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All Things Shadowhunters

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“You sure you want to do it?” Jace asks anxiously. “It’ll be very painful.”

Alec takes a deep, shuddering breath and looks down at the wedding rune on his wrist, stark on his pale skin. “Yes. I can’t stay tied to her if she works for Valentine. Just imagine what she could do through this…”

They’re in Alec’s bedroom instead of the infirmary where these things are usually done because Alec wants to keep it quiet. Jace doesn’t like it but he understands and if this is what Alec wants, then he will help him.

They sit down on Alec’s bed and Jace takes Alec’s right hand in his - when the door opens and Magnus Bane slips in. Jace frowns, because… Magnus Bane? Here? What…?

Magnus’ eyes are drawn to Alec’s wrist, and they widen when he realizes what they’re about to do. He steps closer. “Alexander,” he whispers. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

Alec ducks his head. “It’s my mistake to correct, Magnus,” he answers softly, not looking at the warlock. 

Jace watches Magnus as he stares down at Alec with a soft, almost tender look in his eyes - and something clicks in Jace’s mind and his breath catches in his throat. Alec and… Magnus Bane?

Then let me help,” Magnus says and slides behind Alec on the bed. He winds his left arm around Alec’s midriff, lacing their fingers together, and Alec stiffens for a moment, throwing a furtive glance at Jace, but then he relaxes and leans back against the warlock. Magnus looks at Jace challengingly, daring him to say anything damning. 

Jace lowers his eyes to his parabatai’s vulnerable wrist, offered so trustingly to him. He squeezes Alec’s hand gently. They will have to talk about this but now is not the right time or place. 

“Ready?” Jace asks, and when Alec nods, he lowers his stele to the wedding rune to draw a harsh line through it and severe the bond. 

The moment the stele touches the rune, Alec stiffens, and once Jace starts cutting through the bond, Alec throws his head back, resting it on Magnus’ shoulder, and his spine arches painfully. He clenches his teeth, making strained, choked off noises. And then he screams.

Magnus snaps his fingers, insulating the room, and squeezes Alec’s hand. Jace is working as fast as he can, but the bond’s fighting him, refusing to part. And then the skin starts peeling off Alec’s wrist, flesh burning, blackening, and Alec’s screaming in agony, his whole body taut.

When the marriage bond finally snaps, and Alec slumps in Magnus’ arms, unconscious, Jace is drenched in sweat, shaking all over and his heart’s hammering so hard his chest hurts. 

He watches as Magnus immediately starts pouring his blue magic into Alec’s arm, fixing the damage, while holding Alec gently to his chest, making calming noises while repeating softly, “It’s over, it’s done now, I’ve got you, it’s done…”

And Jace thinks, that yes, he and Alec will have to talk about… this, about Alec and Magnus, how it happened and when, but right now, Jace’s just grateful that Magnus is here, helping Alec. And loving him.