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“Anna-san, who’s coming today?”

“Some other friends and faculty staffs. Zeppel-sen… the Principal will come back too.”

“Now I think about it, there’s no one else around beside us. Where did they go?”

“Council meeting. We’re in charge of watching this place.”

Ulrika, Lily, and Whim helped Anna preparing foods in kitchen while Uryu is sleeping near them. At first Whim insists that she will do twice the work and told Lily to relax. But Lily also insists that this is a necessary training to be a proper lady. And besides, she’s just helping. Whim reluctantly agree.

A few days has passed since they meet Vayne in deep ruins. Thanks to a certain someone, they barely has anything to do in the empty campus. Some of them decide to help the older group to do chores while some others are banned from doing so. Chloe and kitchen is something they want to avoid at any cost while Et and kitchen means disaster.

This morning Anna, who is in charge of kitchen today, told them to prepare more food than the usual since some more peoples are coming. It’s just occurred to them that the campus is unusually empty. They finally finished with their work after a couple of hours. Anna told them to go out and greet the guests and tell them to head to cafeteria soon while she finish the rest and watch over Uryu.

“So the Principal is coming… I wonder if Tony-sensei will come too…”

Ulrika can’t help but to miss her homeroom teacher since she’s back in the academy. But then she remember about Corona and start to feel sorry for him.

“It will be a lot noisier then. And it’s already noisy enough that it didn’t really occurs to me that we’re practically the only one around here.”

“The Vice Principal is really flashy after all.”

“And it’s not just him.”

Lily sigh at the memories of their few days here. It’s so bizarre with a beautiful song flowing along with some explosion mixed with the sound of metal clashing and a few more shout ...and scream. Most of them traced back to the infamous Vice Principal, while some others are their doing. From Chloe’s charm to Corona’s insult. It doesn’t help that Et likes to play around literally everywhere. Whim could only weakly laugh.

They arrived at the gate to greet the newcomers. But to their surprise, they didn’t found their teachers nor the Principal. Instead, there’s three women heading towards their way. Two women walk side by side while the other one is sitting in a wheeled chair.

The women in right has a long silver hair which slightly curled. The best way to describe her is she’s a beautiful woman in gothic style fashion. The woman beside her has a shoulder length blonde hair. She too is pretty beautiful and stylish with natural make up, nail polish, perfectly coordinated clothes, and stuff. The last woman sit in a wheeled chair pushed by the gothic lady. She has a long pink hair, loosely braided in two. She wear a plain light colored dress in contrast of the flashy two. While she can’t be compared to the beautiful women behind her, there’s no mistaking that she’s also very pretty in her own right.

They pretty sure that they never saw them before. Maybe beside the blonde woman. Ulrika swore she saw the woman in fashion magazine once or twice before.

“Uh… um… I heard the Principal is coming…”

Ulrika awkwardly begin. The three women exchange a confused glance for a moment. The pink haired woman clapped her hand in realization.

“Ah, you mean Zeppel-sensei! I forgot he’s the principal now.”

“I don’t even know he’s the principal.”

“Zeppel-kun is the principal? It does not suit him~”

The pink haired woman seems to be rather happy, the blonde woman is not really interested, while the silver haired woman sweetly insult him. Lily, Ulrika, and Whim just know that the three of them are related to the group inside. They just know.

“So, umm… the Principal?”

“It seems they’re still not here.”

The pink haired woman answer. The blonde woman sigh irritatingly.

“Means that stupid husband of mine is still not here too.”


Lily, Ulrika, and Whim ask at the same time. The silver haired woman laugh softly.

“Ufufu. It’s Tony-kun.”

“Tony...kun… TONY-SENSEI!?”

Ulrika screamed. Lily is as surprised as she is… she’s just keep her reaction lower than her.

“So, so… you’re Tony-sensei’s wife?”

“I do heard that he’s already married… But I don’t think that he has such a beautiful wife.”

The blonde woman lightly laugh and stepped forward.

“My, my. I should at least praise him for not spreading his foul mouth to the students. I like sweet mouthed kids, you see. By the way, I’m Renee. Renee Eisler.”

The blonde woman introduce herself. The pink and silver haired woman following.

“I’m Jessica Philomele. Call me Jess, okay?”

“My name is Pamela Ibis. But please just call me Pamela.”

“I-I-I’m U-Ulrika Mu-Mulberry.”

Ulrika nervously introduce herself.

“I’m Liliane Vehlendorf. And this is my mana and personal attendant, Whim.”

Lily introduce herself and Whim. Whim lightly bow at the three women. Ulrika leaned closer to Jess.

“Jess-san I read your alchemy books! They’re so good! I never thought I could meet you in person!”

Ulrika excitedly declared. Jess smiled at her.

“You read them? I’m so happy.”

“You never thought? But Nikki-san told us a few days ago.”

Whim thoughtlessly said. Ulrika pout at her in mix of anger and embarrassment.

“I… I mean before that!”

They lightly laugh at Ulrika which make her pout even more.

“Nikki-chan is already here?”

Jess ask which is answered by Lily.

“Yes, she’s inside. Anna-san, Vayne-san, and the Vice Principal is there too.”

“Who’s the Vice Principal?”

Renee ask. Jess and Pamela laugh… quite hard.

“It’s Flay-senpai!”

Jess answer in between of her laughter. Renee gasp in surprise, but regained her composure quite fast.

“I see… Flay. Well it’s more believable than Zeppel-sensei is the Principal.”

To bad for Renee because neither of it is a joke.

“Maybe we should make Flay-kun the principal!”

Pamela happily declare out of nowhere. Renee laugh at Pamela’s “joke”.

“Then the academy’s long history will finally end in a blink.”

“We could put Vayne-kun or Roxis-kun as the Vice Principal! It will be fun!”

Pamela insists. At this point it’s already become a bit hard to say that she’s just joking. Jess laugh weakly and cut them short.

“I’ll pray for both them so it won’t come true. And it’s not good to ignore the girls.”

Renee and Pamela gasp and glancing at the girls apologetically.

“No, no! It’s okay!”

Ulrika waves both of her hand hastily. Lily simply smile knowingly.

“It’s okay. But before that, Renee-san, Jess-san, and Pamela-san…”

Pamela put her index finger in Lily’s mouth to shut her up.

“It’s Pamela, no honorifics.”



Pamela spell her name playfully. Lily is hesitating but giving up in the end since Pamela really insist to call her just by name.

“O-okay then… Pamela. Why don’t we get in first. It must be tiring to talk here, in front of gate.”

“Oh my, I don’t realize.”

Pamela gasped at the realization. Renee taking over the handle of Jess’ wheelchair and push it.

“We should get moving then.”

“I’ll wait for the principal group to come then. We've been told by Anna-san to greet them and tell them to head to cafetaria.”

Whim offered. Pamela smile sweetly at her.

“Let them be. They’ll come on their own when they’re hungry anyway.”

“Yeah, yeah. They’re men after all.”

“Okay then.”

Ulrika laugh it off and walk with them. Whim follow them without any complaint.

In a place a bit far from the academy, Raze and Ena walk together heading towards Learning Bridge.

“Sorry make you stick around with me. Stupid sis is lingering around the campus and I don’t want her to be anywhere near my stuff while I work on them.”

“It’s okay, I need a place to practice my swing anyway. And it’s a nice breather to be away from crowd for once.”

Just like Ena said, he need a place away from his sister to do some maintenance on his robotic arm, but it’s dangerous for him to do maintenance of his weapon in a place full of monster. So he ask Raze to go with him. Actually he also think about asking Yun, but he’s not so sure about Corona.

They walk together in silence. While it’s true that they don’t really have a common topic to talk about, there’s also a case where they doesn’t know what to say when they caught a certain silver haired man peeking from behind a row of barrels. Which is exactly now.

For starter, Raze decide to start with the basic thing.

“Vayne-san, what are you doing?”

Vayne step out from his hiding place and dust his pants and coat. He’s pretty dirty for some reason.

“Do you see senpai anywhere?”

“Vice Principal? Nope. Why?”

Ena lightly answer. Vayne sigh in relieve.

“I’ve been running away from him. That person really need to listen what others say more often.”

“What he did this time?”

Raze sympathetically sigh along with Vayne.

“He drag me out for a spar since 7.”

It was almost 10 AM the last time they check their watch when they leave Living Water Forest.

“You’ve been sparing with THAT Vice Principal for two hours!?”

Ena surprised. The last time they fight the said man, they could only last about one hour and half. And it was with the 10 of them (since Lily and Whim are basically counted as one).

“No, I mean... it’s 7 PM… yesterday. And he drag me out before I got a chance to get my dinner so I’m really hungry now. Senpai already ate when we spar and literally said [Beat me if you want some food]. And so I ran away.”

Both Raze and Ena really feel sorry for the man now. The Vice Principal is reckless, but no one they know ever had it until this far. But somehow they can believe that he really did it. They don’t know what kind of word should they give to the man, and so they just stay by his side for a moment.

“Can you guys talk somewhere else beside in the middle of road?”

A familiar voice called out from behind them. They turn their head to find a redhaired man carrying scythe and another man with long blonde hair and glasses.

“Tony-sensei!” “Roxis!”

All three of them called out at the same time.

“Why the hell are you kids doing this early? And what’s with this odd member? You’re the kid from Ulrika’s atelier, right?”

“There’s a slight mishap with… a lot of thing and they ended up arrived way earlier than expected.”

Tony ask and answered by Vayne. Roxis staring at both of Raze and Ena from behind his glasses.


“Graduated last year.”

Tony shortly answer. They took this chance to introduce themselves.

“My name is Ennarsia Dysler.”

“Razeluxe Meitzen.”

“Roxis Rosenkrantz.”

“We’re done with introduction, so let’s get going. I’m tired. Except if you guys still want to talk in the middle of road.”

Tony walk ahead without even waiting for their answer. Vayne shrug it off and followed him along with the others.

“Where’s Zeppel-sensei and the others? The meeting was already ended, right?”

Vayne ask Roxis since Tony doesn’t seems like in the mood to explain.

“Isolde-sensei is still holding off the Board Director. Naturally the Principal is also dragged along. By the way he said that it’s a shame that you’re not present in the meeting.”

“No way, they hate me.”

Vayne bitterly laugh. Roxis sigh and push his glasses upward.

“Not all of them.”

“The rest of them are mostly love to have me on top of their experiment table.”

“That… I can’t deny.”

Roxis admit. Sometimes he wish that this friend and rival of him would just stop to think so negatively. That part of him is still not changed at all ever since their student days, unfortunately. The difference is only he used to be so gloomy with it while he’s now really great at masking it with smile and laugh.

They passed the gate as they talk. A few step later, a presence suddenly appeared behind them. It’s no other than the Vice Principal, Flay Gunnar.

“Running away from fight like that and you call yourself a man?”

Flay smirked darkly.

“Running away is also a way to fight, is what Lorr-sensei taught me. And I’m hungry.”

Usually that phrase will get into Vayne. But not this time since he’s too hungry to even care about being a man or not. It’s a shame for him that Flay doesn’t looks satisfied.

“You just have to win.”

“Don’t ask the impossible, I’m saving my energy now. But if you insists, we can continue here.”

Vayne offers, fully intending on dragging some more of them. Tony play along with a burning spirit.

“Let me in. I can put resting behind if I got a chance to beat this guy to pulp.”

Tony joined Vayne’s side. Roxis seems to think whichever he should join one side or move to sideline. Then he looks at Vayne, Flay, and Tony. He’s pretty sure that they won’t let anyone walk out before the fight end.

“No choice, I’ll join too. I got some grudge I want to settle anyway.”

Roxis joined Vayne and Tony’s side. Flay looks really happy to have more challenger.

“Fine by me. Raze! You come here!”

Raze think for a second and walk to Vayne-Tony-Roxis team.

“Sorry, Sensei. I’ll join this side.”


“What!? You’re joining?”

Flay shout at Raze. Ena is surprised that Raze decide to voluntarily join the fight. He’s always with Ulrika, so he doesn’t know how Raze usually behave but it always strike to him that Raze is not the type to fight needlessly.

“In the end, he gave us the diploma after playing around for the whole morning. It still bothers me that I don’t get the diploma on my own. I already know that it’s impossible to win against him even with all of us, but maybe we can win this time. With this member.”

“Ah… the graduation chaos. But I get the point. I’d love to beat this teacher for once.”

It makes both Vayne and Roxis wonder what Flay actually do during the whole year to have his own student to hold so much grudge on him. And what’s with that graduation chaos anyway.

“Urghh… Fine! Bring it on!”

Inside cafeteria, the girls are chatting among themselves. Fully aware of the chaos outside.

“Um… is it okay to let the guys fighting outside?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Just let them be.”

Ulrika worriedly ask, but Nikki just lightly tell her to ignore them.

“Actually I’m pretty surprised that Et is still here…”

“The food is good! Lily, you should eat more!”

Et continue to get more food. Somehow Lily can accept the reason why that wild girl is still here and not jump into the fight like she always do. Lily stare at the pile of food and put her hand at her own stomach. Sometimes she really envy Et for being able to stay slim even with that appetite.

“No thanks.”

“Yun-san, you’re not joining?”

Chloe quietly put her coffee down and ask Yun.

“I’ll put Corona a lot of burden if I fight on my own. I don’t have enough reason to do that.”

“Is it that tiring?”

Ulrika barge in into the conversation.

“I feel pretty tired when Yun use his power.”

Corona indifferently say. Somehow Yun’s expression looks a bit sadder.

“On that point, Milady is really amazing. I could even revert to my original form once in awhile just to stretch my body and she’s not even tired.”

Corona suddenly stop eating and stare at Lily. Lily noticed and start to sweat, hoping that the girl won’t say anything… hurtful.

“I… It’s nothing.”

Corona quietly continue to eat, leaving a confused Lily.

“But is it really that tiring? Uryu use his power like crazy once and I don’t really feel it.”

“It’s because you still haven’t really contracted with Uryu.”

Chloe calmly state. Most of them look at Ulrika in surprised.

“You’re still not contracted with Uryu?”

“I just assume that you already contracted to him.”

One by one they voice out their surprise, almost in a same time.

“Uhhh… I’m not?”


“You just keep him close ever since he was born.”

Chloe explained as Ulrika and Uryu are not aware about it themselves.

“Umm… is there any special ceremonies or something to properly make a contract?”

“There’s nothing special. We just need to make a link between the mana and the contractor. This is done from the mana’s side.”

Yun explained. Whim smiled softly at Uryu.

“I can’t be helped if Uryu-san doesn’t know how to. If it’s okay, maybe I can help to teach him. I don’t know if I can teach it properly or not though...”

“It feels pretty different from mana to mana, but I’ll help as much as I can too.”

Whim and Yun offers their help. Nikki gulp her food before speaking out of manner.

“Try to ask Vayne too. Maybe he can help a bit.”

“Ah, Vayne-san was a mana too. Did he had a master?” Lily ask.

“Yeah, a cool old man named Sulpher. He could be a jerk sometimes though.”

“For Vayne he’s more like a father or brother than a master though.”

“If I remember correctly, Suplher-san was Theophrastus’ traveling companion wasn’t it?”

“Ah, I heard that from Isolde-sensei. She also said that he’s the only one who watch over Theophrastus until the end too.”

Jess, Anna, and Renee add to Nikki’s short explanation, which is still so vague. It can’t be helped that they imagined a strict looking gentleman with a faint kind-looking smile.

“Sulpher-san… seems like a cool guy. Will he come too?”

Ulrika excitedly ask. Nikki, Jess, and Anna looks a bit uneasy with the question.

“Uhh… Sulpher-san is…”

“He passed away a few years ago.”

Anna took too long to answer and so Pamela finish it for her. Unlike Anna, looks like the idea of death is not really matters to Pamela.

“I’m sorry…”

Ulrika bow her head and apologize.

“Well, he’s really old after all…”

Jess answer sadly. Pamela pouted without any sad look at her.

“It’s a shame that he’s already gone when I went shopping for groceries. I though he can be my new friend...”

“New friend? And what… Pamela, you’re living with Sulpher-san?”

“Ahaha just ignore that part. Pamela is traveling with Vayne and Sulpher.”

Nikki hurriedly put the topic about Pamela’s friend aside and trying to make Ulrika focus on the other topic instead. Pamela put her right hand on her cheek and sigh.

“We travel here and there all the time, rarely staying at one place. I’m so tired sometimes.”

“I think it’s Pamela’s fault.”

Jess comment fall on deaf ear as there’s something more pressing matter to discuss.

“Umm… is that okay with Nikki-san?”

“I’m pretty jealous to be honest. But when I think about future, I believe it’s better that they get along from now.”

Nikki smiled bitterly, seems not noticing how wrong that come out.

“Punii puni puniiii...”

“[Her husband is making a future with another woman…] is what my sister said.”

“Sounds fishy.”

Puniyo and Chloe suspiciously eyeing both Nikki and Pamela. Nikki flushed and slam both of her hand to the table.

“No! It’s not like that! I mean… there’s a lot of adult reasoning!”


Lily’s face become really red too, thinking about the possible ‘adult reasoning’ that happened between them.

“Uhh… that came out wrong too… how should I put it…”

“No need to worry~ It’s impossible for Vayne-kun to cheat~ I even seriously think that it will rain flames when I know that Vayne-kun is the first one among us to marry~”

In contrast to Nikki, Pamela took it lightly and laugh it off. Nikki instantly calmed and pity her husband.

“Pamela, that’s a pretty cruel thing to say.”

No need to say that everyone agree with her.

“Hey, hey! It seems that things escalated really nicely outside!”

Et shout from window. They’re too caught up with their conversation to notice that the fight becomes a lot more noisier. They walk to window to see how the guys doing. It seems Pepperon and Goto also joined on Flay’s side.

“It seems really fun! I’m full now, so I’m joining in~!”

Et opened the window and try to jump outside, but Lily pull her back into the cafeteria.

“Wait up! Don’t you dare to join in.”

“Yeah, we should stop them!”

Ulrika shout out, even though she is not sure how.

“Puni punini.”

“My sister is refusing to jump into that.”

“Nor me. Count me out.”

Puniyo and Nikki backed off from the deathly role.

“No way I’m doing it~”

“Me too.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I can handle it.”

Pamela, Renee, and Anna also backed off. Jess smiles and opened a window on her side.

“Then, leave it to me! Sylph!”

A wind mana appears and lift Jess from her chair with her wind. Ulrika stare at her in awe.

“You’re floating!”

“Yep. I might not be able to walk with my own feet anymore, but I still can move around and fight like this!”

Jess proudly say while making a little twirl in the air.

“A real slave driver if I may.”

Her mana sarcastically reply. Jess pout and flung a white pot-like bag with gold trim on her shoulder.

“Don’t say that! Come on.”

Sylph shrug her shoulders and fly after Jess who already took off to the sky.

Outside, the flame of war still raging. Vayne and Raze’s team is a bit losing at this moment. They may have advantage at number, but their lineup is a bit mess. Two magician, one close combat fighter, one support fighter, and one dying man while in the other team are two close combat powerhouse and one support fighter.

“Come on. Try a bit harder.”

Flay taunt them arrogantly even though he’s breathing heavily.

“Ugh… if only those two don’t interfere.”

Tony is already struggling to stand by leaning on his scythe. Raze already discarded his coat and vest aside, but keeping his glove on to have a better grip on his sword handle. Ena’s about to run out of ammo and his robot hand already scratched here and there even though he’s just finished the maintenance. Looks like he need to do another maintenance soon. Roxis is sweating hard and his usually tidy hair is a mess, but seems a lot more better than his other teammates. On other hand, Vayne looks the worst. He looks like ready to faint at any moment. On other team, Pepperon and Goto doesn’t looks like they can endure much longer, but Flay seems still can go for another hour or two.

On the heat of battle, a soft voice echoed from above.

“Everyone~ Lunch is ready from a long time ago~!”

Jess call out from above them. They stop their movement, but still ready to start another fight.

“That big sister is flying!”

“Ahaha… What a strange lady. At least she’s decent enough not to show her panties.”

Pepperon and Goto raise their head towards Jess. Well, Jess wears dress and she’s floating above them.

“Who’s that lady?”

“I don’t feel this is going to end up well.”

Ena questioningly gaze at Jess. Raze already moved backward in case something happen.

“Stop the fight or I’ll drop this!”

Jess pull out a black round object about thrice the size of head from her smaller bag. Don’t ask how.



Vayne and Flay scream at the same time. Some of them are confused, but decide to obey the warning. The others are already aware of the danger and fled.

“One~ Two~”

Jess drop the object without even waiting for their answer.

The explosion is something that will engraved in their mind for the rest of their life.




“Geez, to think that Raze also joined in that mess.”

“I’m really sorry, milady.”

Lily lightly scold Raze as she put a band aid on the wound on his forehead. The guys are pretty much alive, but wounded more than needed. The girls are currently treating their wound.

“It’s a good thing that you’re still alive.”


“I said I’m sorry.”

Yun and Corona joined on scolding Raze while helping Whim distributing the first aid supply here and there.

“That seems like a lot of fun! I should have joined in...”

“Maybe next time.”

“You really should! We’ll make an invincible team.”

Et, Goto, and Pepperon are having fun more than they should. Considering the amount of injured peoples.

“I could finally eat…”

“Is it good?”


Vayne (finally) munching on a sandwich happily while Nikki treat his wounds.

“Jess, it’s not good to drop a bomb on people.”

“Please shut up and let me treat you properly, senpai. From what I heard it’s all your fault in the first place.”

“Don’t sweat out trivial things. It was fun before the bomb.”

Flay unusually sit in a chair and let Anna treat him… not peacefully.

“Punii… Puniiii?”

“My sister is really worried about you.”

“Don’t worry, I got to escape really fast with the booster in my robotic arm. But damn… I need to fix that guy all over again.”


Ena manage to escape from the bomb farthest than anyone else thanks to his robotic arm that is currently overheated and need another repair right away.

“Okay, Roxis-kun~ It’s done~”

“Thank you. Sorry for the trouble.”

“It’s okay~ It’s partly my job anyway~”

Pamela put the remaining bandage back to the first aid box. Roxis exhale a bit loudly as he pushed his glasses upwards. It’s really a good thing that the glasses didn’t suffer any damage.

“Geez it’s almost 4 years since the last time I saw you, and you’re covered with wounds.”

“It’s one rare chance to beat up that damned man!”

“And yet you’re still losing.”


Renee reluctantly treating Tony, even though she also pour more salt at his wounded pride. If you ask Renee, she will say he’s cute like that.

After treating the wounded guys, they continue to eat together and chatting for another one or two hours.

“Fuaaaahh… So sleepy…”

Vayne let out a big yawn not too long after eating. Well, he skipped out sleep thanks to a certain someone.

“Don’t sleep after eating~ You’ll get fat~”

Pamela lightly reminds Vayne who already start to doze off in his seat. Roxis get up from his seat and lightly tap Vayne.

“Fat or not, you still have some documents from the meeting to check. Don’t sleep.”

“Eehh… Can I do it tomorrow? Why a random traveling doctor like me need to check council’s document anyway?”

“No, it’s urgent. And you know the most why you need to do it.”

“But I’m tired…”

Jess smile widely and pull a vial with some purple liquid.

“If you’re that tired…”

“Roxis! Where’s the documents!?”

Vayne suddenly get up from his seat, surprising most of the younger group with his sudden change of heart. Roxis softly smile, like he already know this will happen, and pull out a thick map from his bag and hand it to Vayne.


“Right, I’ll check it right away on my room. See you guys later.”

Vayne dashed out of cafeteria in hurry. The younger group just sent him off in silence and confusion.

“What was that?”

Raze ask, but no one really answer him. Roxis laugh darkly.

“Your medicine always do a good job, in a lot of way. You have my thanks.”

“What do you mean!?”

“Just what I said. Well then, I need to make sure he doesn’t sleep on top of desk. Please excuse me.”

Roxis walk out from the cafeteria, following Vayne. Jess pout angrily.

“Both Vayne and Roxis are such a meanie.”

“Umm…. Jess-san, what exactly is that?”

Ulrika finally ask. Her curiosity beat her fear.

“This? It’s just an energy drink. Want some?”

“Uhh… no thanks.”

Many call Ulrika stupid. Well, she’s a bit slow but she’s not THAT stupid. And she extremely value her own life, so no thanks.

“Okay then… Ah, Flay-senpai. You’re tired too, right? Have some!”

“I’m good. I’ll retire early since I don’t really have any job today.”

Flay calmly refuse Jess’ offer and stand. Tony angrily slam the table with his hand… which covered in bruise. He cringe and regret his decision to slam the table a bit.

“Damn you Flay! You still got a lot of work, don’t you dare to run away!”

“What can be done tomorrow will be done tomorrow. Farewell!”

Flay disappeared right in front of their eyes… like he usually did. Tony’s face become red in anger and he burst out from the room screaming.

“WAIT UP DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Renee sigh and get another first aid box.

“That guy is my husband… for once. I’ll make sure he’s not dead.”

Renee slowly walk outside. Her steady footstep echoed faintly and disappear into distance. No sign of running or hurrying up in general.

“... did that Vice Principal just run away…?”

Ena ask hesitantly. Still not quite believing what he just saw even though Nikki already told them about this before.

“He did.”

“He completely did.”

Goto and Pepperon continued. More amused than surprised.


Chloe quietly whisper to herself. Jess pout even more, if that possible.

“Why is everyone so mean to me?”

Chloe get up from her seat and walk to Jess.

“Jess… san? Can I have that energy drink? I’m interested to study it.”

“Sure. Here you go.”

Chloe took the vial and study it before carefully keep it with both of her hand.

“Thank you. I want to work on it immediately, so excuse me.”

“I’ll help!”

Chloe walk out followed by Jess who roll her own wheelchair. Silence turned into dread for everyone left in the room.

“Isn’t that bad…?”

Lily anxiously ask, basically just to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

“I thought so.”


Nikki answer nervously. Hoping someone would deny her. Anna is still unable to catch the danger.

“It is.”

Ena heavily sigh. Remembering what Chloe could do by herself.

“It’s not bad. It’s VERY bad.”

Ulrika already shaken in terror, remembering what Chloe could do even by herself.

The room became silent again. No one willing to stop them. Ulrika look around to see that they, even Anna, are as uneasy as she is. Ulrika steeled her resolve and stand.

“I’ll go. Uryu, please wait here.”

Ulrika put Uryu in table. Uryu looks at Ulrika with his big eyes.


“Lily, Raze. If I don’t come back…”

Ulrika looks straight into their eyes with her own resolve. They understand that there’s no stopping her.

“I understand. Nothing will happen to Uryu.”

Lily return Ulrika’s resolve with her promise. Raze give her a smile to assure her.

“I’ll at least pick your bone.”

“Thank you.”

Before Ulrika manage to get out, Pepperon shout at her.

“Big sis, please reconsider!”

Ulrika stop and turn her head. Her hand is still in the door frame.

“Pepperon, it’s okay. She’s my friend and I’m partly responsible for what she did. And so I’ll stop her. As her friend. As an alchemist.”

Pepperon stay quiet, unable to convince her. Ulrika look at them for the last time and turn her back again.

“I’m off.”

Ulrika run off chasing Chloe and Jess. Uryu sway his head side to side, thinking on his own. Ulrika told Uryu to wait, but Uryu too has his own thinking.

“U! Uryu doesn’t wait! Uryu want with Uryurika!”

Uryu fly above their head and follow Ulrika.

“Ah, Uryu!”

Lily stand from her seat, trying to chase after Uryu. She already promised to Ulrika, and she’s not want to break her promise just yet. Raze stand in front of Lily, effectively stopping her.

“Milady, I’ll go get him.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll be okay.”

Lily reluctantly drop back to her seat. She look straight at Raze.

“Promise me you’ll return to my side.”

It’s not a request, but an order. Raze smile at his mistress.

“I promise.”

And he rush out chasing Uryu.

From the other end of seat, Anna looking at them with wonder.

“I know it is bad, but is there really any reason to make it this dramatic? I know senpai’s invention may a bit dangerous, but she won’t purposely give something lethal to us.”

“That bomb is not lethal!?”

Ena’s protest fall into deaf ear as Anna continue without any interruption.

“And beside Chloe and Ulrika is a close friend, right? I don’t think she’ll die.”

“Punini puni puni.”

“My sister said that it’s important to go with the flow at time like this.”

“That’s right! Read the mood!”

Puniyo and Nikki answer Anna’s question. Anna, being a serious woman she is, actually considering their answer.

“I understand. I’ll be more careful next time.”

“Anna-chan is such a good girl~”

“Pamela-senpai, please don’t treat me like a kid anymore. It’s embarrassing.”

“It’s okay~ Anna-chan is always a little girl to me even when you turn into an old wrinkled grandma~”

“Give it up. Pamela is always like that.”

Pamela hug Anna from behind and pat her head like she’s a kid. Nikki amusedly look at them. It’s such a relieve to see that the adults are not that different from the younger ones. They interact almost like there’s no age barrier between them.

“So, what is so bad about this?”

Et ignorantly ask. Ena is about to launch a missile at this sister of him if his robotic arm is not broken. But missile or no missile, he still could have an argument with Et… or not.

It’s only midday, and yet another chaos already started.


Extra: Pamela

“Pamela, why are you insisted to be called without honorifics?”

Lily asked Pamela at one time. It still bother her that she actually called someone older than her without honorifics as it is rude according to her manners.

“Hmmm… I want to be friends with everyone without being that formal~”

“I see… I don’t really mind if you insist. But, pardon me for asking this, but isn’t it rude to call someone older than you like that? Like how you call the Vice Principal.”

“Flay-kun? Older than me? No way~! I know him since he’s just a freshman~”

“Eh!? I was so sure that you’re younger than him…”

“Really? You flatter me so much, Lily-chan~”

“Umm… It is rude to ask your age, right?”

“Yes, it is~ Lily-chan is a good girl, so she won’t ask, right~?”

“Yes, of course!”

She tried to ask the others about this and found no answer ‘till the end.