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Saga of the Golden Dragon

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It came to pass that Scregor came to another world, a world where the main activity seemed to be arenas fought with droids. He was intrigued and interested in this sport, and he took up the code name Mad Druid, and constructed a droid named Green Lightning, and proceeded to enter the arenas.

"This droid sport amuses me," he said to himself. "I will be the Newbie from Hell, and kick everyone's butts." Thus he created a one-man corporation named Newbies from Hell, not to team up with anyone, but to proclaim that.

But the corporations powered the Senate-held arenas, and he knew it would likely be to his benefit to join one and team up with others. Thus he logged into the MonsterNet and looked through the corp ads section to find one to his liking. One of them caught his interest, and made him laugh, the ad for Loner Inc. Thus he put in his application, and was approved shortly. He had, however, looked over the power of the Gods of Droidarena with interest, but thought it unlikely that such a powerful corp would take in a beginner like him.

He became fast friends with the corp leader, Murdoc, who made him an approver. One day he approved a young lad named Andrew Morrow, and he had a feeling about him that he couldn't explain. Others, he also brought into the corp, recruiting ones he thought would do well and be loyal.

Scregor then set up a central headquarters, like the council halls in his empires in previous lives, where the corp members could meet and discuss matters, and make plans, and organize arenas. As he urged them to come, the place became more active, and he began enjoying the sport greatly. He and four others of the corp would pick arenas and enter them, and they began doing very well.

Quickly Scregor advanced, faster than they believed it possible, his skill surpassing even those who had been around longer than him. It became his goal to defeat Tigerj, the top decker in Droidarena, before the end of the season. He focused on having fun, and would often enter arenas sure to lose for the sheer fun of it. Murdoc had also promoted him to financial adviser, and he enjoyed the job very much.

Of the corp members using the meeting room, Andrew Morrow was one of the most frequent visitors. Yet often there would be arguments involving Andrew, Stark, and Alpha, which he tried to resolve. It was very frustrating at times, even as it was exhilerating.

The last day the season came along, and it was very late at night. He and Hell were looking for an arena, and he said to Hell, "Do you want to fight GoDA one last time?"

Hell merely grinned, and agreed, and they entered the arena. Scregor wearily then went to sleep, and dreamed of blowing Tigerj's droid Firefly to pieces. Yet when he awoke and looked at his black box recording, he jumped for joy as he saw that Green Lightning had defeated not only Firefly, but one of the other GoDA's as well, before being destroyed. Happily, he and his corpmates celebrated a good end to the season.

Gods of Droidarena

After a long wait, the Senate announced the official opening of Season 2 of Droidarena. He eagerly rejoined Loner Inc. and returned to the headquarters he had helped to build. Murdoc decided to make him one of the leaders of the corp.

Scregor, with his skill and determination, quickly became one of the best deckers in Droidarena. He was dissatisfied with Loner Inc. now, however, and with surprise and disappointment looked on GoDA, once one of the best corps, now in the lower rankings. They deserved better than that, he thought. He also knew that Loner Inc. was too disorganized to support a high ranking decker for long. He spoke also with several members of GoDA.

Thus, he discussed with Andrew, Alpha, and Rhuan the possibility of joining GoDA. Rhuan was eager to be part of a corp where his strategy and number crunching abilities could be put to use. But Andrew didn't want to betray Murdoc. After a lengthy debate, however, they agreed. Hell, unfortunately, got wind of it, and was outraged, and threatened to fire him on the spot, but he said he wanted to wait for Murdoc. Some hours later, Murdoc showed up and he spoke with him.

"While I've enjoyed my stay here," Scregor told him, "I do not entirely agree with the entire loner philosophy. I'd prefer a more organized corp, with closer teamwork and cooperation."

Thus with that, Murdoc told him to have anyone that was going with him out of the corp within twelve hours, and no retaliation would be made against them. Hell sent him a nasty message, though, screaming that GoDA was not fun and he was a traitor. Nonetheless, Scregor went, and joined GoDA as soon as possible.

Quickly he learned that a lot of GoDA's bad reputation was misplaced, or so he believed at the time, and he found them to be very nice and fun people to be around. For several weeks he was very happy and enjoyed himself in his new home, thriving as one of the best deckers in the arenas.

The Neon Tigers

Scregor became friends with the leader of The Neon Tigers, Elysian. He liked Ely very much, but some of GoDA's more recent actions he could not agree with nor defend. Becoming quite upset with Big Bad Droid's tendancy to tell him untruths, his sense of honor awoke. Elysian was being constantly attacked with spies, but did not know who the culprit was. No matter how much he increased his defenses, it still was not enough. Maluke tried to tell Scregor that it was a member of Muppets who was doing it, and Scregor passed that along to Ely, defending GoDA against the suspicions that it was them.

Then Scregor heard Maluke complaining about one of the members of the Senate spying on him for attacking Elysian. Scregor was outraged and upset, for all he had defended his corp for the attacks, he could not justify that. He felt betrayed, and immediately ranted at Elysian what he had heard. He believed that it was Maluke who was truly responsible for all the attacks.

He also learned of more untruths that BBD had told him. Upset and confused, he told Dancer that he needed to see for himself what the other corps were like, but he said he was afraid that he would find that GoDA was the best, and would not be allowed back. So for many tangled reasons, he left GoDA, and joined The Neon Tigers.

Again he was quite happy at first, more relaxed and away from the dripping paranoia and tangled lies of GoDA. But he rarely joined arenas with other TNT, prefering to go up against difficult odds and win anyway, enjoying his power and the challenge. Once he went up against five UD Warriors by himself, and won.

He began speaking with Vincent and became good friends with him. Vincent said, "If I had known you were going to leave GoDA I'd have invited you to join WMC."

Vincent even offered him a position as a leader of WMC. He was honored at the offer, but unwilling to leave TNT.

But then changes were made to the arenas that greatly upset Scregor. His old weapons were declared illegal, due to some problems that had come up with them. Now, though, he could not win arenas by himself. Frustrated and annoyed, he began to slack off and not try as hard as he used to, not really caring so much anymore. Though the benefit was that he did get more sleep at night.

Then Elysian told him of a plan that they would create a small super corp for a few days, to prove a point. Scregor did not particularly care about the point nor agree to it, but he went along with it because Ely asked him to. Thus five of the best deckers from various corps formed DA Masters, which during the space of 36 hours, stirred up a lot of turmoil and discussion, before its members returned to their original corps.

Scregor, however, was annoyed at some of his friends who were less skilled than him being stuck in TNT: New Breed, the "training corp" for TNT. They did not enjoy it there, and were annoyed at its disorganization and lack of teamwork.

Yet still, he missed GoDA, and still talked to Dancer regularly. He trusted her completely, and told her everything that was on his mind. The fiasco with DA Masters made up his mind about something, and he knew then that he would return. Finally, with two weeks remaining in the season, he returned to GoDA.

Alienz was outraged at this action, and began screaming and yelling at him. Scregor merely sighed, and walked away, saying, "Why would I want to be in a corp that has a leader who behaves like that?"


It wasn't the same GoDA he returned to, however. There had been a merger since he left, and a number of new members besides. That had scared him at first from rejoining, but finally when he did he just walked away from TNT with no regrets and never looked back.

Again he heard rumors and accusations about GoDA that upset him, and he tried to defend them, and succeeded in little but causing arguments. The rifts caused by these arguments were difficult to mend.

Then, at the end of the season, the members of GoDA created a monument for all to see, that spelled "GoDA" out across the landscape. A testiment to the pride and power of the great corp, and something to remember the season by.

Scregor loved GoDA very much, his loyalty only strengthed by his time in TNT. He swore that during Season 3 he would remain in one corp all season, and that would be GoDA. Also then he conceived the idea that he might become a leader of GoDA, and it tore him apart.

After a long wait, the Senate opened up the third season of Droidarena, and Scregor again joined the ranks of GoDA.

Shattered Dreams

The season progressed, and Scregor worked toward his goals diligently. Yet now, BBD argued with him constantly. She seemed to really hate him now, and he wasn't entirely sure why. Then she revoked his financial advisor status, and he was surprised, but unwilling to leave or give up, even at her insistance. He donated all his money to the corp to prove his loyalty, and prove her wrong, yet she didn't care. She kept insisting that he intended to start his own corp and betray GoDA.

Worst of all her statements however, was her telling him that they had all wanted him to be a leader of GoDA, but were afraid of his affiliation with the Senate. He was devastated, yet remained stubborn and loyal to GoDA against his better judgment.

Then Scregor got word that BBD and Gryff were planning a meeting with the Senate, in an attempt to get two of the Senate members fired. Scregor warned them, however, that no good would come of it, but they would not listen and went through with it anyway. When the day for the meeting came, just as Scregor predicted, no good came of it.

"I told you so," Scregor told BBD. "I tried to warn you, but you wouldn't listen."

She became livid, and furious, and began accusing Scregor of many things that he had not done. She accused him of spying, of trying to take over the corp, and many things beside. The corp members were stunned at first into silence by her accusations, then tried to defend him as best they could, but BBD would not listen.

She screamed at him to leave, but he would not leave. He proclaimed his loyalty to the corp, and said that he would do anything for it. BBD told him to give up his moderator status if he really meant that. Little did she realize that he had indeed been willing to, and more.

"Get out of the room," she snarled. "And if you contact any GoDA member, I will fire you."

He turned and walked to the door, saying, "You may force me to leave, you may fire me, but you will not stop me from talking to my friends."

With that, he left the corp HQ for the last time, for thereafter BBD had fired him, and the doors were forever locked to him.


After he was fired, he destroyed up his droid and all he had, to prove a point. He started over fresh, weak and alone. But he received a message from Ashen-Shugar, inviting him to join the corp Loners. He smiled, and was touched by the offer, the only one he received during that time. Remaining corpless for the time being, however, he waited for Dancer to return from vacation.

A few days later, Dancer came back, and was surprised and confused at what had happened while she was gone. She was his only chance, he knew. Hopeful, he plead his case to her, trusting her to listen and do the right thing.

Days passed, and nothing was done. Someone told Scregor that Dancer was merely taking all he said and reporting it to BBD. That angered him and saddened him, yet in his heart he could not believe it was true. He sat at his terminal for long hours, his fingers hovering over the buttons to open a commlink, but he was afraid. Pacing around his base, he thought to himself, and refused to believe that Dancer would betray him. Finally, late that night, he opened the commlink, and spoke at length with her again. Relieved that the rumors were untrue, he slept well that night for the first night that week.

By this point, however, he knew that his efforts to get back into GoDA would not succeed while BBD was yet leader. Thus, reluctantly, he started his own corp, and called it Nightfall, taking with him many who had left GoDA because of BBD's actions. Nightfall was small, but strong at first. However, some of its members began losing interest in arenas, and disappeared.

Another joined the corp, Lord Droid Killer, who had also been fired from GoDA by BBD's order. They began discussing mergers with other small corps in order to fill the holes filled by those who had disappeared. Nothing was worked out however.

LDK proposed a merger with Loners, though, and Scregor was very interested in that. It was, in fact, the one corp that he was actually willing to merge with. But they were a bit turned off by LDK's flamboyant, over-enthusastic attitude urging them to merge. Scregor knew that he only had the best interests of the corp in mind, but prefered to be more patient and let people come to decisions on their own.

After several days of talking on and off with Ashen-Shugar about a merger, they finally came to the conclusion that it may not be what was best. Rather than merge, Scregor disbanded Nightfall and took a few of the members with him, and joined Loners.


For some time, he enjoyed being with Loners, and working with them. Yet as time wore on, he watched as various members of the corp lost interest, or became busy with other things. He had told Frenchy of his desire to join UD Warriors, however there were no spots available and wouldn't appear to be anytime soon. Believing that Loners was going to die, he decided to take up LDK on his suggestion that he join hamster farm. However, before he joined, word came in that Avi had left hamster farm, and had formed a new corp named "dead hamster".

"This means hamster farm will die," Scregor observed.

But LDK denied it, saying, "Avi was the only one who was opposed to you joining in the first place."

However, Scregor, well aware of the forboding of it, decided to join anyway, and was proven right when most of the members left one by one and joined dead hamster. The corp was left without even a leader or anyone that could access the corp vaults.

Scregor then left, and decided to form a single-person corp named Kamikaze Ferret, and he said he would spend the rest of the season using FURY to destroy people that annoyed him.

Then Rogue Wolf said to him, "If you name it Kamikaze Animals or Kamikaze Roadkill or something, I'll join too."

He just chuckled for a moment, and changed the name of the corp to Kamikaze Roadkill. To his surprise, LDK and others joined as well, bringing the corp up to 5 members, and a place on the rankings. They were #1. Entirely unintentionally, they had created a very powerful corp.

Goodz, one of the leaders of TNT, was furious, however, until they told their intentions were not to create a cheap super corp, but just to have fun. Goodz said, "Well, you furying us saves us the trouble of doing it to you."

During the 24 hours that Kamikaze Roadkill existed, the five of them furied many different people, and Scregor laughed as he realized it was the most fun he had all season. But it was to be short-lived, as Rogue Wolf wished to return to Loners, and the others did as well. Scregor just nodded, and took all five of them back into Loners with him, even LDK.

Then, he received a message from Frenchy telling him that there was a spot open in UD Warriors, and he could join now if he still wished to. He did so, not wanting to miss the opportunity.

However, his time there was quiet, and lonely, and he too like many others slowly lost interest in the arena sport. He paid little attention to its happenings, other than a futile effort to pass TNT's kill ranking, and then on the last day of the season, decided to rejoin Loners.

On the last day, he furied Goodz four times for no reason other than because he was annoying.


Season 3 was a complete failure, Scregor decided. Not one of the goals he had sought to achieve that season were accomplished, even the ones he thought would be near certain. He was not #1 at any point, he did not remain in one corp, or even close to loyal to any corp, nor did he reach TNT's kill ratio.

Season 4 opened a few days afterward. He and the members of the corp once called Loners created a corp named Kamikaze Roadkill once again. But before the arenas even opened, it was decided to merge with Hybrid Alliance, as soon as possible.

Thus the corp B.L.A.H. was formed. The name didn't mean anything, it was primarily intended to make other corps wonder what it meant. At first, Scregor was extremely happy, exstatic, and had good hopes for the corp. It would be like GoDA never was, yet revive everything that was good about them. Even the younger members he was happy to have around. He thought of them as his children.

His happiness was shortlived, however. Ashen-Shugar informed him that he and the other Loners were unhappy in BLAH. They did not want a big, huge corp. Scregor sighed, and told them, "I can't and won't make you stay where you don't want to be, although I'm disappointed."

And so they left. But Scregor remained determined to hold the corp together regardless, even though he was now unhappy with the droid sport entirely, he did not want to let down his friends who were still there.

There was a great uproar, and Scregor went to see what was going on. It seemed that many members of GoDA had been banned from the arenas due to evidence that they had been cheating. They were outraged, denying the accusations, but the proof the Senate had uncovered was undeniable. BBD in particular was vehement, and blamed Scregor for all that had gone wrong. Scregor laughed to himself at justice finally well served, and celebrated.

Then, however, in one day, Rhed decided to leave and rejoin UD Warriors, and LDK became a member of the Senate. Scregor sighed, and realized there was no longer any reason to be in BLAH anymore, now that nearly all those that he remained there for had left. He apologized to his corpmates, and without knowing or caring where he was going, left and never looked back.


It was the first time he had ever willingly gone for any length of time without any corp, clan, guild, family, or any such thing. He was a loner, on his own, with nobody to help him or care what he did or where he went. No responsibilities, no stress, no duties. He found it very relaxing, and realized he was having more fun now than he had in a long time. Scregor took it upon himself as a challenge.

Part of his refusal to join any corp was due to the fact that he could never decide which one. He very much loved many different corps and would gladly join any one of them. Many invitations appeared in his mailbox, yet he politely refused each one of them, as tempting as some of them were.

Finally, however, he decided it was time to return to TNT, and was very happy there.