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Brenda Leigh Johnson/Sharon Raydor | Femslash100 Drabbles

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Title: Enthralled
Rating: PG
Summary: Brenda's musings on Sharon


Brenda is enthralled by the sight of Sharon's lips, teeth and tongue as the brunette forms her words deliberately and purposefully.

Sharon is the opposite of Brenda in so many ways: where Sharon is put together and elegant, Brenda feels chaotic and haphazard. Brenda never doubts her own abilities but Sharon makes her doubt a lot of other things.

Mainly, at least the most relevant at this moment, her sexuality.

Brenda doesn't know exactly what it means but or what there is to do about it but her heart skips a beat every time she sees the older woman.


Title: A Dinner Invitation
Rating: G
Summary: see title.


"Chief Johnson?"


"Did you want to order a drink?"

"Oh, right. Merlot, please."



"You invited me out for dinner?"

"I thought it might be nice."


"Isn't it?"

"It is; I'm glad you asked me. I guess I'm surprised, I didn't think you liked me that much, to be honest."

"Maybe I didn't at first..."

"But you do now?"

"Things change, things happen. I invited you out on a date, didn't I?"

"A date?"

"Oh, god, I'm sorry that was so presumptuous... Foot in mouth..."

"No, it-it's okay. If that's what this is... then good."



Title: S#*t!
Rating: R for language
Summary: Sharon twists her ankle


"Shit! Fuck!"

Brenda looked up from her paperwork, brow furrowed in surprise.

"God damn, son of a bitch." The string of curses continued and this time it roused Brenda from her seat and she followed the sounds down the hall to find Sharon Raydor on her ass in front of the elevators.

"Captain, are you okay?"

"I twisted my fucking ankle." Sharon cursed, cradling the injured appendage.

"Here," Brenda held out her hand to Sharon and helped her up. "Lean on me."

"Thank you, Chief." Sharon murmured softly and with some embarrassment.

"You've got a little sailor in you, Captain."


Title: Russian Proverb
Rating: G
Summary: Sharon asks to hear a joke


"You're still up?" Sharon murmured.

"Sorry. I'll be done soon."

Sharon turned over so that her head was in Brenda's lap, looking up at the blonde. "Tell me a joke in Russian."

Brenda looked down at her and laughed, "why?"

"I learned Spanish, French and Latin in school. I don't ever hear Russian."

"Okay, let me think..." Brenda paused to think. "I have a funny saying: Tvoja golova vsegda v otvete za to, kuda sjadet tvoi zad."

Sharon chuckled amusedly, "what does it mean?"

"Your head is always responsible for where your butt sits."

Sharon laughed harder, "I love it."


Title: Body Language
Rating: R
Summary: Sometimes there are no words needed


"Don't speak," Brenda whispered sweetly as her hands moved over Sharon's curves. Sharon let out a hum of contentment. Brenda followed her hands' path with kisses.

Sharon let her eyes slip shut and Brenda's hands settled on the clasp of Sharon's bra. Sharon smiled as Brenda unhooked the garment and pulled it down Sharon's arms.

Brenda leaned down and took one of Sharon's nipples into her mouth and Sharon let out a breathy gasp. Sharon bit her lip, Brenda's hand slid over Sharon's inner thigh and her fingertips brushed lightly against Sharon's cotton sheathed sex. Sharon groaned, scooting forward encouragingly.