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"Raze! Raze!"

Lily's voice rang loudly through the Vehlendorf mansion. Raze was getting ready to face whatever his mistress throw to him when his bedroom door slammed loudly, revealing flustered Lily and slightly panicking Whim.

"What is it, milady?"


Whim hand him an envelope while Lily still trying to catch her breath. The silverish envelope is addressed to him and still sealed with a red ouroboros stamp.

"Why are you so flustered? You still haven't opened this yet, right?"

Raze said while examining the envelope in his hand.

"There's two of them addressed to both of us. I already read mine and I assume the content is the same since it's an invitation letter."

Lily explained while showing her own invitation along with the envelope which look exactly the same as Raze's except for the addressed name.


Raze opened his envelope and read the invitation inside. Basically it's the invitation to the Al-Revis academy for some sort of ceremony. Through the ending words, he completely understand why Lily and Whim are panicked.

"From THAT Vice Principal? And it's in 2 days? That person really doesn't understand the word of impossible does he?"

Lily and Whim looking at each other before facing Raze again.

"It's not only that."

Lily start with a serious tone.

"I feel a mana energy radiating from these invitation letter. A pretty strong one. And I can't determine what element it is."

Raze is surprised again by Whim's explanation and stare at his own envelope.


A mana appeared beside Raze. It's form is veiled with a golden light and there's a little humanoid form inside of the light. It's hard to determine whichever the form is male or female.

"Can you sense it?"

Raze showed his envelope to the mana.


"Palt said that it can't determine the element too. And it's weird being not being able to."

The mana never really say anything. At least no one ever hear it speak. But it seems both Raze and Eugene can understand it completely.

With a slight gesture which looks like a bow, the mana disappear.

"I know that teacher is impossible, but this…"

"Literally translate as 'Come on the designated date or else' huh…"

The three of them keep the grim silence for a moment before Lily break the ice.

"No use brooding over it. Whim, prepare my stuff and explain the situation to my father. Raze, call Et and tell her to prepare too if she got the invitation, then prepare your own stuff quickly. I'll get the transportation readied right away."



"Chloe! We got to leave! Quickly!"

Both Ulrika and Uryu rushed into Chloe's workshop. The said girl lift her backpack and calmly face the panicked alchemist and her mana.

"You're so slow."

In contrast, Ulrika still has not prepared anything even though she's the one who urge them to leave as soon as possible.

"You're so fast! So you really got the invitation too. Listen, Chloe…"

"I know, the envelope is enchanted with mana energy right? Fanatos told me. Either way it suddenly appeared in front of me so I don't need Fanatos to tell me something is up with that invitation."

Chloe said while walking pass Ulrika through the door. Ulrika awed at her.

"Anyway, can you get out? I want to lock my workshop now. Unless you want to be locked in and can't attend the whatever interesting looking ceremony the Vice Principal planned for us…"

Ulrika snapped from her trance and get out of the workshop together with Uryu.

"Wait for me! I'll go prepare my stuff now!"

"No way, I don't want to be late. The divination showed me that misfortune will fall before the one who come late. I don't want to risk it."

"Wait, you're doing divination too now? Oh… uh… Give my 5 minutes! I'll get everything prepared by that time!"

Ulrika rushed to her own workshop and hastily prepare her stuff. Uryu helping her. Chloe keeps walking despite of her Ulrika's plea.


So she can catch up later.

"Al-Revis academy, huh… It's been a while. It looks almost nothing like what I remember. Maybe I should go explore a bit since I arrived quite early."

A silver haired man with black sweater and dark blue coat walk into the campus site as he mush to himself.