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Sister Aloysius/Sister James | Femslash100

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Title: Birthday
Rating: G


"Happy birthday, sister." Sister James beamed, presenting the older nun with a wrapped present adorned with a giant red bow.

"You shouldn't have," Sister Aloysius insisted as she accepted it. She tugged open the ribbon and gently slid the box out of the wrapping paper.

"It's teas imported from France." Sister James said excitedly.

"So it is." Sister Aloysius smiled, examining the little box. "This was exceedingly nice of you, sister. Shall I brew us a pot?"

"I would love that." Sister James held out her hands, "but let me make it. You shouldn't make me tea on your birthday."


Title: Water Glass
Rating: G


Sister Aloysius's hand brushed Sister James's as they each reached for their water glasses. "Pardon me, sister."

"Of course, sister." Sister James smiled shyly down at her plate. Sister James's whole body flushed whenever Sister Aloysius touched her. Even the most chaste and innocent touches had the ability to make Sister James whole day.

Sometimes, if it felt like too much time had elapsed, Sister James would position herself in the older nun's way and blush and giggle like Noreen Houran as Sister Aloysius smiled and apologized.

Sister James was well aware that she was in love with Sister Aloysius.


Title: Erotic
Rating: PG-13


Sister James blinked in surprise. "You were married?"

"I was." Aloysius nodded. "When I was young. He was killed in the war."

"I'm sorry."

Aloysius waved it away. "It was another lifetime."

That evening, Sister James awoke with a start. Her whole body was tingling, her soul felt alive and free and she was covered in sweat even though the room was cold.

She sat up and her wet thighs rubbed together and the still-sensitive skin sent a shockwave of pleasure through her and she realized in awe that she'd had an erotic dream and that Aloysius had featured prominently.


Title: Love
Rating: G


"I am in love with you." Sister James smiled hugely. "I know you probably don't think that I know what I'm talking about it. I know you think that I'm naive but I know how I feel about you."

Aloysius pressed her lips softly to the younger woman's. Sister James mmmed softly into the soft kiss.

Aloysius pulled back, smiling. "I think no such thing of you, my dear. I think you are smart and thoughtful and understanding and caring. I think you are perfect. You are always a sight for sore eyes. I am in love with you, too."


Title: Whatever Force
Rating: PG


"I have never felt as close to God as when I am with you." Sister James admitted. "When I am in your arms and I feel how much you love me and how much I love you I know that God is there in that embrace."

Sister Aloysius tucked a stray lock of James's hair back under her bonnet. "I feel that way as well."

"I think that God meant for us to find each other- to draw strength and wisdom from each other."

"I thank whatever force it was that brought us together." Aloysius smiled, stroking Sister James's cheek.