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Avernum Poems

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May the tower never fall
and the fortress stand firm
deep in the stronghold
race to the shelter
all praises to the healer
keeping us together.


Taking damage
monsters they don't stand a chance
not against my party's lance
they will fall and we will stand

Demons, devil, they will die
through out searing from the sky
cast away no doubts today
and we will stand Triumphant.


Cast a flame into the den
a quickfire burning searing away
running out with the flame at our heels
fleeing from the raging inferno
from this fiery destruction
we escape.


Our magic swords shall wreck destruction
slaying a hundred thousand fiends
our holy swords shall battle evil
driving away the diabolic things.

Away, away, we keep them away
doom to the devil and death to the beast
the dragon is falling like a burning comet.


Monsters flee when we approach
they dare not face our blades
our fiery spells wreck destruction
a path they sear through the hordes
as treasure and glory we seek
and we toss the egg of the Phoenix
into the roaches' lair
we run with quickfire at our heels
and burst singing into the light of day
the Exiles returned to their homeland
never to leave again.