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All Things Shadowhunters

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When they first come across the ancient prophecy of The Great Destroyer, they think it’s Valentine. It must be him. All the signs fit. They’re actually living the prophecy and they dread its outcome, the world in flames…

And then Valentine dies. And his son dies. And there are no more enemies to fight and kill. And they think, they hope, they believe that it’s all over now, that they won.

Three months later, the world is burning, overrun by demons. Shadowhunters are scattered, Downworlders enslaved, mundanes murdered in their beds by creatures they never even knew existed.

And leading the armies of hell? Alec Lightwood, with a blood red sword in his hand and with his eyes aglow with power. Alec Lightwood, the chosen vessel of Asmodeus, one of the Seven Princes of Hell; a Greater Demon in the body of Raziel’s child.

In the body of Alexander Gideon Lightwood.

Gideon, the Great Destroyer.