didn’t move at first, remaining static as he enjoyed the sensation of Saitama inside him. He gently gyrated his hips, mewling as it caused his counterparts cock to grind against his insides.

“Come on Genos.” Saitama urged, guiding the younger male’s hips upwards even as Genos whined until only the tip of his dick remained in Genos’ warmth he then helped the cyborg drop. The bald hero groaned in pleasure as Genos’ inner walls pulsed rhythmically around him, clenching needily each time Genos’ dropped down. The blonde created a fast rhythm, drawing up so that the head of Saitama’s cock was the only thing still inside him before dropping then grinding on the dick inside him before repeating.

“Good boy.” Saitama praised sweetly, giving Genos’ hips a firm squeeze. The teen moaned happily at the praise as he continued to fuck himself on his masters member. The room was filled with the wet squelchs and broken gasps as Genos grew more desperate.

His movement only growing more erratic, no longer lifting high enough to get even an inch off of Saitama’s cock before he sunk back down onto it. His thighs trembling and refusing to properly hold his weight as Genos’ pleasure spiralled higher. Tears dripped freely down the young cyborgs cheeks and drool escaped the corner of his slick lips; the vents inside him whirred wildly and his chest cavern continued to glow warmly as Genos’ excitement became uncontrollable.

“S-Sensei!” Genos gasped, fingernails dragging harshly against the firm muscles underneath his palms as his fingers curled into fists, clutching the edge of Saitama’s pajama top. “Please! I can’t! I need it! Saitama-sensei! Saitama-sensei!!” Genos babbled. He was no longer even riding the man below him, instead just grinding on the cock still buried in his cunt.

Saitama grit his teeth as his own patience finally broke. He bodily lifting Genos by his strong grip on the teen’s hips; he raised the blonde of his cock, ignoring the desperate whine it ripped from Genos’ throat, he planted his feet firmly on the ground before roughly thrusting his hips upwards. Genos mouth fell open in a silent scream and his head fell backwards as his g-spot was suddenly assaulted violently.

Saitama didn’t stop his rough attack his hips slapping sharply against Genos’ metal backside, a lesser man may have been pained by the harsh contact with metal but it didn’t even come onto the bald hero’s radar, the class-B hero watched enraptured by Genos’ expression of ecstasy. His own body singing as he fucked into the burning velvet of Genos’ pussy.

“Sensei, Sensei, Sensei!” Genos began to chant breathlessly and by the sudden tightening of the cyborgs vagina Saitama had to guess he was close to orgasm. Saitama tightened his grip on the blondes hips, aware of the metal creaking in complaint under his palms, moving Genos ever so slightly to allow himself to firmly slam the head of his dick into Genos’ sweet spot with every upward thrust. The cyborgs mouth fell open as his cries grew in volume and frequency.

“Do you need to come Genos?” Saitama asked, even though he was aware of the answer. His own need growing as well.

“Yes! Please yes!” Genos thrashed as his pleasure was drawing to a climax. Saitama harshly pulled Genos down just as he thrust upwards, being sure to grind the tip of his erection deep into Genos. The cyborg entire body shook as he tumbled over the cliff of his pleasure, teary eyes wide and mouth hanging open as his cunt pulsed.

Saitama grunted roughly as his own orgasm crashed over him, Genos’ pussy milking him dry. Genos let out a weak mewl as he felt the warmth of his masters seed splatter against his inner walls. Genos flopped bonelessly down onto the bald hero, unbothered by the softening cock still buried inside him.

“You alright?” Saitama asked as he ran gentle fingers through the teen’s synthetic hair. Genos only hummed weakly in response, nuzzling deeper into his teacher’s throat. Saitama laughed breathily as he continued to pet his disciple.

Saitama gently tugged the comforter over the slender curve of Genos’ shoulder, tucking it under the teen’s chin to fight off the morning chill. He smiled softly as the cyborg didn’t stir, his breathing soft and even. The only movement being the rise and fall of his chest and the gentle flutter of his dark ashen eyelashes.

“Finally wore you out huh?” Satiama whispered affectionately as he lightly caressed the soft synthetic flesh of the younger hero’s cheek. Faded sunlight washing in from the open curtains, casting wide shadows around the still darkened room. The bald hero watched his student sleep peacefully for a few moments more before standing, stretching his arms high above his head and rotating his spine slowly until he heard a satisfying pop.

He started sauntering lazily over to the kitchen but the sound of crinkling paper and his foot making contact with said paper stopped him. The class B hero curiously looked down to catch sight of a glossy magazine being crushed underfoot. He bent down and plucked up the pamphlet only to realize, after surveying the scantily clad and sexily posed women on the cover, that it was one of the few porn magazines he owned.

“Maybe I should start picking these up,” Saitama grumbled as he absentmindedly itched the side of his neck. “don’t want him getting any more idea’s.” The bald crusader turned to glance back at Genos who, as if sensing his master’s gaze, began to stir eyebrows furrowing and lips drawing up in something akin to a grimace before his features softened again and he released a soft content sigh. Saitama didn’t fight the small smile toying at the edges of his lips, instead he just tossed the magazine back on the ground and made his way to the kitchen to find a snack.

Chapter Text

It started with an ache.

This was particularly strange for Genos, ever since he’d become 95% mechanical he’d stopped feeling certain sensations, one such happened to be aching. It was also rather odd because it wasn’t an all encompassing ache that spread through his body but as if it was all trapped in one spot. That one spot happening to be his newly installed vagina.

It was almost like needy thrum in his cunt. At first he’d passed it off as a small malfunction, something he’d mention to Dr. Kuseno on a later date but for now the tingling was easily ignored.

Until it wasn’t.

It was much later in the evening; dinner had been cooked and consumed, the dishes and laundry had been washed and put away and the futon’s had been laid out, that Genos finally couldn’t stand to ignore it any longer. Saitama was already asleep, his face relaxed and his breathing steady and even. Genos had scanned him just to be sure and his readings helpfully confirmed his suspicions that the bald crusador had already slipped into unconsciousness.

Genos lay staring at the ceiling in a last ditch attempt to suppress the strange prominent tingle in his neither regions. It had been growing steadily stronger throughout the day, only made worse each time he shifted or clenched his thighs together, and now it was almost unbearable and the blonde found himself unable to deny it. He glanced at the man sleeping beside him before slipping the soft comforter off revealing his bare torso, the pair of sweatpants Saitama had leant him riding low on his slender metal hips.

Genos quietly slipped his hand into the loose waistband of the borrowed sweats, fingers sliding over the smooth plating of his crotch dipping lower to gently rub against the slickened lips of his labia. The blonde shuddered as his vagina clenched needily and sparks of pleasure burst behind his eyelids.

“Ahh!” The small moan that had slipped from his lips seemed to echo through the quiet room and Genos instantly snapped his mouth shut as Saitama grumbled softly and shifted in his sleep. Genos allowed himself to slowly relax when he was sure he hadn’t woken the older man but doing so inadvertently dipped his fingers further into himself. He arched away from the floor as pleasure laced relief washed over him; a metallic taste flooded the cyborg’s mouth as he shoved his knuckles past his lips in an attempt to muffle his noises.

Genos slowly sunk back onto the futon with a shaky sigh as he sunk his middle finger fully inside himself. The blonde released a shaky breathe through his nose as he added another finger, slowly stretching his inner walls apart. He shuddered as he scissored his fingers his thumb gently playing with the hood of his clitoris. The only sounds in the room were the quiet slick sounds of his fingers softly thrusting in and out and the almost inaudible noises that escaped him.

He slipped a third finger beside the two other digits already snugly buried within his cunt and gave a few shallow thrusts before finding a comfortable rhythm. Fingers sinking knuckle deep before retracting half way and repeating, the rough pads of his fingers rubbing his inner walls as his thumb steadily worked his clit. Genos’ mouth fell open in a silent moan as pleasure jolted through him with each inward plunge of his fingers, fingertips teasing a particularly sensitive spot inside him.

His hand sped up and Genos pointedly ignored the burn in his wrist from being bent at such an angle, the pleasure easily overriding the discomfort. The cyborgs fingers were dripping with his own slick and with each thrust a wet squelch greeted him. Genos pressed his fingers deeper and bent them at the first knuckle, fingertips rubbing a particularly rough spot and applying pressure caused jolts of electricity to explode within him causing the cyborg to arch, thighs trembling and toes curling against the sheets.

“Saitama-sensei!” Genos wailed unable to stop the loud cry from escaping his throat as pleasure overwhelmed him. The cyborg instantly went rigid as the older male beside him groaned in his sleep and shifted, rolling onto his side so he was facing away from the blonde. Genos quietly released the breath he’d been holding and slowly began to relax again.

He carefully retracted his fingers, humming in discomfort as his vagina pulsed needily. He quickly flipped onto his stomach, hiking his hips upwards as he buried his face into his pillow. Genos froze as a familiar scent wafted up his nostrils. He shuddered weakly as his head was filled with his master’s comforting musk, a combination of the almost spicy smelling body wash Saitama used and the man’s natural aroma. He groaned softly as he scrambled to shove his fingers back into his dripping cunt which eagerly welcome his fingers, greedily clamping around them.

He moaned loudly into the pillow, eyes rolling up into his head as his mouth hung open inhaling the B-class hero’s scent and fingers working desperately. Pleasure wracking his body as his fingers found a particularly good angle that he worked desperately. His hero’s smell overwhelming his olfactory sense and the lack of oxygen from having his face stuffed into the pillow made his head spin. The slick slide of his fingers filling him up again and again and again left Genos gasping open mouthed, drool oozing down the side of his mouth wetting the pillowcase.

“Mmmnnaah!” Genos could no longer cared how loud he was being as he stuffed his cunt full of four fingers and thumb rubbing his clit raw, pleasure slowly building higher and higher already promising to leave him reeling.

Genos gasped as his fingers were forcefully tugged out of him by a firm grip around his wrist, causing the building pleasure to plummet to an abrupt unsatisfying end, his cunt clenching desperately on nothing. The cyborg whined needily into the damp pillow eyes clamped shut already aware of the dark gaze watching his quivering form.

The blonde groaned as strong fingers entangled with his synthetic locks and tugged his head upwards. Genos’ eyes fluttered open, thick eyelashes clumped together with tears. He craned his neck to the side to glance back at Saitama who was grinning down at the cyborg.

“Genos.” Saitama sing songed teasingly eyes dancing with mirth as they met Genos’ own teary gaze. He loosened his grip on the cyborgs hair, no longer tugging and more so petting. The younger man mewled softly in appreciation.

“Sensei….” Genos murmured, choosing silence as a more attractive option than speaking in his humiliating position; hips raised legs still spread and fingers glistening with his own lubricant. Saitama admired his lover’s trembling body and the vibrant blush painted across the blonde’s cheekbones.

“What’s the big idea having fun all by yourself?”

“I…I had an ache.” Genos stuttered as he tried to ignore the feeling of his own slick dripping down his thighs and the lewd arousal he derived from having Saitama watching him in such a debauched state. Some of the mischievousness in the bald hero’s face disappeared replaced by concern.

“Are you alright, do you need to see Dr. Kuseno?” Saitama inquired worriedly. Genos shook his head and shyly glanced up at the older hero, chewing his lip nervously. Saitama’s eyebrows furrowed and he tilted his head in question.

“My vagina was aching.” The cyborg explained and Saitama’s eyebrows shot up before his face relaxed into an amused expression.
“Yeah? Were you feeling needy?” Saitama purred. Chuckling as Genos nodded unabashedly and watching Saitma with obvious lust in his gaze.

“How about I fix that.” The bald man said and thrust his hips, cock slipping between Genos’ legs and grinding his erection against the cyborg’s outer labia causing Genos to tremble and gasp each time the slick head of Saitama’s cock teased the entrance of his vagina. The blonde hero couldn’t stop help but wiggle his hips insistently, attempting to urge the thick penis to properly penetrate him.

Saitama gave a breathless laugh and released his grip on Genos’ wrist to firmly grasp the cyborgs hips and in one smooth motion buried his entire throbbing length inside Genos’ pulsing cunt.

“Ahhhnn!” Genos’ mouth fell open and his back arched as he was suddenly filled, going from empty to incredibly full in an instant. His body sang with pleasure as Saitama gyrated his hips, grinding his cock deeper as one hand slid from Genos’ metal hips to tease the robotic teen’s clitoris instead, tearing another cry from the blonde.

Slowly Saitama pulled his cock out until only the head remained enveloped in the tight heat and then Saitama slammed forward with as much force as he thought was safe and Genos head fell forward, hanging between his shoulders as he moaned. Saitama continued the harsh pace, grunting in pleasure at how Genos’ pussy squeezed his dick like it was trying to milk every drop of come from him.

Saitama draped himself over Genos’ back, hips bucking wildly as he tried to bury himself as deep as possible with each thrust. Groaning each time the cyborg’s pussy clenched around his cock. The room was filled the sound of flesh slapping against metal as they rocked together, Saitama’s second hand continued to tease the robot’s clit, fingers carefully pinching the little swollen nub causing Genos’ to thrash.

“Sensei!” Genos howled body going rigid as his pleasure spiked abruptly and boiled deep in his abdomen, threatening to overwhelm him at any moment.

Suddenly Saitama stilled and Genos couldn’t stop the desperate whimper that tore itself from his throat. Pleasure still singing in his veins but slowly beginning to ebb and leave behind unsatisfied need.

“Sensei, please!” The cyborg whined. Saitama gave his ass a sharp smack tearing a surprised squeak from the blonde.

“Genos,” The bald crusador spoke in a chiding tone. “what are you supposed to call me when we’re like this?”
“….Saitama.” Genos whispered, the blush on his face growing fiercer. Saitama rewarded him with a harsh thrust that emitted a loud squelching sound as their bodies clashed. Genos moaned eagerly and worked his hips backwards to meet each of Saitama’s thrusts. Fingers re-entered his hair and a firm grip guided the blonde to bear the slender line of his throat.

“Again.” The B-class hero growled into the cyborgs ear, the vibrations of his voice reverberating down the arch of Genos’ neck causing the blonde to shudder at the pleasant tingle.

“Saitama.” Genos gasped weakly.

“Good boy.” Saitama praised with another rough thrust as he began to resume his earlier pace. Genos mewled at the shiver of pleasure those words sent tingling down his spine Saitama grunted as Genos’ pussy clenched around his length.

“You’re a good boy Genos.” Saitama bit out as he pounded the boy below him, hips grinding deeper with each thrust. The head of his cock brushing Genos’ g-spot every few moments drawing weak wails from the blonde as he rocked back into each of Saitama’s thrusts. Each word, each praise only heightening Genos’ pleasure.

Genos was no longer aware of himself as he moaned freely body rocking with each harsh slam of Saitama’s hips. The thrusts were becoming erratic and harsher with each passing second and Genos could hear the creak in his metal plating. The ecstasy was reaching new heights and threatening to burst at any moment. Saitama fingers snuck lower and pressed into Genos’ stretched pussy right beside his own cock and the cyborg was unable to stop the pleasure from overwhelming him

Genos went rigid as orgasm washed over him, cunt pulsing with each corresponding wave of pleasure. His body clamping down on Saitama’s dick with a new found desperation as the cyborgs ecstasy only climbed higher. Saitama groaned as he tumbled after his lover into climax, cock being milked for all its worth as he spilled messily inside the cyborg’s velveteen heat.

Saitama gave one last body encompassing shiver as his cock gave a few more weak spurts before the bald hero collapsed on top of his lover, pressing the cyborg down onto the ruined sheets. Genos only made a muffled noise in response, offering no resistance as he was crushed against the wet futon. Saitama huffed a quiet laugh before carefully wrapping his arms around Genos’ middle and heaved them into a roll, moving from Genos’ now cum covered futon to Saitama’s still dry one.

The B-class hero landed on his back with the cyborg sprawled limply across his chest, the blonde only made a sleepy noise and snuggled closer pressing his face into the soft curve of Saitama’s throat. Saitama hummed contently, one hand remaining wrapped around the cyborgs waist while the other snaked upwards to stroke through synthetic honey colored locks. The older man tilted his face slightly to glance down at his lover who blinked lethargically up at the bald man through thick lashes.

“Saitama.” Genos murmured tiredly, lips smacking together as he nuzzled closer to his partner. The caped crusador couldn’t help the soft smile tugging at the corner of his lips at the sight of the sleepy cyborg. He leaned forward to press his lips lightly to Genos’ forehead.

“Go to sleep Genos.” He commanded gently, lips moving softly against his lover’s crown. Genos happily obeyed.