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"Now, Jack, have you listened to a single word I said at the briefing?" Daniel asked, exasperated.

They were seated on a log that served as a bench for the 'nice natives', said natives dancing merrily a few feet away.

"Yeah, but. Jumping into fire? You haven't said anything about it."

"Not into," Daniel corrected, giving Jack a stern look. "You have to 'fly over it so that the purifying flames take all of the misfortune away'. The locals believe in the cleansing qualities of fire, which is not surprising considering the source of--"

"Okay, okay, I get it," Jack interrupted. "Jump into fire, get cleansed, get home."

There was a snicker at Jack's other side, and he turned to give Carter a meaningful look.

"I'm sorry, sir, I think I... spotted a familiar face," she said hastily before retreating into a group of natives.

Jack heaved a long-suffering sigh.

"You have brought this upon yourself, O'Neill," Teal'c said from the far side of the log. "It is not wise to not listen in the briefings."

"Thank you, Teal'c," Daniel said, annoyingly. "My point exactly." He glared at Jack for good measure.

"But I did listen!" Jack protested, well aware that he sounded like a defiant school kid and not giving a damn. He did listen. Really. Before he got distracted by the movements of Daniel's lips, and then he had another kind of fire to deal with, squirming in his chair uncomfortably.

"Alright then." Daniel still didn't look convinced. "Just follow what we're doing."

Jack rolled his eyes. Wisely, he'd waited until Daniel's back was turned to him.

"Are you coming?" Daniel asked over his shoulder, and Jack groaned, his thoughts in a totally wrong place.

"There's no need to groan like that," Daniel said, walking towards the happily dancing crowd. "It's not dangerous. Unless you catch fire on your clothes."

Jack glared at the back of his head.

"So, here we are," Daniel announced as he stopped at the end of a line of people, moving steadily towards a big, cracking bonfire. "Just watch carefully and repeat what I do."

Jack stifled a sarcastic response.

The line moved quickly, and soon it was Daniel's turn. He crouched on the ground, head lowered, then stood up slowly and raised his hands, palms open, like he was holding something above his head. He then 'threw' that something into the fire and after a moment followed it, leaping across the burning logs, firelight catching on his glasses, before he landed on the other side of the bonfire.

"So?" he asked as he walked back to Jack's side. "Do you think you can do it?"

Jack muttered something, low and mostly inaudible. "...smoke..."

"You won't smoke, Jack, you're not a fish."

"O'Neill is saying you are 'smokin' hot', DanielJackson," Teal'c said calmly. Traitor.

"Ah, I didn't hear anything," Carter chirped from their other side. "No-one asked and no-one told." She grinned, too annoyingly happy.

Jack glared, and Daniel just looked between them, confused.