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Lydia followed Stiles weakly upstairs, trying to hide the wince she experienced when she took her coat off. It was hard not to shiver, even in the California climate.

Stiles misunderstood the look on her face as being exhaustion from the night they had had, all the emotional ups and downs, and sent her a small smile as he took her hand in his.

"Let's sleep."

She nodded, following his lead up the stairs to his room.

They didn't speak much. Stiles pulled his blinds down and turned on the lamp near his bed.

He scratched the back of his neck. "Uh, I'm gonna shower. Gotta get this grime off of me. Do you want to borrow something to sleep in?"

Lydia contemplated it before shrugging one shoulder. She intertwined their fingers again and pulled him towards the attached bathroom, making it clear that she wouldn't mind cleaning herself up too.

Stiles got the water going and they slipped out of their clothes and into the secluded shower. It was a small space for two, but they made it work.

He helped her wash her hair, easily sensing how weak she was feeling. She couldn't help leaning against him for balance as they stood under the stream, water flooding down their naked bodies and pooling into the drain below.

Once both were clean, they just remained under the warm water, holding onto each other, letting the day wash over them. Showers were therapeutic for more than one reason.

Lydia turned in his arms, her back previously against his chest, and pulled behind his neck to meet their lips.

Stiles tugged her close, kissing her back softly, his thumb stroking her cheek.

It would've been too easy to get carried away, but Lydia was barely managing to stay upright as it was, and Stiles' energy was zapped from the day he had had. They needed sleep.

He shut off the water and they got out, Stiles passing his girlfriend a towel so they could both dry off.

Heading back to his room, Lydia accepted a t-shirt from him, and, once both were dressed, the pair climbed into bed.

They lay facing each other, Stiles watching her closely. He could sense something was wrong, something even bigger than a tough few weeks. There was something heavy weighing on her mind.

"Are you okay?"

Lydia forced a smile. "I'm trying to be." She looked at the sheets, twisting her fingers around the hem. "Stiles, we need to talk about something."

"That doesn't sound good." he said, straightening himself up further on his elbow.

"Well, to be fair, it's not really. But I feel like I need to say something. I need to know that I said it."


She inhaled deeply and looked him straight in the eyes. "Stiles, we both know tonight was an extremely close call. Things could have ended very differently with Allison. And it didn't have to be Allison; it could have been any one of you. And we both know that I'm not getting any better, but Void is. He's getting stronger as I get weaker. Whether that's connected, I don't know, but I do know that, since we split, I can feel death getting closer. Stiles, I can sense it." She grasped his hands in hers as she saw the water form in his eyes. "I don't know if Void switched us as some sick joke so I could predict my own death, but here's what I do know. I know you, Scott, Allison, the whole pack, can beat Void. I know it. I know you're all stronger than any dark force. And I know that I have been blessed to be welcomed so openly into your world, so blessed to have all of you. And you especially. You've changed my world in so many beautiful and wonderful ways, Stiles. I wish you had a clue what you've done for me. I want you to know… no, I need you to know, that no matter what happens, no matter if I don't make it…"


"No, Stiles, if I don't make it… know that I'm okay. That it's okay. Because you've given me so much. I wouldn't change a thing. And that if someone has to die, I'd rather it be me."

"Lydia, I won't lose you. I can't." He was crying now, but she knew it was because he was well aware that she wasn't wrong to want to say these things. That it was a very real possibility that they all had been avoiding saying out loud.

She cupped his cheek in her hand. "There's one more thing I know. I know that I love you with all my heart. That you are the love of my life. And that if we make it out of this, both of us, I will love you until the end of my days."

"I love you too, Lydia. God, I love you so much." He pulled her hard against him, hugging her tight, like if he just held on hard enough she couldn't possibly leave him. But he knew better. He knew the world was a cruel place and you couldn't hold on to something just because your heart begged.

Lydia clutched him just as tightly, burying her face in his chest, trying to commit his heartbeat to memory. She never imagined facing this kind of turmoil, especially so young, but she meant what she said. Stiles had given her a life worth fighting for. And she wouldn't give up without the fight of her life.

The next day, Lydia hugged Allison after placing a bouquet on her bedside table. She already had quite the collection forming.

"How are you feeling?" she asked as she sat next to her, squeezing her hand.

"Uh, kind of like I got sliced open, but overall pretty good. Morphine is nice." she teased. "How are the plans coming?"

Lydia smiled. Leave it to Allison to get right to business. She was like a soldier in a lot of ways.

"Well, we're working on it. Scott talked to Deaton this morning and worked out that even if we do beat Void, we still need something to trap his other form. Something magically strong enough to hold a force of his nature. So Derek said he thought he made have something that was made from wood from the Nemeton back when it was powerful that held his mom's claws. Deaton looked awkward according to Stiles and said that would work. Apparently Deaton made it."

Allison giggled. "Yeah, well, Deaton and Derek's mom sort of had a … thing. He was in love with her even though he was her emissary."

Lydia chuckled. "Ahh, I see. So forbidden love is a common thing in the supernatural world?"

"You mean me and Scott?" Allison asked amusedly. "I suppose it is. But we managed to make it work."

"I'll say. Prepare for him to propose after this is all over."

Allison laughed, but she turned pink, and Lydia knew that was what she was hoping for despite their young age. Then again, Lydia figured they'd been through enough to test their relationship by now to know they were in it for the long haul.

"How's your dad holding up?"

Allison grimaced. "Better than expected honestly. Although he's good at compartmentalizing. Just considering how many of our family have been wiped out due to the work we do… it was just a little too close."


"What about your mom? You've had quite a crazy few days."

Lydia sighed. "I saw her before I came over. Just to reassure her I was alive. I told her I came down with something and Stiles has been taking care of me. Couldn't exactly explain everything, and it's clear I'm not exactly in the best shape." she added. "But I think seeing me helped a little. All I was doing beforehand was texting her so it made her feel less like I had been abducted."

"You do look really pale. Are you feeling okay?"

Lydia forced a smile. "I'm hanging in there. This paralyzing anxiety that the world is about to end is getting a little old, but what can you do." she joked.

Allison rolled her eyes at her. "We are going to beat this."

"Even though Void has the Oni under his control now?"

"Well, I did beat one of them somehow. We can figure out how to beat the rest."

"You did?" Lydia asked in surprise.

"Right, I forgot. You guys were inside saving Stiles. Isaac was practically being slaughtered by two of them, and I shot one with one of my homemade arrowheads. Somehow, it made it disappear into a cloud of smoke and firefly light. But my reward was this from one of the other's." she explained, gesturing to her bandaged abdomen.

"That's… that's gotta mean something. Your dad's story about breaking that Oni's mask… was that homemade too? Maybe something to do with the process is the reason?"

Lydia suddenly swayed on her feet, gripping the side of Allison's bed to keep her from keeling forward.

"Lydia? Lydia, are you all right?" Allison asked worriedly.

She raised a flexed hand to stop her from getting out of bed. "Something's happening. I just got this sudden rushing feeling. Like we're running out of time."

Before Allison could respond, there was a voice down the hall that interrupted. "Can you page Melissa McCall please?"

Lydia's blood ran cold. She knew that voice. It mirrored her own, but the deception in it was clear.

She gripped her shirt over her chest. That wasn't a good feeling.

Allison met her panicked eyes with her own.

A sudden slumping of a body sounded. Void let out a bored sigh. "Well I guess I'll just find her myself."

Lydia moved to close Allison's door, shutting off the lights and drawing the blinds. "Hide!" she whisper-shouted at her hurt friend.

"Don't worry about me. I can handle myself." Allison said, slipping her hand into her bag next to the bed to pull out some ring daggers. "Get out of here!"

Lydia hesitated but then realized she was right. Allison, even disabled, was a better fighter than she was.

Lydia cracked open the door barely an inch to peek out. She could see the tail end of Oni cloaks as they turned the corner, no doubt following Void. She knew it was her chance.

She tried to cover her ears as she ran full speed towards the elevator. She could hear the screaming starting, and she knew she herself would be screaming soon. She had to get out of there, or Void would know exactly where to find her.

She texted Scott and Stiles simultaneously as she stomped her thumb against the elevator buttons.

Void at hospital. Asking for Melissa McCall.

Stiles texted back right away. The Oni are at the sheriff station too. My dad's in trouble. Looks like he's after our parents. You should call your mom.

Scott wasn't much longer. Thanks for letting me know. Deaton's not answering so they may have paid him a visit too. You should check on your mom just in case.

Lydia immediately dialed her mom's cell as she ran to her car.

Lydia entered Stiles' house in a rush, running upstairs when she heard him call out to her. She found them in Stiles' room, surrounding his bed where his chessboard was laid out.

"Are we seriously strategizing by using chess?" she asked.

"Not us." Scott said pointedly.

Then she noticed the layout of the board and the sticky note labels sticking up. It was more like a game of Go, sections of black pieces cornering white in each corner. One section was labelled Beacon Hills Hospital, Sheriff Station, Animal Clinic, and finally Beacon Hill's High School.

"You know, I think part of this thing's evil is making us repeatedly go back to high school." Isaac piped up, and they all sent him a look.

"Is this why you guys aren't rushing off to help your parents?" Lydia asked.

Scott nodded. "They're okay for now, but the Oni won't quit until Void is defeated. It's dark now, thanks to the looming evil he's brought down on the town, so we only have one option. Sheriff and Parrish are holding them off with guns, but it won't defeat them. My mom is locked in an elevator with my dad, so take her comfort level as you will. And Deaton can hold his own. Did you find out about your mom?"

"She's out of town at a conference. She's fine."

Scott nodded. "Good. I don't think the Oni can go that far from Void."

"Why the high school of all places?"

"Well, we were in high school when we made our sacrifices. And a lot of supernatural stuff has happened there. Maybe the past helps heighten his power."

"Isn't this just a trap? And why wouldn't he use Noshiko's Go board, since that's his game?"

"Because chess is YOUR game, Lydia. Yours and Stiles'. It's to taunt you both." Scott said. "And even if it is a trap, what choice do we have but to play into his game. We need to find him and stop him."

"Not to be a downer, but do we even know how to do that?" Kira asked.

"Argent said he's working on something. Allison gave him an idea. And Derek's getting the Triskelion container and meeting us at the school. We're just going to have to wing it. It's not like our plans usually go the way we hope anyways." Stiles reminded the group.

"Well, here goes nothing." Scott said, leading the way out of the house.

Chris Argent and Derek were already at the school when they arrived. They got out of the car when the others pulled up.

Stiles helped support Lydia, her strength lacking too much to keep herself upright at this point.

"You okay?" he murmured to her. She nodded quickly, not wanting to draw more attention to herself. She didn't need the others worrying about her state when they had bigger fish to fry.

"So, what's the plan?" Derek asked.

"We don't… really have one." Scott said awkwardly.

"Stay alive. That's the plan." Stiles inputted, nodding.

"Well, that we can agree on." Argent said. "Derek, Isaac and I will work on the Oni. You four focus on Void."

"Was Allison's advice any help?" Scott asked.

"She thinks the arrowheads are the key – our homemade process, we use silver. Lead is a better weapon despite the legends, so it's the default, but the Argent ritual involves silver like our name meaning. She thinks the silver is actually a poison in the Oni, and that it worked with the arrow better than the bullet I shot so many years ago because it remained in the body."

"So we can stop them?"

"No. We can kill them. Or we're about to find out." Argent said suddenly as two black figures appeared out of smoke and raised their swords at them.

"Come on. Let's get inside. Be careful!" Scott added to the others as they charged forwards, Argent hanging back with his crossbow.

"Do you have any idea where we're even going?" Lydia asked, leaning into Stiles for support as they headed up the stairs to the front doors. She was getting progressively weaker with every passing minute. She hoped she wouldn't pass out.

"I think we'll know—" Scott started to say, but stopped short as the doors closed behind them.

She understood immediately why he had. They weren't inside the school. It was some snow-covered garden in the outdoors, no evidence of any rooms or doors or anything except the ones they had come through.

A familiar scratchy voice came from across the yard. "So nice of you to join us."

Void, in fully bandaged form that Lydia and Stiles had only ever seen in their heads, was standing across from them with a sinister silver smile glinting between wraps.

"So, you got my message…" Void said amusedly, the sinister voice fitting the figure much better than when in Lydia or Stiles' body. It felt like the room dropped several degrees below even the snowy temperature.

"We came like you requested." Scott said. "Now tell us what you want."

"Such a leader, Scott." Void drawled. "But you'd think you'd have caught on by now. What I want is simple. Chaos. Strife. Pain. Just like I promised Stiles and then Lydia. The plan is, together, we will kill ALL of you. One by one."

"We won't turn on each other, no matter what."

"I'll be the judge of that."

"We aren't going to back down from a fight. That's why we're here."

"Oh I don't doubt it. But do you know where 'here' is? Hmm?" Void smirked. "You're currently between life and death. Lydia knows though, don't you, Lydia? You can feel it."

She gritted her teeth, but didn't allow him the satisfaction of responding.

"You're dying, Lydia. And now everyone you've grown to care about is dying too."

Stiles clutched her closer to him, stepping one foot in front of her protectively.

"Oh, Stiles, you forget I've seen how weak you are. You don't stand a chance. But… if you do want to prove your courage… I know how we can end all of this right now."

"Don't listen to him, Stiles." Scott said, but Stiles ignored him.

"What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to take Kira's sword and kill Lydia with it."

"What?! No freakin' way!" Stiles shouted, looking scandalized. For someone who knew how sick Void was, he still managed to be shocked by the suggestion.

"Stiles…" Lydia said quietly, grabbing his arm to calm his flailing. She had been expecting something of the sort. They had been saying all along that Void would want them to turn on each other, rather than kill them himself. And the looming doom she could feel in her bones made it clear that her end was coming soon. She wouldn't make it out of this garden alive.

"See. Lydia knows. She feels her death coming. She knows if she doesn't die first, everyone else will. I won't stop." Void said. He turned to Lydia specifically now. "I'm going to make your boyfriend kill you, Lydia. And you're going to let him. Because just like your inevitable death, you're all gonna die. Everyone touched by an Oni blade. Unless Stiles kills you first."

"Why are you doing this?" Stiles demanded, voice shaking now.

"To win the game." Void said simply. "I've captured almost all of the territories on the board now. The hospital. The Sheriff's station. The Animal Clinic. All of your beloved parental figures have been cut with an Oni's poisonous sword. They don't have long. You need to make a decision, Stiles. And Lydia."

"I am not murdering my girlfriend for your sick pleasure!" Stiles screamed at him.

Void shrugged. "Have it your way."

And the Oni moved forward.

Stiles pulled Lydia out of the way, and she stumbled behind him as Kira and Scott surged towards the oncoming warriors. Kira's katana clashed against their swords as Scott pulled some impressive combat moves with his claws.

They were outnumbered, two Oni to each of their friends, and Lydia knew this wasn't a battle they could win.

Lydia wondered briefly how the other three were coming along, if the Oni had disappeared from their fight to join theirs, or if there were simply more Oni now than before now that Void had control.

It wasn't long before Kira's katana was knocked out of her hands and landed near the huddled pair, both looking with fear towards the Asian girl.

Scott was still back-to-back with her, helping her fight and making sure they both were safe like the true alpha he was.

But Lydia knew this wasn't going to end well. She could feel it. And she couldn't have them die because of her.

Squeezing her eyes tight, she broke away from Stiles and grabbed the katana, holding its blade tip against her abdomen. She had to end this. It was the only way.

"NO! LYDIA, NO!" Stiles screamed.

The Oni had stopped fighting now, and Scott and Kira looked just as terrified.

"Do it, Lydia. You know how this all ends." Void called out.

"Don't, Lydia. We'll find another way. We always do." Scott promised compassionately.

"We have to end this. Before you all get hurt because of me…" Lydia said.

"Lydia, how do we know it's not just another trick? Please, Lydia… please don't do this. It won't stop him. He's not just going to give up and leave us all alone because you die… he wants to watch the world burn." Stiles said desperately.

Lydia looked between each of them, her hold on the sword trembling. She knew she was dying. Stiles may not realize, but she knew she wasn't making it out of this alive. She never was. Not since Void separated them. That's why she had done her goodbye to him the night before, so he knew where she stood.

She tightened her grip on the sword handle, trying not to think of her mother and how they would explain this. Or of how she hadn't said a proper goodbye to Allison, or Scott, or any of the others. Life doesn't always give you the chance to say what you need to say before your demise. Sometimes you need to be proactive and speak up regularly just in case.

The others were still trying to convince her to drop the weapon, while Void looked like Christmas had come early, but an image in the metal of the sword caught her eye.

A snow-covered school desk.

She tilted it further. A bookcase full of snow. A pile of textbooks in the corner.

Then questions started popping up in her head.

How was Void suddenly in the form of Rhys' bandaged, burnt body when he had been in her body all this time? Why were the others not barging in when the Oni left to join them to attack Kira and Scott?

They had entered the high school and ended up in some snowy Japanese garden.

It was all in their heads. Somehow, all of them, but there was no other explanation.

This wasn't real.

Lydia dropped the weapon into the snow.

Stiles let out an audible exhale that sounded like he had been holding it for five straight minutes.

"You have no moves left!" Void shouted.

Lydia smiled then, looking more like her possessed counterpart than herself. "I do. A divine move."

Void seemed irritated by that, but she could only base that on his posture and snarl of distaste since his face was covered in wrappings.

"Lydia…?" Scott asked hopefully.

"Look, it's an illusion. It looks real and it feels real, but you guys have to trust me, okay? It's an illusion. You have to stop fighting them."

Stiles looked intrigued, catching up to her thoughts. "Fighting them is just keeping the illusion alive. That's what he wants. For us to get trapped here, turn on each other, end each other. But we can rise above that. We have to push through."

Lydia nodded. "Trust me." she pleaded to her friends.

Scott looked at Kira and then nodded. "Let's go."

The two fighters lead the way, getting slashed by Oni in the process. Blood spurted in the air, and Lydia feared she had been wrong. That they really were being maimed.

But then they made it through the double doors they originally entered and stumbled into the hallway.

"Didn't we come in the front door?" Stiles asked.

Lydia sighed. "Don't ask questions, Stiles."

Scott patted himself down, looking down at his intact and unstained shirt. "We're okay!"

Before he could say anything else, he was yanked from view as his body flew into the lockers next to them.

Void, resembling Lydia again, slammed his fist into Kira so she too collapsed to the ground.

Only Stiles and Lydia stood now against him, both defenseless, and Lydia still leaning into Stiles for physical support.

"This is my game. Think you can beat me at my game?" He started advancing at them, and Stiles pulled her backwards with him. "A divine move? You think you have any moves at all? You can kill the Oni, but me? ME? I'm a thousand years old. YOU CAN'T KILL ME!"

Stiles was stumbling now, Lydia nearly slipping with him, but Void slowed his advance, grinning now.

"What, did you think you were just going to pull out an ace and shock me with the fact you guys had the Shugendo scroll? I lived in two people's heads, you silly children. I know everything. That may have worked when I was in Stiles' body, but I'm in the banshee's now. You can't win. I'm too powerful. You gave me a vibrant body full of life, health and youth – not some dead, burnt carcass like last time. It will take a lot more than that to defeat me. And your alpha is down for the count."

Lydia didn't know what to do. They were cornered, they were powerless, and Void was right. She wasn't like the others. She didn't have glowing eyes, or fangs, or claws. She just had voices in her head. She was useless.

"Now, who wants to go first?"

Except Void was in a body just like her own. And if her banshee powers could protect him from a werewolf bite than he must have the other abilities too. But how would that help them? She couldn't force banshee whispers on him.

He said once that she was more than just a pretty little thing, but she had no idea how to use her powers besides that her scream silenced the noise when death was approaching.

The pressure was strong in her chest. Maybe if she just screamed, she could hear advice or something from other banshees? Other deaths of Nogitsunes?

"Well, normally I'd say ladies first, but it'll be more fun to start with Stiles once Scott wakes up…" Void said before reaching out for Stiles' shirt and yanking him out of her grasp.

No, not Stiles. She couldn't let him die.

Suddenly feeling much more grounded despite her crutch being removed from her grasp, Lydia felt the power deep inside her build, and she knew what was forming was more than a predicting scream. It was pulsing through her very veins, causing her whole body to shake. The lockers on either side of the hallway began trembling too.

Void looked around at the noise, clearly lost on what was happening.

She couldn't stop it. It was too powerful.

"Cover your ears!" she shouted, and Stiles did what he was told instantly.

Void looked confused, but then she opened her mouth and let out a scream.

Stiles shuffled out of Void's grip when his hands went up to cover his ears, scuffling across the floor to cower next to the lockers.

Lydia screamed so loud she felt like a physical force was exploding out of her. She swore, but maybe it was the light-headedness, that she saw some sort of sonic boom looking wave radiate from her.

The lockers rattled at the force, some doors flying open, and she felt like all of the energy was zapped out of her as she finally quieted.

When she finally looked up, she wasn't prepared for what she saw standing in front of her.

Void, her mirror image, with half her head blown off like it had been hit by a grenade.

Void collapsed to his knees, coughing hard once, and a firefly slipped out between his lips. It buzzed away in a sort of drunken stupor before Isaac snatched it up at the end of the hall, twisting the top of the wooden Triskelion box shut.

Void's body fell completely to the floor and burst into a spray of aged dust and smoke. Lydia heard the ancient whispers dissipate with the smoke.

Then Lydia felt uneasy on her feet. The force of the scream was too much. The ground came up to meet her and everything went black.

Stiles' ears were bleeding slightly, but he was oblivious as he stumbled over to where Lydia was.

"Lydia." She was eerily still. She didn't respond. "Lydia? Lydia, come on."

She didn't move. He wasn't even sure she was breathing.

Stiles stroked her face, trying to stimulate a reaction, but nothing. He felt tears fill his eyes. "No, no, no, no. Lydia. Wake up. Come on. Wake up."

His voice was shaking now. "Lydia, open your eyes. Lydia… please. Hey. Hey, open your eyes for me, okay?" He looked to Scott, searching for some semblance of hope, and then back to Lydia's unmoving face.

Finally, she gasped awake.

"You okay?"

She nodded slightly, increasing her grasp on his hand. He hadn't even realized he had grabbed it.

He caught his breath. Lydia reached up to touch his face, wiping the wetness away. She smiled softly at him.

He pressed the back of her hand to his lips, closing his eyes in gratitude that she was still there with him.

He corrected his throat, remembering they had an audience. "Do you want to sit up?"

She nodded and he supported her into an upright position.

"Sorry... for fainting."

The rest of them cracked up, and Lydia realized she was surrounded by Derek, Mr. Argent and Isaac now too.

"We're alive. Are we all alive?"

"Yeah. We're okay." Scott said with a smile.

She let out a long exhale and leaned her head into Stiles' chest. It was finally over.

Once the battle was won, things mostly got back to normal. Besides Stiles using every opportunity to boast about his girlfriend's badassness, even though she constantly reminded him that she had no idea how she had done it and frankly wasn't looking to do it again any time soon, things were pretty much the same as before all of the possession chaos.

Still, it was clear she had a lot to learn about her banshee powers, and her friends were more than happy to help her figure them out in time.

Speak of the devil, Lydia could see the pack from where she was sitting at the reception table.

Stiles' dad and Scott's mom had finally tied the knot, and it was the perfect opportunity for everyone to have a happy excuse to celebrate something good in the world. After such a heavy doom on the town and especially the pack, it was a breath of fresh air to have something positive to look forward to.

"Are you ever going to dance with me?" Stiles asked from his place next to her.

She smirked and feigned nonchalance. "Eh, debatable."

He stood up, not one to back down from an argument. "Lydia. Get off your cute little ass and come dance with me."

She rolled her eyes. "Interesting tactic… fine."

He grinned triumphantly and took her hand, leading her onto the dance floor where most of their other friends were.

"Shocking that Derek's not dancing." Stiles commented amusedly, seeing the oldest of the group leaning by the drinks table talking to Isaac and his cousin Malia.

"Yes, normally he's such a party animal." she said with a laugh. She noticed the brunette he was with and smiled. "I'm glad he brought Malia. She seems pretty cool."

Stiles smiled. "She is. I'm hoping now that we've gotten through the awkward meet-and-greet we can go back to being friends and have her as part of the pack again. She mentioned she's planning on switching back to school here like we did, and she looked pleased when we sounded enthusiastic about the idea."

Lydia raised an eyebrow. In another time, her red flags would've flied to the top, the green dragon of jealousy leading the mob, but she knew better now. Stiles wasn't going anywhere.

"Good. There's power in numbers. We needed every single person for that last fight. And who knows what we're up against in the future."

"Talking shop, are we?" Allison teased as she and Scott shuffled over to where they were. "Come on, it's a wedding! Save that depressing talk for later."

Lydia smiled and looked over at the beaming bride and groom. Melissa and the Sheriff really were adorable together.

"All right, all right. How's your dance moves with that injury?"

Allison shrugged. "Not slowing me down. You know I've been cleared for a few weeks now, right?"

Lydia scrunched her nose at her. "Fine. So are you guys taking notes for when you have one of these?" she teased.

"A few. I like the centerpieces and the table runs." Allison said casually, and then giggled at Scott's expression. "Kidding. I don't plan on getting married to you for at least a few more years."

"But you are planning on marrying me at some point?" he asked.

"No, I'm just dating you because I'm planning on dropping you on the side of the road someday and never looking back."

"My girlfriend has been spending too much time with you, Stiles." Scott said.

Stiles shrugged. "Hey, it rubs off."

Lydia rolled her eyes but couldn't keep the smile off her face.

She never would've imagined this would be her life. A supernatural force of nature herself, amongst her other supernatural friends, an ever-growing family of people that cared about her and fought alongside her.

It hadn't been an easy feat, getting to where they were now. Defeating Void and his possession was only the half of it. It had been quite a year.

But Lydia truly felt like she was where she belonged now. In Beacon Hills. In the pack. In Stiles' arms.

And she wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

She couldn't wait to see where their lives lead them in the future. She knew, as long as she had Stiles and her friends, they could conquer anything.

The End