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‘Why, just the other day, he offered to—‘

Iki Hiyori strained to listen to what was being exchanged by the pair, although any and all attempts went unnoticed as Yama excitedly whispered into Ami’s ear, cheeks growing redder as she spoke. Ami responded by clamping a hand over her own mouth, her bespectacled countenance mirroring her friend’s.

‘Eh!? Really?’

Ami giggled to herself, leaning into the flaxen-haired girl. A pair of chocolate brown eyes flickered between the pair, thoroughly growing tighter when they regarded both girls with intense scrutiny. This sort of behavior, it had become an occasional thing following their recent trip to Capypas land, where their ‘blind date’ had gained them both the opportunity of meeting their now-boyfriends.

The half-phantom couldn’t be happier. (Albeit, she could be more happier if Fujisaki Kouto had disappeared into thin air leading up to their infamous kiss). She had reeled in their expressed joys in class, replied to their text messages with equal enthusiasm and hope, and helped write Yama’s ‘love confession’ to Abe over her touch phone. Her friend, Ami, had not received short of Yama’s experience with Hiyori, though Ami had been the one to tell her that she had started a romantic relationship with Seki. Nevertheless, Hiyori was perfectly happy with supporting both her friends.

Until now.

‘H-hey! What’s going on between you two, Fuma-chan?’ she demanded, huffing at both girls sitting across from her desk, their boxed lunches laid out before them, untouched.

‘You know, you two have been awfully secretive about something for a while now!’

Fuma replied with a snigger, staring at Ami with hooded, aqua-blue eyes. Ami only blushed and looked away. Hiyori swore she could see the corner of her lips twitch.

‘Mouuu, why can’t you guys tell me, already? You both know I hate secrets!’

‘It’s not something that can be thrown around casually, Hiyori.’ Yama insisted. She had her arms crossed firmly around her chest, and she was looking at Hiyori with the same expression from before. Sly. Cunning… but that simple observation only scratched the surface. There was something else in there, something strangely…


Hiyori puffed her cheeks out. ‘Yama-chan…’ she started to say.

‘Why don’t we just tell her?’ Ami cut in. ‘She has a right to know, regardless of her boyfriendless situation.’

‘Wh-what does me being boyfriendless have to do with anything?!’

‘Because you can’t experience something like this without a boyfriend.’

Hiyori frowned, her head tilting to the side to show her confusion. Something like this? What were they talking about? More importantly, what were they referring to?

‘What do you—‘

Yama suddenly leaned forward, her eyes taking on a playful, yet intense light. With her elbows rested on the desk, she looked out at Hiyori, as though she was gauging her reaction to her following words.

‘Abe and I are… physically intimate.’ She grinned.

‘…What does that mean?’ Hiyori only grew more confused, but Yama sighed at her question, and Ami did, too.

‘Hiyori-chan is so innocent and naïve! Ami-chan, you take the lead! I can’t taint the poor girl.’

Now, it was Ami’s turn to gain an air of seriousness. Yama leaned away, swiping up her boxed lunch in her hands while her focus wandered around a group of male students standing near the entrance, deep in conversation. Ami leaned forward so that her head, and Hiyori’s were only an inch apart.

Ami cupped her hand beside her mouth, involuntarily sending a series of shivers down her spine.

‘Yama-chan is doing it with her boyfriend.’

Hiyori immediately turned beetroot red, sitting back to utter a squeak of surprise. She turned to Yama, who reprimanded Ami for her inaccuracy.

‘Oi, we’re not ‘doing it!’ Not yet, anyway.’

She couldn’t believe her ears. Brown hues widened as she considered the possibility, the absolute gall. Hiyori had no experience in that field whatsoever, nor did she feel that it was ‘wrong’ for her friend to be ‘physically intimate’, as she had lightly put it before, but… wasn’t this a little too sudden? How long had they been dating? How long did you have to be dating to start doing those kind of things?

‘Y-Yama-chan…’ Hiyori managed to say, her voice layered with disbelief. It was serious enough to capture both Yama and Ami’s attention, their expression’s shifting as they both took in the half-phantom’s concerned expression.

‘You’re already doing…t hat, with Abe-kun?’

‘What do you mean, already?’

‘I mean, you two don’t even know each other that well!’

Yama shrugged her shoulders, munching on a piece of noriben. ‘We’re totally into each other. That’s all that matters, right?’


Hiyori bit into a cookie, still playing over her conversation with Ami and Yama earlier. It had been hours since she arrived home, and even longer when she had partaken in that particular topic. Her ears burned whenever she thought back to the subject matter, bringing unwanted heat into her cheeks. She found that she couldn’t look at Abe properly anymore when he was with Yama, especially when at times, their PDA’s got too much for a school venue. Ami always ended up scolding Yama afterwards, though it always came back to Hiyori, and of course, being Ami, she used the opportunity to end up teasing the half-phantom.

Hiyori, in turn, only shook off the teasing remarks with an eyeroll, despite her telltale blushes. She insisted that she didn’t care for what Fuma did with her boyfriend, but deep down, maybe she did. Jealously wasn’t something that Hiyori felt often. She was an individual, her standards her own. Belonging to a well-off family, and well-mannered, too. Materialistic needs would easily be met to someone being born into the Iki family.

To her, jealously was wanting something you didn’t have. And she knew then, she wanted to have what Fuma and Ami had. The lingering looks, the intertwined hands, the kisses that you didn’t know meant hello, or goodbye.

She noticed the embraces between Ami and her boyfriend lasting a few more seconds that it should, all too painfully.

Hiyori wanted that.

Abe, and Fuma stood in the hallway, inches apart from each other. His mouth had been lingering above her throat, before Fuma coughed a laugh, and playfully shoved him away in order to slip into class before the door closed shut.

…She wanted that, too. It was different from what Ami had, an entirely new feeling. Something foreign to her, but the ache in her chest confirmed she wanted that more.

A seed bloomed in her heart, waiting to be cultivated.

That… was lust, wasn’t it?


Hiyori stretched out onto her bed, wiggling her limbs around to encourage bloodflow in them. Groaning, she held onto her right leg, the one that had fallen asleep after sitting cross-legged on the wooden floor for more than an hour. It had immediately slumped against the side of the bed when she had taken a single step forward, needles pricking the soles of her feet as though the very floor was filled with them.

Though, she was glad that she had completed her homework in record time. It wasn’t anything difficult, just a few revision sheets here and there, entailing to the test that was due to come up tomorrow. Mr Sakimaki was known for prepping his students before a test commenced, but Hiyori felt that she needed to take the safe road in matters that involved schoolwork. Besides, there could be a possibility that a substitute teacher might fill his position on the day of the test, and she didn't know what she would do in that position.

She sighed loudly, turning on her side. A quick glance at the digital clock on her bedside table told her that it was: 8:23pm. Well, it was still relatively early, and she didn’t know when her parents would come back home from their trip outside of town. They promised they would be back today, but she was feeling hungry now, and she couldn't be patient enough to wait for their arrival. So, she heaved herself off her bed, and headed downstairs to get some snacks.

While she did, something suddenly penetrated her senses. A smell that she was all too well acquainted with, invading her nostrils like it was demanding to be smelt.


Footsteps that were once quiet with mute thuds, now accelerated. Hiyori descended the stairs and whipped her head towards the door, though she heard a loud crash that captured her attention. It sounded like it came from the kitchen.


She lightly sprinted towards the source of the sound, fingers feeling the space around the wall. Finding the light switch, she flicked it on. A figure greeted her, perched peculiarly atop the fridge, staring out at her with luminous, azure eyes.

‘Yo, Hiyori! Could ya' be a doll and get that frozen chicken from the ground?’

The half-phantom made a face at the tracksuit-wearing god, but as she did, she spotted the door to the fridge wide open. To her horror, meat, eggs, and spilled milk marked the marble floor below. She gasped.

‘Yato, what are you doing!?’ The contents were hastily tended to. She thanked her lucky stars that her housekeeper, Sasaki, hadn’t been a witness to the mess.

‘Jus’ getting a snack for myself, ‘ he answered, leaping off the fridge and helping Hiyori pick up some of the fallen food.

‘Oh, and good news! We’re gonna room together.’

Hiyori paused, feeling her eyes widen. ‘W-what?

‘Roomie. Me, with you. Sleepover?’ He puckered his lips, twerking an eyebrow at her. ‘Ring any bells?’

‘…A…Absolutely not!’

‘Aw, don’t be mean! Why not?’

She frantically shook her head from side to side, and shoved the frozen chicken towards him. Turning away, she went to rip off a few paper towels in order to clean up the milk spill. He stared after her with a pout.

‘What do you mean, ‘Why not?’ What happened to Yukine? What about Kofuku-san’s place?’

‘Oh. Daikoku kicked me out again.’ Yato started to scratch his head, frowning at the frozen chicken still currently in his hands. Hiyori reached up, and snatched it from his grasp, and placed it in the freezer. Then, she threw the empty egg carton into the bin, and signed to herself.

Everything was back in its place. Well, almost everything. She turned to Yato with a disbelieved look.

‘Daikoku-san always kicks you out, though.’

‘Yeah, but this time, Yukine actually wanted me gone, too! Jus’ cause I happened to spend his hard-earning savings on a charm that’ll be sure to help me out in the long run—‘

‘Wait. Don’t—‘ Hiyori breathed in through her nose, trying to remain calm, but finding herself failing, once again. She pushed past Yato and headed towards the stairs. If it wasn’t for Sasaki, then she would have definitely socked him in his jaw by now, but she didn’t, for fear that Sasaki might be woken up from the ruckus. She was halfway up the stairs, before something tugged at her behind. She felt fingers clasp around her tail, forcing her back down towards the ground. Hiyori uttered a small squeak. When had she dropped her body?

‘Lost something?’ Yato grinned at her.

‘Let go of me!’

‘Is that a wish?’


Hiyori raised her foot and slammed it down onto his own foot, leading him to yelp out painfully. The shock forced him to free his grip from her tail. He tearfully held onto it, not noticing the half-phantom retreat into her room and slam her door shut, locking it as well for good measure. Little did she know that she had opened her window moments ago, prior to starting her homework. The realization came too late, for Yato had already broken into her room, and buried himself underneath her blankets, beside her sleeping body.

Hiyori held her head and uttered a loud groan, not knowing where to begin with all of this. First of all, Yato in itself was a bother. And second, how was she going to get him out of her room?

This was going to be a long night.


‘I’m not going to ask again.’

‘Then don’t!’

‘Yato, I swear—‘

He wiggled deeper into the blankets, uttering a loud whine. His voice came muffled underneath the blankets.

‘I told ya' before, Hiyori. I don’t like sleeping alone! Please, let me sleep with you!’

Hiyori felt herself blush, though gritting her teeth didn’t help the heat go away. She stood at the side of her bed, staring daggers at the god who had helped himself to it.

‘You’re such an idiot! Think about what you’re going to say, before you say it!’

‘Hiiiiiiyori, I’ll get lonely!’

‘Then sleep on the floor!’

Hiyori had been very firm with kicking him out of her room and letting him sleep in her brother's, but the god didn't want to leave her alone, insisting that she was just being cruel for not letting him sleep with her. A few arguments here and there proved that he wasn't going to change his choice anytime soon, so she had no option but to give in to his demands. She allowed him to sleep in her room, but only giving him a futon of his own so that he could set it up on her floor.

She scowled at her ceiling, turning on her side to face the wall. Her blankets were tainted with Yato’s scent, and she could clearly smell it whenever the material was close to her nose. Hiyori inhaled deeply, feeling her annoyance subside momentarily. She felt comfortable again, back in her own, solid body.

In the darkness, she could hear him trying to get comfortable in her futon. A few moments later, a shuffle was heard.

‘Oi, Hiyori?’


‘You asleep yet?’

‘I was getting there.’

Another shuffle. ‘Well…’

Hiyori exhaled, ignoring the slight irritation. She turned to face the god, who had been staring at her the entire time. Sitting upwards, elbow acting as a prop, cheek in palm with a catlike grin stretching his lips.

She felt her heart skip a beat. ‘...Why are you smiling at me like that?’

‘Could you read me a bedtime story?’

A deadpan look tinted her visage. ‘Are you five?’

‘I can't sleep—'

She turned away from him, firmly pulling her blankets over her head. Was he serious? She couldn't believe it. Out of all days, Yato had to take up residence in her house on the night before a test. His scent might’ve helped her calm down before, but now, it was having the opposite effect.

‘I don't care!’ she answered. ‘I have a test tomorrow! Let me sleep!’

Inky black hair flopped messily over his eyes. ‘Oh? Then pray for me, and you’ll pass!’

‘I’ve already studied. It's not fair on Ami-chan or Fuma-chan, or my entire class, for that matter…’

Hiyori trailed off, her lids drooping slightly. Thinking about her friends brought upon another memory, one that she had tried so hard to keep out. A simple mention, and she was already thinking about that conversation, a few weeks prior.

‘…That's right… they both have boyfriends now…’

Teeth wedged in between her lips, she realised she hadn't divulged about it to anyone, not even Kofuku, whom she considered a close friend that could be told anything without judgement. Feelings that had once been forced down, came up above the surface, threatening to eat away at her exterior.

‘…Ami-chan is with Seki-kun, now. And Fuma-chan… Fuma-chan looks so happy with Abe-kun…’

It was just like they said, she couldn't experience certain things because of her situation. Her boyfriendless situation. Was she different from them? She was just too shy. Did she lack something they had? Boys didn’t see her like that. She didn't understand. The familiar heat coursed through her veins, setting her body on a dull wire. There it was again, recognisable at last.

Pure, unadulterated jealousy.

She hated it.

‘..I want… that… I want to experience… having a boyfriend…’

Halfway between consciousness and unconsciousness, the warm, toasty entrapment of her blankets provided her with a more sense of security. She hummed, barely clinging to reality.

This scent…

‘Is that a wish?’

She felt pressure beside her, above her blankets. Yato’s scent overwhelmed her senses, causing her to snap her eyes open. Wide, azure irises gleamed in the darkness of her room.

‘W-what are—you?!’

So close. He was so close. Hiyori had already sat up, albeit sluggishly, despite the hammering of her heart forcing her awake. Yato peeked through his bangs, looking down at her as he rested on his elbows.

The god held his hand out, palms upwards.

‘For five yen. I'll grant you your wish,’ he whispered.

She blinked, fixating her gaze onto his open palm.

A wish.

A single wish, and her prayers would be answered. Her cheeks and ears tinged with a deep, crimson colour. She couldn’t believe he had actually heard her clear enough to make the assumption that that had been a wish of hers. Funnily enough, her god of fortune hadn’t crossed her mind during the midst of longing for a significant other.

That meant something, didn’t it? Hiyori didn’t think of Yato that way. She just simply wanted to experience what Ami and Fuma had. A boyfriend.

‘Because you can’t experience something like this without a boyfriend.’

The half-phantom wordlessly reached towards her bedside table, her long hair brushing Yato’s shoulder. She fumbled around her purse in search of a five yen coin, holding it between her thumb and forefinger when her search proved fruitful. She dropped the purse in her blanket-clad lap and offered the coin to the raven-haired god.

She avoided his gaze, due to embarrassment. A beat passed, until she felt his fingers gently pluck the coin from her grasp, and close her hand into a fist. Her fist was held for a few milliseconds, before she felt a pair of lips grace her knuckles.

As though something had shocked her, she flinched back. Yato leaned against the headboard, his hand partially covering his mouth. From where she sat, the tip of his nose, and along his cheekbones, revealed a blush.

It must be affecting him, too…

‘So, uh… You wanna do this now, or…?’

Hiyori looked away when he spoke up, not sure what to say next.

‘Y-you got like a list, or somethin’?’

She glanced at him through the corners of her eyes. ‘…What?’

‘Like…’ Yato cleared his throat, then climbed off the bed. He had his back turned towards her, his hand still covering the lower half of his face. She could barely make out the outline of his figure in the darkness.

‘…Of what ya' wanna do, now that I’m… I’m actin’ as your boyfriend, and all…’


Hiyori looked at her hands in her lap, fingers intertwined. She crawled toward the edge of the bed, still looking down. She had one particular thing on her mind, but she wasn’t brave enough to put it out in the open. Lids squeezed shut over brown hues, and the image of Yama and Abe in the school hallway floated in her mind.

‘Abe and I are…physically intimate.’

She opened her eyes. Yato had still been standing beside her bed, but he watched her, an unfamiliar expression flickering across his face, before it was replaced with an amused one.

‘What’s got your panties in a twist?’

Heat flushed down her body. ‘I…’

‘…What is it?’ He crouched down beside her, positioned just in front of her knees. His eyes were filled with concern, mixed in with something else. She couldn’t quiet put her finger on it, but a certain part of him had… changed.

‘You can say anything ya' want, Hiyori.

‘I know—that.’

She wrung her hands around, feeling her heartbeat increase in tempo. She hated feeling so timid lately, it didn't mesh well with her character. Her hero Touno, wouldn't have wanted her to be acting this way. He would be telling her to raise her voice, speak up when necessary, instead of bottling it up inside.

‘Yama-chan, and Abe-kun, her boyfriend, they're both…’



Yato held her knees, straining forward. ‘Uh-huh?’


She blushed even harder. There. She had said it. The god tilted his head at her, slight confusion written on his features. His grip on her knees relaxed.

‘…Physically intimate?’ Then, as though a light had switched on, his entire façade changed. His face turned beetroot red, azure eyes widening against his visage. Hiyori heard him swallow hard, through her own heartbeat pulsating in her ears.

She stared down at her hands, but, eventually his own hands moved away from her knees, raising to cup both her cheeks, forcing her to look up at him. Her breathing quickened when she saw him move closer to her face, his expression one of determination. Her eyes shut and, as gentle as a feather, felt Yato’s lips descend on her own. He kissed her slowly, quietly. She felt his fingers glide through her hair, pushing it back away from her face. Her own hands shyly caressed his cheeks, surprised at how soft his skin felt underneath her fingertips. The kiss was chaste, though Hiyori couldn't help but feel lightheaded after he pulled away.

He leaned his forehead against hers. ‘…This what you had in mind?’

‘More,’ she whispered, feeling brave enough to indulge in her thoughts.

‘I want more.’

His sweet smell penetrated her every thought, leaving no room for anything else.

‘Your wish has been heard loud, and clear.’

He pulled her in again, though there was a different edge to the way he moved. She could feel his tongue tracing the length of her bottom lip, slowly asking to gain access into her mouth. She happily obliged, sighing as a shiver of pleasure ran through her. Soft moans filled the room. Hiyori felt herself slowly edge towards the middle of the single bed, so that her head ended up hitting the pillow. Yato followed her, positioning himself over her body all the while deepening their kiss. His right hand started to roam around her soft curves, his fingers ending up beneath her nightgown, ghosting over her lacy singlet. They tickled her a little, especially when he trailed his fingertips over her bare hip, up her waist and coming to a stop just at the sides of her breasts.

He halted his movements, pulling away just slightly so that he could gaze into her eyes. They were bright, especially alluring, and it stirred something unfamiliar in the pits of stomach. She was undoubtedly excited, her face spotted with eccentric spots of red around her cheeks. Yato didn't say anything else, only watched her closely as he gently pushed his fingers underneath her singlet, massaging her bare peaks. Her reaction was a sharp intake of breath, lids shutting quickly when she registered pressure building up and echoing in places she didn't know she had. Lips parted on their own accord, eyes half-closed.

‘Y-Yato—‘ she whispered harshly, arching her back so that she could get closer to his hands. He responded with ducking down to kiss up the side of her neck, his heavy breathing ticking her ear.

‘D-does this feel good?’

She tilted her head to the side, granting him more access to her neck. He worked his hands faster, gently tweaking her nubs here and there.


His tongue flicked out, and trailed the length of her earlobe, earning him a squeak of surprise from the half-phantom. Her eyes snapped open, then she felt something slip inside her mouth. Yato’s eyes were open too, and devastatingly close to hers.

The god tasted like his scent, tinged with an indescribable muskiness that Hiyori loved. She explored his mouth, though her eagerness caused their teeth to clack together, awkwardly. He pulled away from her, a thread of saliva connecting them both. With his knee between her legs, she could definitely feel his excitement pressing against her thigh. Yato, looked down at her, sheepishly, taking his hands off her breast. Through half-lidded eyes, she saw him move his hands down her body, then trace the hem of her pink underwear. He leaned down and pressed his forehead against hers, his breath warm and comforting, though they came in short, but heavy pants. The swooping feeling in her stomach returned. She couldn't help but blush a bit, biting down on her bottom lip.

The brunette swallowed hard, lining her face up with Yato’s, who gave her a quick peck on her lips. She felt his hair tickle her cheeks while he did. She moved her legs apart, furiously blushing at the incoming prospect. Hiyori felt bare, vulnerable underneath the god. Her nightgown, and her singlet had been pushed upwards to her neck, exposing her breasts, their peaks still sensitive from before he had massaged them.

Azure hues roamed all around her body, drinking in the sight of her. Then, he pulled away slightly and took off his scarf, along with zipping down his jacket. He kicked his boots away from the bed, the garments hitting the floor. By the time he did, Hiyori was almost writhing underneath him, standing over her. She felt impatient and greedy. She desperately wanted him to touch her, to let her feel what it truly meant when two people were intimate beyond reason.

She reached up and wrapped her arms around Yato’s neck, locking him into another, heated kiss, despite her being inexperienced with it all. He kissed her back, hungrily peppering them over her jaw, then she could feel his fingers fumble with her underwear. Her breath hitched in his mouth, though she raised her hips automatically, so that the pink piece of garment ended up being pulled down, and hung off her leg. Yato reached up her hip again, and she gasped. She felt him brush against her slick folds, edging them towards her clit. She drew in a sharp breath, holding her head against his shoulder, immediately feeling her body response. He circled her clit once, twice, before rubbing her up and down. Her arousal was evident when he paused to raise his fingers up to suck them off with his mouth, then back down again to repeat the same procedure. Hiyori kept trembling while he did, biting back a moan or two. At first, the friction proved uncomfortable, but with each stroke and each rub, she could feel everything around her tightening, leaving her breathless and wanting more.

When he suddenly pushed his fingers into her wet entrance, her hips bucked.


Her fingers dug into the fabric of his white shirt, holding him still for dear life. His breath was heavy and wanton in her ear. He didn't stop, despite Hiyori feeling uncomfortable at the sharp, pinching sensation in her most sensitive spot. As a means to deal with the pain, her fingers threaded through ebony tresses, only ever tugging on his hair when she felt him penetrate her deeper.

Her soft, needy gasps filled the room.

‘…Aaah, haah…’

Soon enough, she got used to the feeling of his fingers inside her, and slowly raised her hips in a way to encourage him to keep going. She stretched out around him, accepting him in. The pain, which transformed into pleasure, added to the rope tightening above her stomach. It left her feeling hot and sweaty, and lightheaded.

Yato’s low voice broke the silence.

‘Look at me.’

Brown hues fluttered open at his command, meeting with intense, icy blue. He moved his fingers in a slow, almost deliberate stroke. The brunette started to whimper, her eyes snapping shut as the movement fell in waves around her form. She could feel herself barely being able to hold on. As the god kept working his fingers, her wetness increased, before the rope inside her snapped. Hiyori felt herself fall apart underneath him, spots of blinding white dotting her vision until she could no longer keep her voice at a reasonable tone. A strangled moan escaped from her mouth, though Yato’s excited kisses quickly captured them before they proved too loud. Reeling from the aftershocks of her orgasm, she felt herself clench and unclench deliciously around his fingers. He pulled them out, licking off the remaining wetness from her.

Until her breathing returned to normal, she just laid there, feeling her heartbeat decrease in tempo, from before it had pounded against her chest. Yato climbed off her, collapsing on the bed beside the half-phantom. A few seconds passed, then she felt him shift on the blankets.


His voice was quiet, cutting through the silence. She sluggishly turned sideways, her hands clasping around her stomach. She could hardly keep her eyes open, but her lips curved into a soft smile, nevertheless. The raven-haired male reached across to tuck her hair behind her ear, returning the smile wholeheartedly. He looked so happy, it almost made her heart flutter in her chest.

‘Was… Was I good?’ he whispered to her, his thumb tracing lazy circles across her cheeks.

The half-phantom nodded once, though she couldn't reply because her lids felt too heavy to be kept open. She was almost on the edge of falling asleep, before she felt lips pressing against her forehead, and then feel of a woolly blanket descending over her.

A soft voice sounded, before the haziness closed in.

‘Sleep, Hiyori.’