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Today is a Strange Day

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Title: Today is a Strange Day
Group: BTS
Pairing: TaeGi
Rating: G
Word Count: 529

Summary: In which today is a strange day for Taehyung.
Warning: None.
Note to Requester: I hope that you like this. I have never written a TaeGi story before, but I think that this couple can have a lot of character. Also, I’m sorry for taking so ungodly long to reach your request, and the rest I still have to get done. Also, another attempt at doing a first person narrative-type thingy.


We’ve all had strange days. You know what I’m talking about. Those kinds of days that almost seem like someone may have slipped a little something-something into your coffee only you know that can’t be the case because the strangeness happens before you even get out of bed—before that cup of coffee. I’m sure you’ve had days like that, right? Well, today is one of those days for me, but almost any day could be strange when your boyfriend is someone like Kim Taehyung.

Every morning, I’m the first one out of bed. That’s just how it goes. I stay up later than Taehyung on most nights, but wake up earlier than him on most mornings. During the night, I sleep a lot less than he does, but I’m guilty of taking naps throughout the day. Today, Taehyung wakes up before me. I know before I even open my eyes because I can smell bacon cooking.

Confused, and a little bit worried—Taehyung’s not really good at cooking without setting our kitchen on fire—I quickly jump out of bed and rush to his side to see if he needs any help. Surprisingly, everything is going smoothly. I already has eggs and sausage made up on a plate, and he’s just finishing up the bacon when I make it to his side.

A perfect breakfast prepared by Taehyung is already a strange start to the day. It gets even stranger when Taehyung tells me that he got two tickets to go to a hip-hop concert clear across town, and that’s what we’re going to be doing later that evening. It’s strange because, yes Taehyung loves concerts, but he’s not a hip-hop fan. Not nearly as much as I am, anyway.

It doesn’t even end there. I answer the door when the bell rings because Taehyung had rushed off to the bathroom just moments before. When I answer the door, I’m greeted by a delivery man holding a pot of red roses. “Min Yoongi?” He asks, looking at the card.

“That’s me,” I tell him.

After handing me the roses and having me sign some form, he tips his hat and walks away to his truck. The pot isn’t really heavy, but it’s difficult to read a card and hold the pot at the same time, so I set the flowers down on the end table and open the card that was attached to them: “Yoongi! This flowers are for you. They’re potted instead of a bouquet because I didn’t want them to die quickly, but, knowing you, they will anyway. Just try, okay? Love, Taehyung.”

By the time I have the card closed and set aside on the table, next to the flowers it came with, Taehyung is in the living room again. “Seriously, Taehyung?” I question him. “Flowers?”

Romantic gestures aren’t really commonplace in our relationship, so it’s strange. All very strange. “Yeah, I know you forgot,” Taehyung says. He sits in the armchair and pulls me down to sit between his legs. “But I didn’t, so I went all out. I at least wanted one of us to feel special on our anniversary.”