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Unexpected Attraction

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The life you've lived until now had been filled with much mockery. Before you had fallen into the monster world that fated day, you were no one in particular. As a child, kids made fun of you at school for being short and boyish. As a high school student, the others laughed at you for still being short and having almost no curves at all. All the other girls around you had blossomed into beautiful women, while you were left in a perpetual state of child-like looks... That was the inferiority complex you held deep within you.

Even when you fell to the monster world, you still felt inadequate. Yes, the residents of the underworld were all monsters of various shapes and sizes, yet the mature ones were still beautiful in your eyes. Some had curves, others had muscles... But then, there was you. A small girl with barely any showing of femininity.

Your haircut has been the same since childhood, though you had grown out your bangs a little more to cover your eyes since it gave you a false sense of security that if you couldn't see other people, they wouldn't take notice of you. Your hands, arms, legs, and even your body was bony no matter how much you exercised or ate... and eventually you had given up on even trying to try and make yourself more presentable.

There was a time in which you wanted to change, so that you could gain the attention of a certain skeleton monster in particular: the delightful pun master of the underworld, Sans. He didn't seem to jump to conclusions or mock you for your appearance. You were shorter than him, for god's sake, but he never made any jokes about it. He was one of the many monsters you met that made you feel better about yourself. And that was why you wanted to change, so that Sans would notice you.

Still, your resolve did not last long as you saw after the final battle against Asriel that there was a general attraction from Sans directed towards Toriel. She was a wonderful monster that took you in as her own in the beginning, and even accepted you as her child when you and all monsters returned above ground into the human world. You could understand why Sans would be attracted to her, and thus, your short-lived crush came to an end.

...Or so you thought, until now, as your body and mind was frozen in place at seeing Sans taking one of your hands and placing what could be taken as a kiss on your bony fingers, his one eye blazing a tinge of blue and yellow from desire.



The day had started out like every other one until now. You went to school with Toriel to teach the monster kids about the basics of the human world, broke for lunch, and then came home early to change into more comfortable clothes—mainly a tank top and shorts since it was getting rather hot because of the early summer weather—to prep dinner. The skeleton brothers always came by every other day to eat dinner with you and Toriel, and today was one of those days. After tonight's menu of spaghetti and meat balls was prepped and simmering on the stove, you had heard a knock at the door. A quick check at the door showed that Sans was here early.

You happily opened the door and welcomed him into the house, though Papyrus was nowhere to be seen. You were about to ask Sans if his brother was running late when you noticed that he was acting... somewhat odd. From your perspective, it seemed as if Sans was frozen where he stood. His expression was still stuck on his usual smile, but only his eyes seemed to be moving slowly up and down. That's when you remembered your current physical state.

Of all the people that had to see, Sans—the one whom you still can't give up your crush on—had seen you in the most plain of outfits. Not only were you showing off more skin than ever, it suddenly hit you that your thin, pale arms and legs were all showing. You had given a nervous laugh and grabbed a nearby jacket, throwing it on while trying to make a joke about how you didn't want to get tomato stains all over your nice clothes while you were cooking... to which it had seemed Sans' expression had turned into a small frown. There was a small pang in your heart seeing his demeanor change, only if it had lasted for a second of so, for in your mind, you assumed that your physical sight has disappointed him. Still, you hid that pain and pleasantly invited him inside.

After some time spent chatting with the now-distracted-seeming skeleton, Sans had suddenly fallen silent. He seemed to be pondering something, which concerned you for you've never seen him be like this, until he stood up and quickly took your hand. The touch surprised you, but you didn't have any time to voice it as Sans tugged you off the sofa and began leading you upstairs... to your room.

You let him gently push you in as he followed and closed the door. Confused as to what Sans was doing, you were about to ask what's wrong, when he just quietly shushed you and had you sit down on your bed. He then silently knelt on the ground before you and took your right hand to gently press his teeth against them—which could've been taken for a kiss had he lips, and that was where you were now.



Just feeling his bony fingers hold yours, his teeth grazing the back of your hand, and that burning look in his eyes made your heart begin pounding in your ears. You have no idea what's going on here, only that Sans is acting strange. Strange, and utterly desirable in your eyes.

"S-Sans...? Um... What's going on...?" you manage to mutter out, though the last word barely comes out as a small squeak.

Sans lowers your hand that he's holding from his face, all then while maintaining eye contact with you. He gives a small sigh before pulling himself closer to you. "...Kiddo, tell me if I'm overstepping my bounds."

"U-Um... No...? Actually, I-I just want to know what's going on...?"

"...You," Sans whispers while rubbing his skeletal fingers over your thin ones. "For the love of god, tell me if I'm reading the signs wrong."

"S-Signs...?" you mumble back, the heat in your cheeks rising even further. He couldn't possibly mean what you hope he means—

"...You have no idea what you do to me. Your personality. Your physique. The way you look at me. The way you treat me," he pauses there for a moment, trying to figure out how to speak his mind. "Kiddo... please tell me. Do you like me?"

His words are barely a whisper. There is a sense of desperation, of hope in his voice, that you can tell that what he is saying is genuine.

Your face is practically on fire as blood rushes up even more, your eyes darting around the room, but not being able to avoid the burning look in Sans' eyes. It takes another minute—it felt like eternity to you—before you finally muster up the courage and squeak a small, "Yes," to him. Had there been a hole somewhere in your room, you would've most definitely jumped in and hid yourself in it for the shear embarrassment you were feeling.

Then again, your unease is cut short as you are quickly grabbed and tackled into a hug onto your bed. A high pitched eep leaves your mouth at the unexpected embrace as you feel Sans squeeze your body.

"Dear god, you have no idea how long I wanted to ask you that...!"

"U-U-Um... Wh-What do you mean...?"

Sans is practically straddling you as he let's go and gives a bright smile. The small, blue blush on his face is utterly adorable.

"I've liked you since I met you, kiddo. There's a reason why I kept showing up, talking to ya and stuff, you know?"

"I-I just thought you were being nice... I mean, y-you are nice to everyone, after all..."

"Nice is one thing. I kept throwing bone after bone at you, trying to see if the gazes you were directing at me were in that way or not."

"You did...?"

This time, Sans rolls his eyes. "The first time we met. Each time before you'd run into Papyrus. That place with the reindeer. Etc, etc... I even showed up before you faced Asgore. I only did it for you, kid. I didn't want anything happening to you."

That does trigger some memories. You remember every time you felt like you were about to give up or couldn't keep going, Sans always showed his face to offer you some words of wisdom. Had it not been for him, you doubt you would've been able to finish your journey. However, there was still one question that remained.

"B-But... I thought you liked Toriel...?" you mumble out, since you now have the courage to speak that single, greatest doubt in your mind.

Sans looks genuinely perplexed for an instant before giving a good laugh. "Y-You thought I liked Toriel that way!? Hahahaha, ohhh you sure know how to pick at my bones... Hahaha... Nah, she's a good friend to me, but nothing more, nothing less... Not like you." Once again in a flash, Sans' playful demeanor disappears and he's back to looking at you with that heated gaze of his. One of his eyes has a mysterious yellowish blue tint to it, and you can't help but shiver under its light.

Your mind is overwhelmed at the crush-of-your-life's love confession for you. Part of you is jumping up and down in utter joy, yet there is also the insecure part of you that is rearing its head. You can't even begin to comprehend what Sans sees in you, let alone look at you with such... desire.

As if sensing your shift in emotions, Sans cups your cheek with one hand. "...What's wrong?"

"I-It's just that... you know... I-I don't really know what you see in me... I'm not pretty, I'm probably closest to a skeleton than any other human being, I'm short, and, and —"

"Kiddo, you're perfect," Sans says, cutting your rant off. His face comes extremely close to yours as he practically drapes his body over you. "You're more beautiful than any monster or human I've ever seen. You have no idea, how much you make me want to bone you."

You can't help but give a small laugh at that sexual joke. However, Sans seems to be upset that you aren't taking his words seriously and his smirk turns to one that seems more... predatory?

"Well... if you don't believe my words, I could always show you what I mean..." he practically murmurs into your ear, making your face blush brighter. Sans sits up while still straddling your hips and brings one hand to the edge of your tank top. Bony fingers slowly snake up while tugging on the light fabric to expose your pale belly.

Your heart is pounding for the umpteenth time today as your mouth goes dry instantaneously. You should be trying to stop him, yet you can't help but wonder exactly what Sans meant by "show you" what he means. Just as the edge of your shirt is about to be lifted past your lower rib cage and reach the bottom of your breasts—

"Hello dear, I'm home! I ran into Papyrus on the way home, so we've come back together!"

The sound of the front door opening and Toriel's cheerful voice echoing up from downstairs snaps both you and Sans out of the sensual atmosphere that had built up. You quickly pull down your shirt and call back to Toriel that you will be down in a moment. Sans has also stepped off your bed with a hint of disappointment in his smile.

There is a small amount of relief in your mind at Toriel's return, since there was no knowing how far Sans would've gone at the rate things were going. You take in a deep breath and are about to reach for the door, when Sans takes a hold of your hand again. He quickly pulls you towards him as he whispers, "...Guess I'll have to show you later, hm? Don't worry, I'll make sure to assure you that I'm not joking when I say that you're beautiful. I'll spend minutes... hours... the entire night, if needed. Be prepared to have another skeleton in you other than your own." He then lets you go and nonchalantly leaves your room.

It takes more than a few seconds for your brain to understand what Sans had said to you, and when it finally does register, you unconsciously grip your chest at his last words. Today was dinner with the skeleton brothers, after all. And when they had dinner, the brothers usually stayed over for the night in the guest rooms so that they would not have to make the long trek back home in the darkness. Which meant... only one thing.

Sans would not go back on his word. Whatever it was that almost happened a few moments ago would be happening.

This was going to be a night to remember, and after all the months that had passed since emerging from the monster underground world, you were filled with determination to not let your pessimism win for once.