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MUD Poems

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Immortality, the power that could be mine
denied to me by a power I wish to keep
I have learned the power of mortality
the power of a mortal dragon
Scregor who slays all who challenge him
no mortal now stands a chance
he who is evil yet fights for justice
guardian of the world
protector of all who are weaker than him
and friends to his equals,
the ancient dragons.


Now once again I know danger
the power of death and destruction
stalking upon me,
I fear for my life
the little thief flees and hides
certainly quite understandably
for bait to the deadlies of avatars
at whose hands she would surely die quickly
my little Lanthirah would die.


See, see, what I know
what I've come to learn
I know the ways to many lands
I know the roads to travel upon
never this immortal knew
whose traveling roads has built
from the mud, from the ground
constructed, created
knew lands in which to travel.


Turn to me and follow me
thou dragons of magic and avatars
clerics and mages and augurers
come follow the ways of Sarveta
whose Conclave was built upon freedom
union and companionship
all hail the red and purple!
yet Sarveta hapless destruction
whose life interferes with creation
therefore I must let her go
Sarveta, die, so that others may live.


I'll wrestle with you, dragons
thou little vamp will die
bite me all you dare to bite
as I stand by and watch you die
my dragon shriek you can't withstand
your defenses shall be unraveled
and your precious blood spilled on the ground.


Come the mage, I'm turned away
from my guild, I'm out
closed away from the Guild of Mages
by the sorcerer who ignores me
my sadness is incredible
my family has denied me
so a clan i shall seek,
tho deadly i would be
the power of the mage is undeniable


Ridiculously powerful
avatars can be
the backstab of my little thief
is nothing in comparison
to the power of my mage
the wizard whose magnetic thrust
destroys all in her path.


And the walls came down
to the thunder of his might
to the tumbling terror of the cleric's word
the earthquake brings them down
crumbling cross the town
all falling in a roaring cloud of dust
raining fragments of debris
across the broken breaking land
to the screeching of the dragons flying
blackling wings across the blackening sky.


We must relearn the ways of the fire
whose power was one supreme
denied it's rightful sovereignty
to the blasts of purest power
the Quantum Spike which rips of time
crushes with its tremoring might
to the broken runes and the blazing of the fires.