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Sister Aloysius/Sister James | Femslash100

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**These 5 drabbles are chronological in the same 'verse**

Title: Christmas
Rating: G
Summary: Sister Aloysius gives Sister James a small something for Christmas


"Merry Christmas, Sister." Sister James smiled brightly at the older nun.

Sister Aloysius took her hand in both of her own. "Merry Christmas, Sister James." They held each other's gaze for long silent moments before Sister Aloysius smiled again and released her, continuing down the hallway.

Sister James opened her hand and was surprised to find that Sister Aloysius had handed her a miniature candy cane. The sweet little gesture warmed her heart, especially knowing Aloysius's feelings on candy and sugar in general.

Sister James treasured and adored Sister Aloysius and wished that she could spend forever in her company.



Title: Tea
Rating: G
Summary: Sister James wants to talk about it


"Would you like sugar in your tea?" Aloysius asked.

"No, thank you." Sister James shook her head and accepted the black tea. Sister James was aware that Aloysius didn't want to talk about the kiss they'd shared- it had been brief and chaste but Sister James had felt it throughout her whole body.

She desperately wanted to talk about it even though she'd failed to mention it during confession. It wasn't something she wanted to confess, she wanted to keep it. She wanted it to be just hers and Aloysius's.

There was no need for someone else to spoil it.



Title: Kiss
Rating: PG
Summary: Sister James takes charge


"Sister." Sister James said forcefully, effectively stopping Sister Aloysius who looked at her questioningly.

Sister James cupped her cheeks and pressed her lips hard against the other woman's. Sister Aloysius didn't pull away.

Sister James's heart pounded in her chest. Kissing Aloysius was more perfect than a hot bath on a cool night, more decadent than chocolate, more addictive than any drug.

Aloysius tilted her head and Sister James parted her lips and suddenly they were really kissing- lips, tongue, teeth. Sister James clung to fistfuls of Aloysius's habit, desperate for more but not even knowing what that meant exactly.



Title: Lent
Rating: G
Summary: Sister James voices a concern


Sister James watched Aloysius, willing her to look up. After almost ten minutes went by she cleared her throat and Aloysius finally looked. "Yes, sister?" She asked with minor annoyance.

"I don't want you to give me up for lent." She admitted.

Aloysius quirked a small smile. "While maybe I should, I'm not. I'm giving up candy."

"But you don't eat candy." Sister James furrowed her brow.

"Well, cough drops." Aloysius insisted.

"Cough drops... are not candy." Sister James laughed. "I don't know how many times I have to tell you that."

"Cheeky girl." Aloysius teased, taking Sister James's hand.



Title: Lozenge
Rating: G
Summary: Sister Aloysius refuses to acknowledge that lozenges aren't candy


Aloysius coughed again and then winced at the pain in her throat. Sister James squeezed her hand. "You're miserable, will you please take this lozenge?"

Sister Aloysius scowled at the thought.

"Look," she turned the box over, "there's absolutely no sugar."

Sister Aloysius coughed again, covering her mouth with her handkerchief and shook her head vehemently.

"Honestly, you are the most stubborn woman I have ever met." Sister James sighed. "Can I at least make you some tea?"

"Yes. Tea. Thank you." Sister Aloysius said hoarsely.

Sister James tucked the afghan tighter around the sick woman and kissed her forehead.