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“So that person is Vayne…”

Ulrika wonder as they grouped with the mana and Vayne.

“Ooooh so this is your wife. You got a pretty one here.”

A mana with yellow spirit light body and carrying a pair of big metallic ball nudge Vayne teasingly. Both Nikki and Vayne blush at the mana’s teasing.

“Stop teasing me. Why are you all here anyway? What about the thing I ask you guys to do?”

Vayne slapped the mana’s hand and put a stern face.

“She said we can see your wife.”

Another mana pointed at the wind mana lady.

“And some other FRESH alchemists too.”

Another one continued, stressing at the ‘fresh’ word.

“Too bad some of them seems already contracted to a mana.”

The yellow mana that tease Vayne stroked his nonexistent beard as it assessing the younger group up and down, making the younger group uneasy.

“Stop scaring them. You got what you want to see, right. Can you guys just… leave us for a while?”

Vayne sigh at those mana.

“Sure, sure. We’ll leave you alone with your wife. Come on, kids we got to give a lovey-doovey couple a nice time alone.”

The yellow mana gesture towards the younger groups to come with them. They can barely stifle their laughter when they see how red Vayne’s face become.

“Sorry guys, wait a minute okay? Come on, Vayne.”

Nikki wink at them with a mischievous grin. Vayne hung his head low in defeat.

“Why are you guys so mean? I don’t care anymore. Just say what you want.”

Vayne walk slowly to one of the crystal, close his eyes, and put his hand on it. It seems like he’s doing something to the crystal as he stop being responsive to their voices.

“Ahh… he’s sulking.”

Nikki said, without any sign of guilt over joining the mana on teasing Vayne.

“That guy need to learn how to deal with people better. Seriously.”

Another mana that looks like a huge white metal armor pitying Vayne.

“By the way, did I meet you somewhere? Why did you know that I’m Vayne’s wife? Did Vayne speak that much about me?”

Nikki ask the wind mana.

“No, he just said that his wife was enrolled to Al-Revis, same grade as him and she’s a blonde beastman. And it’s just clicked to me that you stick that close to him when you departed from Al-Revis, so I guess it’s must be you. You really grow up beautifully, Nikki.”

The wind mana speak with a gentle tone. Nikki lightly blush.

“So you saw that… Then we must meet somewhere before. Sorry I don’t remember.”

“No, I saw you. You never saw me. At least not in this form. But you did saw a statue of me.”

Nikki blink at the wind mana in confusion.

“I am what you call Wind’s Corridor. I don’t have any other name anymore, but you can call me Corr for short. Vayne helped me to regain my original form so I can preserve my power better after the academy fall. I like to see how the students grow when they arrive and depart through me. Even after the academy fall, I keep seeing how the students doing through the Wing of Icarus.”

The wind mana, Corr, gaze over them warmly. Somewhat mother-like. Her gaze stop at Ulrika, Raze, and Lily.

“Looks like you’re able to get along well now, Raze, Lily, Ulrika.”

Corr smile warmly at them, then shift to Et and Ena.

“But it seems the two siblings is still not in a good term.”

Corr frown a bit at them. Ena seems a bit irritated, but Et just tilt her head in confusion.

“But we’re getting along really well...”

“NO. WAY.”

Et innocently say and Ena strongly deny.

“My, my. Just like always. I see the two of you come here too, Peperoncino, Goto. Sometimes it’s a good change to see someone who is not a student nor a staff.”

Corr softly laugh at Et and Ena’s antics and greet Peperon and Goto warmly.

“It’s a honour to be noticed by such beautiful lady.”

“Ah… this is bad. I hope I don’t show you anything bad.”

Goto greet her back with confidence. In other hand, Peperon start to cutely (as he say) fiddling his finger.

“Wait! If you see anything, then did you see Goto’s original form? What did he looks like?”

Ulrika suddenly got fired up. Unnoticed to any of them (except Whim) that Lily sweat nervously.

“Of course, I see and hear everything. But what I know stays with me, so no need to worry.”

Corr steal a wink at Lily, who instantly relieved.

“You have my gratitude, beautiful lady.”

Goto thank the wind mana, not noticing that Corr winked to Lily.

“It’s pleasant but I start to pity Vayne now, so I’m leaving.”

The white metal mana left first.

“Yeah, I start to feel guilty too. Well, we’re counting on you, Mrs. Aurelius!”

“Leave it to me!”

The yellow mana pump his fist to Nikki and left. The other mana start murmuring among themself and left too, including Corr who give them a slight bow before leaving. Nikki walk to Vayne and tap his shoulder. Vayne jolted in surprise and opened his eyes.

“Sorry, I got carried away. We’re done with pleasantries here, so you should do whatever business you have with them.”

“Oh, okay. Ahem.”

Vayne cleared his throat, wearing a more authoritative air unlike before.

“You already heard from Flay-senpai…”


Raze suddenly interrupted Vayne just when he start to speak.

“I guess we should have hear something from him, but in fact we’re still not informed anything and has been told to hear everything out from you.”

Raze explained. Vayne turn his head to Nikki confusedly, asking for more explanation.

“The thing is…”

Nikki start to explain the current situation to Vayne, from the almost empty invitation letter, the intruder, how Anna is currently chasing after Flay, and how far she tell them about their plan and this place.

“... something like that.”

“... I hope Anna catch him soon.”


Both Vayne and Nikki sigh at their oldest member.

“It can’t be helped. It’s not a long story, but since we’re here let’s go to the deeper part of ruins. I do plan to take you guys here later anyway.”

“I’ll go back first then, still got things to do. Take your time.”

Nikki wave her hand and walk back towards the entrance. Vayne wave back at her and turn around to the deeper part once her image disappear.

“Let’s go then.”

Vayne walk first, followed by the younger group who can’t help but to look at the crystals as they walk into the deeper part of ruins.

“Inside those crystals are mana…”

Raze wonder.


Vayne confirmed without even looking back at them.

“How many of them there…?”

Ulrika also wonder as she gaze the crystals.

“From what I saw, there were several thousands when I was still enrolling in Al-Revis. Currently there’s only a few hundreds that still intact as most of them were destroyed during the fall, along with the mana trapped inside. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

“What about those mana earlier?”

Ena ask.

“I’ve been asking them to give us, alchemists, one more chance and I’ll get them out from the crystals. They’re the one that agreed on my condition. So far I could only convince about thirty of them. That’s why I’m asking them, who were trapped in crystals too to convince the rest of those mana. We’re arrived.”

Vayne stop in the front of giant crystal. Unlike other crystals, this crystal is still intact and yet contains no mana.

“Hey, isn’t this place…”

Ena recognized the place.

“It’s where Tetri and Uryu…”

Ulrika continue.

“You got this far before?”

Vayne as Ulrika.

“Yes, but I wasn’t really looking at my surrounding that time. Now I look at it again, it feels strange…”

Ulrika answers, not really know what makes her feels strange.

“The crystal is so big, but there’s no mana on it.”

Raze point out.

“Ah, yeah… I accidentally released it years ago. But that’s a story for another time. First, Raze. Can you show me your ring?”

Raze looks confused, but still give his hand to Vayne. Vayne just slowly trace over the ring and took it off.

“Yep, it’s taken off now. Here. You may still need it.”

Vayne give Raze his ring back. Raze stare at Vayne, then to his ring, and back at Vayne again.

“... how?”

“I’ll explain later. Now, try to put it on again and ask someone to took it off.”

Raze is still confused, but he put it on again anyway. Lily take the initiative to take the ring off (it’s just an accident that she touched Raze’s hand… or so she said).

“Huh? It can’t be taken off.”

Lily pull the ring several times again before giving up.

“Now, try to take it off yourself.”

Raze pull the ring, but it won’t budge. He try to pull it out stronger several times again before it finally slid off from his finger. Vayne extend his hand towards Raze, asking for the ring. Raze give the ring to Vayne.

“And the last is…”

Vayne toss the ring into darkness below the ruins. Instantly surprised the younger group.

“What are you…???”

Raze panicky ask. While he doesn’t really like the ring, he is still not quite prepared to lose it. Vayne just smiled at him and point at his hand. Raze raise his hand to see that the ring is already back on his finger.

“That’s how it is. This way you can took it off when you want to and you won’t lose it somewhere nor it can be taken from you during combat.”

Vayne explains.

“Tha… thank… you?”

Raze is still not able to process what just happened.

“Your welcome. And Urli…”

Vayne paused, seeming to find the next word.

“I’m sorry, may I ask your name?”

Vayne embarrassingly ask. Ulrika sigh as she already could imagine what happened.

“It’s the vice principal, right?”

“Yes. I heard a lot about you guys from him, but the only name I get are Raze and Et.”

Vayne sigh again. Ena raise his hand and ask Vayne.

“By the way, how did he address us if he tell you about us without even remembering our name?”

Ena straightforwardly ask. Vayne scratch his cheeks nervously.


He point at Lily and Whim.

“Rich girl and her mana.”

“That’s not wrong, but…”

“it makes me feels like a side character.”

Whim complains, continued by Lily. Vayne point to Ena.

“Blue haired mecha-boy. The little one.”

“Little??? Did he really need to add little?”

Ena angrily shout. Ulrika, Peperon, and Goto laugh at him.

“Well, you got a same hair color as Raze and he’s bigger than you.”


Ulrika said between her laugh. Vayne laugh weakly and point at Peperon and Goto.

“Fairy wannabe dude and seal plushie man.”

“I may not be as cute as my master is, but I’m an actual fairy and not a wannabe…”

“Looks like even that man can’t understand the appeal of my pegasus body.”

Pepperon sobbing and twiddling his fingers while Goto just laugh it off. Vayne lower his hand and tilt his head.

“What is a pegasus?”

Vayne ask innocently, which is weird to see coming from a grown up man.

“Pegasus is a white mythical beast that ladies can’t seems to resist.”

Goto proudly says quite ambiguously.

“I see… Then, I think you fill up the criteria quite well. It doesn’t looks like a seal that much anyway.”


Vayne seems to misunderstand him and Goto simply doesn’t have any intention to correct him.

“I think I understand what Nikki-san mean by he’s not quite understand what is normal.”

“Big sis, you should go and stop him.”

Lily voiced what all of them seems think and Ena push Ulrika ahead to stop Goto.

“Eh? Me? Uhh… Okay.”

Ulrika walk to goto and hit his head.

“Goto! Don’t say misleading things!”

Vayne seems to be surprised and realized his mistake.

“It’s not?”

“Pegasus IS technically a white mythical beast. But the main thing about pegasus is it’s a winged horse.”

Raze explain, sighing. Still not used by the extra nonsense from the other group.

“Ahaha… I see. But think he’s cute. I’m pretty sure he’s popular with girls.”

“At least you understand that part of me.”

Goto seems to be proud that at least Vayne think he’s popular with girls… which is surprisingly true. The others already given up on Goto’s case. Lastly, Vayne point his finger at Ulrika and Uryu.

“Then, Urli-something and her white mana. I thinks there’s also fire mana, puni girl, and young witch but I don’t see them here. By the way, Uryu is your mana’s name?”

“Whooaaa… it’s surprisingly easy to understand.”

“To the point that it becomes irritating.”

Pepperon a bit amazed. Raze acknowledge it too, but adding the point that he’s not happy with it.

“He still call me Urli-something.”

Ulrika hung her head low.

“At least he remember four letter of your name. He doesn’t even remember mine.”

Ena irritatedly cheer her up.

“That’s true. Oh well.”

Ulrika raise her head and gesturing to Uryu.

“Yes, his name is Uryu and I’m Ulrika Mulberry. The blue haired mecha boy is Ennarcia Dysler but we call him Ena, fairy wannabe dude is Pepperoncino, and seal plushie man is Goto.”

Ulrika introduce herself and her atelier member and gesture to Lily to introduce herself.

“I’m Lilliane Valendorf, and this is my mana which is also my personal attendant, Whim. By the way, puni girl is Puniyo-san, fire mana is Yun, and young witch is Chloe-san.”

Lily introduce herself and Whim.

“Valendorf? You’re the daughter of Valendorf family?”

Vayne seems to be surprised.

“Yes I am. Is there something wrong?”

Lily ask. Vayne bow his head slightly to Lily.

“I’ve been meaning to thank you. I heard Valendorf family agreed to fund the academy thanks to your recommendation. We’re really saved thanks to you.”

“Well, I… no… It’s nothing.”

Lily panicked a bit when Vayne bowed to her, but manage not to embarrass herself.

“Thank you for everyone too for coming here despite of senpai’s… reckless request.”

Vayne pause a bit and looking back at Uryu and Ulrika.

“So then, Ulrika. Actually I have business with both you and Uryu. Especially Uryu.”

“With Uryu?”

Ulrika ask warily, but do nothing when Vayne kneel to Uryu’s height and stroke his head.

“Yes. Uryu, what do you think about the voice you heard when you entered here?”

“Uu… they’re so meanie and scary. But it stopped, so Uryu okay.”

Vayne keep stroking his head softly.

“Actually I made them silent for a while that time. But I won’t be always around, so you need to learn to block the voice yourself.”

“Uryu… block the voice?”

Vayne gestured Ulrika to come. Ulrika kneel in front of Uryu, beside Vayne.

“I’ll let the voice flow again, so do your best to block it. Ulrika, please hold Uryu.”

Ulrika nodded and hug Uryu. Vayne relaxed his hand in Uryu’s head and stand up.

“Here I go. Just think about Ulrika, okay.”

Vayne released his hand.

“U… Uuuuu…”

Uryu clench both of his ears and shut his eyes again in futile attempt to block the voices.


Ulrika hug Uryu tighter.

“It’s okay. I’m here. So it’s okay.”

Vayne sigh and bend down to Uryu again.

“Uryu, don’t close your ears. Listen to Ulrika. Ulrika is here and you’ll be fine. You have a splendid master. And you need to protect her at all cost. You are strong, but you can’t protect her if you keep your eyes and ears closed.”

Vayne speak softly to Uryu. Uryu hesitantly release his ears, but seems to struggling to do so.

“Good, now just focus on Ulrika and let the voice run in the background. Don’t pay attention to them.”


Ulrika whisper to Uryu. Uryu seems still struggling, but finally opened his eyes and float by himself.

“U… Uu!!!”

Uryu shout in determination, but still trembling.

“Uryu, you okay?”

“Uryu okay! Uryu will protect Ulrika!”

Uryu shout again, still trembling. He looks like about to cry any moment, but still trying to keep himself strong. It last for a moment, but he’s back to shut his eyes and ears close.

“Uu… It’s scary after all…”


Ulrika rush to hug Uryu again.

“I guess it’s only this far.”

Vayne get closer to Ulrika and she’s reluctantly release Uryu. Vayne stroke Uryu’s head again.

“It’s okay. It’s over now. You did well.”


Uryu slowly release his ears and floating, quite depressed. Vayne and Ulrika stand up from their position.

“Don’t be so down. Actually it went quite well for your first try. I expect worse.”

Vayne pat Uryu again to cheer him up.

“That should be all for now. There will be a lot people coming later, so Uryu should practice with them. They should held far less malicious intent than these guys, so it should be easier. Ulrika, please stay by Uryu’s side.”

“You don’t have to tell me!”

Ulrika pumped up at the idea of training Uryu. Uryu too seems to be more confidence. At this point, Vayne finally realized that the rest of them has been starring on him.

“Umm… What is it?”

“No, it’s just…”

Raze start, not being sure how to phrase it.

“... amazing.”

Ena continued.

“You just took off Raze’s ring and released those mana from the crystal that trap them for so long, and now you’re tutoring a mana.”

Lily and everyone else are impressed by what Vayne did just in the short time they met. Peperon seems like want to say something, but stopped by Goto and has been refraining himself from saying anything. But there’s no one to stop Et.

“As expected from the son of legendary alchemist!”

She doesn’t mean anything bad. Really.


Lily warned her even though it’s already too late. Et realized her mistake and shut her mouth immediately. Vayne looks shocked for a second and start laughing.

“Puh… Ahahaha… No, no it’s okay. Nikki should has tell you not to. It’s okay, really. I’m about to tell you guys about it anyway.”

It took him a few seconds to calm himself. The younger group seems to be relieved that they didn’t trigger anything bad.

“Before that, I’m going to explain how we will lift the academy up. You see, there’s a mana that has a power to grant wish. We’ll using that mana’s power as a catalyst to enhance Corr and other mana’s power to lift the academy while also handling the consequence of the disappeared ground and any other ecosystem below. That’s basically how it goes. Although in detail there’s more mana and alchemists involved in this project, but that’s the general idea.”

“Mana with a power to grant wish… Mana of Wish… Reicher said it’s the strongest mana.”

Raze repeated what he heard of Reicher and confirm it to Vayne.

“No, it’s not. The power to grant wish may seems to be amazing to ear, but in reality it’s nothing but a dangerous power if not managed properly. There’s also a limit on the wish the mana can grant based on how far the wish need to bend fate and reality. For example, it’s easier to revive a beggar no one knows than taking over a prefecture from their ruler even though reality-wise taking over a government is far more possible than reviving the dead. It’s an unpredictable power as we can’t know exactly how our wish would have an impact to the world.”

Vayne explained. Lily, Whim, and Goto seems to understand properly. Raze and Ena catching on nicely too. Ulrika, Et, and Pepperon are different case.

“Umm…ecosystem? Fate? Reality? I don’t understand.”

Et tilt her head from side to side.

“This big brother speaks difficult things.”

Pepperon fold his hand, seems not really bothered by the fact that he’s failed to understand.

“To put it simply… That mana is not all possible?”

At least Ulrika try to catch on.

“Well, yeah. To put it simply. That’s why we’re borrowing Corr’s power to lift the academy up instead of relying on mana of wish’s power to fix everything. And well… I was the mana of wish.”

“Eh?” “Huh?”

The younger group suddenly become more confused by his confession. Vayne put on a smile, somewhat sad, somewhat fragile.

“I’m not really Theophrastus Aurelius’s biological son. I was an artificial mana that he created with alchemy. In a way, I’m his ‘son’ as in his ‘creation’.”

“You mean… you’re a mana?”

Ulrika hesitantly ask.

“WAS a mana, right?”

Raze corrected Ulrika.

“You’re sharp. Yes, I WAS a mana.”

“But how can a mana stop being a mana? Is that even possible?”

“It’s the mana of wish’s power, right?”

Ulrika ask, continued with Lily. Vayne continued his story instead of answering directly.

“I always thought that I was a human, with this form and all. But one day an alchemist suddenly said that I’m a mana. I’m so confused that I lost the control over my own power and it went berserk and almost caused a disaster. Senpai, Nikki, and the others help me to get the power under control again, but I decide that I only want to live as a normal human I always thought I am. And so I used the power to erase my own power.

I was inspected after that. They said I’m not really different as a normal human being and let me go. But the power start to flow back to me after a few years, so I went to the world of mana to seek help from the wise mana kings. Dark Mana King told me that once born, a force can’t be erased. As long as the power keep flowing freely, they will always flow back to me because I am the vessel. The only way to keep the power from me is to put it into another vessel, or destroy the current vessel which means to kill me. But the power is so dangerous, and so I made a soulless container as a vessel and put the power there. It is the thing now known as the mana of wish. Currently I’m contracting with the vessel in case situation when the power is needed happen. Other than that, it’s sealed tightly in the world of mana. The seal is partially released for now in preparation to lift the academy, so I can use the power a bit. That’s how I set a new ‘rules’ on Raze’s ring.”

Raze gaze at his ring which Vayne use the mana’s power on. Most of them seems to be amazed by Vayne’s story, but Lily seems pretty conflicted.

“Hey… It’s not like I don’t want to believe you, but ‘Alchemy cannot create a living being’. From your story it seems you’re inspected by some professional alchemists, but this rule is still taught to us even now. If they know that it’s possible to create a living being from alchemy, this rule should has been revoked.”

“That’s one of the reason why I’m not very liked around. They either think that I’m lying or I’m not an actual living being. It’s not like I can’t understand why, though. There’s barely any research notes to back this story up. All left to proof this story is my existence as a mana, a badly written diary, an eyewitness who is already dead, and a lack of a woman who is supposed to be my mother. Actually I’m still not convinced myself, but I decide to believe it for now since there’s no other explanation. The council decide to keep the rules and not speak more about my condition until an actual solution is found.”

“I- I see…”

Lily seems to accept the explanation for now although she still a bit confused. They keep silent, keeping trying to get all the information in. Vayne sigh after a while.

“I said that’s one of the reason. There’s still another reason why I’m not very liked.”

They snap their head towards Vayne who suddenly talk. His voice seems to tremble a bit.

“I… killed Theophrastus.”

The younger group stare at him with wide eyes. Some not believing, some start to question within their head.

“It’s not funny if it’s a joke.”

Raze darkly said. One part of him is wary of the man before him. Another part of him want to trust this man he just meet.

“I’m not joking. He wanted to die, and so I grant it to him. It’s the only reason he created me after all. I didn’t understand that dying is such a big deal. On top of that, they mistook me for his son and tell me to keep living with the lie even after they know. Don’t you think it’s ironic?”

Vayne said bitter smile.

“Why are you telling us this?”

Lily ask. Not quite sure what to think.

“No big deal. You will know about this soon anyway since some alchemists are so keen on talking about this. I just prefer to tell you guys personally after hearing about the group of students who beat the Light Mana King from Flay-senpai.”

Vayne seems to be very bitter about this even though he act like he doesn’t care about this. Ulrika clench her hand and speak with a clear voice.

“I don’t think you’re a bad person. I mean, you’re helping Raze and the way you spoke to Uryu was so kind. I don’t think that kind of person is a bad person.”

“I might be pretending.”

Vayne challenged her with a cold eyes. Ulrika cower a bit, but then Lily step forward.

“But then there’s no meaning into making us doubting you by purpose.”

“It may be my real aim from the start, to get your sympathy.”

Goto raise his hand and calmly countered.

“We got here by that man’s request. He is a sharp man, I don’t think even you is able to fool him. And he’s not a man who will throw us into our demise.”

Vayne keep silent and just stare at him. Pepperon following Goto’s step.

“That man may be reckless, but he has an eye for person. I believe he won’t entrust us to someone he didn’t believe.”

Vayne didn’t manage to say anything, because Raze speak as soon as Pepperon is over with his speech.

“And those mana trust you. If those mana who keep grudge for centuries are able to trust you, I think I should try to.”

“Nikki-san trust you, and I trust Nikki-san.”

Et following right after Raze. Vayne finally drop his cold gaze and sigh.

“Really, it must be nice to be young. Thank you… for trusting me.”

Said Vayne with a smile.

“Say, do you guys has any wish?”

Vayne suddenly bring up. He feels curious gaze at him and hurriedly add.

“Well, it’s sort of a thanks for trusting me… or apology for your rough year… or reward for surviving the year? Sorry I can’t phrase it clearly, but yeah… I’m giving each of you a wish to be granted, so tell me your wish.”

Vayne offered again. The younger group become uncertain if it’s okay to take the offer or not.

“Umm… is it really okay?”

Ulrika hesitantly ask.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I insist. Even though I said that, actually I’m going to use what will be left from Mana of Wish’s power after lifting the academy. It may not be much, but I think it’s still good enough to grant some simple wish like items, strength, knowledge, wealth, popularity, appearance, control, character, extended youth, going well with someone, or anything around that level. It’s okay if you don’t want to, I’ll think something else. Or you can join up to ask fewer, but greater wish. Ah, you don’t have to answer now. I’ll wait until the whole ceremony ends.”

The younger group already deep in their mind, thinking about what they want to wish for. Vayne smiled like he’s accomplished something, and speak again.

“It’s almost late, we should go back soon. I wonder if Nikki will be making dinner today… I’ll go back first, you can talk about it among yourself. Think carefully, okay? And go back soon.”

Vayne gestured to one of the eye creature that keep following them and disappeared back to the academy. The air suddenly shifted after he left.

“What we should do… about the wish?”

Ulrika ask first.

“What we should do… well, there may not be another chance like this. But I don’t really know what to wish.”

Lily start to wonder to herself. Whim playfully give her an advice.

“Milady, are you sure you don’t want THAT?”

“I see… there’s that way. He did said that it’s possible.”

Ulrika going along with Whim.


Ulrika and Whim grin even more, enjoying Lily’s flustered face. On other side, Et is bothering Raze and Ena.

“Hey, hey what are you going to wish for?”

“I don’t really have any, so I’ll pass. He already solved my problem with this ring anyway.”

Raze answer, not really interested in the whole wish granting thing. Pepperon come up to them and pat Raze’s shoulder… which is pretty hurt. And annoying.

“It’s such a shame to pass on such opportunity. You should wish for something, big bro.”

“Even if you say that… And what about you? You seems to be pretty accomplished.”

Raze massage his shoulder where Pepperon give him a ‘pat’.

“Me? I’m going to ask to be cuter. Like master!”

Raze tried his hardest not to imagine anything. It’s fortunate for him that Et changed the subject to Ena.

“Ena~ What are you going to wish for?”

“Me? Nothing in particular. Maybe some good books about machinery or rare ingredients.”

“Ehh… so boring.”

“Don’t say boring. And YOU! What are you going to wish for? Don’t you dare to make some stupid wish.”

“I’m going to wish for a cool weapon! Or a major power up! Or...”

Ena wished that he never asked because Et is not showing any sign of stopping soon. And Pepperon got the nerve to join her. He do feel bad for dragging Raze with him.

Behind them, Ulrika is moving away from enraged Lily who is already in process of punishing Whim when she realized that Goto is being uncharacteristically silent.

“Goto? What’s wrong?”

“Hm? That man… he’s lying about something.”

This give him the attention of the rest of group.

“Eh? Vayne-san? Well, the whole artificial mana and mana of wish stuff are pretty weird...”

Ulrika doubt. Goto seriously answer her.

“No, it’s not about that. I don’t think it’s a lie, since it’s the key factor to the whole lifting the academy plan. And I think the beastman lady is not lying.”

“Then, what is it about?”

Curiosity taking over Lily’s anger, which is a very good thing for Whim.

“That’s what I can’t grasp.”

“So that’s why you’re so quiet.”

Ulrika conclude.

“He must has his own reason, I don’t think he’s a bad person anyway. Maybe he’ll talk to us if he trust us enough. Since he’s offered to grant us a little wish, we should take it for granted.”

Before any of them manage to say something smart, Et already beat them with her cheerfulness.

“Then, then, what are you going to wish for?”

“Hmmm… that too is a difficult question. Actually I’ve been thinking since then, but I still can’t choose between gryphon or phoenix for my new body. Maybe you can choose for me, young lady.”

“Phoenix is cool! But gryphon is cool too… ummm… that’s really a tough choice…”


“Do you even know what a gryphon or phoenix is?”

Ena retorted at his sister. They got back to their earlier mood soon after and start to mind their own business again, but not for Raze. He still can’t get Goto’s word out of his mind.

Meanwhile, Vayne arrived in academy first and walk towards the gate. Flay already waiting for him in the shadow.

“That’s a pretty cruel thing for you to do.”

“Whoaaa! Flay-senpai! You’re listening? From where? What about Anna?”

Vayne jumped in surprise at Flay’s habit for appearing out of nowhere. He still not used to it after all these years.

“Don’t sweat out trivial things. Let me tell you, whatever you’re planning on them won’t work.”

“That’s a pretty bad way to say it. It’s not like I have any ill means. I just want to see what kind of person they are with my own eyes.”

Vayne walk further passing the gate, Flay walk alongside him.

“And they way you say it makes me looks like a villain while you’re the hero… or hero’s mentor or something like that.”

“I am. One wrong move and they could slice each other’s neck. That won’t happen though. But that’s right… I’m getting bored being the big bad overlord here… Yep, we should trade place. I’m sure you could manage being a great villain too. No, you ARE a great villain already. And I’ll be the heroes’ master. The one who stand above all heroes. MWAHAHAHAHAHA”

“Please just leave me alone…”

Flay walk ahead, ignoring Vayne’s weak protest as he already know whatever he say won’t be enough to stop the elder man’s crazy idea. It’s not like he found the idea of being a villain seems to be interesting or anything. Nope. Not even a slightest.


Extra: Weirdest Thing

“Vayne-san, what do you think about Goto?”

Ulrika approach Vayne and suddenly ask.

“I think he’s a good man. And his pegasus body is cute too.”

“Well, don’t you find him weird or something? I mean, how can a man fit in that little plushie. Not to mention that he’s actually in the ball.”

Vayne’s smile froze for a second before answering.

“I… have seen weirder things.”

“Like what?”

“Let’s just say that outer space is a wonderful place I don’t want to see really often.”

Even Ulrika know the boundaries she doesn't want to step. They leave the topic at that.