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Anime One-Shots

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I’m walking around the outside of the mansion, enjoying the rare calm of the Phantomhive Estate and the even rarer English sunshine. I’ve worked and lived here for six months and I love the family atmosphere that fills the place. The only thing that’s become weird is Sebastian. He started off as aloof with me as he is with everyone else then became positively friendly with me but now, he openly avoids me and I’m unsure why.

“Oh, hello kitty!” I gasp as I hear a meow.

I bend down to stroke the kitten, smiling as it seems so friendly. Must be one that Sebastian feeds.

“Aw you are just wonderful! If Lord Ciel would let me, I would keep you as a pet!” I coo as I stroke it.

I hear a noise and stand up straight, gasping as I see Sebastian standing in front of me.

“Sebastian! You scared me!” I gasp.

I blink as he suddenly steps forwards, causing me to lean my back against the wall of the building. I open my mouth to ask what he’s doing but his mouth lands on mine, stealing all thoughts and words. I tense at first but as his tongue slides against mine, I moan and lean into him. My hands grip his lapels as our lips and tongues moves against each other’s. I moan as he presses me against the wall, his hard-lithe body pressing against mine. His hands grip my hips and he deepens the kiss even more. My hands move into his hair and I pull him down against my mouth even harder.

“Sebastian!” I gasp when we finally separate for air.

“I’m sorry. I never should have taken such a liberty but you are enough to tempt a devil.” He says softly as he pulls away.

All I can do is stare as he walks away, fingers tracing my kiss swollen lips.