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Sister Aloysius/Sister James | Femslash100

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Title: Heavenly Virtue
Fandom: Doubt | Sister Aloysius/Sister James
Challenge # 532 – heaven or hell
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Summary: Sister Aloysius understands now.


Sister Aloysius no longer feels that she is eschewing heaven for allowing herself the comforting embrace and warm kisses of another woman.

Sister James was passionate and sweet and had the biggest, kindest and most generous heart of anyone that Sister Aloysius had ever known. There was no way that such a pure and precious soul could be condemned to eternal damnation.

As Sister James’s young, earnest hands quested over Sister Aloysius’s eager body, her heart swells, her spirits lift. As the young woman’s lips descend on Sister Aloysius’s own, she knows, surely, this is what heaven must be like.