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Time Traveler: Victorian Age

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Time Traveler: Victorian Age
"Freak! Into your cupboard!" His uncle roared. He couldn't remember the last time his uncle was this angry. The large man was practically foaming at the mouth and his face was a purple that surely was unhealthy.
Harry complied, he didn't want to get hurt again. He'd already been slapped across the face. The door slammed shut behind him and Harry just laid down.
There was nothing else he could do in complete darkness after all.
"I wish for some place where people don't see me as a freak. I wish for a place where I can belong. I wish for someone who understands and will at least talk to me," he whispered before closing his eyes.
He fell asleep as a few tears, unbidden, glided down his bruising cheek.
- - - - -
When Harry opened his eyes, he was outside.
He sat up on the sidewalk in front of a shop labeled "UNDERTAKER". He quickly walked in, he didn't know where he was. Maybe someone in there could help him. How did he even get out of his cupboard?
"Excuse me," he called. "Is anyone there? I need help!"
High pitched laughing filled the air. "Who is that? What is it that you seek in my shop?"
Harry turned beside him to see a tall man. The man was pale, and had long, gray hair that reached his lower legs. He wore a black... dress (was it a dress? He didn't want to be offensive), a gray sash over his left shoulder, black boots, and a black hat that had a... ribbon(again, he didn't know) that hung off the back. The man's hands were hidden in his sleeves and he had a long scar on his face. His bangs hid his eyes.
"Excuse me, Mister? Can you tell me where I am?"
The man laughed, sounding creepy and amused at the same time.
For Harry, it seemed like a strange combination that could only fit the mysterious man.
"You must be from another time, little one. Every other child knows 'creepy shop down the street'. Welcome to the Victorian age!" He spread his arms out wide.
"I went back in time?" Harry's eyes were wide. Was that even possible? But wouldn't
The man chuckled. "Yes you did, little one. And please, call me Undertaker. Everyone does."
Harry nodded and looked around his shop. There were coffins everywhere. They were pretty, though. "Are there lot's of dead people in the Victorian Age?"
Undertaker grinned. "There are, little one. I make these beautiful beds for the guests."
"Oh. I think that's nice of you. Where I come from, people didn't have a lot of respect for the dead." Harry smiled. "I think it's nice that you do."
"Thank you, now come," Undertaker extended his hand to the little boy. "You can't stay dressed that way."
Harry looked down at his baggy tee and then back at the man before grasping the outstretched hand.
Undertaker grimaced as he seemed to take in the boy's appearance. Harry couldn't tell because his eyes were hidden. "Simply atrocious," Undertaker commented as he wrinkled his nose.
Harry caught on quickly. "It's my cousin's. He's not skinny like me." He gestured for the tall man to lean down.
It was amusing to see the boy theatrically wave his hand for the man, more than twice his size, to bend down so he could whisper in his ear.
Undertaker did so without question.
"He's kinda fat. He reminds me of a baby whale," Harry whispered conspiratorially.
Undertaker giggled and held his free hand over his mouth. "Oh? He does? Well let's get you dressed and to sleep, little one. You can stay with me for the time being."
"Okay. My name's Harry, Mr. Undertaker."
"Nice to meet you, Harry."

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Time Traveler Undertaker Jr.

Chapter One (Part One)

5 years later:

The shop door opened as Harry was washing dishes in the kitchen behind the shop. "Just a moment!" He wiped his hands on a towel and threw it over his shoulder as he walked to the front of the shop.

Harry was wearing a simple white button-up shirt and black slacks. He was barefoot and wore a dark blue apron, his sleeves rolled up. His hair had grown to the small of his back. Harry had tied it back in a ponytail and a dark blue headband held bach his bangs.

Harry pushed his glasses up his face and rested them atop his head as he studied the group before him.

There were 6 different people. One english woman wore all red while the other (only) woman was chinese. She was doll-like, with a vacant expression, and she wore a white dress(?), black stockings, and a blue jacket. She was very close to the chinese man. He wore a green garment. His hands were hidden inside his sleeves, his eyes were shut, and he looked peaceful with that soft smile on his face. The person beside the red woman was a butler, undoubtedly. He looked nervous, but had no scent.

Quickly, Harry sniffed the air.

The other butler's (the more professional looking one) wine red eyes widened.

The whiny butler had no scent. And the telltale lime green eyes. The butler was a shinigami, a death god. Like Undetaker was.

The other butler was suave, he had a hint of a smell, but his scent was masked by humans.

Then there was the boy who was just a little taller than himself.

Harry had the urge to pout. Why was everyone taller than him?! Did the universe hate him?!

The boy had gray hair to the extreme that it had a bluish tint, he wore blue clothes. His coat, jacket, shorts, etc.

Harry leaned onto the counter, resting one elbow on top. "Can I help you?"

Their eyes widened. They hadn't noticed him.

Harry supressed a grin. Undertaker had taught him how to do that.

"Hello..." the woman in red took a step forward; towards him.

"The name's Hadrian Undertaker. Was there something that you needed?" He sighed as he realized what he'd just done. "I apologize. I'm being quite rude. I'm not a morning person and I haven't had my coffee yet. Do you mind if I make some?"

"No, not at all," the boy said. He was the next to talk.

"Good. Would any of you like some?"

"Yes, please," the chinese man nodded.

"Alright. You can come watch if you want. You look uneasy, as if I would poison you." Harry led them to the kitchen. He put the coffee on the kettle and continued to wash the dishes. "May I know your names?"

"Sebastian Michaelis," the butler said.

Harry caught that tiny scent. This man was a demon. A flying demon for one, the man REEKED of feathers.

"And my master; Earl Phantomhive."

Harry nodded absent-mindedly.

"Madam Red, and my servant Grell Sutcliff."

"Lau, and the pretty lady is Ran-Mao."

Harry turned to them and smiled. "It's nice to meet some people who have manners and are quite sane. UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE!"

There was only a grunt from the shop.

Harry sighed. "But I love him anyway," he poured everybody some coffee and handed them a mug. He took a gulp from his. "Ah!" his face showing true bliss made the company smile.

Even Sebastian had to give a true one, though small.

"Hate mornings," Harry grimaced. "They must have it in for me. I'm always low on caffeine."

He set his cup down. "So what can I do for you?"

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Chapter 2

/"So what can I help you with?" He asked, hands on hips./

"I'm sure you didn't just come for a house call," Harry teased them.

"Mr. Undertaker, just how old are you?" Sebastian sounded curious.

"I'll be eleven in a week. The old man's been on about me being so short." His pout made them all laugh and Madam Red coo.

Ran-Mao walked over to him and knelt in front of him. "You have a cute face," she said quietly.

He blushed and smiled sheepishly. "You're pretty too, Ran-Mao."

She gave a tiny smile and folded him in her arms. Her head rested on top of his as his back was pressed against her front. "Mine."

Lau laughed. "Well then, how odd!"

Harry blushed brighter and mumbled something like: "Weirdos. Damn chinese weirdo. Call off the woman.".

"We came here, , for information on Jack the Ripper." Sebastian spoke again.

"Hmm... Jack the Ripper, eh? Don't know much. Let's talk to the old man." He led them through the shop and to a tall coffin. He knocked hard on it. "Undertaker, get your fat, lazy ass up!"

Harry quickly walked away and grabbed a clipboard. "Ran-Mao, if you're staying with your company, you must let go. I am taking inventory."

The young lady shook her head. "I'll help you," she said quietly with her wide-eyed look.

"Okay. Old man!"

Undertaker looked over at his young charge.

"I expect my half of the deal!"

"Of course, brat!"

Harry chuckled at his guardian before checking things off his list.

Soon, the company would have their information and the Undertaker wanted his payment.

"I want a first rate laugh!" was his exclamation.

Harry rushed over. "Yay! We get a laugh!" He was bouncing up and down. "It's been so long! Spears has to poke us to get us to laugh! And not even very hard! He's no fun," he pouted. "Tell me you're good with jokes, please!" His puppy dog eyes were making them all want to melt.

Sebastian could feel a soft spot for the boy quickly forming as it had for his master. Grell ws quickly becoming entranced by the bright green eyes. Not lime green like his, but a glowing emerald. Lau found him interesting and Ran-Mao adored him. Madam just thought he was cute. Ciel thought so too, though he would vehemently deny it. Harry was quickly gaining friends in high places.

Lau stepped forward. "So no money?"

Undertaker was quickly in his face. "I don't want any of the queen's money!" He calmed a bit. "I just want a laugh."

Harry could tell he was pouting.

"Alright," Lau stepped forward again. "The sleeping tiger of the Shanghai New Year's party, also referred to as my soul. This should satisfy you!" He shouted. Then he stopped. "Do you like it?"


There was silence.

"It looks like he still won't talk, Lau. It can't be helped. Then I, Madam Red, a beauty of high society, shall make my appearance now! If I ask him, he'll be sure to tell us!"

"Madam!" Grell swooned.

Harry wanted to laugh right there at their weird performances.

"So, because -,"

Undertaker quickly covered Harry's ears. Sebastian was doing the same to Ciel.

Harry stuck out his tongue. "And in front of children," he scoffed.

Madam Red and Lau were now out of the competition.

"You're the only left, Earl." Undertaker knit his fingers together. "I've helped you many times in the past, can't you be nice to me just this once?" he whined.

Ciel sweatdropped. "Damn it."

"It can't helped," the Phantomhive butler sighed.

"Oh... it's the butler's turn now?"

Harry sat on a coffin. He was going to enjoy this.

"Everyone, please step outside for a moment," Sebastian said while straightening his gloves.

"Seb-bastian?" Ciel asked worriedly.

"You absolutely must not peek inside," his eyes shined with a dark promise of punishment.

The door closed behind him.

Sebastian stood before the two Undertakers. He assessed them quietly before gesturing for the older to come forward.

Undertaker did, but quickly found himself straddled on the floor.

"You wanted a laugh?"

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/"You wanted a laugh?" Sebastian Michaelis; Phantomhive butler, asked as he leered slightly at the Undertaker straddled underneath him./

Seeing what was possibly coming, Harry made to leave the room. A butter knife that quickly pinned his leg to the wall made him think better of it.

"You wanted your share of the deal, did you not, Mr. Undertaker?" Sebastian smirked before he ran his hands up Undertaker's sides. He was tickling the man!

Undertaker giggled and cackled. He kicked and screamed, making the whole building shake.

Also causing his guests outside to sweatdrop as they helplessly wondered what was happening.

Harry wasn't much better after his time around.

Really? Why was a butler so skilled in the art of tickling?

At the end, he clung to the crow's shirt. Tears streamed from his eyes. "Don't EVER do that again," he whimpered and giggled at the same time.

Sebastian smirked once more and handed him over to the Undertaker; who was still giggling madly. He handed Harry a glass of water.

Harry accepted it gratefully, guzzled half of it down, and gave it back to his elder.

The people outside were growing alarmed. Why was it so quiet all of a sudden?

Sebastian opened the front door to show the trembling duo. The smaller of which was in his elder's lap.

"Please come in," the butler gave a small smile that was beginning to look less fake each time he gave one. "Let's continue our discussion."

"Come, continue..." Undertaker gestured lazily for them to come closer. "Whatever you want to know is fine. Actually, I've always thought there weren't enough 'guests'," he giggled and led them to his counter. He stroked the bindings on some books there.

"Not enough?"

"Yes, not enough. Internal organs, of course," Undertaker wrapped his fingers around a fake head. "Don't you think hat the eternally sleeping 'guests' that lay in coffins are so cute? My hobby is to take out the organs for research."

Harry punched him lightly in the arm. "Your scaring them, scarhead!"

He was right. Their company was pale and shocked.

"That prostitute isn't a whole woman anymore."

The company was confused. "What?"

Harry sighed and sat on the bar. He crossed his legs. "She's not whole because her womb is gone," he said.

"Recently, these kind of 'guests' have been rapidly increasing," Undertaker continued. "Their whole bodies dripping with blood... It's made us very busy."

Harry nodded and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Let's just say that there aren't very many people out on the streets late at night, but accurately cutting out a specific organ couldn't be done by a regular person, right?" Sebastian was on a roll.

"The butler understands well. I, too, feel this way." Undertaker stepped behind Harry. "If he had to act within a short time, he would slit the throat first," Undertaker grabbed his throat and squeezed gently. He rested a hand on Harry's stomach, poking a taloned finger in the center sharply. "And proceed to cut open the stomach. It's easier to succeed this way. From the looks of the culprit's work, that cruel accuracy definitely wasn't carried out by a normal citizen. It had to have been someone experienced."

Harry nodded as Undertaker drew a line down his cheek with a long and skinny finger.

"You should've been able to figure that out too, Earl," he said as he gazed at the young man.

Harry sighed and pouted. "Are you done being creepy, old man?"

Ciel shuddered and thanked whoever had sent Hadrian Undertaker here. He kept the frightening man in check... when he wasn't encouraging the strange behavior.

"It's very likely that the murderer is an expert," Harry said, interrupting several chains of thought. Undertaker moved to sit beside his young charge. Harry lowered his glasses and held out his hand. A file appeared in it out of nowhere. Harry's eyes skimmed the papers inside as he spoke. "Maybe if he knew you were here, it could lure him out. He will keep committing crimes, he definitely will, unless someone stops him. Can you stop him?" Harry gazed bemusedly over the top of his glasses at the young man with a smirk. "'The Notorious Noble'- the Earl of Phantomhive?"

Sebastian dressed Ciel in his coat after he turned away from the two Undertakers. "The world of darkness has the world of darkness' rules. He wouldn't murder random people with no reason. There must be an influence manipulating from behind. I won't be scared, no matter what tricks the Queen's lackeys want to use. I will solve them all," Ciel gazed determinedly out of the door, half in-half out. "Sorry to intrude Undertaker, Mr. Undertaker," he inclined his head to each as he prepared to leave.

"Bye!" Harry called. "Come back soon!"

Ciel smiled softly at the slightly younger boy. "I think I shall. You and your... guardian are welcome to my house anytime."

The Earl and his company left, though not before Ran-Mao kissed Harry's forehead.

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/"Bye!" Harry called, waving from his spot on the bar. "Come back soon!"
Ciel smiled softly, a hint of fondness crept into his voice as he spoke. "I think I shall. You and your guardian are welcome to my to my house any time."
The Earl and his company trooped out, though not before delaying while Ran-Mao kissed Harry's forehead./
- - - - -
Harry was attending a funeral. Madam Red's funeral.

Of course, Undertaker was hiding in the shadows.

Harry sat towards the back as well. They had both dug her grave and after the service they would bury her. He had not known her long, but the woman was nice enough. He had liked her.

Harry bowed his head as he payed his respects. Harry didn't pray, hadn't in a long time, but he still mourned his rather small loss. Suddenly, the door slammed open.

Everyone turned their head to see Ciel. He slowly walked up the aisle with a red dress in tow, slung over his shoulder.

Harry smiled slightly.

So he had cared for the woman, still did obviously.

Undertaker had told him how the woman; Madam Red, was Ciel's aunt.

Ciel talked quietly to her still and cold body, draped the dress over her, and nuzzled her nose while wearing a wistful smile. When Ciel was done, he walked away.
- - - - -
Harry got up to drink his coffee.

Undertaker, strangely, was actually up this morning. He brushed his silver bangs out of his face and settled his lime green eyes on Harry. He glomped the boy in a hug. "Good morning!"

"Good morning," Harry huffed. It was simply to early in the morning for his father's antics. He needed caffeine. Now. "Kindly let go of me, old man, or you won't have the arms to do so."
Said man pouted. "How many times have I told you I'm not old?" he whined. "I was born with my hair this way! And I just wanted my daily dose."

A raised eyebrow was the only response Undertaker got.

The man sighed. "Apparently, the young earl would like to invite you over to tea and dinner at his manor."

"Really? Do you know what for?" Harry asked as he added sugar in his mug.

"Not particularly," Undertaker shrugged before sighing. "Just be careful and come home back in one piece. You know how I don't like to waste perfectly good and healthy ingredients."

Harry shuddered slightly at the veiled threat. If he came home hurt, not only was the offender's ass be kicked, but his as well. "Yeah, yeah, old man," he waved off the creeping feeling of doom. "Now c'mon, we've got work to do before three."
- - - - -
Harry grabbed his full duffel bag. He had no idea what to expect of the Phantomhive's manor and it's servants. So under his long black jacket (almost like Grell's, but black) was a gun and strapped to his hip was a dagger. He may be small, but he'd learned from a young age how to protect himself.

In his bag was a spare pair of clothes, another pair of shoes, several hair ties, a sketchbook, and a box full of pencils and such utensils.

Sebastian stepped through the door. "Hello, Mr. Undertaker. Are you ready to depart?"

Harry sighed. "One minute," he said before turning towards the kitchen. "Old man, I'm gone!"

The Undertaker was quickly beside him. He grabbed the boy's shoulders, forcing the, to look each other eye to... well, hair. "You be careful and try not piss off too many people."
Harry rolled his eyes. "Yeah, old man."

Undertaker sighed unhappily and wrapped him in a tight hug. "This is your first time out without me," his hold tightened. Do you know how much I want to lock you away right now?"

Harry smiled and hugged his guardian back. "I know, Daddy," he whispered. "I promise I'll be back. I won't just disappear on you."

When Harry pulled back, Undertaker smiled and giggled nervously. He patted Harry's head. "Be good now, little boy." He sprinted away as Harry stomped his foot.

"I'm not little, old man!" The laughter that followed just annoyed him. "Let's go," he told Sebastian.

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Chapter 5

In his boredom, Harry had drawn Sebastian while in the carriage.

The ride was bumpy, but not overly so, allowing semi-straight lines to appear on the paper. He had quickly sketched the man sitting on a bench with a crow on his shoulder. The crow had opened it's beak as if cawing while Sebastian contently pet and fed it. A small smile was on his face as his eyes lazily watched snow fall around him.

Harry went over the drawing in pen. Then he colored the butler's eyes blood-red, what he imagined them to be sometimes. He resolved to leave the rest of it uncolored. It would draw more attention to his eyes, as they were distracting and unusual in real life as well. He signed it with his initials; HU.

As they exited the carriage sometime later, he handed the paper to Sebastian. "Here," Harry mumbled and briskly walked in the direction of the manor.

Sebastian opened the folded paper and stared for a moment before smirking. It seemed that Hadrian Undertaker was more interesting than they had all first thought. Sebastian hurried after the quick boy, opening the large, and rather heavy, door for him.

"Thanks," Harry mumbled again. He stepped inside and was met with silence.

Sebastian sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, clearly showing his agitation. "It seems the young master has once again fallen asleep."

Harry had to choke down a snicker.

Sebastian smiled tightly. His demon hearing had probably heard the swallowed sound made at his expense. "Why don't you go and take a look at the garden?"

Harry nodded and left.

He found a blonde boy trying to to trim the hedges, but somehow managing to snap the whole bush off of it's trunk.

Harry called: "Hello?"

This startled the person, causing them to scream and drop his pair of shears. He held a hand over his heart as he panted. "Oh, dear Mary! You scared me, sir."

Harry smiled apologetically. He hadn't meant to scare the... gardener? He could have caused the gardener to become seriously injured. "I didn't mean to. I'm terribly sorry. My name is Hadrian Undertaker. "

The blonde boy smiled, apparently not taking offense. "That's alright, sir," he chirped cheerfully. "My name is Finnigan, but everyone calls me Finny."

"It's nice to meet you, Finny. Please call me Harry. I couldn't help but notice your dilemma."

"What d-? Oh! Yes," Finny said sadly, gazing at his shears in shame. "I'm stronger than people, and I try my best for the master, but-." He started to wipe at his eyes.

He was beginning to cry!

"It's alright, Finny. Let's see what we can do, hmm?"

The blonde boy smiled and hugged Harry back fiercely.

- - - - -

"Now," Harry lectured to Finny, who sat cross-legged on the ground. "I'm stronger than a person of my size and age, like you."
Finny nodded, avidly paying attention.

"Yet I do not use all of my strength." Finny tilted his head to the side curiously. He shyly raised a hand in question as a school child would.


"Well... Why don't you? Don't people always say 'do your best' and 'use your full abilities'?"

Harry nodded and smiled at his companion. It was true, many people said things like that. "That's a good point, Finny. I'm glad you brought it up. The thing, that most people don't understand, is that in every task there is a certain amount of effort and strength to put into it."

Finny's eyes grew large. He'd never thought of that!

"Yes," Harry smiled, but carried on. "Now, for you, we just need to find out how much strength you should use for a certain task."
Finny grinned, looking elated, and quickly jumped up from his place on the ground. "Yay! Let's do it!"

"Thank you, thank you, Harry!" Finny was jumping up and down excitedly with said boy in his arms. "I can do my regular day chores without lecturing me!"

Harry smiled. Why, the easy-to-irritate-old-crow had a sadistic streak! "That's good, Finny. I'm happy I could help. Is there anybody else that the mean lectures?"

Finny nodded excitedly. He must have been hyped on sugar, because, good lord, was he easy to please! "Maybe you can help Mey-Rin and Bard! lectures us all the time. He's so scary." The boy cringed.

Harry smiled reassuringly and patted the boy's hand. "Don't worry. You won't get yelled at as long as you practice what we've done. What do Mey-Rin and Bard do?"

Finny led him back inside the manor, taking off their muddy shoes at Harry's insistence. He said that they could come back and clean them off later.

"Mey-Rin dusts sometimes and does the laundry. She has special eyesight and has to use glasses that Master Ciel gave her. She cracked them awhile ago and now she can't see very well. She bumps into things and breaks vases on accident." Finny stopped briefly. "Mey-Rin trips a lot when is around. He makes her nervous," he added as an afterthought.

Harry nodded. He could understand, though she probably was just flustered by his attractive features. He snorted at the thought, continuing to follow his fast new friend.

"And Bard- his name is Bardroy by the way- he cooks. He likes to use his flamethrower, because it takes a lot of time to cook something. The food is burnt and then has to cook instead. makes good food, but I'm sure there's better food out there somewhere," Finny clapped a hand over his mouth. His eyes were wide in fear. "Please don't tell him I said that!"

Harry smiled, amused, but pretended to "zip" his lips. "Your secret's safe with me, Finny. Can you show me where Mey-Rin is? I'll see if I can help her."

Finny practically glowed, looking so hopeful and happy.

- - - - -

Mey-Rin was easy. He handed her his glasses. "Here," he said. "Use these for now. Our prescriptions are similar. I'll get your glasses re-done and send them to you. You can send mine back through the return address."

"Oh, thank you!" she cried. She hugged him, her red hair in disarray.

"You're welcome, Mey-Rin. Here," Harry dug into his bag and handed her two of his extra hair ties. "You can fix your hair with these."
The red-haired woman took them, and skillfully wound them around her hair to make her ponytails nice and neat.

"Let's go find Bard. I think I have the perfect recipe for him."

The two servants grinned and happily hurried to show him to the kitchen.

Bard and Harry quickly go to work. Bard actually had an affinity for cooking, he was just bored with the waiting.

To relieve that, Harry had them play a game of poker and then gave them papers and some crayons.

He showed Finny how much strength to use while coloring, guiding the blonde boy through several trials. Several broken and cracked crayons later, don't forget there were a few tears, the boy contently focused on his "pretty pictures".

Soon the oven's timer trilled softly. Harry hurried over and took the cupcakes out. He called the three over and showed them how to ice the top.

They had a good laugh, frosting all over their faces and aprons, that, again, Harry had insisted they wore.

"You'll get all dirty and then we'd have to rush to wash our clothes. That would take away from our fun time," he wagged his finger warningly.

They had a good time laughing and joking. Harry then helped them make hot chocolate. Whipped cream and cherries topped off the warm drinks.

"Wait here, you guys," Harry said as he loaded a tray full of food. Ciel apparently hadn't eaten yet. "I'll take this upstairs for those people to eat."

The others nodded.

"Hurry back, Harry!" Mey-Rin called after him. "Can you show me how to draw a face?"

"Of course, Mey-Rin. Give me a couple of minutes."

"Us, too!" Bard and Finny cried indignantly.

Harry laughed as he left the kitchen."I will!" He walked up the grand stairway.

"Mr. Michaelis! Mr. Michaelis!"

The crow appeared silently in front of him, seemingly with no effort at all.

"Dear bejeezus! Good God, man!" he cried as he held the tray close to his chest protectively. "I almost spilled the hot cocoa!"

Sebastian smirked down at him for a moment, his eyes glittering with amusement, before looking curiously down at the tray the boy carried. "What is that?"

"Food. I helped Bard make it, gave him little hints."

Sebastian seemed to straighten up, narrowing his eyes. "What have those idiots done now?" he sounded exasperated. "Is there a mess to clean?"

"They're not idiots," Harry snapped, glaring up at the man, as if daring him to object. "And, no, there is no mess. Now where is the earl? Someone told me that Bard was to cook at tea time has been awfully delayed."

Sebastian sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

This seemed to be a habit of the butler's. Harry wondered vaguely when it had started.

"I am aware. The young master seems to have been throwing a fit." He opened his mouth to continue, but Harry cut him off.

"Good. That's the first time I've heard of him acting his age. And we all know he needs it."

Sebastian chuckled and shook his head slightly. His face seemed to glow with a look mischief. "Come, maybe you can coax him out."

Harry shrugged. If the boy's own butler couldn't get him to calm down, how could the new kid? But, eh! There's was nothing wrong with trying. He followed the demon butler to a pair of closed doors. Seeing a gesture, Harry knocked on the door.

"Damnit, Sebastian! I told you to leave me alone! I'm tired!" The voice was sleepy and irritated.

Ah. So he was in that kind of mood.

"It's not Mr. Michaelis , Earl. It's Hadrian Undertaker!" He called through the wood.

The door abruptly opened, revealing a frazzled looking Earl of Phantomhive. His slate hair, that was usually kept, was a regular bird's nest. He wore a cotton nightgown and his eyepatch was over his eye already. "Come in."

Harry did so and set the tray on a nightstand by the large bed. "So what's up with you?"

Ciel sighed and flopped on his bed face-down. "My fiancé is visiting tomorrow," he said, his voice muffled by the mattress. "And I wanted some extra sleep. She takes it out of me and scares the servants."

"Ah." Harry nodded. He could understand that. So he told the earl that. "I can understand. Why don't I come back tomorrow? I can keep the servants busy and away. I know how Finny and Mey-Rin get."

Ciel seemed to ponder the offer. He took a moment and then nodded.

"Have Mr. Michaelis draw you a warm bath. Explain to him why you want rest and apologize for your behavior."

Ciel looked a bit peeved at the thought of apologizing, but kept his mouth shut.

Harry pointed towards the unnoticed tray. "I helped Bard make some hot cocoa and sweets for you."

Seeing the skeptical look sent at the semi-neat cupcakes, he was quick to reassure. "Don't worry, he didn't use a flamethrower." Harry cracked a grin as he noticed Ciel's growing interest.

"Alright. Thank you, Hadrian."

"Please, call me Harry."

Ciel gave a small, but genuine, smile. "Then I'm Ciel."

"Okay, I've gotta go. I left them all in the kitchen coloring."

Ciel nodded, though he looked amused. "I'll talk to Sebastian. You should go. No doubt they'll be calling you-"


"Soon," Ciel finished dryly.

"Yep," Harry chirped and smiled cheerily.

The earl just looked irked.

"I'll send in," Harry said and began to shut the door behind him as he exited the room. Before closing it, he saw Ciel nod and turn to his tray of food.

"So, Mr. Undertaker?" Sebastian stepped into the hallway.

"He should call you in shortly." Harry nodded to the butler politely, before heading back downstairs.

Chapter Text

~ ~ PART ONE ~ ~

It was almost four whole months after Harry had met the Earl Phantomhive. They were really getting off to a good start.

Slowly, but surely, Ciel was beginning to act his age. The servants had also improved in their skills little by little. It seemed that lessons were working. Sebastian was warming up to the cute bugger too. It seemed that lessons were working.

Harry never changed.

His father's were way too hard to ever forget, they were ingrained in his brain.

Today was Harry's birthday, or at least what Harry knew as his birthday. This was the anniversary of the day that Undertaker had first taken in Harry, July 31st.
Instead of waking in his bed as he usually did, he awoke in his father's larger bed (which he only used July 30th and 31st).

On his birthday, Undertaker liked to sleep with Harry. It was almost like a reassurance that his little boy would always be his little boy.

It actually didn't bother his son much. Harry would unabashedly admit that he liked being treated as a child once in awhile, hugged, cuddled, shown affection. He didn't get that often with his old caretakers who didn't really take much care of him.

When Harry was younger, Undertaker had to show him some form of affection every day otherwise his son would have panic attacks and think that his father didn't love him anymore.

And Harry had also gotten lost once within the Shinigami realm on business. That was a disaster. Both father and son had been so shaken that neither allowed the other out of arm's reach for two whole weeks.

Of course that new recruit Sutcliff had to freak his adorable child out!

To this day, Undertaker would still give Grell the cold shoulder.

Getting back on track, Harry's many escapades are what caused him to wake up in his adopted father's rather long arms. He wriggled a bit to get his own arms free. His eye itched! Undertaker's hold on Harry only tightened.

"Daddy," Harry whined, knowing it was no use and falling limp.

Undertaker moaned quietly, his grip becoming even tighter as he grew more alert. "Mmm? Harry, dear? Why is your face turning such an unbecoming shade of blue?" He asked, bewildered.

"Daddy, air! I need air!"

"Oh!" Undertaker quickly let go of the choking child in his arms.

Harry hacked and coughed before finally calming down and collapsed on Undertaker's chest in exhaustion. "D... Daddy... 'm tired now," he groaned.

The undertaker merely chuckled.

"Come, dear. Your friends will be so disappointed to learn that you cannot come over for your own birthday party. And, just think, Lau is coming back from his month of overseas work. What will Ran-Mao think when she can't see her beloved 'bao bao xiong'?"

Harry's face heated up with a light blush, remembering when Ran-Mao had first started calling him her 'cuddle bear'.

With effort, he pushed himself off of his dad and made his way to the closet. Undertaker, his usual grin in place, sauntered playfully to his side.

"What shall we wear today, my lovely baby boy?"

Harry grimaced. "Old man, enough with the endearments. You're going overboard."

Undertaker pouted. "But I thought this one was quite nice!"

"Daddy, please stop."

"Damn puppy eyes... Anything he wants... Got to give him... Don't want to..."

It's safe to say that Harry won this battle.

Puppy dog eyes: 1

Resistance: 0

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Undertaker gasped and grabbed his head in pain.

"What's... happening?"

The scar above his heart pounded and surged with heat.


The memories rushed into his head like a torrent. Lime green eyes snapped open.


~ ~ PART TWO ~ ~

It turns out that Harry was being picked up by Sebastian again.

He pouted at that (though he would never admit it). He wanted to creep the Phantomhive Manor's inhabitants out just once by somehow appearing behind them while they were doing their daily chores.

After all, you know what his father's like.

Apparently Ciel had caught onto his plans or at least suspected and sent Sebastian with a carriage to pick up both Undertakers.

Of course, Harry really should have anticipated this move, Ciel wasn't the Queen's Guard dog for nothing. While he was a child, he was a smart child.

Undertaker chuckled when he saw the look on his son's face. He pet his head and giggled quietly. "Come now, little boy. No need to be so glum. There's always next year."

Harry turned to look up at Undertaker. "That long?" he whined.

Undertaker leaned in close to whisper in his ear. "Or... Next week."

Harry grinned up at his dad. "Deal."

The two shook hands and barely noticed when Sebastian entered the shop.

"Undertaker, Mr. Undertaker," the butler greeted cordially as always.

"Hello, Mr. Michaelis," Harry replied. Undertaker just giggled which seemed to be their cue.

"Let us take our leave, my master is awaiting your arrival," Sebastian said finally and led the strange duo to the carriage.

He opened the door, gesturing for them to go in. He was about to shut the door when he heard a voice say "Good dog.". His eyebrow twitched and he shut the door carefully.

Harry or no Harry, the Undertaker was still irking in and of itself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Happy birthday, Harry!" Mey-Rin, Finny, and Bard exclaimed when he entered the dining room. Harry smiled at them.

"Thank you. How have you guys been?"

"Harry, Harry!" Finny was bouncing up and down as he made his way to his smaller (to Harry's annoyance. Everyone was bloody taller than him!) friend. He latched onto his arm. "Mr. Sebastian said that I can finally trim the hedges safely!"

"Really? That's great! Good job, Finny!" Harry smiled at his friend while he began to look around for the butler.

It seemed that a certain demon was still picking on the oblivious help.

He sighed inwardly. It wasn't like he could do much.

"We've gotten better too!" Bard proclaimed, puffing out his chest proudly. "I got to bake your cake!"

"And we're using the china I shined today!" Mey-Rin chimed in.

"That's great, you guys," Harry smiled and laughed as they began to tumble over each other in their efforts to let him know every single thing they'd accomplished the last month. "I'm proud."

The three servants froze and their cheeks began to slowly develop a red rosy hue as they looked at the angelic smile.

"Well," Bard rubbed the back of his head nervously. "It was nothing, kid."

"If you say so. By the way, Bard, what flavor's my cake?"

Bard opened his mouth to happily tell Harry all about his cake when a gloved hand closed over it.

"Now, now, Bardroy. We can not go telling the birthday boy everything."

Harry glared up at the demon butler and then pouted. He was just about to find out what flavor his cake was and possibly could have found out what his gifts were.

He was horrible with secrets.

He felt a hand place itself onto his head and ruffle his hair.

"You know it's true, dear. You'll just have to wait and see," he heard his dad giggle.

"Indeed." Harry looked to his left to see Ciel enter the room, looking regal as always. "It is good to see you again, Harry," the boy said in an uncharacteristically warm tone.

"And you, Ciel."

The two boys grinned at each other for a moment before Ciel spoke again.

"Lau and Ran-Mao send their apologies in advance. They are caught up in some last minute work and will be a bit late."

Harry nodded in understanding. "That's fine. Let's get started, shall we?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

July 31, 1991

Dumbledore sighed and put his head in his hands as he carefully read the report on his desk. "Are you sure, Hagrid? Harry's not in the house?"

The giant sniffled. "No, Dumbledore, sir. I can't find little 'Arry anywhere. Them Dursley folks say 'e's been gone fer years," he gave a little sob and blew his nose in his coat sleeve. "Can ye believe that, sir? Little 'Arry, missing fer years? Years?!"

It was like a dam broke as Hagrid began to sob uncontrollably.

Dumbledore gave another sigh as he berated himself for never checking on Harry over the years.

"Hagrid," he said gently. "Why don't you go tend to your magical creatures while I take care of this? I'm sure that we'll find Harry in no time," he did his best to assure.

"Yes, sir," Hagrid said pitifully and trudged out of the office.

Completely alone, the strongest wizard of his time slumped onto his desk fully.

How was he going to fix this screw up? He needed the boy to defeat Voldemort. Not to mention that the boy was a Horcrux!

While nobody knew where the famous Harry Potter was, Voldemort would continue to live, because that little sliver of a soul in Harry's head would keep him alive.

Dumbledore gave his third and final sigh before sitting straight again and composing himself. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes. When he exhaled the breath his eyes snapped open, no longer sad and hopeless.

He was the strongest wizard since Merlin.

It was time he gathered the old crew and summoned the Harry Potter for the rising war.

~ ~ PART THREE ~ ~

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Harry. Happy birthday to you!"

Harry looked around at all the smiling faces.

Lau and Ran-Mao had showed up shortly and the party had really begun.

His cake looked delicious, but he still couldn't tell what flavor it was, but the frosting was chocolate.

Ran-Mao kissed his cheek. "Happy birthday, Bao Bao Xiong," she whispered in his ear and squeezed his shoulder comfortingly before straightening up again.

"Make a wish, dear," Undertaker said. His grin was huge on his face, the tips of his mouth disappearing behind his bangs.

Harry took one last look at all of his smiling friends, who urged him to make a wish as well. So he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and imagined projecting his thoughts.

'I wish we can all get together and do this again next year.' Then he blew out all of his candles in one short blow. The small crowd that had gathered cheered.

"Well done, Harry," Lau complimented serenely.

"Thank you, Lau," Harry said. He grinned and a nearly-crazed look took over his face. "Now, who wants cake?"

The adults chuckled.

"I do! I do!" Finny exclaimed excitedly.

"I would like to try a piece as well," Ciel said in his usual tone, but his eyes shined in the way only a child's could when sweets were even mentioned.

The three children turned their eyes to the respective butler who was in charge of the everything.

There was one enthusiastic child, one child driven mad in his lust for sugar, and one child that would passively stare, but really wanted a big piece of the mysterious and delicious-looking cake.

Sebastian pretended to be put upon and sighed. "Very well. If the birthday boy wants his cake, I suppose I must serve it."

"You're damn right, you're going to serve my cake," everyone heard Harry mutter. "Putting the damn thing out, but not even offering to give any, just tempting me with its smell."

The room burst into laughter that eventually affected even Ciel.

"As you wish, birthday boy," Sebastian teasingly said as he began to cut the cake into even pieces for everyone. Well, he'd say they were even, but Harry naturally had a slightly bigger slice.

"Thank you!" the three children chorused and dug in.

Harry took one bite and froze. "Coffee?"

Sebastian smirked. "Yes, Mr. Undertaker. We all know of your obsession with coffee and I experimented with recipes until I found a way to incorporate the taste of coffee into it. Bard did bake the one we're currently eating, though," he gave the man credit for not burning the cake on his fifth try. He was truly getting better and he hadn't brought out his flamethrower, just turned the oven on too high.

"Thank you, Mr. Michaelis. Thank you, Bard," Harry said sincerely. Maybe after the party, he could ask one of them what the recipe was.

Harry was just about to open his presents, 9 o'clock was approaching and his father wanted them to go home before midnight. Harry didn't want to sleepover, he wanted to go home and spend the rest of the night with his dad.

So he sat in the middle of the floor, eyeing the small mountain of presents piled beside him. He carefully unwrapped each one, savoring the wonderful day he was having. While he had enjoyed his previous birthdays with his father, this was, by far, the best one he'd had.

From Mey-Rin, Harry got a small tea seat and a bag of coffee.

From Finny, there were photographs and drawings of Harry or his father or them all together.

From Bard, there was a box of matches and an apron for the next time Harry wanted to cook.

From Lau, Harry received what would be a shrunken replica of the man's garb, had the color of the clothes not been Harry's eye color. Lau explained that he thought his "baby brother" would look cute in the clothes his "big brother" wore. To add on to it all, the clothes were a size or two too big and the sleeves fell over his hands. He learned later that Lau had ordered them that way on purpose.

Ran-Mao gave him a small stuffed panda that had "Harry's Bao Bao Xiong" sown into it's foot in black.

From Ciel was a calligraphy kit and the latest rabbit from Funtom. Ciel was red when Harry opened his gift and the birthday boy made sure to hug his friend and thank him.
From Sebastian was an over-the-shoulder bag like messengers used that held a pack of hair ties.

And finally, Harry opened his dad's gift to find the art kit that he had always seen in the stores complete with a camera.

"Thank you, Daddy!" Harry gave his father a big hug.

He put all of his gifts in the messenger bag, a bit surprised that it all fit, and slung it over his shoulder.

He then grabbed Finny, Ciel, and Ran-Mao. he really wanted a picture with Ciel, because the boy rarely smiled, but he wanted to take a picture with everyone, so he had picked a random friend. He brought them to the middle of the room with him, making sure to smile.

"Would you take our picture?" He asked his father.

Undertaker smiled warmly. "Of course, dear." He put the lens up to his eye, and positioned the camera just right.

"Now, everyone, I want a first rate smile!" Even Ciel smiled at that. Undertaker pressed the capture button twice, just to make sure that he got the picture.

But, while taking the pictures, through the lens, Undertaker saw the smiles on the faces drop and suddenly, they were all gone. Undertaker blinked. Was he imagining things?

He slowly lowered the camera from his face and looked at where his son had just been. No, Harry and the friends he had been holding were gone.

"Dear? Baby boy?" He called, something in him hoping beyond hope that his child would call back teasingly.

There was only silence.

The rest of the room was frozen as well. What had just seconds ago been a fun and joyous time was now ruined.




~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dumbledore chanted the regular summoning charm "Accio" and really, you think it would be more complicated. That was where things got tricky.

He had employed the Order to draw a magic circle around his feet with runes that loosely translated to "anywhere" and the circle was covered with Time Turner dust that was implicated as "any time".

Dumbledore wasn't taken any chances. Harry Potter needed to found. So from "anywhere" or "any time" he was "summoning" Harry Potter.

The Order was standing behind him, some of the muggleborns crossing their fingers. Dumbledore could practically hear their hope from where he was standing though no one said a word.

The spell would work, it had to. There was no room from failure now that he had employed the help of his followers. He refused to be embarrassed and humiliated by not actually finding the boy in front of his devoted followers.

So he put his determination and willpower behind his spell and continued to chant.

"Accio. Accio. Accio. Accio. Accio. Accio," he chanted.

There was a sudden sound of whistling and a loud thump.

"Oof!" He heard, strangely, several different voices grunt. That was strange, but he found himself staring at four faces instead of one.

Chapter Text

Chapter 7:

Harry groaned from the middle of the human body pile he was under. Somehow he was on the bottom and a heavy weight was on his back.

"Get... Off... Please..." He wheezed helplessly.

His arms weren't pinned as his body was, but the weight on his back was crushing his chest and making it hard for him to breathe.

"Oh!" He heard Finny cry. The crushing weight was quickly lifted off of his chest. Harry took in great gulps of the cool air that hurt a bit going down his throat.

"I'm so sorry, Harry! Did I hurt you real bad? Can I see?"

Harry rolled over onto his back and saw those wide green eyes that were welling with guilty tears. "It's alright, Finny," he said reassuringly. He was able sit up with his blonde friend's help.

He saw Ran-Mao help Ciel, who was rubbing his head, up too.

His head hurt too, come to think of it. Did he hit it somewhere?

And where were they anyway? He was supposed to be at Phantomhive Manor, celebrating his 11th birthday. The last thing he remembered was taking a picture and then falling.

Where did they fall to?

He didn't notice anybody else or his surroundings, until he heard a throat clear. Harry and his companions turned to source of that voice.

It was a very old man. He was wrinkled, but still stood tall, and had a beard that just about touched the floor.

"Wow..." Finny said. "He's really old! I've never seen a beard like that."

Ciel slapped a hand over the boy's mouth. "Excuse the bad manners of my servant, sir," he said in an even tone as he stood. He brushed himself off.

The group followed his example, Ran-Mao brushed Harry off though and attempted to smooth back his hair before locking him in her arms.

"I am the Earl Phantomhive," Ciel spoke again. This time, instead of meaningless pleasantries, his true colors were showing. His voice was cold and commanding. "I demand that you tell us where we are and why you have brought us here."

"Demand!" A ginger-haired woman screeched indignantly. "You are a child! You would dare to demand anything from Albus Dumbledore!"

Ciel raised in eyebrow, clearly not impressed with the display. He looked back to the man with the long beard. "You are this Dumbledore person? I'm expecting answers."

The old man's right eye twitched with every rude gesture and insult. Despite his obvious discomfort, the old man smiled jovially.

The company could all see through his facade though.

"Why yes, my dear boy. I am Albus Percival Wulfric Dumbledore. You may just call me Professor Dumbledore."

Ciel flatly ignored the friendliness that seemed to seep off the apparent leader of whatever operation they had walked (well, fell) in on.

"You still haven't answered any of my previous questions, Dumbledore. I am beginning to lose my patience with your games. My companions and I are not meant to be here. I would very much like an explanation as to why we are here."

Dumbledore swallowed, seeming to hold back on some things that he wanted to say.

Ciel let a smirk grace his face. The man was playing into his hands. If he would just slip up... Then he could sic Finny on the foolish people gathered in the room.

Harry eyed the interaction, but was prevented from doing anything by Ran-Mao's tight grip.

"Stay still, Bao Bao Xiong. The Earl will handle this," she whispered in Harry's ear.

Harry nodded hesitantly. He really hated when his friends were put in such positions. He would rather be in that position than to have him watch them in it.

Though he supposed all his friends felt the same way. That was just what friends did.

Dumbledore's face fell a moment later to make an almost perfect mask of grief and concern. "I apologize, my dear boy. I have dragged all of you into this without reason." The old man's eyes were lowered.

A disgusted noise bubbled up from Ciel's throat. What a pathetic man.

"I am looking for a child by the name of Harry Potter. He's been missing for years now. I would very much like to return him to his worried relatives-"

Harry choked on air. He couldn't breathe anymore.

Dumbledore wanted to give him back to the Dursleys. Dumbledore wanted them to throw him back in the cupboard. Dumbledore wanted them to beat him again, just like they did those years ago.

"Nononononononono!" He clutched his head, shaking. A cold sweat was building. He tore at his hair.

He couldn't go back. He couldn't go back. He couldn't go back.

"Harry... Harry is that you? Dear boy, your aunt and uncle have been so worried about you-"

"No!" Harry snapped and hit Dumbledore's hand away. He ripped himself out of Ran-Mao's embrace.

He was shaking like a leaf, clutching his arms as if to keep himself from falling apart.


- - - - -

Undertaker, or, as known in this era, Alex Black gasped as another wave hit him.

Harry. His sweet little boy.

How could he ever have forgotten Harry?

Something was wrong. He could tell.

Where was his little boy?

He clutched his chest above his heart as the pounding grew more powerful and all the more painful.

Something was wrong.

He felt another tug in his heart.


When he opened his eyes, he was standing in front of his son, Hadrian Undertaker.

- - - - -

Harry gasped as a man popped in front of him. He slowly lowered his arms from his head.

The man was familiar, but not in the way you would expect. The man wasn't really recognizable to the physical degree.

His soul and aura, however, were easy to read.

He flung himself into the already open arms. "Daddy! Daddy!" He sobbed. "Please don't let them take me back! I don't want to go back!"

The man, his father, wrapped his arms around him and held him tightly. "Don't worry, baby," his father said softly. "Nobody's taking you away from me again."

Harry pulled back a bit to examine the man again.

He was as tall as the father he knew, but had short black hair. His eyes were still hidden by long bangs. The skin complexion was a bit tanner, meaning his father had been out and about in the sun more.

"I promise."

The two Undertakers' eyes met. Harry looked into his father's lime green eyes.

"Nobody shall ever take you away from me again."

And then somebody just had to kill their moment.

"Just what do you think you're doing. Step away from young Mr. Potter this instance!"

Chapter Text

"Nobody shall ever take you away from me again."

And then somebody just had to kill their moment.

"Just what do you think you're doing?! Step away from young Mr. Potter this instance!"

The Victorian occupants all turned to the sound of the voice. The old man that had been messing with Harry earlier was still interfering it seemed.

Harry's grip tightened on his father, unwilling to relinquish his grip on his father.

Alex's arm tightened around Harry too. "What do you mean I'll step away from him? He's my bloody son! I have more of a right to be here beside him than any other person here!"
Alex's voice slowly escalated until it boomed across the vast room.

"Harry Potter's parents were Lily and James Potter!" the old man shouted back at him, glaring hatefully.

"We're not talking about Harry Potter, you imbecile!" Alex returned, each moment in the man's presence making him grow more and more agitated. "I'm talking about Hadrian Undertaker; my son!"

"Your son?" Several of the people gathered in the room asked at the same time.

Alex glared at them all, daring them to try and take his boy from him.

No one made a move, though everyone was tense, just waiting for any action to be taken.

"Daddy," Harry said in a small voice. "Calm down. You know these people won't hurt me. You won't let them."

Alex agreed with his son on that point, but they could certainly try.

"Harry?" Finny called from his short distance away.

"Yes, Finny?"

"Is that really your dad? He looks different."

"Yes. This is Dad. I know it. He looks a bit different, but he feels just the same."

Though the others didn't really seem to understand, they nodded. Harry was the one who would know his father best, after all.

"I'm afraid that you'll have to step away from Mr. Potter, sir," came a sickeningly sweet voice.

Alex looked up from his precious son, the tender look on his face immediately disappearing. He snarled at the woman who had spoken.

She was a short and stout thing. She really reminded him of a toad. And what was with her full pink outfit? It was hideous!

"I'm ‘afraid' that I won't be stepping away from my son!" he roared. "How many times must I repeat myself to you people! He's mine! If I have to say these stupid things again, I will take him away and you will never see him!"

The room grew silent at the man's threatening roar.

"You... would dare-" The toad woman croaked indignantly.

"Yes. I would," Alex said firmly, cutting her off.

There was another uneasy quiet. None of the weirdly-dressed people seemed to want to break it.

Ciel decided that he would be the one to speak up. "And you? Harry seems to know you, but you do not exactly look like his father."

Alex shook his head. "I used to be called Undertaker back then. I am now known as Alex Black."

Ciel nodded. "So this is some time in the future?"

"Yes. 1991, to be exact." Ciel nodded again, the gears in his head obviously turning. He opened his mouth again, though this time speaking to the unknown and rude other people in the room. "You have the wrong people. Send us home."

The toad woman spluttered.

Paying her no heed, the old man smiled. Sweat beaded on his forehead, some slipping down his face. "I am afraid... we do not know how to send you back," he said slowly. "We did not anticipate others being transported as well. Harry Potter belongs here. It was meant to be a one-way trip. There is no reverse spell."

Ciel looked off to the side. "Tch!"

Finny began to hiccup. He was holding back tears. "Young Master! Does that mean we can't go home?" His bottom lip trembled. "We'll never see our friends again?"

Ciel sighed, wondering if he should tell his servant the truth. "I am not sure, Finny, but stay calm. Sebastian will not stop until he finds us."

Finny continued his pitiful sobbing sounds.

"He's right, Finny!" Harry said, trying to cheer up his friend. "Sebastian's never given up on any of us before! He'll find us!"

Finny finally wiped at his eyes. "I know... I'm still scared..."

Alex sighed and whispered into his son's ear. "I had quite forgotten how sensitive that boy was."

No one spoke for awhile longer.

"Well, we're leaving," Alex said. He carried his son on his hip, holding him up with one hand, grabbing Finny's hand with his other, and made his way towards a fireplace. Ciel followed after him, Ran-Mao taking up the rear.

"Sir, What do you think you are-"

Before the old man could even finish his sentence, Alex had grabbed a bit of dust, throwing it into the crackling fire. "Noir Escapade!" He said clearly with a bit of an accent.
He walked through, the others following, not even hesitating at the strange means.

- - - - -

Back in the Victorian England:

Sebastian sniffed the air. There was a small lingering scent of the four people who had disappeared in the room, but there was no scent trail.

He supposed that was expected when people disappeared out of thin air. He sighed, trying to hold back his own growing hopelessness.

His master had just disappeared. He couldn't even feel his master at all.

Everyone in the room was in some form of desolation.

Mey-Rin cried into Bard's chest. The blond-haired held her tightly in a way to comfort both her and himself.

Lau, for the first time, seemed to have the nerves. There wasn't a smile on his face, his head faced downwards, and he twiddled his fingers.

Undertaker just seemed to be in shock. Like Lau, he hadn't spoken one word, but his head laid in his hands and small droplets of water were falling to the marble floor.

Sebastian ignored that, forcing himself to think logically and not emotionally. No matter how much he (not-so) secretly cared for his master and Hadrian, he needed to keep his head above the water. He couldn't drown in misery.

Not yet.

There had to be some way to find them, Sebastian thought to himself.

He could speak to the Shinigami... Or find another one of Harry's kind... Magic Users.

He sniffed the air again. What he found surprised him for a moment. There was a faint scent of magic.

He sighed.

It was never easy to find Magic Users. They preferred to keep their space and privacy. Meeting one was usually purely accidentally. Purposefully seeking one was a whole different story; it was practically impossible!

He looked over at the gray-haired man who was having a silent breakdown. The man had raised Hadrian. Maybe he knew some Magic Users. He would just have to ask.

It was better than doing nothing or working with no leads. If his master was here, he'd surely scold him for leading a bad investigation. No matter how small the detail or piece of information, it could somehow be useful.

Sebastian steeled himself just in case of the Undertaker attacking. The man was all full of surprises. Who knew how strong the man really was!

"Mr. Undertaker, I may have a way to save your son."

The man raised his head and Sebastian caught just the barest of glimpse of lime green eyes.

"But I need you to help me."

Chapter Text

Chapter 9:

Harry cringed as they stepped into the fire, expecting it to burn as all fires do (regardless of color). But the fire didn't burn him, in fact he didn't even feel warm.

He didn't have much time to dwell on the fact that he was not burnt to a crisp, Harry blinked and the next thing he knew, they were in a whole new room.

Well, that was an interesting way to travel. At least it wasn't quite as strange as ripping a hole into the fabric of space and returning to the Shinigami headquarters.

A moment later, his friends stepped from the green flames as well. The room they had entered was a nice and warm color of brown. There were candles burning, casting a soft glow around the room. There was a couch to one side of the room up against the wall side tables on either side of the couch. There was an arm chair on the other side of each side table and a coffee table in front of the couch.

His father walked over to an arm chair and sat down, setting Harry down on his lap. After a moment of just staring down at his son, Alex gestured for Harry's friends to sit as well.

They did so, immediately turning to look at him expectantly.

Alex sighed. "I am Alex Black, otherwise known as Undertaker. I am sure that you already know my past self. Until just recently, I have been living as a human with no memories of my past life. I have no idea why this has happened. I think that when you crossed into this time and then when you called for me, the memories came rushing back. Certain things are still blurry. I'm not sure what made me lose my memories. I also have no idea when I lost you. I would assume it was your birthday."

Harry looked into the pained green eyes of his father, the same eyes that he had inherited from him. He grabbed his father's face, forcing him to look down. "It's alright, Daddy. Don't blame yourself. It isn't your fault that something is stopping you from remembering. I'm here, you're here, that's all that matters right now."

Alex gazed into his son's eyes and then nodded.

"That's right, you're here, baby, you're safe," he kissed Harry's forehead. He looked up to find the whole room looking at them, but could not feel any embarrassment. This was the first time he had seen his son in over 100 years. There was nothing that would make him feel ashamed for showing his son affection.

"It is nice to meet you, Mr. Black," Ciel said in an even tone. "I suppose that we shall have to impose upon your hospitality until we can find a way to return to our time."

Alex nodded. "It would seem so, Earl. It will be no trouble."

The two nodded courteously to each other.

Finny stood up from his seat, twisting his sleeve nervously. "Harry's dad, can I have a hug?"

Alex took in the sight of the nervous and scared boy. The boy's big green eyes were watery and open wide. He obviously needed reassurance and as Alex was the only adult there, he supposed that the boy was looking for a strong adult figure to hold onto.

He opened his arm and allowed the blonde boy to snuggle up into him beside his son who was doing the same.

"You're really different, Daddy."

Alex tightened his grip on the two boys.

"Time will change you."

Harry nodded.

After a moment, he let the two boys go. "Come now, let's go see if we can find you a spell that will send you all back to your time."


As it turned out, the Undertaker knew quite a few Magic Users.

This puzzled Sebastian, but as the Undertaker was an Informant it made sense that he would know things that practically nobody else knew. In fact, one particular Magic User (who was one of Undertaker's brokers) was the one who mentored Harry sometimes.

He would loan them Magic books and help with particularly temperamental spells. Because of this Magic User's help, Harry could now perform simple Magic with ease and, with a little more concentration, perform the more complicated spells that even gave adult Magic Users trouble.

They would be on their way soon. It would be faster to go by themselves, but the Phantomhive servants were determined. Rightfully so, but it was no less frustrating. Their master was gone and there was no way in hell that they were going to stay at the Manor and let the butler go missing as well.

Even Tanaka was no longer in his regular happy state of mind. He was in his head butler mode. His voice was hard, his face stern, and his back ramrod straight. He was conversing in quiet with Mey-Rin and Bard, keeping them calm and away from Sebastian as he talked to a still shell-shocked Undertaker.

"His name is Owen Boone. He travels around a lot, but sent me a message that said he would be in town with the Gypsies this week. He was going to wish Harry a happy birthday," the Undertaker's voice was devoid of any emotion.

Sebastian tsked in his head. This was not good. They would find this Owen Boone, but without the Undertaker all there, there was no way that they were going to be able to work at one hundred percent.

"Undertaker, I need you to listen to me and listen to me well."

This caught the Undertaker's attention. He looked up from where he was sitting. If his eyes were visible, the would be looking straight into the demon's.

"I need you to pull yourself together if we are to find Hadrian, Finny, Ran-Mao, and the young master. Do you understand? I need your help," Sebastian said this firmly and slowly, trying to get his message through to the grey-haired man.

Undertaker took a minute, but then nodded. "Yes. I understand, butler," he said as he stood from his seat.

"Alright, everyone," he said louder, attracting the attention of the whole room. He smiled his usual smile, though it looked more fiendish than usual. "Let us go find Owen Boone and then make whoever stole my dear boy pay for their crimes."

The company traded determined looks and sadistic smiles.


The company had searched through the Black library for a good few hours. There was nothing pertaining to time travel so far. Or, at least, permanent time travel.

There were things that would temporarily allow a person to travel back in time. Some lasted for a day, others lasted for a limited amount of hours. The ones that lasted a day had dubious steps however, and so they were ruled out. The still-beating heart of a male and virgin child was not exactly something that anyone in the library was comfortable with collecting.

Finny was nearly sick as the ingredients were read out loud. Rightfully so.

Soon enough, Alex called for a break. They headed into his kitchen where he sat them at an island and busied himself making lunch.

"Tea, I suppose?" He asked everyone.

"Yes," was Ciel's simple answer as he spoke for everyone.

Ran-Mao had Harry sit in her lap as she sat on a stool at the island. She stroked his hair and rocked him lightly, seeking to comfort the both of them.

Finny and Ciel were sitting beside one another, quietly conversing.

"Sebastian will be here before you know it," Ciel said, trying to reassure Finny.

"I know. Mr. Sebastian never fails to save us. But, young master, it's just scary. I don't think I like the future."

"Neither do I."

Alex set a plate in front of everyone, double the food on the one in front of Ran-Mao as both her and Harry would be eating there.

"Is there anything you want to know? I can try and tell you about this time if you wish. I don't know how long you will have to stay here, but at the very least, you should know what awaits you here."

Ciel nodded. "What exactly do they want Harry for?"

Alex sighed and looked upon his son with sad eyes. "Let me tell you all a story. A story of a cowardly race and their mistakes."


"That- that's preposterous! What kind of people- wizards or not- use a child to fight their war! What kind of people purposefully force a child into the job of an adult more powerful and experienced?!"

Alex gave Ciel a meaningful look. "In that way, our times are alike, 'Queen's Guard Dog'."

Ciel flushed. "That is not the same!"

"It is only different because Harry is the one being taken advantage of," Alex shook his head at the young Earl. "I find it strange that people believe you are selfish. You care far more for others than you care for yourself, child."

Ciel's skin turned an even more bright shade of red and he opened his mouth, but bit back his harsh reply.

"So," Finny spoke up. "If they want Harry to go to this school, what are we going to do?"

Alex sighed. "There is little we can do. Dumbledore has the whole Ministry eating out the palm of his hand. Even though we are now in France, we can be taken into their custody. Harry will be torn away from us."

Ciel scowled at the counter top.

"The trick is to act before them and gain the upper hand. We have to make them agree to our terms. We let Harry go to Hogwarts, but in return, all of us have to be allowed to stay there with him as well."

Ciel thought for a moment and the nodded. "That would be our best course of action. Though we have to make them believe that the only way they will get Harry is on our terms. Maybe we can apply for asylum. It's probably better if we apply to America. They are quite unfond of England. If we apply for asylum, there is no way that America will let us go."

Alex nodded. "Alright, it seems we have a plan." He waved his hand and a piece of paper and a pen materialized in front of him.

The company's eyes widened.

"Daddy?" Harry asked in a shaky voice. "Since when did you have magic?"

Chapter Text

Dear Mr. Dumbledore,

I have decided that I will let my son Harry Undertaker-Black attend your school. However, only on these conditions.

1.) I am allowed to stay at the Castle. I don't need anything other than me being near my son. I find myself not particularly trusting you and yours yet.

2.) My son's friends are to be sorted as well and treated as regular students despite them not having magic. I am sure that they are more than capable of dealing with the practical work.

3.) When my son's other friends arrive, yes I say when, they are to get the same treatment as the others. The children shall be sorted and the adults shall room with me. I assure you that none of our acquaintances mean you or your students any harm. That is, as long as you do not wish any of us harm.

Know that our acquaintances are not to be trifled with.

Please do send the owl back with your reply.

Also, if you try to stalk us or follow us or "keep tabs" on us in any way, you will never see my son ever again. I have applied for asylum in the Americas. They will ensure our protection.

Do you understand?


Alex Black


Dumbledore finished reading the letter, feeling troubled. It may have been over 200 years since America and England fought, but there was still so much animosity between the two countries.

If Alex Black had applied for asylum in the Americas, there was no way to get them once they entered the states. And if he was to try to take Harry Potter (Dumbledore didn't believe in the changed last name. Harry Potter was the name of the renowned hero) there was a chance that he would lose a valuable asset.

Alex Black seemed like a person who knew his way around a fight. Maybe not with a wand, but there were other ways to inflict damage upon a person.

Hm. And an ultimatum. Alex Black seemed a formidable opponent indeed.

Very well, Mr. Black, I will play by your rules.


Alex blinked at his son before his eyes became sad.

"This is part of the reason why I lost my memory. It seems that instead of me traveling through time regularly, I was reborn into the Black family. In this age, the Blacks are a prestigious wizard family. I was gifted with magic."

"D-daddy? Does this mean that you aren't immortal anymore? That you can die like me?" The shared green eyes watered, Harry's voice high and shrill.

Alex quickly gathered his child in his arms. "I'm honestly not sure, baby, but for now I'm with you. Okay?"

Harry wiped his eyes and sniffled, nodding.

While Alex wrote their letter to the headmaster of Hogwarts, his child sat on his lap, snuggled into his chest. There were a few sniffles and hiccups, but it seemed that his precious child was beginning to calm down. He handed the letter to an owl.

"Take this to Headmaster Dumbledore, please."

They settled down to wait.


Trying to find Owen Boone proved problematic when the Gypsy women wanted to charm Sebastian and Lau into their beds.

They had tried the same with Bard, who had promptly glowed a most unbecoming shade of red and was then threatened by Mey-Rin to leave. Bard had breathed a sigh of relief and cast Mey-Rin a grateful look.

Undertaker was at the head of the group, looking around for Owen's tent. The man was never without his royal purple tent. It was the man's home. There was no way he would ever be without it. (It also had quite a few hefty charm placed upon it, it would be waste of the magic and time to leave it somewhere or sell it.)

The group continued to forge on for a good 20 minutes or so before Undertaker finally caught sight of his friend's tent. His pace picked up. When he reached it, he thrust the front flap open. "Owen!"

The inside of the tent didn't look like the inside of a tent. It looked more like a small, however lavish, house.

The man they were looking for peeked his head from around a doorway in the tent. "Undertaker? What's wrong?"

"Harry," was all that the silver-haired man had to say.

The Magic User was by the reaper's side less than a second later. "What's happened to Harry?"

The Undertaker said nothing more. It seemed he was still in a state of shock which was expected of him. His child had just been snatched out of thin air and they didn't know where he had been taken or who had even taken him.

Sebastian's master had been whisked away as well and if that didn't just set a wildfire in his heart. Whoever thought it was okay to snatch their children away was going to be sorely mistaken when Sebastian was done with them.

He felt his eyes flash their demonic red and tried to calm himself down. It would do Harry and the others no good if he massacred countless people, including the ones that were supposed to come to their rescue.

"It seems that Hadrian has been snatched from under our very noses. One moment he was there, the next: he was gone."

Owen snapped his fingers, a shoulder bag appearing on his shoulder.

"Take me to the disappearance sight!"


Dear Mr. Black,

After conferring with my fellow associates, we have come to a decision. It is, in our opinion, in our greatest interests to accept the terms you have laid out.

You will be allowed to stay on Hogwarts grounds. While you are there, we will also give you something to do. You can assist our Potions Master in his classes.

Your son's friends are more than welcome! There is a clause that states that squibs may still attend Hogwarts as long as they keep up with the work, though this clause hasn't been acted on in over 300 years.

The more the merrier! As long as they are not a threat to the safety of the children that I am responsible for as Headmaster.

I have a condition as well, not mine, I'm afraid. It is a bit of rule, you see. We couldn't help but notice that you spoke French. When we looked into your records as a precaution (I'm sure you won't mind, will you, my boy?) we saw that you are indeed part of the Black Family, only part of the French division. You were born in France, correct?

That means that you must have a pureblood family from England vouch for you while your son is enrolled in Hogwarts. I have already spoke to a family that would be more than glad to house you. You may want to get acquainted with them as they are essentially your host family. The family's name is Weasley. You can send a letter back with the owl to the family.


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Headmaster of Hogwarts


Alex scowled at the letter. He should have known that the old man wasn't going to stop his manipulations.

He decided that no, he would not want to have the Weasleys as their "host family". He had met the Weasley bunch. They seemed like nice enough people, if not a bit rowdy, but he also knew that they were under Dumbledore's thumb.

Alex decided to instead send letters to his cousins: Narcissa Malfoy nee Black and Sirius Black.

Chapter Text

The ride in the carriage back to the Phantomhive Manor was tense. Everyone was worried about their missing friends or children. Owen asked questions about the disappearance which everyone answered to the best of their ability.

It had all happened so fast.

The only one that could give a full account was Sebastian. Undertaker would have been able to, but because of him manning the camera, the flash had hindered his ability to see.

Even with the full account, there wasn't much to say. One moment the children had been there, the next a circle had appeared under them and the ground had swallowed them up. At least, that was what it had looked like.

The circle was also something that Sebastian didn't recognize. It was similar to a demon-summoning circle, but there were differences as the pentagram was not inside it and a demon had obviously not been summoned.

Another problem was figuring out if the captors were aiming to take a specific person or if he wanted those specific four. There was much to be taken into consideration and little to go on.

At least finding Owen had been a quick and easy task.

They reached the manor and everyone trooped into the main entertainment room where this had happened.

Owen walked around, surveying the room. He stood in the middle of where the circle had been, closing his eyes. "Yes, this is definitely magic. The magic isn't malicious. The purpose of this ritual was to transport one person to any other place... Another time."

Undertaker's eyes cleared at that. "No! It can't be!"

He paced around the room, muttering to himself and yanking at his hair.

"Mr. Undertaker," Sebastian grabbed the taller man's shoulders, jerking them once firmly. "What does this have to do with time?"

He shook him again when it seemed that the man was still not focusing on him. "What do you know?"

The lime green eyes cleared once again as they looked into the maroon eyes taking a more red tint. "H... Harry was born in another time... His magic was so strong, he somehow transported himself here."

Sebastian let go of him, turning to the Magic User. "Is it safe to assume then that the target was Hadrian and that my master and the others were just brought along because of Hadrian holding onto them?"

Owen thought for a moment, closing his eyes as he felt the magic in the air. "Yes... The circle was made so that anything touching the target would be transported with them... Excluding the floor and air of course. I guess they didn't want the target to be transported naked."

The room was silent for awhile.

"Well, even though the others were taken," Mey-Rin spoke. "That just means that now Harry has support and protection that he would not have had if he was alone."

Sebastian cocked his head to the side in thought. That was certainly true, though he had seen and sensed Hadrian's magic. He could probably handle himself on his own.

"And, actually, I know that the target was Hadrian. They locked on to his magic signature and used the blood of a relative to call him forth. The time part of the ritual was only sewn into the ritual as a precaution. They did not know where he was. That is why they had to call him forth this way," Owen said.

Undertaker growled under his breath at the mention of using blood from a relative. From what his little boy had told him of his "relatives" (he used that term loosely. He was Harry's relative, not them), well, let's just say that Undertaker wouldn't mind having them taste his scythe.

Oh, those wizards would pay if they put his baby back in that house. Pay.

"You can send us to where Harry is, right?" Bard said a bit rudely.

He was a bit impatient. His friends had been taken, in fact transported to another time! He just wanted to get there already and make sure his friends were alright. They could be anywhere and anything could happen to them.

Owen thought some more, feeling the magic. "Yes, I should be able to replicate the ritual as the magic is clearly present," he opened his eyes. "Though I need your help."


The Malfoy family were eating breakfast together.

The House elves had laid out the usual spread, toast with the different array of jams according to who like what, scrambled and over easy eggs, omelets, crisp bacon, sliced ham, fried steak, sausage, and an array of drinks.

Draco sat to the right of his father, rubbing eyes as he tried to wake enough to eat. He wasn't much of a morning person, he had just woken up (his bed head proved that).

Lucius sat at the head of the table. This one was smaller than the one in the main dining room. It was for family meals as sitting at the large banquet table was lonely. His long hair was pulled back into a low ponytail. He had once not been a morning person either but years of practice and the discovery of coffee had helped him a great deal.

Narcissa was her usual cheery self in the morning, humming as she poured some orange juice into her cup.

Lucius unfolded the newspaper that lay near his plate. It wasn't The Daily Prophet (anyone who had the slightest bit of intelligence knew that The Daily Prophet was nothing but gossip), but The Quibbler.

Though the Lovegood family did sometimes come off as a bit strange, they were respected for their courage, intelligence, and achievements. Also, their family had been known to birth seers. They were not a Pureblood family, but they were treated with the same level of respect. After all, they had earned it.

Nothing important had happened in the last few days, Lucius noted as he skimmed through the pages. Front page news was about the next Wizengamot meeting and how some members were planning on proposing a new curriculum for Hogwarts.

Lucius scowled at the paper.

The proposal would fall through just like all the other ones had. Dumbledore was currently sitting on 4 seats, the Potter, Black, Longbottom, and Dumbledore seats. That means he already had four votes to use. Then, as the Light Lord (though not many people would call him that), he had a lot of support from other members.

He was seen as the leader of the good part of the (British) Wizarding World.

The problem with this was, the children at Hogwarts were not being taught very well. Wizarding Britain's intelligence was at an all time low- the lowest in the world! Even America had a better curriculum than them (which was surprising and not at all true in the muggle world).

The children at Hogwarts needed to learn more than the Goblin Wars, how to create a low level shield, and how to levitate an object.

He knew that the students that were intelligent only got their smarts through natural ability, self-study, and/or (depending on their heritage) home-schooling. It was a shame.

These were the things that his lord was fighting for (that and to embrace the darker sides of magic) before he met his untimely demise.

Now the children were doomed to a life of close-mindedness and ignorance. There was no one that could truly oppose Dumbledore any longer.

Lucius tried not to think that way very often. It was a depressing thing to focus on. He looked on the bright side (as muggles would say) and saw that his son was one of those intelligent people. He would create his own business that would be very successful and take over the family affairs and would have children that he would pass down his knowledge to. At the very least, the Malfoy line would live on.

He reached forward to grab a piece of toast. It was no longer time to dwell on such things.

Narcissa was just finishing off her own toast, which had strawberry jam on it, when an owl flew through the open window (left open in case of an incoming mail) and perched itself in front of her plate. She took the letter from the owl and gave the owl a piece of bacon. The owls sure did love their bacon.

The letter was addressed to her and was from...

"Oh! Lucius, Alex sent me a letter! It's been so long since I've talked to him!"

Lucius racked his brain, trying to recall who Alex was. "Ah, I remember! Wasn't that your cousin? I don't believe I met him."

Narcissa nodded as she opened the letter. "Yes, I usually only get letters from him for my birthday or Christmas. I wonder why he's owling me now. It's nowhere near the holidays!"

Lucius pondered this. He remembered vaguely seeing the letters from one "Alex Black", but it was true that those letters were usually received near the holidays. He agreed with his wife.

Why would he be owling them now?


Dear Cissa,

How are you? I know this is a bit different than my usual holiday hello and birthday wishes. I apologize.

But I really need your help.

I need to tell you the full story. I am the reincarnated form of a man called The Undertaker. He lived a long time ago. When he died, he was granted the ability to become a "reaper". These beings are the things of fairy tales. The Grim Reaper was likely based off of the Reapers.

Reapers go to a human's sight of death and review their Cinematic Record (memories). They determine whether the person is allowed to live or will have to die. They also collect a person's soul. Reapers usually cannot die. They may only die at the hands of another Reaper, Death, and angel, or a demon.

The Undertaker, driven into the hole of depression by the disappearance of his son, killed himself. Another Reaper must have reviewed his record and deemed him worthy of living, but differently this time. I am the reincarnated Undertaker.

His son was not his by blood originally. He was from a whole different time altogether. Our time. That child is called Hadrian Undertaker. His former name was Harry James Potter.

As you can see this boy is very important in Britain's Wizarding world. Certain people decided that the boy could not be missing. These people snatched Hadrian from the past. However, they didn't account for the fact that Hadrian might bring others with him. He brought three of his friends from that time with him who are not happy that they were pulled. each of them is dangerous in their own right though they do not have have any magic.

I had no recollection of my past life as it was sealed when I was a small child. My grandparents believed that I had the right to a life without pain and that my memories would only hinder that. I have only recently remembered. My son called out to me. I could not ignore him.

These people are seeking to make my child a pawn. As I have no way to send my son and his friends to the past, I have decided to loosely play by the rules until The Undertaker comes to reclaim his child. He is as much Hadrian's father as I am. Our blood runs through his veins. That also means that Hadrian is your cousin. I know how you feel about family.

I'm hoping you can help us out. The people that want my son want us to have a "host family" as foreign families having their children attend Hogwarts have to do by (very old and virtually unpracticed) law.

These people want our "host family" to be the they have already put a"good word in" for us. Which means advised them to watch us closely and report our activities regularly. I refuse to have this happen. I have written a letter to you (as one of my closest cousins) and Sirius (as the head of the Black family). I am hoping that the Black family can be my "host family".

Please, I am in need of help and support. I am not sure how long it will take for these people to tire of my resistance and take my precious son by force. Please help me prevent this.


Alexandre Lynx Noir


Narcissa finished reading the letter out loud.

Usually something like this would be hard to believe, but she did live in the Wizarding World and her cousin was very dear to her. He was not one to lie especially over something so serious.

He had come to her asking help. He was going to receive it.

Her husband obviously recognized the glint in her eyes.

He snapped his fingers, their house elf Milly appeared.

"Yes, Master Lucius?"

"Please prepare... How many people did he say were brought with them, Cissa?"

She skimmed through the letter, quickly finding the part of the letter where Alex had written the number. "Three."

"Please prepare five rooms, Milly. We are going to be having some long term guests over."

The house elf squealed in excitement. "Yes, masters and mistress! Oh!" She wrung the bottom of her spot less pillow case in her hands.

"Guests! Malfoys be having guests! How wonderful! I's be readying the spare rooms! Oh, what shoulds we cooks for dinner? It wills be good!" She popped away.

Narcissa shook her head fondly as she penned a response. "It has been too long since we've had proper guests."

"Yes," Lucius said, feeling a bit happy himself. It wasn't often that family came to visit and to both the Malfoys and the Blacks, family was everything.


Dear Alex,

It is always nice to hear from you, don't apologize!

At first I had a hard time believing this, but then I realized that this is how a Muggleborn's parents must feel when they are told that their child is Magical. If they can believe and accept the truth, then I must as well.

I am sorry that you have been put through such an ordeal. You are my precious cousin. You are the closest thing to a brother other than Sirius and Regulus that I had.

I would be more than happy to house you and your family! My son and my husband feel the same. There is no way that your son is going to be taken from you. Not while the black and Malfoy families still have a say.

Floo over to Malfoy Manor. We'll leave the wards down so that you are allowed to enter. After that, we will key you all into the wards so that you may come and go as you please.

Also, sending a letter to Sirius is impossible. It will be sent and then likely burned. Sirius was sentenced to life in Azkaban for killing a fellow wizard and twelve muggles. I don't believe that he would do anything like that, but the Malfoy family was facing legal issues at the time as well and we could not intervene. He was sentenced without a trial. I suppose now is as good a time as any to try and prove his innocence. It will be good of you to help as you are from the French division. The Weasleys, though not in any way our friends, may vouch for him as ell since it is no secret that Sirius was a supporter of the Light. He has been locked up for twelve years, Twelve years too long.

I look forward to seeing you and your son, I bet he's adorable. See you soon.


Narcissa Malfoy nee Black.


While waiting on the letters from Narcissa and Sirius to return, Alex and the others continued to look for rituals that may either send them back or transport other people from the past.

There was nothing so far.

There was, however, a spell that allowed people to converse with others from the past. It was simple enough and only required their full name and blood from a relative/descendant.

Harry decided that he would do the spell. His father was probably out of his mind with worry and it would calm him down the most if he was the one to appear and not someone else.

They had already set up the spell circle. He could not step out of it or he would disappear and he could not touch another person from the past as the same would happen. He could only speak, and even then, he could only speak for five minutes.

He hoped that was enough time to calm his father.

Determined, Harry cut his palm with the silver dagger provided and chanted the words. "Liceat mihi loqui appellatur Vespillo. Permitte mihi loqui ad patrem meum."


They had all of the materials.

They had set up everything the way Owen had said.

Why was it not working?

Undertaker was beginning to despair. He would never see his precious child again. He would never see that smile or hear that laugh or ruffle the boy's messy hair. If he couldn't see his son any longer- what was the point of living?

He drew his death scythe from where it was usually hidden in the fabric of the universe.

What was the point of living any longer if he couldn't live with Harry?

He swung his death scythe, determined to end his life as there was no point to it.

There was no point.

And just as the tip of the blade was about to bury itself in his neck, he heard-


Chapter Text

"Daddy!" Harry cried.

He watched the tip of the scythe move faster and faster to his father's neck. This was not what he had expected when he had decided to travel to the past.

He squeezed his eyes shut.

Reapers couldn't be killed by normal means, but they could be killed by Death Scythes. Things were looking up. He was going to talk to his father, reassure everybody and then they would find a way to travel to the future.



Undertaker heard his precious child's voice scream his name. He thought for a moment that it was a only a memory, but his child had never screamed his name so desperately.

He immediately dropped his scythe and turned around, just barely missing being impaled by his weapon.

His son was standing in the middle of a circle drawn on the wood floors, eyes shut tight, tears cascading down his face, arms clenching the material of his shirt.

"Baby boy..."

His child's eyes snapped open at the sound of his voice. "Daddy!"

"There's those beautiful eyes of yours. I missed you."

His child nodded his head, more tears escaping him.

Owen decided to speak up at that moment. "He can't touch any of us and he can't leave the circle. This spell is only temporary so we need to speed things along."

"Owen!" Harry called.

The wizard gave him a soft smile. "Yes, Harry. It's me."

Harry smiled as he looked around at everyone in the room. "It's great to see all of you again. Oh, and don't worry, everyone in the future is safe."

Everyone seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

"We're trying to get to you, dear," Undertaker said. He sounded as if he was whimpering and wrapped his arms around himself as to prevent them from grabbing his child. "It's just... something's wrong."

"Maybe you're missing something," Harry suggested.

Owen thought it over. "Aha! We need blood!"

"Do you need mine?" Harry asked and held out the dagger he had used to cut his palm.

Undertaker looked like he was going to faint.

"My dear, why is that blade covered in your blood?"

Harry hurriedly put his hands behind his back, hiding both the dripping blade and his injured hand. "It was required for me to come and talk to all of you."

Owen shook his head, interrupting what was about to be another breakdown from the Undertaker. "No, we will just use your father's, Harry. Thank you for your offer."

Harry blushed at the praise. "You are welcome. I just miss all of you. If I can speed this process up in any way, I want to help."

Owen shook his head again. "You do not need to do anything else. You helped us figure out our missing ingredient. That is more than enough. You will all be reunited soon."

Harry smiled, his form beginning to flicker. "I'm happy then."

"My dear, what is wrong?" Undertaker's voice was nearly shrill.

Harry looked down at himself and saw that he was wavering like a flame running out of fuel. He smiled gently at his father. "Don't worry about it, old man. I just have to return to the future. My time is here is up."

Undertaker's grip on his arms tightened as he resisted enclosing his baby boy in his arms. His son was already the most important thing in his life, but now he may never let his child out of his arms ever again after this.

He was going to die from premature stress if this continued. He just wanted to hold his child in his arms again.

"I love all of you. You especially, Daddy." Harry gave a wide, beautiful smile, his eyes closed from the force of it.

"I will see you all soon."

And with that, he finally disappeared.

Undertaker wept into his hands.


Harry's knees hit the ground of the Noir house and he collapsed crying. He had been trying not cry when talking to his father and his friends, but he missed them. It had only been a day, but he missed them so much.

It was true when people said that you didn't know what you had until it was gone. He had one of the most supporting and loving families anyone could ask for.

He wanted his Daddy. He wanted to be curled up in bed with him, snuggled into the warm chest, and running his hands through the silky silver hair.

He loved his Daddy's hair. It made the man different and it was so soft... This made him cry even more.

He wanted his Daddy.

A pair of strong arms wrapped around. It wasn't the same, but the feeling was similar.

"Shh..." That was Alex's voice. The reincarnation of his father.

He couldn't call them by the same name and it felt weird to call Alex by his first name. That was still his father... Well, Daddy could stay Daddy and Alex could be Papa. He would say Dad, but that was too close to Daddy. Ugh, why was his life so complicated?

Harry grabbed a fistful of his Papa's shirt.

"Yes, Harry?" The man asked softly.

Papa was different from Daddy. His hair was shorter, falling just under his shoulders, and black instead of the unmistakable silver. His skin wasn't ask pale, it was actually almost tan. He was a few inches shorter as well. But the eyes were the same. Harry and Daddy's eyes.

He could also say Reaper eyes, but because of Undertaker refusing to continue as a Reaper and not wearing glasses, his eye color was a bit different. It would never truly change, but it was a few shades darker than the typical Reaper.

Papa had Daddy's eyes. That was the one thing that hadn't changed.

"I love you."

Papa gave a little laugh. "I love you too, baby," he said and kissed Harry's forehead.

Harry snuggled farther into his Papa, sighing happily at the warmth and comfort that he found.


Owen and Sebastian were finally able to console the nearly desolate Undertaker. Owen tried to be gentle, but that approach wasn't working. Sebastian finally stepped in.

"Mr. Undertaker, please get up," his voice was firm, making his request more of a command. "Hadrian is waiting for you right now in the future. He needs his father. I understand that you are upset and miss your son, but crying when we are mere moments from being reunited with him is not the smartest course of action at this point."

Lau nodded along as he usually did, though he was just as affected as everyone else. He hoped that his Ran-Mao was safe.

Undertaker rubbed his face on last time and got to his feet. "You are right, butler." He giggled weakly.

"Of course, Mr. Undertaker. What kind of butler would I be if I was wrong about such a trivial issue such as this?"

Owen handed the Undertaker a silver dagger and ushered him gently to the circle that they had already drawn. "Just scrape this dagger across your palm and allow the blood to drip onto the circle."

Undertaker obeyed the wizard, doing just as he said.

The edges of the circle that had been drawn with white chalk began to glow a golden color.

Owen turned to the rest of the company in the room. "Everyone, grab a hold of each other. Make sure at least one person in touching Undertaker and stand inside the circle."

Everyone rushed to obey.

Sebastian was on one of Undertaker's sides, grasping his shoulder. Holding onto him was Bard. Lau was on Undertaker's other side and gripping his arm was Mey-Rin.

"Tanaka!" Bard called to the old man. "What are you waiting for? Come on!"

The man shook his head. "Who else will take care of the Phantomhive Manor while you all are gone?"

Sebastian nodded. "My thanks, Tanaka."

The man laughed. "It is nothing. I am a Phantomhive butler, after all! It is expected of me."

Owen closed his eyes, concentrating all of magic for this one spell. "Mitte. Mitte. Mitte. Mitte. Mitte."

It felt like they were falling.


When Harry woke up, he was snuggled in between his father and Finny. When he looked closely at the boy's face, he had tear stains. He must be missing Bard and Mey-Rin and Sebastian. Poor Finny.

He missed his Daddy too.

Finny was laying on his back, one hand fisted in Harry's shirt and the other fisted in Ciel's, who was one Finny's other side, shirt.

Ciel was laying on his side, being pressed closer to Finny by Ran-Mao who's chest was pressed against his back as she lay on her side as well.

Everyone seemed to need comfort last night so Harry's Papa had set up blankets and pillows on the floor of the living room. It was like camping out, only inside. This had resulted in a huge cuddle session as no one wanted to be too far apart from one another.

There was a subconscious fear that if everyone didn't stick close together, they would disappear. So even though Ciel had looked disgruntled at the fact that he was going to cuddle like a child again, and between two servants- he still felt better for it.

Harry squirmed a bit as his stomach growled. He was too comfortable to get up, feeling safe near his Papa. He stomach, however, was insistent that it needed sustenance.

He heard chuckling near his ear. He looked over to see his Papa's lime green eyes were amused.

"Hungry, baby?"

Harry nodded, blushing.

Alex chuckled again. "Alright, let me get up and I'll whip up something for you all."

Harry nodded, allowing his Papa to retract his arms.

Alex stood up and left the room, heading towards the kitchen.

Harry looked over when he felt a tug at his shirt.

"Harry," the blonde rubbed his eyes sleepily. "Where is your dad going?"

"He's going to make breakfast for us."

"Oh." Finny snuggled closer. "Good, 'cause I'm really hungry."

Harry smiled at seeing his friend look so content.

In fact, looking over, Ciel looked the same. To see the older boy without without his ever-present scowl was a treat in and of itself. He was a really pretty boy, even more so when didn't have that angry expression on his face.

Huh , Harry thought to himself. Maybe I should talk to Papa and Daddy about this.


Breakfast wasn't too big an affair. Everyone was still asleep by the time Alex finished cooking the bacon, eggs, and toast.

Harry helped his Papa wake everyone up.

Ciel caused a fuss when he realized that he was sandwiched in between two people and had actively snuggled into the both of them, but Harry merely laughed and gave him a brief hug.

Alex shook his head with a murmur of "the Earl never changes".

After the mini tantrum was averted, everyone settled into a chair in the dining room.

There was light talk, mostly initiated by Alex or Finny. Ciel and Ran-Mao were usually quiet, but Harry was just waiting for his Daddy. He couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that the man hadn't showed up yet.

What was taking them so long?

While they were eating, an owl flew through the open window. It landed in front of Alex with a hoot.

"Ah, this must be Cissa's letter. Thank you," he accepted the letter and gave the owl a piece of bacon as a treat. He opened it up and began to read aloud to those at the table.


Dear Alex,

It is always nice to hear from you, don't apologize!

At first I had a hard time believing this, but then I realized that this is how a Muggleborn's parents must feel when they are told that their child is Magical. If they can believe and accept the truth, then I must as well.

I am sorry that you have been put through such an ordeal. You are my precious cousin. You are the closest thing to a brother other than Sirius and Regulus that I had.

I would be more than happy to house you and your family! My son and my husband feel the same. There is no way that your son is going to be taken from you. Not while the Black and Malfoy families still have a say.

Floo over to Malfoy Manor. We'll leave the wards down so that you are allowed to enter. After that, we will key you all into the wards so that you may come and go as you please.

Also, sending a letter to Sirius is impossible. It will be sent and then likely burned. Sirius was sentenced to life in Azkaban for killing a fellow wizard and twelve muggles. I don't believe that he would do anything like that, but the Malfoy family was facing legal issues at the time as well and we could not intervene. He was sentenced without a trial. I suppose now is as good a time as any to try and prove his innocence. It will be good of you to help as you are from the French division. The Weasleys, though not in any way our friends, may vouch for him as well since it is no secret that Sirius was a supporter of the Light. He has been locked up for twelve years, Twelve years too long.

I look forward to seeing you and your son, I bet he's adorable. See you soon.


Narcissa Malfoy nee Black.


Alex clenched the letter as he read the last paragraph.

Sirius had been locked up? For twelve years? Without a trial? And for a crime he didn't commit?

Dumbledore was going to hear about this, no, the Ministry was going to hear about this. They would regret the day they decided to use a Black as an example.

"Papa?" he heard Harry ask.

He froze. "P-papa?"

Harry blinked those innocent green eyes at him. "Yes. I can't call you Daddy as he will be here soon and it feels weird to call you Alex. I decided that I want to call you Papa. That is okay, right?"

Alex smiled. "That's fine, Harry. I'd like it if you called me Papa."

The two basked in their moment together until the sound of a clearing throat interrupted them.

"Are we going to this 'Narcissa Malfoy's' house then, Mr. Black?" Ciel asked, resolutely refusing to look at their sappy moment.

Alex stood, grabbing his plate. "Yes. Everyone, please get dressed and ready for us to depart."

Everyone nodded and stood as well.


Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his office, hands folded under his head as he thought.

He had contacted the Weasleys. Apparently they had not yet received a letter from Mr. Alex Black.

Maybe the man was packing and couldn't take the time to write them a letter?

Maybe even though he was from France, he was in a different country and had not yet received his letter? But, no, that would be stupid, because his owl had returned without a letter. That meant that the letter had been delivered successfully.

Just what was Mr. Black playing at now?

The man was a slippery one and knew his way around the game of chess that they were playing. He knew the game well and he played with experience.

Mr. Black could be a very valuable asset if he could be... persuaded somehow to his side. Maybe if he was ensured his son's safety?

While thinking, he felt a charge in the air.


He sat up straighter, his head snapping up to look at his office. He was about to stand up when a hole opened up in the air and several different people fell out of the hole.

Just what was happening?

Chapter Text

It was like Lewis Carroll described when Alice fell down the rabbit hole. It felt like the fall was both short and long.

Undertaker almost expected that the fall would never end. But the fall was as he said, both short and long and they were abruptly deposited on the floor.

Due to their reflexes everyone except Mey-Rin and Bard landed on their feet.

Undertaker's eyes swept the room, looking for his beautiful boy who he could not find. The room looked as if it were a study, with the large desk and books on shelves. There were also little trinkets and decorations around the place.

Undertaker felt his hopes droop. Would he ever be reunited with his sweet boy? It seemed like his answer would be no.

There was the sound of a throat being cleared and everyone turned their attentions to the old man sitting at the desk. Everyone had been so occupied searching for their friends that nobody had noticed the old man sitting there.

Undertaker used the term old loosely. The man had a long white beard and wrinkles showing age, but the man's age was not long at all. Compared to the Undertaker and even Sebastian (who were both considered young in the eyes of their race), the man was a mere baby with his age in the hundreds.

"Hello. May I ask your names, sirs and lady?"

Undertaker opened his mouth to retort angrily, but snapped it shut when the butler laid a hand on his shoulder. He sighed and closed his eyes. This wasn't the way he usually acted, but then again his son had been taken from him. He had an excuse to act out of character and angry or violent.

Sebastian gave a small bow, his hand crossed over where his heart would be if he was human. "I am Sebastian Michaelis, butler of the noble Phantomhive House, servant of my master: Earl Ciel Phantomhive. Do you know where my master is, sir?"

The old man blinked at the introduction. He looked clueless for awhile, but slowly seemed to recognize something Sebastian had said.

Ah, so the Earl had been here. Undertaker began to feel excited. His hopes lifted. If the Earl had been here, that means his Harry had been here too!

"Ah, I saw your master just a few days ago. He is now with a Mr. Black, his friend's guardian."

Sebastian narrowed his eyes.

Mr. Black? He knew no one by the name of Mr. Black. His master had only the friends that came from the past. That would mean that one of them would have a guardian called Mr. Black. They were missing something. Things weren't adding up.

Despite being annoyed, Sebastian smiled at the man. "Sir, would you happen to know where my master and his friend are?"

The old man shook his head remorsefully though all those present could tell that it was an act.

Mey-Rin narrowed her eyes from behind her glasses and clutched her maid skirt to prevent her from reaching for her guns and threatening the man to tell them the truth.

"No. I do not. I know that in a few days they should be at the Weasley house. They are Black family friends. I can take you there if you wish. That way you'll be there when they arrive," The man said. He seemed nervous, but was telling the truth as far as Undertaker and Sebastian could tell.

"If you will give us a moment to confer, sir," Sebastian said with a polite smile.

The man nodded and allowed the group to cluster together.

"I believe that this is the best course of action. At least this way we will say everyone in a couple of days. We have no idea where the others are and searching this unfamiliar place would prove pointless," Sebastian said.

Everyone nodded.

"I agree with the butler," Undertaker said. "I can smell that my baby was here. We know that the man is not lying about seeing them."

Lau nodded. "I recommend that we proceed with caution however. The man has not given his name to us yet and he was putting on an act earlier. There is also a chance that this man is the Wizard that brought Hari and the others here. He may betray us or trap us or use us as bait."

Sebastian nodded as he thought it over. It made sense.

The group agreed to continue with caution and so the demon butler turned around with his signature smile.

"Thank you, sir! We appreciate that you would help us out like that," he said, his tone of voice was friendly. But then his eyes narrowed and flashed a little bit of red and his smile turned into a dangerous smirk. "We are putting our trust in you, sir."

They watched as the old man gulped.


After everyone had gotten dressed and packed up what little they had (only Alex and Harry had brought things with them) they had walked through the floo just as they had when leaving Dumbledore's office. However this time was bit different because they were going to the Malfoy House instead of the Noir House.

When they arrived there was a House Elf which both scared and intrigued the others. They had never seen anything like that.

Finny actually cried out and hid behind Alex who only chuckled.

The House Elf (who's name was Tibby) took their coats or jackets (only Ciel had one) and directed them towards the dining room. Afterwords, Tibby disappeared with a popping noise, startling all but Harry and Alex though the only indication of Ran-Mao being startled was the widening of her eyes.

There was no real time to dwell on the strange happenings of a House Elf however as a pleasant woman's voice called to them from inside the living room.

"Alex! Come in, don't be shy now, cousin!"

Alex shook his head and snorted. He took his son's hand and Finny as he walked into the room. "As if I have ever been shy, 'Cissa."

The woman laughed lightly, covering her mouth with her hand. "That is true, Alex."

Harry took in the woman and her two companions who were sitting on the same couch as her. The woman had long blonde hair that was out and flowing. She had blue eyes that were glowed bright with happiness and a smile that fit her eyes. She was really happy with her life. Harry could see why as he looked at her two companions.

On the other side was a man. He had blonde hair as well, almost just as long as his wife's. It was tied in a loose ponytail at the base of his neck. His eyes were grey, but he had the same pale skin as his wife. He had been reading what looked like a newspaper, but he had set it in his lap as Harry and the others had entered the room. His grey eyes were both warm and cold at the same time which was a strange combination, but it made sense. He seemed like a person that was very stern and cold towards others to protect what he cared for- his family.

In between both the woman (Narcissa) and the man was a child about Harry's age. He was blonde as well, his hair slicked back by gel. He had grey eyes like his father and pale skin that matched both his mother and father's complexions.

Harry was interrupted from his thoughts as Narcissa rose from her seat and opened her arms, approaching his Papa. "It has been to long, Alex!"

Alex let go of the boys' hands and wrapped his arms around his cousin as well. "Yes, it has."

After a moment Narcissa pushed back from Alex, hands on his shoulders as she examined him. "You haven't changed much."

Alex shrugged.

"Did you expect me to?" He asked, his eyebrow raised.

Narcissa laughed, hugging him again. "No, I suppose not."

Alex was let go finally.

The other man stood up next. He stepped to Alex and extended his hand. "I have not seen you in a long time, Alexandre. My wife has only good things to say of her favorite cousin."

Alex laughed. "I could only guess," he said.

The two broke from each other.

Alex looked over to the boy sitting on the couch. "Ah! You must be Draco. I recognize you from the pictures your mother sends me."

Draco stood, extending his hand for shaking as his father did. "And you are Uncle Alex."

Alex smiled gently down at the small boy. "Yes, I am."

They broke apart as well.

"Alright," Narcissa rubbed her hands together. "And which one of these handsome boys is the nephew that I am owed a hug?"

Harry stepped forward from behind his Papa.

"I am Hadrian Undertaker," he waved a bit from his spot. He felt a bit awkward. He didn't really belong here. He wasn't really this woman's nephew. But he was his Papa's son so at least while he was in the future he was a part of Narcissa's family.

Narcissa crouched down in front of Harry. "Hello, Hadrian. I'm your Aunt 'Cissa," after she said this, she opened her arms.

Harry stepped into them, allowing her to hug him and tentatively hugging her back.

She let go. "You look just like your father, Hadrian."

Harry smiled. "Thank you!"

The two shared smiles.

She stood back up, but felt her dress being tugged. She looked down a bit to see the blonde haired boy who had come with Alex standing beside her.

He held his shirt in hands and twisted it a bit. "I'm not your nephew , but can I have a hug too?"

"Finny!" Ciel hissed, but was hushed by Alex.

"Of course!" Narcissa said happily. She gave him a nice, firm hug. She waited until he let go before releasing him.

"Thank you!"

"You're welcome," she said sincerely.

"So you've already met Hadrian and Finny. The next boy over there is Ciel Phantomhive and the young lady standing there is Ran-Mao."

Narcissa smiled at each of them, shaking their hands. She was not at all bothered by Ciel's ever present uncaring mood or Ran-Mao's unemotional expressions.

"So what is it that you need exactly, Alex?" Narcissa asked.


The old man (who had still not introduced himself) had grabbed a bobble that he had been storing on one of his many bookshelves. He had muttered over it for a few moments before presenting it to everyone.

"Everyone please put a hand on this. This will be our transportation to the Weasleys' house."

After a moment of staring at the object and at each other, the group obeyed the man. If only to get their friends back.

When everyone was touching the object, the man spoke another word. Just one. It sounded like "phoenix", but it was hard to be sure as right after he spoke the word, it felt like they were falling down that rabbit hole again.

In an instant they were standing in what looked like the middle of nowhere.

The old man took the object, putting it into a pocket that nobody else had noticed on his robes and began to walk forward.

Everyone turned around to see a large house. It was indeed large, but not in the traditional sense. The house looked like several houses put together.

Sebastian tried very hard not to turn up his nose. He was so used to the Phantomhive Mansion and such that his inner-butler felt appalled.

Despite not wanting to enter the house, Sebastian and the others followed the man.


In the cold stone walls of Azkaban, a man shivered. He was huddled into a ball in a corner of the room. He clutched his robe closer to his body, wishing that it would provide him with some warmth.

This place was always cold because of the Dementors.

The only thing that kept the man from becoming completely insane was to remember his family.

His cousin Narcissa. His cousin Alex. His friend Remus. His godson Harry.

And to remember who he was.

He was Sirius Black.

Chapter Text

The moment everyone entered the house, they were assaulted by the noise.

Of course, Sebastian and Undertaker could hear it before they entered the house, but the walls could muffle a whole lot of sound.

There was the sound of children (evident by their voices) yelling and screaming and running around.

A red-haired child whizzed by them, her long hair flying behind her screaming for her mother. She was promptly followed by another red-head this time a boy.

"Ginny!" he roared. "Give it back!"

The girl turned around, sticking her tongue out at her chaser.

Sebastian's eye twitched. His master would have a fit in this house. There was to be at least some semblance of peace and quiet. Here it was non-existent, so it appeared. Sebastian wrinkled his nose at the poor manners that were apparent in this house.

"RONALD AND GINERVA WEASLEY!" A loud woman's voice roared.

Sebastian winced. Who knew that humans were capable of such volume?

A redhead, older than the others that had rushed past, was storming her way towards them, seeming to try and follow the running humans.

"Molly," the old man standing with them called.

The woman immediately calmed down and turned to the man. Her eyes shown with respect and something close to worship.

"Albus! It's been awhile since you've been here. Are you hungry? Would you like some tea? What can we help you-" She cut herself off. Her eyes blinked owlishly as she saw the company they were in. "Albus? Who are these people?"

Sebastian sighed inwardly. This was going to be a long wait, he could tell.


"So you want the Malfoy family to pose as your 'host family' which Dumbledore had originally planned to be the Weasleys," Lucius said thoughtfully as Alex finished his explanation. "And help with proving Sirius Black innocent to the murders of the muggles and Peter Pettigrew."

Alex nodded.

"Yes," he said, carding his hands through his son's hair.

They had migrated onto the couch sometime during the discussion. Harry sat on one side of Alex, his head in his Papa's lap. Finny sat on Alex's other side, Ciel next to him. Ran-Mao in her typical way, despite several protests from the Malfoys, made herself comfortable on the plush carpeted floor.

The Malfoys had returned to their couch which was across from the one that Alex and his family (because that's who they were) had settled on.

Lucius sighed. "The Sirius situation is going to be a bit tricky, but we can definitely become your host family. I shall put through all of the correct paper work with the Ministry. Dumbledore probably would have tried to push the papers in before now, but he can't fake your signature when it comes to serious matters such as this. The papers are checked by Gringotts Goblins themselves and little, if anything, gets by them."

Alex nodded. "I am thankful that at least this is taken is taken by seriously by the British Wizarding government."

Lucius nodded. "It is a very serious matter- to become someone's host family. You are our charges until your children are no longer in Hogwarts or you spend seven years in Britain. You are to live in our house or a property owned by the Malfoys. The Malfoys are to protect you and provide for you. Though your last names may be different, you are regarded as a Malfoy until the seven years are up. In the court of law, you are to take on the Malfoy name."

Alex rolled his eyes. "All of this is going to be quite the experience."

"Yes," Lucius said. "It is going to be a hard fight. Dumbledore had many supporters, but the Malfoys have more and we shall keep you safe, you need not worry, Alex."

Alex looked into the other man's eyes as he heard those words.

They were sincere even if the man came off as a bit cold. "You are family, Alex. And there is nothing that a Malfoy is not prepared to do for family."

This man was going to put himself in the line of fire for them. Everyone was. Though Narcissa had become silent for this part of the conversation, she had the same determined look as her husband did. Alex was surprised that even Draco, as young as he is, had the same light in his eyes.

He had known that the Malfoys were very serious about family, but he hadn't been aware that they went all mama-bear with it.

God, he hoped that Dumbledore was ready for the hell that the Malfoy's were raising.


It turns out that the inside of the Weasley home was similar to the outside. Poor, unkempt, and mismatched.

The company ended up sitting in the living room, a cup of tea in everyone's hand, though no one was drinking it.

Frankly, Sebastian was afraid that the tea would somehow make him and those accompanying him sick.

And there was no place to put the tea cups (that didn't even match) down so everyone was stuck holding the cups.

Dumbledore was drinking from his cup, unbothered by the fact that the tea cup he was holding had several cracks in it.

The company, excluding the Undertaker, sat primly on the raggedy couch and arm chairs.

Bard and Mey-Rin hadn't even known how much they valued a clean house until they saw one that was the exact opposite of what they were used too. They were wearing white! They felt a pang of longing. They wished they were back at the Phantomhive Manor.

Undertaker just basically flopped on the couch. He was tired and he just wished his little boy was in his in his arms again so that they could sleep together.

Yesterday had been his birthday... They hadn't even been able to celebrate it like they were supposed to.

It made his heart ache to think that his child was here somewhere. He tried to console himself that at least Harry was not alone. He had protection, but that didn't mean that he was safe.

He fought to keep his emotions from spilling over. He really just felt like crying.

"Are these Harry's relatives, Albus?" The red-haired woman finally spoke up.

Dumbledore looked at the others from the corner of his eye. "Ah, something like that, Molly. One of these men is the servant of Harry's friend. They are here to see Harry and the others... It will probably just be a few more days before Mr. Black and them arrive. You know how packing can be, dear."

Molly Weasley nodded along with the old man.

"Yes, Albus. Precisely so," she agreed with him.

Is that all that the woman did? Nod and follow along with everything the old man suggested or said?

Sebastian finally understood why they were here.

The Magic User probably wanted to keep tabs on his company. The man put them in the Weasley house, ill to compensate for them, because he wanted Mrs. Weasley or even the other family members to spy on the company and report their movements. The man had obviously wanted Hadrian for something and wanted a way to keep him under his thumb.

This was not going to sit with the company.

Sebastian would make sure to inform everyone of this development when they had the chance to be alone. If this meant they had to wait until midnight, that was alright.

Sebastian raised his cup to his lips, only managing to half hide his mischievous smirk.

Dumbledore was going to have another thing coming. He already had one pissed off, protective father with a death scythe against him. Now he had officially angered a demon.

He took a smug and slow sip from his tea, inwardly plotting.

We will be preparing for our next move, old man.


I, Lucius Malfoy, agree to the terms and responsibilities that are expected of a Host Family's Head to those that are listed:

-Alexandre Noir

-Hadrian Undertaker



-Ciel Phantomhive

I, Alexandre Noir, agree to the terms and responsibilities of a Host Family's charge. I also sign for my charges Hadrian Undertaker (son), Ran-Mao (charge), Finnian (charge), and Ciel Phantomhive (charge).


Now, Alex and his charges were officially Malfoys for the next seven years...

It felt nice to be closer to his cousins, but he wished that he could have had the chance to spend more time with his son before everything was happening.

It's okay because his right now they were all in bed. Well, actually on the floor. Everyone had their own room, but they were obviously still shaken up. So everyone ended up in Alex's large room.

They had brought the blankets from their bed and spread them over the floor as they had the day before.

Everyone cuddled close, seeking both warmth and comfort from each other. Harry was, of course, cuddled close to his Papa, facing him. This time, Ciel was behind Harry, his face pressed into the other's back and their fingers laced together tight. Ran-Mao was still at the end of their train, Finny pressed between her and Ciel.

Ran-Mao cuddled the small boy like a teddy bear, her chin resting on the top of his head.

Alex sighed happily. This was his and Harry's family. If only the others were here.

Alex sighed.

He wondered what it would be like meeting his past self... Well, he supposed that he would find out soon.