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Ah, the old graffiti on the bathroom cubicle. It was a large part of public high school culture, being the main physical forum on gossip and how cute other students were; it was truly a dying art form. Yoongi had no idea how it worked in the girls' bathroom, but in the boys', most of the toilet stall wall talk was on the walls of the last cubicle of the row, once-white tiles and separators covered in scrawls of phone numbers, names, heart-shapes and random paragraphs of gossip about something stupid Jiyong did at last year's Halloween party. The janitor had long since given up on scrubbing the walls of that cubicle, electing to let the children have their fun instead. Yoongi would never admit it to anyone except his closest friends, but he would use the last toilet stall just to read up on some trash talk on the grimy walls as well as see who's crushing on who. He had tabs on every single going-ons that appeared on the bathroom walls. He wasn't sure if he was proud or ashamed of the fact that he had read all of the walls like a novel series that just kept getting updated.

It was the middle of period three when Yoongi slipped into the otherwise empty bathroom, hall-pass tucked into one pocket and a red permanent marker in the other. He sat himself down on the closed toilet lid and tapped his foot along to the beat of the music blaring through his earphones as he read the back of the bathroom stall door.



'i bet Kyungsoo is gr8 at cuddling'


Yoongi snorted, he knew exactly who wrote that. Damn, Jongin was whipped.



'two nights ago I saw jaebum shirtless at yongji's party and I have not felt a twinge of heterosexuality since'


Yoongi felt empathy towards the anonymous confessor. He too was very not-heterosexual, but he didn't discover this in quite the same way. He pulled out his red sharpie from his left pants pocket, scrawling a messy 'GL' under the random's entry, the dude was probably gonna need it.



'Suzy is the GIRL OF MY DREAMS! I will win her over one day! Lee Minho will never compare to my nice guy charms!'


Yoongi dismissed that one as both desperate and delusional.



'Eunji and I got drunk at a party and when we were about to get it on, she said I had a tiny dick. BITCH.'


Yoongi didn't hesitate to reply to this one; 'calling her a bitch won't make your dick grow any bigger, honey x', the sarcastic kiss mark 'x' was Yoongi's personal favourite substitution of the period. But only when he was anonymous, Yoongi was pretty sure he would have been punched in the face several times a day if he said the kind of stuff he wrote on the walls out loud.



'Kim Namjoon is so dreamy~'


Yoongi almost cackled at the appearance his close friend's name was making on the stall's wall. He tried to imagine what Namjoon's reaction would be like if he found out and Yoongi didn't bother trying any harder because he knew he would find out at lunchtime when he told him. For sure. He raised his marker again, 'he wears ducky slippers around his house', Yoongi lived to embarrass his friends.



'Does anyone know if Jihoon is single?'


Yoongi stared hard at this question. Who was Jihoon? New kid? A freshman? He shrugged and lifted his marker regardless, 'yeah, he is x', Yoongi was going to hell and he knew it, may as well enjoy the ride.



'dat thai kid dat cam in this yr is so wierd...'


Yoongi's eyebrows furrowed at the terrible handwriting of statement, he knew that guy, Kunpimook, he wasn't weird, just unbearably energetic. This comment wasn't very nice and Yoongi had every intention of writing a very not-nice response back only to notice the boy himself beat him to it. In what looked like blue whiteboard marker, someone had written '"dat thai kid" has a name. But I guess you wouldn't be able to pronounce or spell it anyway, judging by your obviously advanced literary skills. Here, let me help you, it's Kunpimook, K-U-N-P-I-M-O-O-K. That's me. And I know who you are, I'll see you after history class.' He signed off with a little doodle of a smiley face and a heart. Wow, okay.

Yoongi always had a great time reading people's anecdotes on the bathroom walls, but his small smile disappeared impossibly fast when he noticed his own name on the off-white separator.



'Everyone, please stop calling Min Yoongi mean, he's so cute! I bet he's super lovely! If only he'd look my way...'


Yoongi didn't know how to feel, he could feel his face heat up from reading the words written in a noticeably quick manner, yet their handwriting was oddly neat and in sparkly purple marker. His curiosity got the best of him, he raised his hand cautiously, 'then tell him which way to look next time'. It didn't make much sense, Yoongi knew it, but he didn't have enough courage to do anything more. It wasn't like he knew what to do in those types of situations, or if he could do anything. Yoongi wasn't very good with all of that. He was open about his sexuality but he wasn't experienced with the romantic stuff, no matter how much he wanted to be. A girl had once tried to confess to him in freshman year but Yoongi hadn't quite grasped the situation and asked if her hot brother was single. A slightly shocked and crying girl promptly walked away from him afterwards.

Yoongi capped his marker and stuffed it into his pocket, leaving the stall he could feel his own brain judging him. Dude, his core of intelligence spoke, maybe it's a different Min Yoongi? Even if it is you, the guy probably feels sorry for you and your lack of social ability.

He quickly told his conscious to shut the fuck up because A) he was the only Min Yoongi in the entire damn school and he knew it and B) there is nothing wrong with his socialism. Well, the other boy's statement wasn't wrong, people often call him mean for some reason. Maybe it was the confession incident in freshman year that had clique after clique of girls hating him, or maybe it was the time he tried to throw away his empty juice box, but somehow he picked up another boy's iPod instead, leaving the latter to pick through the garbage tearfully to find it as Yoongi ran away and hid in embarrassment, perhaps it was because of last week, when he saw this kid fall slip over but when he went to give him a hand, he forgot his hands were still slippery from the spray fixative he was using in art class minutes before, and his grip immediately slipped, making the poor boy fall back down. It wasn't on purpose, he swore, he apologised but the kid looked terrified and scrambled up to run away; he probably told all his buddies about how scary that really short senior with the blond hair was.

He groaned, all too aware that more than half the school disliked him and even more aware of the fact that this nameless guy didn't, and that he also thought Yoongi was cute. Was Yoongi desperate enough to want to date some possible prankster from the wall of a bathroom stall? No, or at least he thought he wasn't.




Yoongi's art teacher spoke animatedly about the wonders of Claude Monet, but he couldn't focus on his words. He was too busy staring out the window and letting his mind drift from topic to topic, thinking about what to eat after school, or if Namjoon wanted to go get ice cream, or whether or not the neighbour's cat would be walking around so he could pat them on his way home, or if the clay he left out that morning had dried properly, or if his mum had picked up his specially ordered hew headphones from the post office, or if he had enough cash to get food from the kebab shop, or whether he should spend the money he had been saving up on either new composition software or that new easel at the art store he had been eyeing for a while.

"-ngi, Yoongi!"

Yoongi had been thinking of alternatives to Iggy Azealia's name when someone's voice snapped him out of it. (He was sick of overusing Igloo Australia, so he had come up with Icky Alien, Jiggly Almond, Jiggy Azkaban, Piggy Zoolander, Izzy Amelia, Giggly Azamaria, Gluey Zig-zag and, his personal favourite, Eggy Algebra.)

"Sorry, what?"

Mr Lee shook his head disapprovingly, "have you been listening to me at all this lesson, Yoongi? Do you know what we're doing?"

"Of course I do!" Yoongi replied in conviction, even though he was wrong, he didn't like being wrong, "Monet?"

"Yes", his teacher nodded. All the class was turned around to look at Yoongi, he didn't really mind the attention, he was used to starers. "But did you know Piet Mondrian was one of the most famous Monet inspired artists to date? I was discussing his case study for almost fifteen minutes, did you miss that?"

Yoongi had met a dead end. What the fuck was he talking about? Who's Pie Mandarin?



Yoongi looked around at the other students in the class, wondering is they were hearing the same thing he was. None of them made eye contact whenever he looked at them however, leading Yoongi to sigh in resignation. He was attempting to tune back into the lesson when he heard a quiet snicker from behind him. 

Yoongi spun in his seat to see who the heck had the nerve to snicker at his expense. His eyes were met with the sight of a baby-faced boy wearing a pair of round glasses, waves of dyed brown hair were messily parted and looked particularly soft. Oh my god, he's cute, Yoongi thought as his confidence wavered. The brown haired boy looked up at him, he brought a hand up to cover his mouth, eyes wide. Don't be scared, Yoongi wanted to say, I'm not actually mad at you. He tried for a small smile, which probably ended up looking more like a grimace. He could feel heat crawling up his neck. Why am I like this?

Suddenly, an eraser flew through the air and collided with the back of Yoongi's head with a small thudding noise. Yoongi almost squeaked in surprise as he spun back around to stare at Mr Lee like he had offended his entire family.

"Min Yoongi", Mr Lee's voice was laced with authority. It didn't suit him. "For goodness' sake, class is in progress! Flirt with Jimin later." And with that, the lesson was on a roll again.

Yoongi didn't turn back around for the rest of the lesson and they both sat there, facing the front of the room with their ears burning red. Yoongi could feel the other guy's eyes on the back of his head and it only made his cheeks colour even darker. He swallowed.

Jimin, huh?




Yoongi had arrived to school a bit earlier than usual and decided to kill time in the empty bathroom. Sitting on the closed toilet, he was catching up on two weeks worth of gossip.

He saw someone had replied to his comment about Namjoon wearing ducky slippers.



'So cute! He seems so chic and bad boy but I guess he's actually very soft hearted, adds to his charm!'


There was a row of heart shaped underneath the writing and it made Yoongi raise his eyebrows. Damn, this guy must have really liked Namjoon. He pulled out the familiar red marker again. 'Alright buddy, if you can stand the duck slippers, than you can stand Kim Namjoon. Ask him out.' Yoongi nodded to himself, was this what being a wingman felt like? When he had told Namjoon about the previous incident, he had spluttered around for a bit before clearing his throat and telling Yoongi he was nuts. He thought he was doing his (unfairly tall) junior a favour.



'Mrs Jung has the nicest titties I've ever seen'


This comment had been written in a shade of green almost as disgusting as the comment. Yoongi's face twisted with distaste before raising his marker again. 'You're gross, she can, like, beat you up. You know that right?' He wrote fast and didn't bother cleaning up his messy writing. His hand writing was a bit sloppy and messy and leaned to the right but as long as it was legible, he had no qualms with it.



'if kim taehyung is reading this, u left ur naked palette in the changing rooms. i didn't want it to get stolen (I know how expensive the naked series is!) so i took it for now, please meet me at the library entrance wednesday (**/**/**) to get it back, i don't want ur smokey eye to lose its edge.'


Yoongi realised that the date written was today and that who he supposed was Taehyung had written a rushed 'GOD BLESS' underneath the comment in a metallic gold pen. He really hoped Taehyung got his naked palette eventually.



'Mssg me if you're up for bible readings and chill.'


Sounded like a good time. Underneath this one was a phone number and Yoongi pondered calling it for a minute before ultimately deciding that he was down for the chill part but he wasn't too hyped thinking about bible verses. Besides, it's not like whoever it was would want to hang with him. He did have a sneaking suspicion, however, that the person that has written this was Joshua from his old calculus class.

There was a blur of 2NE1 lyrics and swooning words about some guy named Seokjin (and his broad shoulder, dreamy face and oh-so-kissable looking lips) before Yoongi's wandering eyes landed on his last comment from last time he had checked the bathroom stall. Underneath his 'then tell him which way to look next time' was the same neat purple writing as the first time.



'He can't really face backwards on his chair for a whole lesson, can he? Hehe'


Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows, Purple Marker sat behind him? He thought for a while before replying with a 'maybe he would if you asked him too lol', he was so lame it made himself cringe. He gave up on reading other entries for a bit as he sat down on the toilet and thought about the sparkly purple comment. Who sat behind him in any of his classes? In every one, he sat at the very back. He sat at the very back of all his classes except just one that is. He sat in the row second from the back in art class only, the person that sat behind him in that class was that Jimin guy. Yoongi felt his stomach get all fluttery like there was a moth inside it trying to escape. No, not a moth, was it a butterfly? Fuck it, same difference. Yoongi shook his head, no way did Jimin have a crush on him. He had been keeping an eye out for that boy ever since he had caught him giggling at him those weeks ago. He saw him every art class but never turned around to look at him or talk to him because he was embarrassed and didn't want to seem creepy. He also saw Jimin in the halls sometimes but he would admit to being too shy to say hello or even look his way when he walked past. It probably wasn't Jimin with the sparkly purple marker. It probably wasn't Jimin writing about how cute Yoongi was when Jimin himself was all kinds of adorable, with his hair that seemed to be messy all the time, yet perfect and his big glasses that Yoongi had seen him adjusting out of habit a number of times and his absolutely squishable looking cheeks and his smile that he saw a few times in the cafeteria whenever he talked to that pretty boy from the cheer squad, Taehyung, Yoongi thought his name was. Wasn't he the guy that needed his naked palette back? Anyway, Yoongi was convinced there was no chance that it could be Jimin, there was just no way.

That left Yoongi to wonder who the hell it was writing cute things about him on the bathroom stall.




Yoongi was slouching at his desk, a bad habit he had when he was focused on his artwork. He was in art class, they were doing charcoal drawings and Yoongi was making a giant mess, but so was everyone else, so it was okay.

Suddenly, he heard a little clattering noise towards his left. He turned his head to find a familiar pair of glasses sliding along the ground and stopped right by his foot. He spotted Jimin's body stiffening in his peripherals as he looked down at the glasses, it made his heart clench, but only a little. Without thinking, he leaned over to pick up the glasses and turned to hand them back to Jimin. The brown haired boy stared at him in shock and then down at his glasses in the hand Yoongi was offering. Yoongi's heart was pounding fast in his ears as he looked down at his hand as well, it was attempt to stop himself from blushing but he quickly realised that he had gotten bits of charcoal all over Jimin's glasses. Real smooth, Min Yoongi.

He immediately jumped up from his seat and made his way to the water basin, Jimin's glasses in his hands. He didn't see Jimin open and close his mouth a few times, trying to figure out what to say to the boy walking away from him. Once arrived at the basin, he gently put the glasses down on the ledge and scrubbed his own hands clean before carefully cleaning the lenses and thin frames of the glasses. He took care of them, holding them steadily, hoping with all of his being that his hands would stop shaking and he wouldn't drop and crack them. He hoped as well that Jimin wouldn't notice his red face and unsteady grip when he handed them back after he was done. After drying them cautiously with a clean cloth, Yoongi returned to his seat and offered his glasses again, this time they weren't covered in charcoal. Jimin's eyes were wide again and he reached out for the glasses, halting suddenly. Yoongi quirked an eyebrow at his hesitance before realising that Jimin's hands were filthy from the charcoal like his had been minutes prior.

"S-sorry, let me go wash-"

"It's alright", Yoongi tried to keep his voice even as he leaned towards the boy and carefully slid his glasses onto his face, arms slipping over his ears and centre laying perfectly on the bridge of his nose. As Yoongi moved back, he finally released a breath he hadn't noticed he was holding.

Jimin was all different shades of red and pink and Yoongi was sure he was too and before he turned back to face his desk out of intense embarrassment, he heard a small squeak that sounded like 'thank you'.

"It's nothing", Yoongi practically grunted in an attempt to sound nonchalant. His ears, which were practically glowing red, gave him away. He was so embarrassed, that whole thing was embarrassing, he was so embarrassing, how come whenever he interacted with Jimin, he had to make it all awkward and embarrassing?

He tried to continue his drawing, hands still slightly shaky from being so close to Jimin's face and actually touching his glasses and the sides of his face. His drawing turned sort of sloppy after that point in the lesson. Yoongi wanted to shove his face into the table, he refrained, he thought a charcoal face mask would have been distasteful, and that would just be another embarrassing moment in front of a certain brown haired boy. Yoongi was so screwed.




He sat in the familiar mess of a bathroom stall and read around at the new additions.



'jeon jeongguk is my ideal man'


Yoongi recognised the name, it was the boy Namjoon was tutoring in English. He had met the younger kid at his best friend's house, he was a bit awkward and shy at first, but after really getting to know him, he was funny and dorky and a bit of a brat, but nothing like his cocky reputation. Yoongi snorted at the comment though, he wanted to tell the writer that his supposed ideal man has rewatched the Iron Man movie series a total of about 70 times and that he liked extra pulp in his orange juice. That's right. Extra pulp. Disgusting, right? Yoongi thought so. He could have written all sorts of embarrassing things about the younger boy but decided to spare him, he was only a young one, after all.



'Does anyone have any advice on rejecting a girl's confession gently?'


Yoongi had absolutely nothing to say to this guy, but someone else had written direction underneath it with a 'you need to sit her down and introduce her to your best friend, but instead of saying best friend, call him your boyfriend and then proceed to make out with him for an extended amount of time until the girl leaves'. Yoongi recognised that handwriting. He had seen it so many times on notes passed to him in English class and on birthday cards from previous years. It was even written in the same thin dark blue marker he used to draw a dick on Namjoons forehead once. Jung Hoseok really had no grace, did he? Yoongi decided not to write anything in reply, Hoseok seemed to be handling the situation just fine.



'does anyone know which gym locker is Kim Taehyung's? I want to get my hands on his pom-poms and maybe some underwear'


Yoongi scrunched up his nose at that but ended up laughing after spotting the same writing he had seen from, who he thought was, Taehyung underneath the new comment. In the same gold marker, he had written, 'oh my god, I know who you are. Stay the hell away from my locker and stop sending me love letters, Minho, it's borderline creepy.'



'I got Moon Byulyi for my class' secret santa last year and I got her a pair of heels which were way out of the budget but I'm still waiting for her to wear them to step on me'


Yoongi stared at this one for a while. It looked like something Namjoon would say but after another three minutes of staring, he decided that the handwriting was too different from Namjoon's familiar scrawl, but he was still going to ask him about it later.

Yoongi gulped when he noticed a new addition to him and Purple Marker's mini chain of messages.





Right next to this was a bunch of messages that read 'fighting!!' in various different biro colours including metallic gold. Yoongi stared at the sparkly purple writing and everything around him seemed to stop. The clock on the wall stopped ticking and the faint sound of water rushing through pipes paused.

"Oh my god", Yoongi breathed out loud, mostly by accident but he didn't have the time to even think about it because there was no mistaking it, Purple Marker was Jimin. Who else did Yoongi awkwardly clean glasses for before placing them on their fucking head, it was Jimin. Yoongi almost squealed, he waved his hands around for a moment to silently calm down the giddy feeling that welled in his chest. God, realising that the boy he had been semi-crushing on for a while actually thought he was cute turned him into a elementary school girl really fast. Out of all the hundreds, thousands of people, it was Jimin. His hands were shaking almost violently as he wrote on the wall beneath the very enthusiastic sparkly words. 'So cute...' He was sure Jimin would have thought he was talking about his and Min Yoongi's little situation, but Yoongi was the only one that knew he was talking about Jimin and nobody else. He left the bathroom almost beaming.




Yoongi made his way to art class after break later the next day and walked in to see Jimin, perfect as ever, sitting in his seat, but this time with company. Mr Lee was always late, so there were a few straggling students loitering in the classroom, talking to their friends before bothering to leave and go to their respective classes. As Yoongi approached his desk he recognised one of them as his own friend, Hoseok, sitting backwards on Yoongi's chair to talk to Jimin and the other guy was sitting on the desk next to him, facing sideways and away from Yoongi so he couldn't see his face.

They were laughing about something as Yoongi awkwardly approached and Hoseok spotted him, smile lighting up his features as he waved enthusiastically.

"Hey Yoongi!"

Jimin looked over at him and Yoongi tried his best to stop his breath from hitching, the other kid Yoongi couldn't see the face of turned and Yoongi quickly recognised him as Taehyung, not in his cheer uniform for once. His make up was impeccable today. Yoongi came to a halt and was standing next to Hoseok, quite unsure on what to say or do.

"You know Jimin, and this is Taehyung", Hoseok continued grinning and gestured towards the two smiling boys in front of him. Before he could turn on his brain to mouth filter and actually watch what he fucking says, Yoongi's curiosity took over.

"Hey, did you ever get your naked palette back?"

There was a beat of silence before Yoongi realised what he had asked the younger boy. His eyes were wide and he opened his mouth to say something to cover his tracks, but his nervous stuttering was interrupted by Taehyung's loud laugh.

"Yes, yes, I did", he giggled, his voice was a lot deeper than Yoongi had expected, "how did you know about that?"

Yoongi was about to defend himself, claim that someone had told him about it or something like that, but Hoseok just had to pounce in like an imbecile.

"Oh, Yoongi probably read about it on the bathroom wall. Did you know he reads every single thing written on those nasty walls. I know I like to write some stuff there every now and then, but he's like an avid follower. He's never missed an entry, I swear on my life!"


"Like, oh my god, he's addicted. He knows the entries that have been there since the beginning off by heart, it's really impressive. What have you been following lately? That guy that was thristing over Suzy? Or maybe that guy with the metallic blue pens that keeps screaming about Park Jinyoung? Well, whatever goes on those walls, Yoongi knows about it without fail", Hoseok, the blabber mouth, finished with a bright giggle, oblivious to how deep underground he had just buried Yoongi. The elder tried his best not to look directly at Jimin's face, he could already see the slack jaw and bulged out eyes from the corners of his vision. Hoseok glanced at his watch, "oh shit! I better get to class or Ms Ahn is gonna absolutely butcher me." He stood up from Yoongis chair and slapped the blond on the back with the usual sunshine grin, he bid the group farewell and disappeared from the classroom with Taehyung following behind him ("I have class on the other side of school now, kill me.") before Yoongi could deck him.

That left Yoongi and Jimin to awkwardly marinate in the heavy silence, Yoongi staring at his shoes, his face an equally radiant shade of red as the boy in front of him, who had suddenly found his eyes glued to the low bookshelf pushed against the wall facing away form Yoongi.

He had to say something, anything.

"You never told me to look your way", Yoongi whispered, but judging by the way Jimin's head snapped up, he other had heard him loud and clear. Yoongi slowly raised his eyes and he almost melted, Jimin just looked so cute with his pink fave and big eyes, mouth parted slightly.

Jimin stared for a moment before clearing his throat and his eyelashes fluttered as he blinked. Yoongi suddenly felt all kinds of shy and self conscious, slowly slipping into his chair, facing backwards just like Hoseok had before he left. You shouldn't feel like this, he chided himself inside his brain, you're Min Yoongi. You don't get flustered from a few cute words... or cute people, for that matter.

"You saw that?" Jimin finally found his voice, as strained as it was. Okay, maybe his brain could make all sorts of exceptions for Jimin.

Yoongi almost laughed at Jimin's expression as he pulled out the bright red sharpie marker from his pants pocket. He put the red pen down on Jimin's table.

"I love how my name looks in your handwriting", he wasn't whispering anymore, but his tone was still hushed, "even in the sparkly purple."

Jimin buried his face into his crossed arms on top of his desk, a drawed out groan was muffled by the fabric of his sweater.

"Oh my god, you're the guy that writes in red. This is so embarrassing, I thought you had no idea", he groaned again as Yoongi laughed lightly. He sat up straighter to look at Yoongi and he nibbled at his lower lip. "What does this mean besides you knowing that I have a crush on you and that I own sparkly markers?"

Yoongis heart didn't skip a beat, it skipped about nine.

"Well, if you'd have me", Yoongi fiddled with the red marker on Jimin's desk, "I wouldn't mind looking your way more often, maybe over dinner even?"

He looked at Jimin through his eyelashes, he just hoped he didn't seem too shy, he didn't want Jimin to think he was hesitant or anything. However, the other boy just beamed at him and Yoongi swore he was almost blinded at how brightly he shone. He had seen the smile a number of times, the one where he flashes his teeth and his eyes crinkled up, but this was the first time it was directed at him and him alone. It made his head light and the tips of his fingers tingled. He really liked the feeling, he hoped he got to feel it again soon.

"Dinner sounds good", Jimin was still blushing adorably and it made Yoongi warm inside.

He nodded at the younger boy before adding, "I'm not cute, though." His heart did that dumb fluttery thing again when Jimin laughed.

They couldn't do anything but beam widely at each other before Mr Lee, late as ever, burst through the doorway, loudly announcing the beginning of the lesson. Yoongi faced backwards on his chair that entire lesson, dreamily staring at Jimin and laughing whenever the younger boy told him to 'turn around, Yoongi, oh my god' out of embarrassment, half heartedly smacking at his arms. The thirteen erasers thrown at the back of his head, courtesy of a very angry Mr Lee, was all worth it to watch Jimin attempt to hide his small smile and pink cheeks.

Of course Yoongi looked Jimin's way a lot more after that. It was his favourite view, so why would he look anywhere else?