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Gill Murray/Rachel Bailey | Femslash100

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Title: Positive Reinforcement
Rating: R
Summary: Gill gives Rachel a little big of positive reinforcement and Rachel returns the favor
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"Good job today, kid." Gill tossed the silver foil wrapped bar at Rachel as she entered the office.

Rachel caught it just before it went flying over her shoulder. She looked at the three musketeers bar and snorted. "Are you positively reinforcing me with candy?"

Gill leaned back in her chair and shrugged noncommittally. "Well, I'm all out of gold stars."

Gill caught herself giving the younger woman a once over- not soon enough for it to evade the keen eyes of Rachel Bailey. She grinned and Gill knew she was done for.

"Thanks, boss." Rachel purred, leaving the office.


Gill opened her door to find Rachel on the other side and wordlessly let her in.

Before she had a chance to question her presence Rachel dropped the trench coat she was wearing revealing a lacy black teddy. "Thought I'd give you a better look."

This time Gill made no pretenses out of raking her eyes over the other woman's curves. "I should give you candy more often..." Gill chuckled.

Rachel cupped Gill's cheeks, fingers sliding into her hair. Gill sighed softly and Rachel's lips descended on Gill's. Gill wrapped her hands around Rachel's waist, holding her tightly to her.


Gill laid back against her pillows breathlessly. Rachel trailed kisses down Gill's bare chest, pausing to lavish attention to each breast. When Gill opened her eyes and looked at the younger woman, Rachel grinned and produced a Three Musketeer's bar. "Good job tonight, boss."

"Oh, fuck off!" Gill laughed.

"Oh, so, do you want me to go?" Rachel teased, feigning innocence.

"Not on your life." Gill kissed her hard, flipping them so that Rachel was on her back. "I'm not even remotely through with you."

Gill straddled Rachel's hips and her lips descended on her neck, eliciting a long moan.


Rachel peeled back the wrapper as Janet gaped at her. "No!" Janet exclaimed again in disbelief.

"She is really amazing with her mouth." Rachel insisted, sitting on the sink in the ladies' as Janet washed her hands. "It's like-"

"I don't want to know." Janet shook her head. "No, just tell me."

The door opened and Gill entered. "Morning, ladies."

"Morning, boss." Rachel grinned.

"Good morning, Gill." Janet said, looking down embarrassedly.

"Rachel!" Gill scolded.

Rachel laughed around a bite of Three Musketeers, "I tell Janet everything."

"My lips are sealed." Janet insisted with a laugh.

"Better be." Gill teased.