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Anime One-Shots

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A Calming Influence


“You want me to do what?!” I cry.

“Deliver these baked goods to the DWMA.” My boss says.

“But why me?” I ask.

“Because you’re the only one here and I stupidly thought you were one of my employees!” My boss yells.

“Okay.” I sigh.

“Good. Now most of this just goes to the kitchens but this box has to go to Lord Death directly.” He says handing me boxes.

“Wait, what? I have to see Lord Death in person?!” I squeak.

“Yes!” My boss growls.

“O… okay.” I mumble nervously.

I head off on my way to the DWMA, feeling my stomach flipping with nerves. I deliver the boxes to the kitchens and get directions to Lord Death’s ‘office’. I head off, feeling my nerves get worse and worse. By the time I make it face-to-face with Lord Death I’m sure I’m going to be sick. He appears to be having a meeting with one of his students when I arrive, so I hang back out of hearing range.

“Can I help you?” Lord Death asks, looking right at me.

“Oh! S… sorry. I have an order to deliver to you but I didn’t mean to disturb you!” I squeak in horror as the student is dismissed.

“Ooo I love these!” He says happily snatching the box from my hands.

“I’m glad.” I blush.

“Do you make these?” He asks me, tilting his head.

“Oh er yeah. Yes I do.” I blush even more.

“Well they’re wonderful. You should work in our kitchens!” He cries with glee.

“Uh, I’ll consider it.” I say, backing towards the door.

He nods at me as I leave and I quickly scurry off. As I head down the hall a student steps out in front of me. He looks me up and down with a glare and I realise he was the student that was having a meeting with Lord Death. I smile at him but he just scowls, walking up to me until I’m backed against the wall.

“You interrupted my meeting with Lord Death.” He snaps.

“I’m sorry, I was just doing my job.” I say, looking around nervously.

Some other students come out of a classroom, followed by a teacher rolling on his chair. They all stop and look at us.

“Leave her alone man.” One of the guys says.

“Shut up Soul. This has nothing to do with you.” The guy pinning me snaps.

“You can’t treat people like that!” Another says.

“Get lost Black Star!” The guy pinning me shouts.

“Shall I go tell my Father, Lord Death, how you’re treating a visitor to the academy?” Another guy says.

The guy pinning me doesn’t even blink at him. The teacher just sits there watching what happens. I just stare back at the guy in front of me. I wait to see what he’s going to do.

“A stupid little human shouldn’t be here in the first place!” The guy in front growls.

“That’s bull, Dude. If she was invited she can be here.” Soul says, angrily.

“She disturbed my meeting with Lord Death!” The guy in front of me shouts.

I just stand there keeping my mouth shut. Hopefully someone will calm him down. Before anyone else can see what he’s going to do he lifts his fist, aiming at my head. I duck it and punch him in the stomach. I may not be a weapon or meister but I’m sure as hell not helpless either.
He growls in rage and swings at me again. I grab his wrist, twisting his arm and flipping him to the ground. He grabs my ankle and I fall to the ground with a thud. I cry out at the contact but then roll as he tries to stomp on me. I leap back up just in time to avoid a kick. He swings at me again and as he does his arm becomes a blade. My eyes widen as I realise there’s no way for me to dodge it.
I squeeze my eyes shut, waiting for the blow but it never comes. I open my eyes again to see Lord Death’s son suddenly jump in front of me, blocking the blade with his guns. He shoots the guy in the chest and the guy falls to the floor unconscious.

“Are you okay?” Lord Death’s son asks me.

"Yes, thanks to you." I smile.

“You seemed to be handling yourself well.” The teacher says, rolling past us to grab the scary guy.

“I’ll walk you out.” Lord Death’s son says.

“Thank you.” I smile.

He leads me out of the academy with a smile.



A few days later and I‘m on another delivery for my boss. I’ve got to deliver more pastries to Lord Death. I head up the stairs to DWMA and spot Kid on his hands and knees, punching the ground. He’s crying and muttering something about being asymmetrical garbage.

“Kid?” I ask.

He glances at me and then continues to sob.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him, kneeling down.

“I’m asymmetrical garbage!” He wails.

“What’s happened?” I ask softly, cupping my hands over his cheeks to make him look at me.

“I can’t write my name!” He cries as I wipe his tears away.

“Why not?” I ask gently.

“I can’t get it perfect and then I ripped the paper so my exam is ruined and I’m going to fail!” He wails.

“Let me see.” I say, pulling away.

He passes me a sheet of paper and I grimace at it. He’s destroyed it.

“I’ll tell you what we’ll do. I have to deliver these to your Father, so come with me and we’ll see if he’ll let you retake it.” I say.

“But I’ll just ruin it again.” He pouts.

“I’ll read out the questions, you tell me the answers and I’ll write them for you. If you don’t look at it, it can’t annoy you.” I grin.

“It might work.” He mutters as I stand up.

“It will work, now come on. You’re eighteen not eight, get off the floor and stop whining.” I say cheekily.

“Don’t talk to me like that or else.” He says, standing up and glaring at me.

“Or what?” I reply, sticking my tongue out at him.

“Or I’ll figure out some way to punish you.” He mutters grumpily.

“Oo ‘punish’ me huh? Sounds fun.” I smirk, swaying my ass as I walk in front of him.

He makes a choking noise and then follows me. Lord Death is so happy about having the pastries that he agrees straight away to my plan. Kid and I head to an empty classroom and do his test. Professor Stein is watching over us to make sure there’s no cheating.

“Done!” I grin.

“Let me see it!” Kid shouts, lunging at me.

“Nope! You’ll just freak out or something!” I squeal, leaping from my chair and rushing to Professor Stein.

I give him the test and then run from the room as Kid chases me. When we hit the hall we stop and I grin at him.

“I did it.” He says happily.

“My plan worked!” I squeal, throwing my arms around his neck.

His arms wrap round my waist and he hugs me back. As I pull back a little we realise how close we are to each other. We stare at each other from barely an inch away as the world seems to slow down. He starts to lower his head towards me. I part my lips as I wait for his kiss. Just before our lips meet we hear a commotion from down the hall. We jump apart just as Black Star, Tsubaki, Maka, Soul, Liz and Patty come round the corner.

“I should get back to work.” I murmur, blushing.

“Thank you.” He smiles.

“Anytime.” I grin.

I feel his eyes on me the whole way out of the academy.



A few days later I’m on a delivery for my boss. Apparently he got a call from someone wanting pastries delivered to their house and wanted me to deliver them specifically. I’m a bit perplexed as to why anyone would want me to but I need to pay bills. I walk up the path of the building, marvelling at how nice the garden looks and knock on the door. When the door opens I gasp in surprise.

“Kid?!” I gasp in confusion.

“Hi. Come in.” He says, looking at the floor and gesturing inside the house.

I walk inside and smile at the pure symmetry that is everywhere. I enter his living room and he points to a seat.

“Is something wrong?” I ask him.

“Yes, why wouldn’t it be?” He says quietly.

“I’ll leave these here then and go.” I say slowly, wondering what’s wrong.

“No!” He cries, finally looking at me.

“Why are you crying?” I ask as I see the tears rolling down his face.

“I ripped a couple of buttons off my shirt so it’s not symmetrical anymore.” He mumbles.

“Well take it off then.” I shrug.

“You want to see me shirtless that badly?” He chuckles.

“Yes. Wait, no! I mean… I…” I stop rambling, blushing in horror.

He walks up to me with a smirk. I just stare at him as he begins to undo his shirt buttons. My mouth goes dry, my breath speeds up and my brain turns to mush as he reveals more and more of his torso. I thought he was skinny but he’s not. He’s actually nicely toned with well-defined muscles. As he gets closer to me my hands seem to take on a mind of their own. I reach out and run my hands down his chest and stomach, feeling my pussy clench and get wet.
His smirk falls as he looks into my eyes. I have no idea what he sees but if my eyes look anywhere near as hungry as his, then I get why he looks lost. He lowers his head slightly but before he kisses me, he grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls my head back. I gasp at the tug but feel my pussy throb and then his mouth meets mine. With a feral growl he begins to devour me, tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth whilst he nips my lips.
He grabs my hip with his other hand and pulls me against him, grinding our hips together. I moan into his mouth whilst clinging onto his shoulders. He walks me backwards until I slam against the wall with a cry. He releases my hair in order to grip my thighs, lifting me so I can wrap my legs round his waist. He pushes against me so he can grind his erection against my core and I cry out again.
He growls and begins to nibble and suck my neck. I whimper and my hands run into his hair. He growls again and pulls me from the wall. He carries me through his house, not stopping his attack on my neck, until we reach his bedroom. He drops me down unceremoniously and then crawls onto the bed over me. He grabs my blouse and rips it open, groaning when he realises I’m not wearing a bra.
He leans his head down and bites down on one nipple, grinding it gently between his teeth. I moan and grasp his hair and buck my hips up so I can rub against him. He grunts and uses one hand to pin my hips down. I whimper and run my nails down his chest. He kneels up and I whimper at the loss of contact.
He pulls his shirt off and then pulls off mine. He runs his hands down my body, over my breasts, to my jeans button. I whine as he slowly undoes my jeans and then slides them off. He stands up to pull them off my feet, taking my shoes with them, and then undoes his own trousers. I sit up and push his hands away. He looks at me in shock and I smile at him. I finish undoing his trousers and then push them down his legs.
I whimper when I see his cock, dripping and straining for my attention. He is a lot bigger than I thought he would be. I run my hand down his shaft and he groans. I go to push my mouth down him but Kid grabs my hair and pulls my head back. I whine and look at him questioningly.

“I want to be inside your pussy not your mouth. I want to feel you clamp around me as I fuck you. I want to feel you gush on me as you scream my name when I make you cum.” He says huskily.

I can’t think of any words all I can do is mewl at him. He smirks at him and lowers himself down so he can ravage my mouth again. I bite his bottom lip and he groans. He pushes me down roughly and then grabs my thighs, opening my legs widely. He kneels between my legs and thrusts his cock into my pussy in one hard shove.
I arch and scream my pleasure. He moans as I arch, tightening around him, and begins to pound into me mercilessly. Each thrust makes me bounce and I feel him slam home every time. I grasp the back of his shoulders and my nails scratch into him. He doesn’t seem to mind though. He releases my thighs and I wrap my legs around his hips. He grabs my ass and tilts my hips so he can get a deeper angle that grinds him against my clit too.
I moan and whimper as he fucks me, unable to think at all. My nails dig in enough to draw blood and he grunts then fucks me even harder. I cry out and he leans down closer to me and kisses along my collarbone. I bury my head in the crook of his neck and whimper as he bites down on my shoulder.
I feel the arousal building in my stomach and I know I’m going to cum soon. I whine as he pinches on of my nipples, twisting as he does. I scream and my climax rushes over me. My vision goes and all consciousness flees my mind and I just become sensations and cry his name over and over. In the rush of pleasure I bite down on Kid’s shoulder, drawing blood, and he shouts out as he cums. He cums in huge spurts, filling my pussy until I feel our juices run down my crease. He cries my name as my pussy milks him dry.
We come back down together, panting for breath between tender kisses. Kid collapses on me, using his elbows to keep his weight off me. I sigh in satisfaction and Kid chuckles. He pulls out and gently pulls me up the bed until we’re lying on the pillows. He pulls me closer until my back is flush with his chest and wraps his arms round me. I hum happily and Kid kisses my neck.

“I’m sorry for scratching and biting you so hard.” I mumble tiredly.

“Did it seem like I was bothered?” He chuckles.

“No, but I’m still sorry.” I shrug.

He chuckles and snuggles in against my hair.

“We made a mess.” I mumble as I see the clothes strewn across the floor.

“I don’t care.” He mumbles.

“But nothing’s symmetrical at the moment!” I gasp in mock horror.

“I still don’t care enough to move away from you. Maybe you’re a calming influence.” He whispers.

I smile to myself at the thought of him relaxing about symmetry because of me. As I drift off to sleep I admit to myself that I want this to be more than a one-off, but that’s a problem for tomorrow.