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I've only got one shot.

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“Come over here and make me.”   (Avengers / Iron man)

“Have you lost your damn mind!?”  ( Avengers / AOS) 

"Please, don’t leave.”  (Avengers / Iron Man)

“Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?” (Avengers / Captain America)

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” (Criminal Minds.) 

“Is there a reason you’re in my bed?” (NCIS LA)

“I almost lost you.” (NCIS)

“Wanna bet?” (Avengers)

“Don’t you ever do that again!” (Criminal Minds.)

“Teach me how to play?” (Avengers.)

“Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”  (Supernatural)

“I think we need to talk.”  (Daredevil)

“Kiss me.” (Supernatural.)

"I’m lost.” (Celebrity) 

"You’re the only one I trust to do this.” (Supernatural.)

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” (Avengers / Captain America)

"I’m pregnant.” (Ghost Adventures.)

“Marry me?”  (Avengers.)

"No one needs to know.” (The Flash)

“Could you repeat that?”  (Avengers)

“Please stay.” (Supernatural)

“Are you f*cking kidding me?” (Avengers)

"Last time I ask you for a favour." (Avengers)

“I found this waterfall…”  (LOTR / The Hobbit)

"You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”  (Avengers)

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” (CSI)

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” (CSI)

"We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” (NCIS)

"You heard me. Take. It. Off" (Marvel)

“Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”  (Transformers)

“Where the f*ck did that clown come from?” (Supernatural)

“Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.” (Supernatural)

"Everything’s going to be fine." (Supernatural)

“The paint’s supposed to go where?” (Supernatural)

 "Can I tell you a secret?”  (Superman)



“I got you a present.”

“If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

“Wanna dance?”

“It could be worse.”

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course, I’m in.”

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

“Just once.”

“I thought you were dead.”

“It’s not what it looks like…”

“You lied to me.”

"Please don’t do this.”

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

"I wish I could hate you.”

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

“Hey! I was gonna eat that!”

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

"You did all of this for me?”

“I swear it was an accident.”


“Tell me a secret.”

“Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”


“Well, this is awkward…”

“Wait right there, don’t move!“

“That’s a good look for you.“

"This isn’t exactly what I had in mind."

"Are you flirting with me?”

“Must be a day ending in y."

"Stop trying to cheer me up!"

"You want me to do what?”

"It’s never too late.”

“If there’s one thing the world needs more of…”

“I’ve got one word for you: sing-along!”

“Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?

"That is one hell of a mess.”

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to say…"

"Come on.”

“I need this.”

”Don’t make it into a big deal.”

“You forgot to say the magic word.”

“I’ll never unsee that."


“This one’s on me."

“Give me a hand.”

“I think you missed your calling.”

Cuddling you.

No more nightmares.

Smouldering Look.

Time heals all wounds.

Bedtime song.

My only weakness.

Baby, it's cold.

Just a slow dance.

I waited.

A handwritten Letter.

This is our daughter/son

Late night walks.

My favourite holiday.

Brother say what?

Lap dance

Father and son time.

Wanna build a snowman

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"Damn it Hayley!" Tony yells frustratedly when he notices that his sister had once again added a layer of clingfilm over his tools. He twisted around when he hears laughing from behind him, turning round he glares at the two laughing figures, his little sister and his 'science bro' were standing in the doorway laughing "shut up!" He exclaims at the two of them. Hayley doubles over gripping the doorframe. "Come on Tone, you started this " she reminds him amused "yeah well shut up" he says. "Youre gonna gave to come over here and make me " hayley responds smirking, Tony glares at her before going at her, she laughs and runs out of his lab. They make it up to the main floor before Tony tackles his little sister and tickles her. "Okay, okay im sorry" she chokes out laughing as she wiggles under her brothers fingers. "You say that everytime " he tells her but stops his tickling. He pushes himself up and drags his sister behind him and down to the lab, he was gonna make her clean it up. "Alright alriggt, stop dragging me around " she tells him as she follows behind him "ill clean it up and ill bring you coffee " she says as she slides into the room and winks at Brruce behind her brothers back, Bruce was the one that had wrapped it all up, but she didnt mind taking the blame, it really was something she would have done.

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"Have you lost your damn mind!?” Coulson exclaims as he hits his desk. He quickly spins on his heel and paces his office "you are the most reckless ,stupid man i have ever had to deal with!!!" He snaps glaring at the injured agent. "I should shoot you myself!" He shouts as he runs a hand over his face. Phil continues to pace the length of his office before rolling his shoulders and turning to the silent archer.
Clint was sitting silently staring down at his bandaged arm, he swallows harshly hearing his handlers comments, his heart breaking slightly, he never meant for this to happen. "I had to" he chokes out as he looks up, his eyes slightly glossy, with unshed tears or his concussion it was hard to tell, but it calmed Coulson down realising Clint was being unusually open with him. "Why, what makes you think you have to risk your life like that?" Phil asks perching on the edge of his desk facing his agent. "I need to prove to them i was worth being in the team" he mummers , his insecurities flaring up brightly in the dimmly lit office. "I need to prove i was worthy" he spills as a lone tear slides down his cheek, he almost sobs when a warm fingertip brushed it away. "Clint, you dont have to prove yourself to anyone ," he reassures him "youve always been worthy , of being on the team and with being with me." He responds getting to the heart of the problem. "Did you mean it?" Clint asks weakly as he looks up at the senior agent , his voice cracking as he holds back the tears. "Did you really mean that im reckless and stupid?" He clarifies, his voice shaking ever so slightly , something most people would have missed but Phil wasnt most people. "No. I didnt mean it Clint" he says truthfully as he crouches in front of him and cups his cheek in his hand "you didnt deserve that comment " he admits softly as he softly strokes his cheek "i just." He hesitates before sighing "you drive me mad you know that?" He says ,shaking his head "i dont want to lose you love, especially when you acted the way you did. You never have to prove yourself to anyone, especially when it means you risking your life. " he says swallowing a wave of fear "i need you alive Clint, i need you safe and unharmed when you come home to me. I need your cocky smirks and cheeky glances and for you to walk in and tease me for being worried about you before you pin me against a surface and make me come undone in a way noone else can do" Phil revealed shyly as he carefully moves them so he was sitting in the chair with Clint in his lap. One of his calloused hands was rubbing small circles on the archers back, he hated that he had upset his boyfriend. "Come undone huh" Clint manages to say looking up with a halfhearted attempt of his usually teasing smile. "Why am i not surprised thats what you heard " Phil says as he kisses his archer lovingly. Clint laughs waterly as he kisses his handler back and tangles his hand into his hair gently. He pulls back slightly "will you show me, that you love me ?" He practically begs as he climbs to his knees "make love with me " he requests of him. Phil gently nips at his lips "That isnt going to happen tonight Clint, we're going to go home, we are then going to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie whilst i prove i love you by holding you close " he promises him as he pulls him closer and then kissing him.

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The argument was always the same, your job was too dangerous and you needed to quit it and be safe. You knew the risks, it wasnt your first rodeo so to speak , your father before you had been a marine, but that never stopped Tony from telling you the risks. He would never admit to being scared but you knew, he had his tells.
"Please babe dont do this, dont leave me"Tony pleaded softly his murky brown eyes showing clearly the fear he felt at the prospect of you leaving again. With an audiable sigh you reach out and cup his cheek "its my job Tony i cant just quit because you want me to" you tell him softly. Your heart breaks seeing the tears in his eyes, the usual cocky Tony nowhere to be seen, this was the real Tony, the one who hated showing any sign of vulnerbility. "I just.. what if i lose you?" He asks softly as he pulls you closer so you where standing flush up against him. "Oh Tony" you whisper as you brush a kiss to his lips "nothing is going to happen to me " you tell him as you brush your fingers through his hair. He looks at you and sighs "i love you" he mummers as he presses a chasted kiss to your lips "as i love you" you reply earning you that small but beautiful reserved smile from your boyfriend. "I could kidnap you and tie you up in my basement " he tells you half teasingg, but you laughed "you wouldnt be able to keep me there love " you tell him as you pull back to look up at him committing this moment to memory. "Come on smile for me " you ask of him, he shakes his head "youll just have make me " he tells you. "Oh will i?" You ask with a grin as you step closer to him , this turned into a dance between the two of you, Tony would try to get away from you as you advanced on him. "Dont be like that " you tease as you manage to grab ahold of him. Tony smiles and slips his arms around your waist and starts to slow dance with you, he was holding you close to his own body. In that moment you knew you would do everything in your power to come home to him safely.

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"Do you...well...i mean..i could give you a massage" Bucky splutters before roughly biting his bottom lip, his metallic hand clenched into a fist out of habit. He hadn't meant to be so forward with her. However, his girlfriend smiles at him.

" i like the sound of that" she tells him as she carefully pulls herself up off the sofa "lets go to the bedroom, i can stretch out then" she adds as she takes a hold of his hand and leads them to her bedroom.

Bucky blushes slightly as he follows her,he was a little nervous he had never been inside a women's bedroom before, let alone his girlfriends bedroom. He nervously gnaws on his bottom lip as she climbs into the bed and lays down on her stomach and stretches out, careful not to pull the stitches in her left shoulder or twist her back to much, as she knew that the bruises would protest after the beating that she had taken.

Nervously, he climbs into the bed and knelled on the bed behind her and hesitantly reaches down and gently lifts her shirt up and softly places his human hand on her lower back and softly brushes his thumb along her lower back before adding his metallic hand to the mix and then gently massaging her lower back. He was incredibly frightful about touching her, he didn't want to accidentally hurt her, he never wanted to hurt her, she meant the world to him, she was always so sweet and gentle to him, she always tried to include him and teach him about all the things that he had missed. Bucky smiles as his fingers gently massaged her back, he was being extra vigellent of the fact that her back riddled with dark coloured bruising. With only slight trepidation, he bends down and kisses each of the bruises that littered her smooth skin.

" Bucky" she moans softly and then whines when he pulls back worried that he had hurt her but seeing her arch into the empty space that his lips had occupied, he goes back to trailing kisses down her back as his fingers gently massages up her back. He pulls back again just to push up his girlfriends shirt to reveal more skin, this causes him to blush at seeing a women so exposed in front of him. His face darkens slightly as he wonders if anyone else had ever seen his girlfriend in such an intimate manner, but soon relaxes as he reminds himself that she was his and that she loved him and only him. He quickly leans down and kisses along her spine as his fingers continue to carrass her smooth skin. Her voice breaks through his concentration "that feels good Bucky" she tells him as she relaxes further under his hands, this makes him smile softly and drops a kiss to her cheek "glad you approve" he teases playfully as he kisses along her jaw as he continues to massage her back. With a soft moan, she turns her head slightly and captures his lips with hers, much to his delight. He loved kissing her, the kiss was always unhurried, no matter what. Her lips were soft, warm and inviting. She didn't care that he was inexperienced compared to her, she didn't care that he was uncertain and hesitant. She didn't care that he was imperfect, she still loved him despite his many flaws, which made him love her more. He carefully turns her over , so that she was laying on her back and kisses her softly yet passionately as his fingers gently rub circles in her stomach, he pulls his mouth back and trails his mouth along her jaw and down her neck. Bucky smiles against her soft skin and then pulls back to move carefully, he leans on his metal arm as he leans down to kiss her again, more passionately this time. His metallic hand gently cupping her cheek, the other wondering aimlessly along her stomach, his fingers glide over her ribs gently as they trailed higher and under her bunched up shirt.

He pulls back, his lungs screaming for air, he stares down at his beautiful girlfriend, her lips where red and puffy from their heated kiss, her eyes where overly bright and her cheeks were red and hot, her chest was moving rapidly as she tried to get enough air into her lungs. Bucky couldn't help but feel proud of himself. His smile widens when she smiles up at him and pulls him down for another kiss. Her hands tangled into his hair as she holds him close as they kiss. Bucky smiles on her lips and traces circles onto her hip and then her stomach and then pulls back from her lips. He bites his bottom lip as he smiles "i love you"

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I smile at the young women who brushes against me as i grab the tray of drinks and head over to where the rest of the team where situated. I grin and set the tray down "enjoy" i tell them as i take a seat beside my girlfriend, she smiles and leans into me, i slide my arm around her waist and rubs her hip. She reaches over and grabs her beer and happily sips it. The tension that had been coiled inside started to relax and i settled , enjoying the evening with my friends in the hotels resturant. "Man am i glad thats over " spencer says grabbing his fruity drink and leaning back. "I think we all are " Hotch chimes in, "amen " i agree grabbing my own beer and sipping it. It had been a horrific case, even for us. "I cannot wait to go home " my beautiful girlfriend says, "oh a whole weekend sounds like heaven" she adds with that beautiful smile of hers. "Oh i so agree " JJ comments "i think Wills of so thats a whole weekend with my boys "she says, you could clearly hear her love for them. (Y/n) pipes up "Hotch if we get called in ,i will make your life miserable " she tells our boss though she was trying to hide her smile, Hotch chuckles "If we get called in ill help you make the highers up lifes hell"he says making us all gape at him in surprise till Hotch and (y/n) burst out laughing. I shake my head smiling, and thats when the waitress walks over with a tray full of food "here you go" she says leaning over me to place the tray down "sorry hun " she tells me flashing a smile my way an moving back showing as much cleavage as she could. "Its fine" i tells her before flashing her a smile then turning my attention back to the team , i remove my arm from my girlfriends waist as me and Hotch hand out the food. Without looking over , im aware that the waitress scowled and stormed off, much to my amusement. Thats when i notice (y/n) looking slightly upset. "Hey " i whisper into her ear " i love you and only you" i promise her before sitting up again. I watch as she blushes and smiles up at me. I return the smole and then frown "wait a minute, are you jealous everytome a girl flirts with me " i asks softly so that were the only ones privvy to the conversation. I watch as she blushes darker and nods her head slightly. "Ah babe " i mummer kissing her cheek "im all yours " i remind her.

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flashback - 3 days ago

" Alright, Greg , dont forget to pick up milk on your way home" Jason remindes his boyfriend. Greg, rolls his eyes and stands up having finished tieing up his laces "i know Jace " he tells his partner as he takes a step closer, "youve told me twice already" he complains to his companion as he pulls him down and kisses him. Jason pulls him closer and cups his cheek before pulling back slightly to talk "thats cause youll forget if i didnt" he teases as his hands wonder over his boyfriends ass. Greg gasps allowing Jason to take control of their kiss. Greg pulls Jason closer so that their whole bodies were touching. Jason soon ended the kiss but strokes Greg's back "come on, i got enough time to drop you off if you hurry up" he tells him . Greg smiles and turns in his arms and walks off making sure to brush against Jason, he then grabs his bag of belonging he needed for the day and turns round again "lets go hotstuff " he says as they head downstairs.

G groans and pulls himself into a sitting up position. He looks round and almost panics seeing Sam laying on the floor unmoving , almost unmoving, his chest was moving. G takes stock of his own body. His head hurt, so he probably had a headache at worst, his chest hurt, he figured that was just bruising, and his wrists stung ,well that was cause of the chains. G frowns "okay, so im tied up " he mummers unhappily as he pushes away a memory as it surfaces. He looks around the room, seeing nothing useful he turns back to Sam, who still hadnt woken. He swallows and calms himself down telling himself it was okay.

G wasnt sure how long passed till Sam was groaning and pulling himself up. He watches as Sam gazed around the room and looks about before landing on him. "How you feeling?" G asks carefully sitting on the edge of the bed he was on. Sam groans "like i was hit by a truck" he tells him as he sits up. Like G did, Sam takes stock of his body, he defintaly had a concussion, his chest and back hurt , he had to have had been beaten up, his hands and face stung and were swollen slightly. Slowly, he stands up and uses the wall so he doesnt fall down, he walks over to the bed where G was. He lowers himself on to the bed and groans "you remember what happened?" He asks cautiously. G shakes his head negatively "lost thing i remembers going to work" he says. Carfully, G stroked Sams back "what about you.?" He asks , Sam shakes his head, "the same " he says bitterly. The older of them turned to face G, his fingers gently stroked along his cheek "it'll be okay" he tells him, he smiled sadly seeing his boyfriend nod.

" Well, well , well isnt that touching " a male states as he walks into their dimly lit room through a door in front of the bed. The man was about 6' ft tall and was rather muscular , his arms were covered in tattoos. Sam gets up ready to fight "oh i wouldnt do that Jason" he teases as he pulls out the gun from his waist band. Three more guys enter the room, all of them around the same hieght as the first guy. All three of them went for Sam and shoved him down before holding him there, Sam struggled. "Leave him alone " G growls at them making the first man to laugh and step over to him. G shudders when the man places his hands on his thighs "dont worry sweetheart, ill take good care of you" he smirks as he rubs his thumbs up over his thighs towards G's manhood, realising this G struggles and kicks the guy, who backs off. "You see , i know you two arent who you say you are " the man comments as he gets up "and as the boss i domt like that" he says moving over to sam and forcing his chin back. "I like being im charge and having my own way" he says, "but i am a nice guy, i do like having my guys have some fun" the boss comments as he pats on of the guys on the back " Brutus, Doctor and Crusher , are my favourite workers , they are very loyal to me" he says "Brutus, go grab the box of toys" the boss commands and smirks when the other man does as hes told. "Now, you can tell me everything i want to know, or i can start playtime" he tells them. Sam snorts "we wont tell you anything" , he grunts when Brutus hits him in the jaw "very unwise " Boss says shaking his head setting the box on the floor "have fun boys " he comments, he leaves the room hearing the beating going on.

Sam wasnt sure how long he took the beating for but everything hurt. He allows his gaze to flicker to G who was looking pale and sad. 'Im sorry' G mouths to his partner as he gets beaten up. G almsot cried when Sam passed out, knowing he would be next. And he was right, the men dumped Sams body before coming over to G and beating him up.

The next time Sam woke up was long after the men had left. He slowly sits up and gasps as pain shoots through him. Pulling himself up hes shocked to see G laying in bed covered in cuts and bruises. Wincing, he walks over and sits beside him on the old matress covered bed. He swallows back the urge to be sick and gently , using his ripped up top, cleans the blood that was drying into Gs skin. The cuts littered his chest, G's hands and face where bruised up as he had fought back, and his wrist was bleeding from where the metal had dug into his skin. "Oh G" he whisperes to the unconsious man. Using what was left of his shirt he bandages up his partners wounds. G groans as he stirs, his eyes opening and closing as he fought to keep awake, he lifts his head and then regrets it as he felt both nauseaus and horrified. Sam had patched him up woth his shirt, hiding most of the cuts he could feel, but what had shocked him the most where the cuts on Sam that he didnt remember being inflicted.

Three days ago

Greg walks into the house with a carton of milk. He shuts the door behind him and heads to the kitchen and puts the milk away before heading upstairs, he grins hearing the shower, without hesitating he heads inside the bathroom and strips joining Jason in the shower. Jason smiles and turns round and kisses his boyfriend lovingly. "Hello to you too" Greg teases playfully on his lip as he runs his hand over his body. "Mm hello" Jason mumbles on his mouth as their kiss deepens. Jason lifts Greg up pressing him against the cold wall, making Greg arch his back trying to get closer to him and away from the wall. "Mm please " he moans softly scratching at his bigger partners shoulder. Jason grips his hip on one hand and the other massages his back and downwards. He then moves his hand round and brushes his fingers along his boyfriends dick earning himself a moan. Greg throws his head back moaning. "Yes" he hisses. Jason smiles and wraps his fist around the hard flesh as he strokes it slowly enjoying hearing Greg moaning because of him. It doesnt take long for Greg to cum hard.

He wasnt sure how long they sat on the bed leaning against each other before the door opened and the boss walked in woth a couple of sandwiches and two bottles of water. "Hey there love birds " he smirks at them as he throws the containers at them "enjoy" he tells them as he leaves again locking the door. The two men look at each other before taking them and consuming them. They dump the wrappers into the corner of the room and then Sam gently manouvers G so they could be comfortable on the bed. G curled onto Sam carefully before falling asleep.

The next few days passed in the same manner, theyd wake up, be given food, left alone for a while before being beaten up , and in G's case raped when Sam was unconsious , before they were left alone and given more food before they willingly fell asleep.

They were there a whole week before the team found them, they were quickly rushed to the hospital where they were worked on. They were put in the same the doctor could keep an eye on them, and because he was warned theyd tried to escape of they werent together. G and Sam were in and out of consiousness for two days. When Sam came around again, G was laying in his bed curled up against his side. G stirs and opens his eyes and smiles softly. "There a reason your in my bed?" Sam asks amused as he wraps his arm around him "mm yeah" G tells him snuggling closer "yours has you in it , mine dont." Sam chuckles softly and kisses his head. When the door opens, he feels G tense up as he checks over his shoulder and relaxes slightly seeing their boss. "Mr Callen, Mr Hanna, " Hetty says stepping silently into the room, " as im sure youre both aware youve taken quite the collection of wounds. As of today, you are both on medical leave till you are both cleared for work by your doctors and by a phycitarist" Hetty tell them both pointedly looking at G , before turning and walking out of the room again. G snorts "thats gonna be a while" he says torn between being unhapy and happy. "It does mean that we get to spend more time togetter though" Sam reminds him as he strokes along G's shoulder, careful of he extensive brusing covering mosy of his body. His fingers stroke over his shoulder and down his chest, careful of all the bandages and stitches. "You.. we are gonna need all the time we can get to deal with our injuries G" Sam tells him and then strokes his partners cheek feeling him tense up again. "I know G, i know " he whispers to him " but what happened. We both need go work through it" sam reminds him. G nods unhappily.

The day before they wake up in the basement

Jason laughs softly as he throws his arm around Gregs waist, they were heading to their undercover house after being at 'work' most of the day. Greg rolls his eyes and looks up at him and squeezes his side when there was a sudeen comotion and the two of them were attacked by a group of men. Greg and Jason fight back throwing punches and kicks but the two of them were out numbered to the large group, even with their fighting skills and stregnth Greg and Jason were soon subdued and thrown into the back of a work van.

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Gibbs sighs quietly as he watches Tony sleep in the hospital bed. He was still too pale for his liking, his usual active SFA was laying too still under the breathing mask. Gibbs hated to think it, let alone say it out loud but he was certain that he was going to die and he would have been powerless to stop it. Gibbs shakes his head softly and slips his hand under the blanket to grasp the younger mans hand. His skin was thankfully still warm to the touch. Gibbs sighs quietly again as he leans down and whispers to the young man "You did it Tony, You did it" he says quietly as he squeezes his hand softly. "you're going to be okay Tone" he mummers. Jethro leans back into the hard plastic chair and sighs, he couldn't believe that he almost lost the best young agent he had ever worked with.

Gibbs sat with the younger, good-looking man for a long while before Tony started to stir, "hey" Gibbs mutters softly watching as the young man slowly opened his green eyes. Tony's face was still flushed as sweat gathered along his forehead, his green eyes were glassed over "boss?" he mummers hoarsely as his eyes flickers around and lands on Gibbs. "I'm here Tony" he says quietly as he rubs his hand softly, his lips twitches slightly as Tony smiles slightly "mm , am i dying?" he asks curiously as his eyes start to flicker closed again "No Tony you aren't" he tells him with a sad smile. "Tony" he whispers softly as he reaches out and strokes his cheek gently "yeah?" he whispers "i...I almost lost you" Gibbs whispers back as he struggles not to lose control of his emotions, "you didn't" he responds to him struggling not to fall asleep "it was close" the older man says quietly, "too close" he mummers. "I love you" Tony mutters softly as he falls asleep , one hand holding a phone and the other grasping Gibbs' hand. The blue eyed man smile despite himself "i love you too" he whispers into Tony's ear

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Tony yawns blinking tiredly as he shakes his head before turning his attention to the twisted pieces of metal on the table and sighs shoving all the pieces to one side and drops his head onto the table.

" Sir i believe that you should be heading up to your chambers to get some sleep" J.A.R.V.I.S says his British robotic tone breaking through the silence of the workshop, the single occupant of the room groans and pushes himself up "yeah" Tony says before yawning again "alright J, shut it down" he tells his best friend with a shake of his head as he moves back and pulls out a dirty handkerchief and cleans his hands the best he could before dumping the handkerchief on the table before turning and heading out of the room and to the elevator. Upon stepping into the elevator he leans on the back wall and closes his eyes. " Do you wish to go to your floor or Dr Banner's floor?" The Artificial Intelligence queries and Tony hesitates "Dr Banner's "Tony says with a swallow as he uncertainly chews his bottom lip.

The door slides open upon arrival and Tony steps out of the floor his eyes scanning the open-planned floor, his eyes settled on a figure sitting curled up on the plush leather sofa. The smiles creeps up on his lips without his permission but he didn't mind at all. He steps over quietly and climbs onto the sofa and curls up with the man on the sofa. " Hey" Tony mummers softly as he lay his head on his shoulder and sighs allowing himself to relax with one of the few people he trusted fully. Long slim fingers slid through his dark, slightly matted hair. The fingers softly scratched at his scalp lightly, earning him a soft groan and a shiver. Tony opens his eyes, when had he closed them?, and tilts his head to look up at Bruce. The doctor smiles softy , a look reserved only for Tony, "Hey" he greets back as he leans down and presses his lips to Tony's and kisses him. The kiss soon escalated and deepened, tongues sneaking out for a taste of the others lips.Soft noises penetrated the room and Tony realized that it was him making soft moans and pleased groans as his mouth moved more greedily over Bruce's before he pulls back and yawns. Bruce chuckles softly and sets this bookmark into the book he had been enjoying and brushes his thumb over Tony's lips "I think it's time to hit the sack" he says lightly to his boyfriend.

"I don't need to, i'm not tired " Tony says quietly before kissing the thumb brushing over his lips yet leaning into the touch and resting his weight on Bruce without hurting him. "oh wanna bet that in a few you'll be sleeping on my shoulder"Bruce teases pulling his boyfriend even closer and tilting his chin to kiss him again. Bruce shifts his weight slightly so he can kiss Tony more easily, his fingers tangle slightly into his hair and licks at his lover's lower lip.

Tony can't help but whimper softly as he parts his lips allowing Bruce to deepen the kiss. He reaches up and tangles is grease stained hand into his curly hair and brings him closer as he battles with him over dominance of the kiss. Tony was the one to win and lean over Bruce exploring every inch of his mouth with his tongue. All to quickly he pulls back yawning and shakes his head "okay, i think you were right about going to bed" Tony tells him though he makes no attempt to get off the sofa and head to the bedroom to actually sleep.

Bruce chuckles softly and leans up forcing Tony to sit up as well. Bruce smiles and strokes his cheek and jaw. "come on then" he says with an amused smile. The scientist smiles and climbs off the sofa and tugs the engineer off as well.

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The ringing of the phone makes a young women groan and roll over and grabs a hold of her mobile, after a few brief words he women hangs up and climbs out of the bed and changes into some jeans and a long sleeved shirt, she grabs her pocket possessions and heads straight out her front door and climbs into her beat up blue mustang.

The doors hissed open and the young women slips silently through the doors and allows a quick glance before moving to a man in a suit. "Dave,What happened?" she asks giving him a small hug before releasing him and looking at him expectantly. "He passed out at work, the medics are saying possible internal bleeding" Dave tells his friends girlfriend. Hayley runs her fingers through her hair and sighs "Oh man" she mummers softly before nodding slightly "Is he in surgery ?" She asks uncertain. "yeah" he tells her placing a hand onto her shoulder. "We were in the middle of briefing for a case when he..he passed out" Dave informs her squeezing her shoulder lightly. She nods her head slightly before the two of them take a seat to wait.

Hayley wasn't sure how long she waited for. Dave had left along time ago and Garcia had popped in with Jack, who was currently sitting in her lap resting his head on her chest. Her fingers were running through his hair softly as they sat quietly in the waiting room. Finally, a doctor walks into the room and looks around the mostly empty room and heads for them. " I'm Doctor Links, im a surgeon. Agent Hotchner is currently stable and is doing better. A nurse will be in shortly to take you to see him" the doctor tells her before giving a half smile and heads back through the door. "Hear that buddy, daddy's gonna be okay" Hayley tells the little boy as she kisses his head relaxing slightly before standing up and holding the little boy closer an rocking him gently. "Can we go see him now?" Jack asks quietly as he cuddles closer to her. "Soon buddy, there just setting him into a private room" She tells him.

Only a few minutes pass before a nurse comes out and leads them into a room. Aaron was hooked up to a oxygen mask and a EKG. She swallows noticing the needle in the back of his left hand, his skin was paler than usual and she didn't like it at all. She steps into the room and moves over to Aaron's side and rests her hand on his arm and swallows softly "Hey, you're gonna be okay" She says quietly as she sets Jack on the edge of the bed. The young child leans down and kisses his dads cheek "I love you daddy" he says softly before leaning back "Is daddy gonna be okay?" his fear of losing his dad evident in his voice. "Ah buddy, daddy will be okay, he just needs lots of sleep and to be looked after by the doctors" The young women says softly kissing the small child's head before she settles down into the uncomfortable chair.

Hours later, as day turned to night and stars started appearing in the darkened sky, Aaron started to stir from his medicine induced slumber. A groan slips out of his lips as he takes a couple of attempts to open his eyes. A hand on his arm settles him and his head turns to the right. Sitting in the hospital chair was his girlfriend and son. He smiles and allows his eyes to close again. "Hey" a soft voice says as the hand on his arm softly rubs. His eyes crack open again "hey" he mummers as he looks at his girlfriend of three years. "don't you ever do that again Aaron, you scared me" she tells him softly. "mm no promises" he tells her quietly as his gaze drops to his son, who was sleeping soundly. Hayley follows his gaze and smiles "he was trying to wait for you but i think dinner may have been the one to make him crash" she tells him.

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The first time Steve had seen Clint play he had been memorized, Clint had looked so peaceful, he was on their floor, the one they shared , and he was simply resting on the sofa, adorned in a simple pair of baggy grey sweatpants , his broad chest bare for all to see, his green eyes were focused solely on the beautiful instrument currently residing in his hands, and Steve couldn't help but enjoy his view. Clint got this focused look on his face yet he always stopped when he was discovered.

The second time that Steve saw him playing, Clint was sitting on the kitchen table, bandages littered his upper body and arms, his face was set in a scowl as he watch the instrument, but this time his focus wasn't on the way he sat and played but rather how Clint's hands were shaking as his fingers moved.

The third time, Clint came strolling in, guitar in his hands as he played effortlessly as he walked in from the bedroom, a smile tugged on his lips as his fingers glided confidently over the strings, a complex tune reverberating in the air. He pauses as he spots Steve and smiles only long enough to drop down on the sofa beside him, his guitar resting in his hands.

The forth time, Steve asked, his voice nervous and shy but his blue eyes wide with nervous excitement. He asked simply to watch him play, Clint had never willingly played in front of him, as soon as Clint notices him he would stop playing and look up at him with a shy yet playful smile dancing on his lips and a light in his eyes that was hardly ever seen. Clint agreed after a brief pause. He gives him a nervous smile as he sits on the edge of the sofa, his guitar in hand. His eyes darted from Steve to the guitar and back again before he swallows and nods , his fingers slowly moving over the strings causing a soft noise to perpetrate the air. With a deep breath he starts to play Iris by Goo Goo Doll's, his eyes flick up to Steve and Clint smiles seeing Steve watching him with a reserved smile on his lips.

After the song, Clint sets his guitar down and looks at Steve, "how was that?" he asks hoping he liked it, there was a reason he didn't play in front of anyone. "Clint," Steve says with a smile "that was beautiful" Steve tells him, his eyes sparkling. Clint shifts some but smiles, the sort of smile that could radiate throughout the room. "You think so?" he asks shyly. Steve smiles and leans forward and takes a hold of Clint's hand, "i know so" he tells him before leaning over and stealing a gentle yet loving kiss from his boyfriends lips.Clint almost beams as he kisses back. He moves so he was straddling his boyfriends lap. "thank you" Clint mummers as he kisses him. They slowly pull away from each other.

The two men sit together for a long while before Steve decides to ask , "Will you teach me how to play?" Clint's head almost snaps up in bewilderment, he had never had anyone know about him being able to play let alone anyone asking him to teach them before. "Why?" He asks, he was almost certain Steve wouldn't make fun of his passion but he had trust issues and he could never guarantee that someone else wouldn't find out and tease him. Steve uses his thumb to stroke over Clint's cheekbone "because i would love for you to teach me how to play " he tells his partner. Clint smiles shyly, his eyes brighter then normal "I think, if you're sure, i could teach you how to play" Clint tells him. "i'm sure" Steve says with smile as he drops a kiss to his cheek. The older of the two nods his head "okay, i'll teach you" he promises.

As promised, a few days later, after training, Clint and Steve settle on the sofa. Both men were dressed in lose comfortable clothing and Clint had his acoustic guitar with him. Clint sits facing slightly sideways, his leg tucked under him as he fingers his guitar. Steve smiles and places a hand on his knee. "We don't have to do this if you don't want to Clint" Steve tells him as he softly rubs his knee, the assassin chuckles quietly, "i'm just not sure how to start or if i'm able to teach anyway" he admits hesitantly. Steve smiles "wherever you feel the most comfortable place to start is" Steve soothes. Clint nods and slowly but surely he starts to teach Steve the basics of the guitar,starting with how to hold the guitar.

It only takes Steve a few lessons before he was able to play small tunes with the guitar, which Clint was happy about, especially when Steve gave his complete concentration to what he was saying or what he was showing his younger boyfriend. Whenever Steve was intensely focused, his eyes darkened and the tip of his tongue became visible between soft pink lips, distracting Clint completely, which always made Steve smile in amusement.

For days, Clint and Steve would take turns playing the guitar, they started of with simple songs but over time the songs got harder till both men were trying to out do each other until they both would try to distract each other as they played. Both men often ended up entwined together on the sofa, enjoying each others company and love.

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Dean pulls his jacket closer around his body as he shivers, they had just finished a hunt for vampires in a small town, and he was now currently waiting for his baby to fill up with gas. Fort Collins,Colorado was not a bad place for the two boys to have hunted in, in fact it was rather a beautiful city, it was just frigid, and very snowy. "Is it done yet?" Sam calls as he carefully climbs out of the car and gripping hold of the roof to stable himself so he doesn't fall over in the snow and ice. Dean huffs a laugh "almost " he tells his little brother, amusement clouding his voice as his brother walks around to his side almost slipping "Man, I hate snow" Sam comments but checks the pump number and gingerly made his way to the dingy building and inside to the warmth.

Sam comes back out with a carrier bag containing some junk food and energy drinks. With a slight smirk, he sets the bag on top of the car before making a snowball from the dirty snow from the ground. Dean, upon noticing the bag reached over and grabs a drink from it but pauses seeing his baby brothers expression "No," Dean says, "Sam don't even think about it" he says as he sets the drink back down and backs up, glad he had taken the fuel hose out of the car "Sammy don't you da.." he yelps as the cold ball of snow hits him in the face , "Oh, you are so on" he exclaims as he bends down scooping up a bunch of snow and making several snow balls and ambushing his brother.

Laughing, both boys continue to throw snowballs at each other till they were both red in the face and shivering from the cold. The boys shook as they dived into the car, Sam grabbing the bag with frozen hands as they move. Dean turns on the engine and drives off, blasting the heat from the vents. The younger of the two men grabs two of the drinks and uncaps them handing one over to his elder counter part. It had been a long time since either of them had had that much fun. These days they were more focused on getting the job done then they were about being brothers, and when they weren't hunting they were sleeping, eating or moving from one place to the next, they never had they opportunity to just be brother like they use to back before hunting demons became a regular thing, back before the angels, hell , the blood sucking and the rest of it all. Back when it was the two brothers, the Impala, the road and putting to rest ghosts, back when they could count on each other no matter what. Right then , both men decided to try harder, to try to have a little more of that brotherhood they use to have.

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I smile listening as Scarlett hums along to the soft sounds of the radio, she was barely audible above the song but it comforted me knowing she was around, especially as she was not laying curled up on the sofa entangled with me. I did not bother to use my powers to focus on her, not when I knew that she was safe in my apartment with me, she was pottering in the kitchen, making something for dinner for us. I run my tongue along my lip lightly and still wince when I catch the cut on the corner, I knew that Scarlett was starting to get suspicious with all the cuts, bruises, and lacerations that I would often be littered with, I had yet to tell her about the night job I had. I did not know how she would take it. I was technically lying to her, about a lot of things. With a small sigh, I carefully sit up and adjust to my new position before making my way to the kitchen and to my girlfriend.

The soft gasps from Scarlett registers and I smile. "You totally do that on purpose, " Scarlett says smacking my arm as she brushed past me, her lips brushing my cheek, and my smile widens as I nod unapologetically to her, tracking her movements, "I can't help it, I love your reaction. " I tell her softly. I feel my heart flutter as she laughs as she dishes up dinner, "meanie," she pouts as she sets the table up for me, in my usual manner. "Thank you," I say to her with a small smile as I reach out and gently bring her closer, my fingers lightly observing her beauty as I reach up to cup her cheek, I feel her soft lips press gently into my fingers in a kiss, causing me to smile. "Eat your dinner, Matty," Scarlett says before pressing a kiss to my palm and then moving away to put dinner on the table for us both.

After eating and cleaning up, the two of us settle down and I swallow my pride, I turn my attention towards my girlfriend and swallows. "I think we need to talk," I say to her, "it's not bad, at least I don't so," I tell her as I fumble to get my words right, I reach down, feeling for her hand and holding it in my own as I run my thumb along the back her hand. "Matt" Scarlett coaxes gently as she brushes her thumb along the back of my hand "I am listening," she tells me. I swallow and bite my lip, regretting it when it hurt, but sigh nonetheless before gathering the willpower to tell her. "Scar, I'm the vigilante Daredevil." I blurt before wincing slightly at how badly that sounded and how, despite being a well-respected lawyer, I couldn't get my thoughts out to my own girlfriend. "Okay, say I believe that how? Matty your blind, how can you see them? " She asks sounding confused. "Remember how I told you about how I became blind? Well, the chemicals, they gave me some side effects, like sometimes I can see, it's sort of all flame-like." I awkwardly explain to her as I feel her gaze on me.

"Okay. So. You are blind, but sometimes you fight crime, in which time you can see, but everything is red. Okay," Scarlett recaps to herself before quietly laughing "oh wow, Matt, you are certainly special," She says before her lips are pressing into mine softly and I can't help but pull her closer as I press my lips more firmly into her, grateful that she accepted me, again.

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Dean was working on his impala in the bunker's garage when he heard the door opened, he turned to look briefly and saw Castiel and turned back his baby, licking his lip softly, his breath coming out through his nose as he sighs quietly. 
 "Dean?" Castiel says looking uncertain as he steps into the garage and pauses awkwardly several steps between the door and the car. Dean once again turns to look at him, keeping his gaze focused just above his shoulder. "Can we talk?" Cas ask uncertainly as he rings his fingers together, needing something to focus on, "I suppose." Dean says with a shrug of his shoulder as he looks at briefly at Castiel and licks his lips again as he looks the angel over. "Dean.." Castiel says in his usual gruffness, "we can't keep dancing around this" he says sounding uncomfortable about the topic whilst taking a step closer to Dean. "I don't know what you mean Cas," Dean says although they both knew that he did.
Cas ran his tongue along his bottom lip and brushed his thumb over Dean's bottom lip softly "Dean, you forget that I can read your mind" he all but breaths out to the hunter, Dean swallows and looks down, pressing into the angel's fingers. "Cas.." he drags out "Kiss me," he adds quietly, looking up into his blue eyes. Castiel smiles at him and leans up slightly and presses his lips to his hunters.

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Horatio steps into the sterilised hospital room, the only noise to be heard was his own seemingly loud breathing and the beep-beeping of the heart monitor and the soft hissing of the ventilator. Swallowing, he stepped closer and examined the young man in the bed. His dark hair , what was left of it, was damp with sweat, there was a large amount missing where the doctors had shaved it, his eyes were sunken with dark bags underneath, his skin was too pale ,too sunken. His chest was forced into moving. It was incredibly unnerving to see such a normally energetic man laying so motionlessly. Horatio sighs and sits beside Eric in the hospitals uncomfortable plastic chair his hand gently brushes the other man's. "Oh, Eric " he mummers under his breath as he grasps the still-warm hand.

Before his eyes, he replays every significant moment he has had with him. The day he offered a job to the younger man pops into his head and he smiles , he remembered that day clearly , it was his second favourite day after the day he married Marisol. He blows out a shuddery breath as he thinks of her. He swallows roughly.

"Eric, i need you to listen to me " he says as he leans down to talk to him, "I know how hard you're fighting 'n' how easy it would be to slip away" he pauses as he clears his throat, feeling his emotions start to clog up his throat " I don't want to lose you, I am not ready. I'm not ready for you too. I'm just not ready " he whispers softly as he rubs his thumb along Eric's hand." I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" he whispers as he leans in and rests his head closer to the hospitalised man's head.

"It is just that i...i.... I lost...i lost her and Speed. You're all I got left Eric, so I want you to do what we always do, I want you to fight. That is what I need you to do , okay. I need you to fight with everything that you have" Horatio says softly as he leans closer and brushes his hand through Erics hair as he leans down,

"I'll be right here " he whispers into his ear as he brushes a strand of his hair from his face and moves back slightly "ill be right here Eric always, " Horatio tells him quietly as he returns to the hard plastic chair. His icy blue eyes turn to the heart monitor and the ventilator, he watches the monitors closely, he couldn't tear his eyes away, scared that if he looked away, something bad would happen, that the machines would show that Eric had lost the fight, lost the will to live , that he would leave him alone. With a shuddery breath, he forced himself to calm down, that nothing would happen to him.

"It should have been me, " Horatio says quietly as he swallows, "it should have been me " he whispers pain leaking out into his voice

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A man steps into the overly bright white room, his mouth was too dry, his heart was hammering to fast, too loud in the quiet room. The hissing and the beeping mixed together in harmony, showing that there was life in the other man's body. He hadn't given up hope, he wouldn't.

Horatio swallows and moves over to the bed and rests his hand on the other man's, his hand was too cold, too pale, too still ,this wasn't the Eric that he knew, his Eric had so much energy, would hate to be so still yet this Eric was laying there, air forcing his chest into rhythmical movement. Up, hiss, down, beep-hiss. It was an oddly soothing sound.

"I know how hard you're fighting 'n' how easy it would be to slip away," Horatio says softly, hesitant to break the silence. "
I don't want to lose you too,I'm not ready. I'm not ready for you to" he tells his as he takes a seat in the uncomfortable hospital chair. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry" Horatio chokes out as he gently takes a hold of the pale hand.

"it's just that i..i..i lost her 'n' speed, you're all I got left, Eric. So I want you to do what we always do, I want you to fight " he tells him strongly, though his voice was barely audible outside the two of them. "That's what I need you to do, okay?" He practically begs him.

Horatio stands and leans down and whispers into Eric's ear "I'll be right here " he promises. "I'll always be right here Eric " he whispers as he ghosts a kiss to the foreheads' of the hospitalised man.

Horatio sighs and sits back down and takes a hold of his hand, he rubs the back of it as he settles into the chair. He starts to tell stories to Eric, stories of the past, of their past and stories that were his and then stories that he had been told, several of them were of Eric's childhood, he had gotten those from Marisol. He tells him about his own childhood with Ray, he tells him of his family and of his time in the bomb squad. Anything and everything that came to mind was told to him, hoping that if he talked for long enough Eric would wake and listen or cut in by giving him a look. It didn't happen. The hissing and the beeping were his only company, he tried to steer his thoughts, tried to think of work , of anything to stop himself from breaking down alone in a hospital with only demons to keep him company.

He wasn't sure how long he stayed like that, staring at the white paint chipped wall. His thoughts screaming, only to come to a sudden stop when a loud shrill beep filled the air." No, Eric " he whispers as he takes a stand, he's quickly thrown out of the room by doctors who rush to Eric's side.

He wasn't sure how long he'd been there, pacing along the waiting room, hoping , praying that this was a nightmare and that he would wake up any moment and Eric would be at his house,safely asleep. He turns ,his ears picking up on the squeak of shoes on the shiny floor. His breath lodges into his throat as the doctor stands there, a look of defeat clear on his face.

"I'm sorry,Horatio," the doctor says. Two simple words. They left a bitter ringing in his ears, "we did everything we could " the doctor consoles " he didn't feel a thing " the doctor tells him, this was the part he always hated. 'He may not have but I am' Horatio thinks a little bitterly. First Speedle then Marisol and now Eric, the three most important people to him, and he couldn't save them, couldn't protect them. Steeling his shot nerves the best he could, he looks at the doctor, " I need to call the rest of his friends then may we see him?" Horatio manages to get out as his blue eyes filled with tears. He didn't want to think about how the team would react. How Alex , Natalia and Calleigh would break out in tears, how Ryan and Frank would look lost, how he himself would choke up every time something reminded him of the one person he considered family since his had left him behind. The doctor nods his head somberly "of course, I'll make arrangements " he tells him as he turns on his heel and leaves the man to grieve on his own

It takes a few long minutes before Horatio steps outside and makes the dreaded phone calls, he calls his team and tells them they need to get here, he didn't need to tell them that Eric had died, his desperate tone and wavering, trembling, unsteady voice clued them in, but when the words finally slipped from his lips,he heard their pained reactions. He heard the cries and the quiet pleas that it was untrue, even if none were said allowed. He could feel the pain from his team. With a definitive snap of his phone, he heads straight back to where the nurse was waiting. She took him down the maze-like corridors to the room that now held Eric's body. With fear and unease curling into his stomach he steps in and up to the bed, Eric's body was mostly covered, but you could clearly see his face. So pale, so cold, so unmoving, all the life and will to live were gone. An empty shell lay still on the bed. Just like his still heart. His cold soul. Horatio stares silently as a lone tear trickled down the side of his face and onto the pale hand.

"Oh, Eric " he whispers as he steps closer " I should have done something more," he tells him. "I should have been the one to be hit with the bullet. I should have protected you better " his voice cracks, as does his facade. He grabs his hand " I won't ever forget you...I love you.Brother"

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Mac frowns at the computer and clicks the mouse , scowling in frustration when it says there is a technical error. "Scar,can you come take a look for me," he asks his daughter who chuckles and gets up leaving her book on the sofa and comes round the desk and takes a look. She soon frowns discovering the servers mainframes had been cut "someone's cut off the server to the internet" she tells him. "Why would someone do that?" Mac asks confused "more then likely so you can't get a message out to anyone" she says, lifting the phone and shaking her head hearing nothing "taken out the phones too" she lets him know before she stands up and turns to look out the window, she see the building with power on as well as their own lights "it's not a powercut" she quietly says before an alarm starts up and they're saying they need to evacuate because of a gas leak. Scarlett looks at her dad "that ain't a coincidence " she insisted as she watches as everyone else packs up and leaves the lab." This isn't good" she comments softly , they were the only two on the floor.

Between the two of them, they work out that whoever was coming was after the large stash of drugs that had been collected. They were certain that they were the only ones in the building. Scarlett's eyes widen when she sees six guys step off the elevator dressed in contaminent suits. She quickly drops into a crouch along side her dad. "What do we do?" She asks worriedly as she looks to her dad for guidance. "We protect ourselves, " Mac tells her reaching over and stroking her cheek. "You remember how to shoot ?" He asks her, seeing her nod he hands over his back up peice,whilst he gets his main from he draw of his desk, "So you got a plan?" She queries, her dad laughs "I've got 33% of a plan" he quipes to her. "Still better than no plan. What is it?" She questions as she carefully peers out round the desk. She watches them briefly, reading their lips " we take them out" Mac replies. She ducks back behind the desk "there gonna search this floor, and there is apparently someone down in autopsy" she briefs him as she turns the safety off the gun. "If I give you a list of things and where to get them, do you think you could bring them up to the balcony?" He asks. Scarlett nods her head making Mac smile. Then he goves her several things to collect and where to get them from. The teenager nods her head and quietly slips out the back of Macs office and round.

She manages fo get the first few items without much hassle but it's the next few that cause difficulty for her. Scarlett gasps softly when shes yanked back roughly, she gulps seeing one of the men, she kicks him where the sun doesn't shine and fights with him, gasping for air in shock as her dad knocks him out. Mac reaches out and rubs her cheek "you did good sweetheart" Mac says quietly and grasps her hand and leads her out before they split up. Scarlett grabs the last few things, having to shoot someone and then getting to the balcony. Her hands were shaking as she sets the stuff down. She points the weapon when she hears someone coming, she lowers it seeing her dad, even though he was bleeding. "You've done great baby" he promises her as he kneels beside her making sure she was harmed. Realising she wasn't he turns to the stuff they had both collected. He sets his gun down and gets to work

Scarlett swallows watching her dad and their surroundings, she sits up hearing quiet steps , she aims the gun again and places her finger in the trigger and sighs seeing Sheldon Hawks, the ME come CSI. "What are you doing here?" She questions quietly as she lowers the weapon. "I didn't think there was an actual leak. I was right, someone came in for a body. I took them out" he says gently taking the gun from her. He watches Mac a little surprised "are you.." Mac interrupts "yeah" he says to him. "Take Scar and get out of here " Mac says. "No way, I'm staying " Scarlett tells him , Mac looks at her sharply "no you're not" he says. Hawk nods and stands pulling her up and leading her to the stairs as she tries to break free. "Your dads gonna be fine " Sheldon promises. Realising she wasn't going to win she goes willingly. The cold air slaps her in the face as she steps outside.

Scarlett gasps grabbing Sheldon's arm as the Crime Labs floor explodes, the glass showering everyone outside and cutting several people, Scarlett included. She chokes on a sob when she sees her dad walk out if the building. His top was a little sooty, his arm bleeding but he was alive. She rushes over to him and throws herself into his arms as a sob breaks threw her lips and she tightens her grip on him. "I am okay sweetheart " he promises as he squeezes he'd softly. "My third of a plan worked, " he tells her with a small smile as she smacks him in the chest lightly.

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Blood-curdling screams echoed in the dingy little room, the sounds bounced off the cobblestones and pierced the ears of everyone in the room. A young woman was bound by a chain to the ceiling. The metal of the chains was digging into her wrists painfully, and because she was being helped in such a position it was causing nothing but pain on her dislocates shoulders. The reason for her screams was the man standing in front of her, a tall man with a bandanna wrapped around his mouth, the man had in his hands an electric cattle prod, which he was using against her back, which was already littered with lacerations, bruises and broken bones. A whimper escapes her lips as he hits her with the rod across the stomach. Without meaning to she gasps in pain, her whole body was screaming in agony, her chest was heaving both with the effort of getting oxygen into her lungs and because she was struggling not to throw up. Her whole body cried out in agony of the pain being inflicted upon her battered body.

The young women gasps bolting upright in the soft bed and her eyes dart around the room. The man beside her sighs softly "easy baby" he tells her. She pants softly and nods her head slightly. "There you go " he encourages as he reaches out and gently touches her hand. She tenses and then relaxes slightly and leans into him. "do you want to talk to me about it?" Aaron asks her as he runs his fingers through her brown hair. Hayley bites her bottom lip "it was the same one I usually have" she tells him. "Oh babe"he cooed softly holding her close. He didn't know all the details of her time overseas but he did know that it was very violent for her, he saw the aftermath of it, though. He had seen all the cuts, bruises and broken bones. He's seen her so very jumpy and fearful, he's seen how the nightmares reduced her to this.

Jack climbed into the bed trying not to jostle the bed too much. Hayley bolts up gasping in fear, but sighs relaxing seeing Jack." Morning buddy" She says calmly as she pulled the little boy into her. "morning mommy," the little boy says happily cuddling into her. The young women smiles and runs her fingers through the little boy's hair. "mummy I'm hungry" he complains as he rests his head on her chest. Hayley smiles "You want to make breakfast buddy? We can bring daddy some" she tells him softly as she breathes in her little boy's scent. The nightmare was still fresh in her mind and she hoped her son could help distract her from it. "yeah" the little boy says excitedly. Hayley smiles and carefully climbs out of bed with the little boy, her arms were secure around him as she makes sure Aaron was still tucked in before padding out with the 5-year-old into the kitchen. Together the two of them make pancakes and they take them on a tray into the master room, Hayley sits down with Jack. Jack happily climbs onto his dad "daddy, daddy wakey wakey" he says shaking him.

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You and Gabriel had been together for close to eighteen months at this point. And it had been a unique experience. He was an angel, so you could say that would definitely explain some of why it was so different from any other relations you have had. Gabriel didn't use his powers that often, he tended to stick to acting like a human as often as he could unless you were seriously injured, or he needed to terrify someone.

He knew that you were a hunter and he had learned to accept this fact, he had accepted that you would leave early Monday morning and come back late Friday night, often injured but always a bit grumpy from the almost week long solo hunt and most definitely tired.

You had gotten used to the fact that Gabriel was a trickster by heart and that he loved pranking people, and this included you, though he didn't prank you as often as he did other people and it was never too bad or you, and you usually got him back, at least you tried too. You have also come to realise that the archangel didn't like conflict, in fact, he will do whatever he can do to avoid it but there were the occasional arguments between the two of you and you both can compromise and work out your differences, neither of you arguing or raising your voices when you argue because you know that he hates the raised voices when they are directed at him.

Gabriel knows some things about your family and friends and hunter buddies. He knows that you lost your dad when you were eight and that your best friends family took you in and raised you and you moved out when you were sixteen after high school. He knows some of the experiences you have had with ghosts and some of the experiences you have had with other monsters. But you, you don't really know anything about Gabriel's life or family, the only things you really know is what you learnt at school, and some of that is wrong. Occasionally, Gabriel will leave bread crumbs or drop hints about his past life and you will get a small nugget about it.

The both of you were in a good place but then things went to hell thanks to the release of Lucifer. Gabriel wanted nothing to do with the whole situation, however, you ended up getting involved and teaming up with the Winchester to try to get rid of Lucifer, and Gabriel didn't like this. Your angel didn't like your involvement with the Winchesters or his older brother, he was especially worried about something happening to you.

It was late one Friday night, you hadn't long gotten home and you were ready to go to bed when Gabriel stops you, "Hey, I know that you're tired but I need a second to talk to you." he says as he swallows somewhat uncomfortably. You stop in your tracks and give him your attention. "I know that you are stronger than you look but I need you to be careful, Lucifer is dangerous," he warns as he licks his lip uncharacteristically nervously, "You need to put him away and whilst I believe the Winchesters can do it, you're the only one I trust to do this love," he reveals. "You need to put him back in the cage and make sure he doesn't get out again. If he starts the apocalypse,then there is no surviving him. "

You smile softly, though it was a little sad and place your hand against his cheek, "I'll do everything I can Gabe," you promise him, making him smile because he knew that you would do exactly that. He knew that you would do everything in your power to put his brother back behind bars.

After this little talk, Gabriel allowed you to head to the bedroom to get ready for bed before climbing into bed with him and falling asleep and when you woke up, he was still right beside you, eyes closed, looking asleep, you knew that angels couldn't sleep as that was something he had told you, as his arm was wrapped around your waist. You can't help but smile seeing him curled up with you. You press a kiss to his hair before trying to escape from his arms, only for him to tighten his grip slightly and pull you back and groan "No, please stay, cuddle with me," he practically whines, making you laugh. "Alright angel, I'll stay for a bit longer," you tell him as you get comfortable in his arms and rest your head on his shoulder. "Good girl,"he teases you as you playfully smack his chest but look up at him to see him already looking down at him, his fingers lightly trailing over your arm and over a small, barely visible scar on your arm. "You'll be careful right?" he unexpectedly asks, his eyes showing his anxiety, his worry for your safety. You lean up and brush a kiss to his lips and push yourself up slightly to look down on him "Of course, I will be more careful than normal, okay," you tell him. "Okay," he breathes out before leaning down and with a light brush of his lips against yours, kisses you softly.

Chapter Text

You and Zak were finishing getting ready to go meet the rest of the team, a small get together to celebrate the filming of the last episode of the season, your getting ready was being hindered by Gracie who was bounding between you and Zak, licking the two of you and nuzzling you both and generally acting like a hyperactive puppy that she no longer was, which was amusing more than anything. 

After you had managed to finish getting dressed, nothing to fancy, simply a nice pair of jeans and a nice shirt, you turned your attention to the hyper dog, you gave her some love, scratching behind her ears and telling her what a good dog she was, this love giving was interrupted by a chuckle, Zak's chuckle. You look up towards him and smile at him, almost sheepishly and he smiles back. "Nothing to be embarrassed about love, my two girls together is adorable," he teases you cheekily, making a slight blush appears on your cheeks and you look down at Gracie, "Get him, Gracie," you say to her as you motion to Zak, laughing when she actually runs to him and jumps up at him and starts licking at him. He pulls a face and manages to get her down and then he looks at you before rushing over as you attempt to dart out of the room, he grabs you by the hips and pulls you back into him, your back to his chest and he presses a kiss to your cheek. Zak's hands were resting on your hips as he held you against him, a soft smile on his lips as he wraps his arms around you "I love you," he says, making your smile grow, you place a kiss to his cheek "I love you too" you say to him and then huff as Gracie nudges into you. "Yes Gracie, I love you too." You both say together, ruffling her fur grinning.

"Come on, we better head out and meet the other guys," Zak says breaking through your thoughts and you make a small noise of agreement and the two of you head off and meet up with the rest of the Ghost Adventures Crew. You all sit around having dinner, the guys were drinking, you were tempted but decided not to and stuck to water. Zak looked at you, a questioning look on his face, you smile at him, letting him know you were okay and reach under the table for his hand. "Geez guys, we can see you communicating through facial expressions," Aaron jokes, you laugh and flash him a cheeky smile "Jealous?" making him laugh and playfully nod, causing everyone else to laugh and conversation to resume. The rest of evening was spent with the guys, talking and joking and typically having a good time together before the group broke up around half nine and you and Zak headed back to Zak's.

You and Zak make it back to his house safely and are greeted excitedly by Gracie, which you both return as you head up to your shared room and changed ready for bed, you had noticed how Zak had been shooting looks at you and you realised that you were gonna have to spill. After changing, you headed downstairs to let Gracie out and when she came back in, you went into your jacket and wrapped  a ribbon around Gracie's neck that held an envelope on the side. "Come on girl, let's go find Zak," you tell her as you lead her upstairs to find a shirtless Zak on the bed, which you definitely approve of, you let Gracie go and sit on the bed beside Zak. You watch as he rubs his dog's fur but quickly notices the ribbon and envelope and looks at you strangely and takes them off and opens the envelope, taking out the contents and staring briefly and looking at you, his mouth ajar. "You're serious?" he chokes out, his eyes flicking back to the contents in his hands, you move closer, you give Gracie a quick pet before turning Zak to face you.

"Yeah, Zak I'm pregnant." 

Zak huffs a laugh as he gently tackles you onto the bed and kisses you passionately, both of you ignore Gracie's barking as she nudges the both of you as you were too busy kissing. Zak pulls back slightly "We're having a baby," he says excitedly, a smile on his lips as one of his hands moves to your flat stomach as his eyes go back to the contents of the envelope, a sonogram, showing your baby. You were only 12 weeks pregnant but it was enough for it to show on a sonogram and Zak was clearly ecstatic, which was a good sign. 

Zak holds himself up on one elbow as he looks down at you, "How far along are we?" he asks, careful to keep his weight off of you, "twelve weeks or three months." You tell him with a small smile, your hands coming up to stroke his cheek as he licks his lips, "When can we find out the gender?" he asks as the fingers of his right hand softly brushed over your tummy, "We need to think about a nursery for the baby and we need to decide if it's safe for you to continue to hunt with you being pregnant." he says and you gently bring him down and kiss him softly, loving how sweet your boyfriend was and how concerned he was already about the safety of your unborn baby. After pulling back, you lock at him and smile "We can find out the gender next month, and maybe we will have to look into doing something with our office and converting it into a nursery when we find out the gender. As for filming, we will have to talk it over with the crew, the producers and the doctors." You tell him and he nods his head in agreement before giving you another kiss, before pushing himself up and rearranging your positions so you were both laying more comfortably at the top of the bed, Zak laying beside you, "How'd you think Gracie's gonna take it?" he asks, his eyes flickering to his dog and you smile, "I think, if it's possible, she might just be more excited than you," you say with a slight tease, making him laugh "Can't help it, we're having a baby. A baby!" he says in excitement, his eyes going back to the black and white image. "I know," you say to him, watching as he takes in the image before tucking it in his wallet and cuddling up with you.

Chapter Text

You and Clint were on a mission, it was supposed to be a small easy mission you and Clint were supposed to rescue another SHIELD agent that had been taken by AIM, you and Clint had been told it would be simple, a retrieval mission, and you both agreed that it would probably be. The plan was to sneak in and get him, don't draw attention to yourselves but apparently, the AIM agents were expecting SHIELD to turn up, so you hadn't even gotten in and you were being shot at.

You and Clint shared a look of annoyance before moving, Clint drawing fire and you moving closer and then providing cover for him. This is how you made your way inside, where it got suspiciously quiet. Yet again, you and Clint shared a look and slowly moved down the halls, both of you keeping your eyes flickering around the halls, wondering why you weren't being attacked and just as you were turning the corner, gunshots were fired at you. You both darted back and leant against the wall before shooting back. You traded shots with them for a short while, when agents came from the halls you had come down from.

"Crap," you mutter hearing and seeing them, you turned, shooting them as well, moving between the two groups of agents. The two of you were shifting between the two groups and as you killed the smaller group of agents, you move back down the hall you came in from, you then climbed through a vent and quietly crawled through a vent, looking for your missing agent.

"Where the hell is he?" Clint hisses under his breath sounding annoyed as the two of you continued through the vents but having to climb out of the small spaces and walk through the halls, trying not to get spotted but you both knew that it was a moot point because of the shooting that had happened in the other section of the building. The two of you moved quickly but quietly through the corridors, weapons ready as you moved. As you slipped into the main section, you both are engaged in another gun fight. "Oh come on!" Clint says childishly as the two of you shot your weapons. You laughed at his reaction as you shoot your way out the situation. "Hey, (Y/N) will you marry me?" he asks, you turn to look at him before snapping back to the guys shooting at you "Could you repeat that?" you ask as you duck and stalk forward shooting, "Left or right?" you ask him noting the two corridors, "Left," he replies immediately as he moves with you, keeping an eye on your six, "And I asked if you'd marry me?" he says, causing you to laugh again.

"I heard you the first time, just making sure that is what you said," you tell him as you peak down the left corridor and head down there "and yeah, I'll marry you," you agree, as you check each room. "I knew you would say that," he says happily as he checks the other side of the corridor as he keeps an eye on the end of the corridor.

Eventually, you find the missing agent and cut him free, helping him to his feet and wrapping your arm around him to support his waist. Clint takes the lead this time as you head out and back to the rendezvous spot. You make it back, after engaging in another firefight and deliver the injured SHIELD agent to medical and then head off to see Coulson to debrief.

Chapter Text

James looks at you with a swallow and tugs his coat closer to himself, he looks around at the snow covering the street and then back to you and sighs, reaching out for your hand, which you easily give to him, knowing he needed a bit more comfort to be comfortable. "You're doing great James," you tell him as you step closer until you were standing beside him and smile softly, brushing your lips against his cold cheek. He swallows hard and nods, his hand loosening from its death grip on yours as he moves out further into the harsh cold and he shivers, tensing up, the wind blowing the snow around his legs and he swallows again before letting go of your hand and bending down to pick up some of the snow in his gloves and standing up, just playing with the snow. You can't help but smile as you watch him and grab your own glove full of snow and crush it into a compact ball, which he watches you do and he copies, a smile forming on his lips before he throws it at you and you gasp at the cold and you look at him, a grin forming on your lip as you throw yours at him, starting a snowball war, lasting almost an hour, to which you surrendered to. 

James smiles and pulls you close to him, his face burying into your shoulder, shivering slightly before pulling back, and taking your cheeks in his snow-covered gloves, "I can't believe you talked me into this. But I am really glad you did," he says before leaning down to kiss you, his cold lips pressing to yours, he pulls back shortly after to take your hand and take you back to your apartment, where you both shed you snow covered clothes, laying them on the heater, and you got the kettle going preparing to make hot chocolates for you both, when you felt arms slide around you and you smile, "Thank you for taking me out in the snow," he says and you smile, "You're welcome Bucky, everyone has to enjoy snow at some point, and everyone has to enjoy hot chocolate as well, so try it and hopefully you will enjoy it," you tell him with a smile.

Chapter Text

Barry grins at you and pulls you closer to himself, not bothered by the fact you were in public, he simply ducks his head slightly, and wraps his arms around you and starts slow dancing with you, as the snow starts to lightly come down. You laugh softly and dance with him, a slight shake of your head as you move around with him, enjoying dancing with him and laughing, shivering when the snow comes down faster and thicker and the wind picks up. You smile at him and Barry smiles unable to help himself, he loved the way your cheeks darkened, and it wasn't because of the cold. "You know, no one needs to know about this," he teases and you laugh again, but it's cut short when he kisses you, his lips moving softly over yours before pulling back, a smile on his lips. "Mistletoe," Barry says motioning up to the sprig of it, hanging above your heads, and you smile, stealing another kiss, before he picks you up and runs off with you, taking you home.

Barry sets you down, a smile dancing on his lips and you shake your head, "What am I going to do with you, huh?" you ask teasingly as you wrap your arms around his neck. He simply chuckles, "You could kiss me again, I really enjoyed that, "He says smiling, causing you to smile and do as he says, pulling him closer, tangling your fingers in his hair as you kissed him softly, Barry moans softly and you pull back slightly smiling. "No one needs to know huh? You aren't exactly quiet." you tease him, making him laugh, "What can I say, I like kissing you," he says happily.

Chapter Text

Chris had been accepted for a part in a movie and he was ecstatic about it, he was learning his lines and you were helping him, or at least you were trying to help, you were more interested in watching him. He looked at you, clearly expecting you to say a line and you gave him a sheepish look as you look at the script and then back at him, "I'm lost, sorry I was watching you," you say almost embarrassed as you bite your lip and he laughs softly, amused by your admittance as he walks over, taking the script and leaning over and kissing you. "Watching me, huh?" he asks, a cheeky smile on his lips and you playfully shove him as you stand up, "Yes, you look good," you tell him as you wrap your arms around him and he chuckles as he wraps his arms around you and kisses you lightly.

Chapter Text

Steve looks at Tony and shakes his head, looking at his shield with a half look of amusement and half look of annoyance, "This is the last time i'll ask you for a favour," he tells him, them both knowing that it wouldn't be the truth, as he reaches out and grabs the shield that had glitter on the star, the whole shield had been repainted due to the newest scuffle with agents of hydra. As he lifted the shield up, Steve jumped away, dropping the shield, "Are you f****ing kidding me, Tony?!" he asks as the glitter came right of and stuck to his skin. Tony flat out laughed at Steve's pediment, enjoying seeing him so annoyed "Language Captain!" Tony tells him with a laugh as he picks the iconic shield up and hands it over, "Now get outta my lab," he says to the Captain as he ushers him out, Dummy whizzing past the two of them so he can clean up the spilled glitter.

Chapter Text

"Amrun mela," Thranduil greets softly as you slide up next to him as you catch up to him, walking down the castle halls, beside him, "Amrun nin Aran," you greet back, a soft smile emerging on your lips, one that also appeared on the King's lips. "Your king, huh Mela?" he asks, softly teasing you, which causes you to laugh before he reaches over and kisses you quickly yet softly, before pulling away, with a small smile, which fades as you continue to move closer to the main hall. "Of course you are mine," you tease as you move with him, keeping pace with him as you walked. Thranduil looked amused by your response as he walked with you, his fingers brushing over yours, before allowing you to enter the hall before him, the two of you gathering breakfast before sitting to eat. 

After breakfast, you went off and changed before heading down the hall, heading outside, only to be stopped by Thranduil who took your hand, "Are you busy, nin mela?" he asks, bringing you closer, and out of the middle of the corridor, "I am not, how may I be of assistance?" you question your king. "Are you doing anything today?" he asks looking at you, his gaze unwavering and you thought about it, "Nothing out of the normal, I might train with Legolas if he wants to, but other than that, not that I can think of, is there something you need me to do Nin vuin?" you ask him, use to him asking you to do certain things. "I found this waterfall, and I was wondering if you would like to come with me?" he asks as he licks his lips, almost nervous about your response. You couldn't help but smile, "I would like that Thranduil," you say to him, he smiles, "Okaui, mín tur- glenn- shortlui, nin mela." he says softly, leaning down to steal a quick kiss, adding, " Im'll tul- rad- cin shortlui." before leaving, and you smile, watching him leave before heading off yourself to make sure you weren't needed for the day.

Amrun Mela- Morning love.

Amrun nin Aran- Morning my king.

Nin mela- My love.

Nin vuin- My lord.

Okaui, mín tur- glenn- shortlui, nin mela. - Okay, we can go shortly, my love.

Im'll tul- rad- cin shortlui.  - I will come find you shortly.

Chapter Text

Loki thought the whole war between Captain America and Iron Man, over the Winter Soldier, was pointless and a huge waste of time, and he could have been using that time for more appropriate things, such as reading. The war was no longer about the Sokovia Accords but about the Soldier and he thought it was all completely unproductive, and it maddened him when you were dragged into the fight, brought in from your mission to be involved and you wanted nothing to do with, and they practically forced you to chose a side. You tried to mediate, telling them they had more important things to worry about, like the Accord: still, they continued to fight, dragging you into it.

Loki got angry when you got hurt, bad enough that you ended up in a coma, and yet the battle continued, until he froze everyone to the spot, but allowed them to be able to hear, Loki told them how stupid their fight was, how Seargent Barnes was a victim and how they already had two casualties of their fight more so, they should be focused on the Accords and then he released them, getting you and Rhodes to the hospital. Thankfully both sides came to their senses and they stopped fighting.

Loki stayed with you whilst you were in the hospital, not wanting to leave you in fear that your condition might change whilst he wasn't by your side. He sat on the provided chair for hours on end, reading and keeping an eye on you, reading passages from the book Naïve Super by Erland Loe. As he read another passage, his voice trailed off, his green eyes turning from the book to your prone body and he swallowed, "Wake up love. You need to wake up because I can't do this without you. I'm no longer sure how to.... I need you," he discloses softly unable to take the silence any longer and needing you to know how much he needs you. You didn't stir, unsurprisingly.

You stayed in the same condition for several days before you started to recover, when you did finally come around, Loki was still by your side, he had showered and changed, but he was still sitting on the chair, reading from another book, and Ernest Hemmingway novel this time, but his focus went to you as soon as you made an indication that your situation had changed. "Hey," he said as he set the book down, giving you his full attention, checking you over, taking your hand between his own, "How are you feeling?" he asked and you wetted your lips and smiled slightly, "I'm okay, a little sore, but okay," you answer honestly as you squeeze his hand, you hear his audible sigh of relief as if it were your own, "I'm glad," he tells you.

Chapter Text

You weren't sure why Nick had asked you to come over to his as your date was scheduled for the next week, yet when he asked, you had gone over. You and Nick ended up sitting on his sofa, talking and he smiled as he licked his lips, "Thanks for coming, I know it's short notice and everything but I appreciate you coming over," he said, his hands folded up in his lap as he twiddled his thumbs uncertainly, unsure how to get the words out. "I know that we.... we haven't been seeing each other long but... but...gosh." he trailed off into a murmur to himself before he started up again, "but there is something about you that is different and I think I'm in love with you and I'm terrified about it, I know we haven't been together long and I don't exactly have the best track record with people," he says with a huff of nervous laughter as he allowed himself to look up, only to be taken aback by the look you were giving him.

You had been staring at him in surprised awe, you had not expected him to admit that he was in love with you when you had walked into his home earlier in the evening, and so, you were a little taken back by his admission, but at the same time, you were honoured that he felt that way about you. You couldn't help the smile that formed on your lips, "Neither of us exactly have the best track record with people, and I'm always happy to be in your company," you told him with a soft laugh as you take his hand in your own, "and your not alone in your feelings, they are mutual, I feel the same way about you," You informed him, the words coming more easily for you as you knew he wouldn't reject you. Nick sighed in relief, relaxing in the knowledge that he might have a future with you yet.

Laughing, you lean over, closer to him, "Now that we have declared out undying love for each other, are you going to relax around me?" she asks playfully, she had seen how tense he had become in their last few encounters and had put it down to work, but now she had begun to suspect this was actually down to him keeping his secret a secret. Nick laughs softly and nods a little, "I should think that is a possibility." he says just as playfully. You laugh before leaning over and kissing him, softly, something the two of you had done only a few times, yet always felt like the first time due to how it always took you by surprise.

Slowly, the kiss deepened and soon the two of you were making out on the sofa, Nick was pulling you closer, enough to cup your cheek and hold you close and kiss you deeply, you pull back from his lips to try and get some air into your lungs but the smouldering look that Nick was giving you made you blush, "If you keep looking at me like that we won't make it to the bed." You tell him, a little breathlessly but also not seriously, as neither of you was ready for that stage of the relationship yet, Nick chuckles softly, leaning over to steal a quick kiss before resting his forehead on yours, "I can't help it, you have no idea how amazing you are," he says.

Chapter Text

You and Abby had known each other a while, you had been working at NCIS for a while now, and as Abby was the only forensic scientist, you had come to know her, even if you didn't work for team Gibbs, you occasionally made an appearance there, helping the team out if they needed it, or just letting them use you to bounce ideas off of whilst you worked. 

It had taken but you had finally cleared time in your schedule to hang with Abby, the two of you weren't doing anything too exciting, just relaxing mostly, something you were both enjoying after weeks of hard work, back to back cases making it almost impossible for a social life, but you were currently enjoying your day off, walking the street, a drink in your hand as you talked, a couple bags in both of your arms, the same for your friend and co-worker, but that didn't stop either of you.

You had been out for a couple hours when the clouds rolled in, making it grow dark, and it quickly down poured on the both of you, causing you to groan and head for cover, dragging Abby with you, who seemed to be dragging her feet, "Come on Abby," you say, not really wanting to catch a cold, "I want to enjoy the rain," she replies and you groan, "We're in the middle of a thunderstorm, and you want to stop and feel the raindrops?" Abby laughs and nods, making you shake your head but you laugh as you dive for cover and let her do what she wants until she finally joins you under the cover of the shop.

Chapter Text

You weren't sure how you got into this situation, or more accurately, you weren't sure why Pietro dragged you into the situation that he was in, you suppose that he was in one of those moods and was just annoying everyone, he had decided it would be fun to use his super speed to 'borrow' peoples belongings and hide them in other peoples rooms, or in the lounge, you weren't sure the purpose of it, or why they thought you were involved.

You had been sitting on the sofa on the communal floor when Pietro had come speeding in, a grin on his lips and Hawkeye's quiver in his hand. "Have you lost your damn mind?! If he catches you with that, he will actually maim you," you warn him, though you knew he would deserve whatever injury he occurred for his childish behaviour. "No, he won't hurt me, he has to catch me first," he says with a smirk as he disappears to hide the arrows before returning to sit with you.

Somehow, he had done a similar thing to everyone in the tower, and because you were with Pietro, who had gotten caught in the act, you had told him, you had also gotten the blame, and had angry Avengers chasing you, well, Pietro who was carrying you.

Chapter Text

It was Christmas, one of your favourite times of the year and you were excited, the apartment was decorated in a neat way, so there was no way that Matt could walk into anything or have anything be too much on his senses. Matt was not quite as excited as you, but he loved seeing you so excited.

Matt agreed to be your date to your Christmas party for work, it was an ugly sweater party, which was amusing to you, so of course, you agreed to it and you made sure that you both had a sweater for the party. It was two days before the party and you were checking that the sweater fit okay, Matt walked in and walked over to where you were, "Hey," he says and you laughed, "Hey, how was work" you ask him and he smiles "It was good, but I am so glad to be home and have the holiday off" he says and you smile at him comment "I bet." you say, watching as he runs his fingers over the material.

"It feels weird. I don't really like it." he says as he runs it fingers over the fuzzy snowman before shaking his head, "Nope, take it off," he says and you laugh, "Excuse me," you say, "You heard me. Take. It. Off." he says, his fingers moving to the bottom of the fuzzy sweater and you laughed, "Things I do for you," you tease but take it off, leaving you in only a vest top, making him grin, "Much better." he says, his fingers happily roaming over your skin.

Chapter Text

With a groan, you lifted your head, pain shooting through it but you ignored it and took stock of the rest of your body, finding the pain not too bad, you pushed yourself up and looked around, finding the team climbing to their feet and then moving to each other, your eyes take stock of the area, your eyes landing on Will, who was still down. You moved over to him, dropping to your knees beside him. "Will, hey, hey, careful" you say softly seeing his eyes open and groan, pain evident on his face. You give him a weak smile, "Can you get free?" you ask looking at the beam that was over his leg and you watched as he tried and he cried out, causing you to wince. "Okay, don't move Will," you tell him. "Looks like we'll be trapped for a while, so, im going to check on everyone else," you let him know and he nods his head.


You stand up and move away from Will, worried for him, you send some of the men to try and get out and get help, Autobot help, sending them off with bags that were scattered nearby, the rest of the men, were more badly injured so you helped clear an area for them to sit, but first you tried to get the metal beam off Will but it wouldn't budge so you let them sit down in the cleared area before you checked the ruined building. Grabbing bags that you find, chucking all but two to the men, before moving back to Will.


"Hey," you say to him as you dig through the bag, realising it was your bag and being grateful for it, you pull out the aluminium blanket and lay it over Will who gave you a weak smile in return. "Thanks," he says as he shivered, "How're the guys?" he asks trying to ignore the pain he was in. "Those here are the worst, most of them just have concussions, some do have broken bones though. Those that went are better off, concussions and cuts and such" you let him know before transferring some of the contents of the other bag to yours and then using the second bag to prop up Will's head and making him eat one of the fruit bars and made him have the lemonade drink from your MRE and take some of the grunt candy. "How bads the pain?" you ask him and he grunts, "Bad." he says and you nod, "You will be okay" you let him know.



You sat with Will for a long while, talking to him, trying to keep him from passing out. You suddenly hear loud engines rumbling your way and you sighed in relief, you could hear the Bots transforming and the roof being ripped off, you looked up to see Optimus, Ratchet and Ironhide peering back. Optimus carefully reaches out and lifts your injured men out from the building, setting them down outside whilst Ratchet got to work on them. Ironhide reached out and pulled pieces of metal and concrete away from yourself and Will, dumping them in the corner, before lifting the beam of Will's leg. The giant black Autobot lifted the two of you up and brought out of the building, setting you down by Ratchet.


The medic soon, got to working on Will, setting bones and cleaning wounds before the Autobots changed back to their Alt-forms, most of the team ended up in Optimus's trailer, a few were in Ratchet whilst you and Will rode in Ironhide's flatbed. "Feeling any better?" you ask him as you run your fingers through his hair. "Yeah, thanks for staying with me." he says and you smile "Of course," you tell him.

Chapter Text

There had been a series of murders in a small town, each of them increasingly stranger than the last, yet they all were connected and you could tell by the way in which the bodies were set out. Sam, Dean and Maxine, or Max as she liked to be called, especially by her brothers, headed out to the small southern town where the killings were taking place. As always, Dean was driving, whilst Sam sat shotgun and their sister sat in the back, they were talking about the case as they pulled into the cheap motel.  Dean pulled the car into a parking space, before climbing out with his siblings, the three of them grabbing their bags and heading to the front desk and getting a key to two rooms, their usual sleeping arrangements. Sam made sure that his sister was situated before heading to his room with Dean and dropping in bed, not even bothering to change.

It took the three Winchesters almost two weeks and six bodies before they found the creature that had been doing the killing. Dean decided, that upon seeing the carnival to drag his siblings there, he made sure that his baby was safe in the make shift lot before they walked in. "Come on guys, how often do we get to do something fun?" Dean says to them as he looks around the surprisingly large Carnival, earning a groan but agreements from the other two. "Fine, but we better not spend the whole night eating or going to the stupid games," Max says to her eldest brother in annoyance, earning a laugh, "Deal," he says to her.

The trio spent a great deal of time at the carnival, all having a really good time, riding the rides, snacking on sugary junk food and Dean winning his younger siblings stuffed animals from the rigged games. After an enjoyable few hours, the three of them started to head for the exit, when Max suddenly exclaimed horrified "Where the f*ck did that clown come from?" when she saw a clown standing motionlessly by the exit. Sam made a noise of horrified disgust when he too spied the thing. Dean laughed at their reactions and shakes his head before sipping from his water bottle, "He was part of the gazebo we didn't go to, you know, housing the clowns and such" he says amused as he goes through the exit, heading for his car, needing some sleep, he does wait for his  brother and sister though, who rush through. "I hate clowns," Sam says, checking to make sure they weren't followed as he heads for the car, throwing a protective arm around Max who nods her agreement, "I know what you mean," she says creeped out as she heads to the car, the three of them climbing in and heading for the hotel. "Could I, can I stay with you guys tonight?" she asks and Dean chuckles, "Sure Maxi" he tells her.

Whilst Maxine went to grab some clothes, Sam and Dean changed and got ready for bed, Dean grabbed the door for his sister when she knocked and let her in. Sam grinned at her but allowed her to climb into his bed, something that had happened on more than one occasion, heck the three of them had shared beds more than once. Eventually, the three of them climbed into their beds and went to sleep.

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Despite the fact that Sam and Dean, Dean especially, had been on hundreds of hunts, Maxine couldn't help but worry about her brothers. She hated when they went hunting, she always feared that one day they wouldn't come back to her, and on more than one occasion, it had happened, Dean had gone to hell, Sam had gone to hell, kind of, both boys had died, they had been beaten God only knows how many times. Irrespective of the fact that Max also hunted, her nightmares seemed to centre around losing her brothers.

Her night started off as normal, she did her nightly routine, said good night to her brothers before heading to bed. After sleeping for a few hours, her peaceful sleep soon turned fretful, nightmares plaguing her. She was soon whimpering and thrashing in her bed before she jerks awake, tears sliding down her cheeks.

Dean, being a light sleeper, heard the noises coming from his baby sister and was almost instantly awoken, moving over to her. "Hey," he says to her, "Nightmare?" he says, though he knew it was and wasn't sure if she wanted his help, seeing her nod though, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her head before sitting on the edge of her bed. "Do you want to talk about it?" he questions as he holds his sister as he makes sure that she was covered so she didn't get cold. Swallowing, she shrugs slightly before telling him about the nightmare, the fear of losing both of her brothers and being left alone and as she starts to talk she starts to panic, "Hey...Hey, im with you, okay. Always" he tells her as he holds her closer and rocks her gently, "Everything's going to be okay," he tells her softly, "Nothing is going to happen to me, nor Sam," he says.

Max wraps her arms around her brother, holding onto him tightly and burying her head into his shoulder. Only briefly lifting her head when she heard someone walk into the room. She gave her other brother a half smile. Sam joined them, having heard her have a nightmare as well but let Dean calm her down. Sam joins her on the bed and kisses her head lightly. "Dean's right, everything's going to be okay," he says to her as he watches her cuddle back into their eldest sibling. It didn't take long for their only sister to fall asleep, and a shared look between the brothers made them simply rearrange themselves in the bed, before turning off the light, letting their sister know she wasn't alone.

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Slightly trembling, and following the officer, you walk out of the elevator into a rather orange office space, you follow the officer, and the agent who was acting as your guide, and follow them around, spotting a familiar face, you barely keep yourself from running over, especially as you knew you were covered in blood and you knew that it would be a bad idea. "Agent Gibbs, you have a visitor," the agent says and motions to the officer, and you tune it all out, not wanting to hear about your parents murders, it was bad enough being a witness to the crime, it was bad enough almost being a victim, it was bad enough that you had tried, unsuccessfully to try and save your parents. You swallow back the tears and look up to your godfather, scared and needing the comfort of a familiar presence. 

Gibbs reaches around and brings you closer, holding you against him and whispers words of comfort into your ear, you practically cling to the man you called an uncle, your father and Gibbs were in different military branches but were almost like brothers, so you considered him to be an uncle, you father and Gibbs were so close that Gibbs was your Godfather. "It's okay sweetheart, let's get you to mine," he says gently, knowing you were on the verge of breaking down. You simply nod your head. "DiNozzo, you're in charge till I get back," Gibbs calls out to a tall, dark haired man, who like most of the people were watching. "Yes boss," the man calls back without hesitation, though he was looking more at you before seemingly snapping out of it and turning back to his work.  Gibbs takes you back to his place, where you shower and change, curling into your Godfather, allowing yourself to cry over the loss of your parents. You eventually cry yourself to sleep on his shoulder.

It takes close to four days before you are allowed to go back home, not like you are thrilled about it, but you needed to deal with everything. You had been staying with Gibbs since the incident. In fact, you had moved in, your Godfather had insisted on it and you didn't fight it. You had met his team and spent some time talking to them all, you had gotten close to Abby, who wouldn't, and Tony, or DiNozzo as he was often called. Tony had done a great deal in helping you with coping, he was also the one who was coming with you to your house to help pack some of your things. You packed most of your stuff, some personal things from your parents and some documents and pictures before you dumped them in your truck and looked at the house. "You need more time?" Tony asks you as he leans against his own car and you shrug before shaking your head. "No, I just. I'm gonna miss them" you admit quietly, "I'm gonna miss it all." Tony nods his head a little before helping you into your pickup and getting into his car and following you to Gibbs' house.

Despite how much time was left between visits, the Gibbs household never changed, and that was one thing you were thankful for, especially as you pulled your truck in and climbed out, shutting the door behind you, grabbing a couple bags and swinging them onto your shoulders, taking them straight up to your room, being closely followed by Tony, who was carrying some of your other belongings. After getting all your stuff in, Tony stops you and looks uncertain, "Gibbs will kill me when he finds out but, when you're ready, or in the meantime, if you need to talk, here's my number, give me a call, okay, we can get coffee or dinner or something" he says to you as he pulls out one of his cards and writes his cell phone number on the back and you laugh quietly, a brief period of happiness in the grief stricken times. "Thanks, I might do that," you tell him, taking the card. Tony grins at you, presses a kiss to your cheek and then shakes his head, "I have to get back to work. My god is Gibbs going to kill me when he finds out," he says but chuckles, "but I think it's worth it," he says before leaving your new room, holding the card, hope blossoming. 

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You were working on your room in the bunker, you were painting your room, making it more of your own when you heard the fluttering of wings behind you. "Hey Cas," you greet as you turn your head slightly to see him and smile, getting a smile in return from the Angel's vessel. "Hello," Cas says as he watches you curiously. "What are you doing?" he asks intrigued and you smile, setting the paint and brushes down, taking his hand and bringing him over, "I'm painting my room, im going to do a mural on one wall, it'll probably be a jungle or safari, " you tell him. Castiel nods his head as he looks at the work you have already done and that you have left to do. "Do you want to help?" you ask him and he shrugs his shoulders, "The paints supposed to go where?" he asked as you handed him a paintbrush and grab your own brush, "Just paint this wall, but make sure that you paint downwards," you tell him and he smiles slightly, taking your advice and painting with you, helping to get the wall painted. The two of you not needing to talk but still enjoying the others company.

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"You know," I say from behind you, causing you to jump and spin around, "it isn't safe for you to be walking alone this late at night," I finish as I fly slightly in front of you now. You laugh softly, "Don't you know I have my own guardian angel," you joke lightly, and I can't stop the slight smile that dances on my lips,"I have rescued you a little too often," I tease as I land in front of you, lips still dancing with a slight smile."This you have," you agree as you walk with me, "and I am thankful everytime you do," you tell me. This time I can't help but chuckle, "I know," I comment as I fall into step with you.

The two of us walk, in silence, for a few streets before I speak again, "You should stop coming out so late and I wouldn't need to rescue you," I say, not for the first time. A smile forms on your lips, and I can't help but watch, in slight awe as you do. "I can't always help it," you say, breaking me from my slight trance, "I have to work." I hum softly, understanding completely, not that I could tell you... or could I?

The thought of telling you whom I was, was intriguing, I had never told anyone, though Lois knew. You did know both sides of me, the geek I was now and the superhero people looked up to. You had known the other me for over a year and you had known this version of me, a little, for three months. "Maybe try not to work so late, or get a ride," I manage to say to you as we made it to your apartment block. I decided to bite the bullet.

"Can I tell you a secret?" I ask and I can see the surprise on your face before you nod, "Of course," comes your answer, almost immediately, and I am grateful for it. I knew you weren't one to gossip or lie, but I could only hope this secret would remain a secret. "My real name is Kal-El," I say before swallowing slightly, "but most people know me as Clark Kent," I admit to you and you smile, "I know... I mean about you being Clark," you say in return, and I can hear the sincerity in your voice and I blow out a breath, careful as not to use my ice-breath. "And you didn't say anything?" This time, I am surprised. "Of course not, I figured you would tell me when you were ready," you say like it was obvious, and it makes me smile. "I suppose you know me better than I thought," I state and you laugh, leaning forward and pressing your lips to my cheek, "That I do," you breathe and I am suddenly very unsure about what to do. 

"If you like, I can continue to pretend that I have no idea, if it helps," you offer, bringing me out of my headspace. "That is okay, I am glad you know," I admit honestly, "Thank you for keeping my secret safe," I say, knowing that indeed you had kept it a secret. "That good sir is my pleasure," you say before a slight smirk crosses your lips, "At least it will if you keep saving me," you joke and I laugh, "Of course I will keep you safe, I am your guardian angel," I tease back and with our exchange at an end, I allow you to head inside, after you give me another kiss on the cheek, and I fly off, ready to save the city I had claimed as my own.

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Waking up on New Year's day, was as you predicted, terrible. There was a pounding in your head from the alcohol consumed the night before, you were also tired for staying up half the night to watch the New Year's fireworks, the party had lasted to almost three a.m when people finally started to break up for the night.  

It was close to nine a.m when you finally crawled out of bed, surprisingly, Benedict was already up and downstairs, making coffee when you stumbled downstairs, just after nine. "Morning," Ben greets and you make a noise of acknowledgement as you survey the mess on the floor, before deciding to ignore it for now. "Morning," you finally say to him as you walk into the kitchen and press a kiss to his cheek. "How bad are you feeling?" he asks, and you can hear the amusement in his voice. "I have a major hangover and there is a mess in the living room," you complain, earning another laugh, "It could be worse," he comments, making you groan, "Why are you so mean?" you say playfully upset, even as you wrap your arms around him and bury your head in his neck. "Because it is fun,"  he says in response, even as he hands you a cup of coffee and an aspirin. 

"I change my mind, you are my hero," you declare as you take the aspirin with some coffee. Ben chuckles, "You are easily persuaded," he teases as he leans over and presses a kiss to your cheek, but turning your head, you kiss him properly. "You are very persuasive," you tell him with a slight smile. Benedict chuckles and brings you closer as he presses a kiss to your lips softly, "I wasn't even trying," he says and you shrug, you would do almost anything for him and he knew it. 

Finally, you sit down with him and eat breakfast, and after doing the dishes, the two of you get to cleaning up the living room. "Next time, we are only having a few people over, it would be a lot easier to clean up," you tell him, though you both know that neither would change having your family and friends over to celebrate.

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Sherlock was working on a case, and he was sitting in his chair, hands clasped in front of his chin, and you were sitting across from him, reading a book, you were waiting on John son you could get lunch. At one point, you glanced up at Sherlock, before you returned to the book.

Near the end of the book, you glance job again then to your watch before glancing towards the stairs, with a quiet sigh you once again return yo your book, hoping John would hurry up, you were starving. "You know, I've seen the way you look at me when you think no don't notice," a voice comments and it causes you to jump. You look up to Sherlock and raise and eyebrow, before you could say anything, he smiles, just slightly, before it vanishes, he leans forward, "I'm not sure that you even realise that you look at me the way you do," he comments and you give him a shy smile, uncertain about what to say in response, "I erm, I didn't think that you noticed," you admit embarrassed, and wet your lips before continuing on, "I know full well how i look at you and how I feel about you," you admit.

"You are in love with me," Sherlock states almost knowingly, and without hesitating. You couldn't stop the blush from rising to your cheeks. He wasn't wrong. You were in love with him and had been for a while. "Yeah i am," you admit to what he knows, and it is almost a relief to admit it, but at the same time, you were scared about his reaction.

Sherlock nods, as if he was expecting that response from you, which wasn't a surprise to you, he did sometimes seem to know everything, but you always assumed he didn't get emotions, but he seems to get how you felt, he acted like he could see through, like he knew you better than you did. He gave a slight smile again before he moved to sit beside you, " you known I care about you, right?" He asks sounding a little uncertain, knowing he wasn't great at expressing himself or his emotions. You smile, already knowing that he did care. "I know you care," you tell him, because despite every thing, Sherlock had proved, in his own way, that he cared for you and considered you his friend.

"I've never been in love, therefore I can not guarantee that that is how I feel about you, but I care and I do not wish for harm to come to you," he tells you earnestly. "I can't even guarantee that i can show you how i feel, but I want you to understand and know that I care about you. Deeply." Sherlock confesses, surprising you with the sincerity of his words but also the topic, he wasn't known for being great with feelings, but he was known for being honest, now matter how blunt or hurtful, leading you to believe that he meant what he was telling you.

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"You know, being Director should mean that I can take time off when I want, but no that is not true," Phil complains as he moves in the bed, "talk to them, he said, he mentioned nothing about landing in the hospital," he complains, and you can't help laughing, "Being Director just means more paperwork, Phil, I thought I already told you this," you tell him, "and you need to lay still or you'll pull those stitches," you add amused, knowing that he wasn't a fan of hospitals, just like you.

"I would like to leave, this is not how I envisioned spending Valentine's day," he admits as he looks towards you, "I wished to spend the day with you." You smile as you lean over and brush your lips against his cheek, "You are spending the day with me," you tell him, "and you never asked if I was free today," you tease him, earning that rare smile from him. "In a more serious note, I am fine with spending time with you, and it isn't like we haven't spent time in the hospital before," you tell him and press a kiss to his cheek. "I know, and I'm glad to be with you too," he says taking your hand. "If you behave, I'll sneak you some chocolates and coffee," you bribe, knowing it was likely he would try and leave otherwise.

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"They look good Peter, I didn't know that you could cook." You tell your boyfriend , who blushes busy your comment, " I.… er …this is the only thing I can generally cook," he admits sheepishly, "Uncle Ben taught me how to make them," he confesses and you can't help but kiss his cheek, "I'm still impressed," you tell him as you move around him to grab toppings for the pancakes; syrups, sprinkles chocolate chips and whipped cream. 

It didn't take Peter long to dish up the pancakes, bringing both plates to the counter, "here we go, let's hope that they're edible," he jokes nervously, having never cooked for you before. " If it's not, I'm raiding your ice-cream," you tease as you add your preferences to your dessert.

"You go near it and I'm kicking you out," Peter jokes back as he dumped a tonne of syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles on his. "Want any pancakes with that," you joke back earning an insulted gasp, "I'm a growing boy, I need...." He says before you cut him off, "you'll have a sugar high, you need real calories," you tell him amused whilst swiping some sprinkled cream and dumping it on your own messy pudding and eating it.  "Mean, " he claims, moving his plate away from you. You laugh and eat your pancakes. "Thanks Peter, these are really good." 
"Thank You," he say shyly, his cheeks bright red.

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As the cloud dust settled, you noticed that you were lying on the hard concrete floor in pain and as you sat up you winced seeing the world seemingly spin, especially when your stomach revolted, close to throwing up. You slowly look around as your hand came up to your head and slowly pulled yourself up to your feet, eyes flickering around the street, your eyes landing on Tony, who was laying a few feet behind you.

"Tony,"You say as you crouched down beside him and place your fingers to his throat and breathed a sigh of relief as you feel the rapid beating of his heart and you gently tap his cheek. "Tony, come on babe," you say to him before you take another look around, you still didn't remember what happened but you could see the destruction on the street, there was cracks on the ground and the lamp-post was bent in half, so you knew it was bad. Your attention was turned back to your genius by his soft groans of pain as his eyes flickered open and darted from left to right before they settled on you.

"Hey," he grunted as he forced his body up and sat up, his eyes darted around, taking in your surroundings quickly before he relaxed slightly into you. "Dang my head hurt," he uttered before he forced himself to stand up, helping you to your feet as well, "Do you remember what happened?" he queried as he looks around the street, it looked like a hurricane had ripped through it. You slightly shook your head, "No, the last thing that I remember was coming out of work," you told him. He nods his head, though he looked slightly distracted, "I don't even remember that, I remember headed out the tower to come pick you up," he says, his eyes finally landing on you and you lick your lips nervously. "You think someone purposely attacked us?" you ask him, you eyes repeatedly take in the street as you step closer to Tony, who nodded and took your hand, leading you away from the carnage and back towards the safety of the tower.

You get about halfway down the street when a figure stepped out from down the street, Tony stops in front of you, he tugged you behind him, making sure to shield you with his own body. Despite only being a nurse, you weren't afraid to fight if needed, so from behind Tony, you watched as what you assumed to be a man, moved closer to the two of you.

You weren't sure how it happened, but you assumed it must have been thanks to JARVIS, one of Tony's Iron Man suits was flying in from the direction of the tower, without giving anything away, you watched as JARVIS-controlled the suit and wiped out the man advancing on your location. After which, the suit proceeded to land in front of Tony, who climbed inside and wrapped his arms around you, keeping a firm grip on you, as not to drop you. Tony flew you back to the tower, where JARVIS welcomed you back and took the suit, you were soon told by the artificial butler about the previous few minutes, where that man, had been the following of a known terror organisation had tried to kill the two of you.

Still a little shaken from the ordeal, you grabbed the first aid kit and went about patching the two of you up, but all you could really focus on was how hard you had to concentrate to keep your hands from shaking as the adrenaline rush you had encountered, rushed out of your body and you were left slipping into shock.

"Hey, it's okay. We're both okay," Tony says softly, his voice none higher than a whisper as he caught a glance at how badly shaking your hands were as you were patching him up, his hands moving to cover yours. The unusual, but not unwelcome, display of quiet affection caused you to sob softly, and lean into him, pressing your head into his shoulder, shaking. "It's okay baby, let it out, you are okay." he murmurs as he runs his hand over your back and slowly rocks back and forth on his heels. You grip his shirt tightly as you quietly sob, whilst you sobbed into his chest, Tony's soft hushing, finally calming you down.

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You and Bruce were just heading around town, you weren't doing anything, in particular, just heading out into the city to get out and to get some fresh air as Bruce hadn't been out of the tower in almost two weeks and he had asked for you to accompany him on a walk. Of course, you had agreed to do so, especially as it meant spending time with him outside of the tower, something you rarely get to do.

Bruce looked at you with a small smile as his hand grabbed your hand lightly and his fingers slid between yours, his head turning back to the way he was walking and as the two of you slowed your pace to prolong your walk. Whilst you're used to Bruce going off on missions and you had seen him as the Hulk several times, you had never witnessed him turn into his alter ego before, you were just used to seeing him as the Hulk after he had turned.

Whilst you were walking side by side with Bruce, you hadn't expected to see General Ross start coming heading your way, several men on either side of him, none of them looking like they belonged in the area or like military men. Instantly, you were on alert, watching the men closely as you and Bruce came to a stop on the sidewalk, keeping an eye on them, you felt Bruce's grip tightened on your hand as he looked at the men. Lightly, you rubbed the back of his hand as he clearly tensed up. "Ross," Bruce says trying to keep his cool so he doesn't turn into the Hulk. "Banner, you wanna do this the easy way and just come in quietly or do I have to let these guys earn their pay?" You watched as Bruce's skin started to taint green at the threat, but you could see that he was trying to keep himself from turning and hurting anyone. You could see how tense he was and the way he was trying to control himself. "Why can't you just leave me alone, I haven't done anything." he says which makes the General laugh "Except being an unstable monster," the general remarks.

Bruce flinches at the comment as he brings his hand away from yours, the comment hurting more than he cared to admit, which the General clearly saw and smirked at his pain. As the general and his men advanced on you and Bruce, you notice how Bruce's breathing deepens as his skin tints green and his hands clench into fists as he prepares for the fight that he knows is coming. As the group stalked closer, just feet away, Bruce moved you back, away from him and then he turns into the Hulk.

As you moved back, just a step, Ross and his men started firing on the Hulk, who moves into the line of fire, protecting you and he started towards the men who were shooting in your direction. Terrified, you moved back, away from the fight, but the guys got closer as the Hulk smacked the men out of his way. You started to move towards safety but you still get shot by one of the guys, but you move out of the way.

It wasn't long before the police arrived along with paramedics. You stayed quiet as you watched the fight going on but it was soon over and the large figure of the Hulk turned to face Ross, who was looking pale before he was placed in cuffs. The Hulk turned to you, his dark green eyes looking you over as he steps closer, the ground shaking as he steps in front of you. A large green finger gently touched your cheek before he moved you and nudged you towards the medics and you laugh softly and let yourself get patched up before returning to the Hulk before he returned to Bruce. You smile softly and kiss his cheek as you look him over, he was fine, dressed in only his jeans, ripped slightly but he was fine and you gave him your jacket as the two of you head back to the safety of the tower.

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"Hey Sarge," you greet as Sergeant Barnes is brought into the hospital wing you were working in. "You know if you wanted to see me, you could have asked," you tease your boyfriend lightly before undoing the bandage around his upper arm. "What happened?" you ask him. James smiles in amusement, "I would of but you might have turned me down, and it's not sure I could take that," he jokes, watching you check the wound on his arm. "One of the newbies got a little too trigger happy," he informs you. "Macho Man can handle it, can't you," you tease as you patch his arm up. "What can I say?" he teases back, "I figured I would be seeing you soon, no good having cried before that." You laugh softly, finishing bandaging his upper arm, "How's that feel?" you ask him, "Better, thanks Doll," he says, leaning forward to press a quick kiss to your cheek. "You always know how to make me feel better," he comments. "You're sweet on me James," you say to him, pressing a kiss to his cheek, "Now scram," you tell him. "I'll see you soon," he promises as he rises, kissing the corner of your mouth and disappearing out the door.

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Hearing footsteps heading towards you, you glance up from where you were sitting and reading, "You look like crap," you inform your boyfriend and boss, he had been asleep when you had last seen him, a few hours earlier, "The fact that I'm upright can be credited to our French press," Phil informs you blandly as he walks into the living room, where you were sitting, his dry response makes you laugh. "That bad?" you question amused as you set your book down, moving over to let him drop down on the couch. "It is a minor miracle that I am functioning at all," Phil admits to you as he leans into you, eyes closing as he settled against you. You reach up and run your fingers through his hair, feeling him relax against your side. "Just how much coffee did you have?" you ask him softly, not minding that he was essentially using you as a pillow. "A whole carafe," he mutters, shifting to get more comfortable and then reaching up to rub his temples with his index and middle fingers, "That explains everything," you tell him with a shake of your head, "Between last night and all the coffee, I'm surprised you're not in the hospital," you tease lightly, whilst simultaneously checking that he was okay. "Let's never talk about it," he utters.

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Steve sighs as he pushes open the front door and quietly shutting it behind him. Leaning against the door for a moment, he sighed quietly before taking a deep breath, a small smile appearing upon smelling lunch, clearly, his beloved wife had made lunch and he had once again missed it due to being sent on a mission. Deciding wallowing wasn't worth the effort, he pushed himself away from the door, heading to the kitchen but stopping, a soft voice could be heard singing down the hall, recognising it as his wife, he smiled and followed the voice, pausing in the nursery doorway. Mouthing the words of a song he knew well, a song his mother sang when he was young and he had sung to his wife when she had been sick. 

" and time after time, you'll hear me say that I'm so lucky to be loving you," he murmured along quietly before singing the words aloud, joining his wife as she was placing their twins back into their cribs. Reaching out, he places his hand on his wife's lower back, smiling when she stood up fully. Smiling, he pulled his wife closer to him, wrapping his arm around her, his other hand wrapping around hers. 

" Time after time, I tell myself that I'm so lucky to be loving you," Steve started singing the song from the top, dancing with her, the only other noise was the soft breathing of their twins. After singing and dancing with her, he brings her closer, kissing the top of her head. 

"I love you, just when I think I couldn't love you any more, I find myself falling in love with you again, every day. With each touch, with each kiss and with each word, I fall in love with you even more. I am so glad I met you when I did and that you agreed to marry me," Steve says before leaning forward slightly and kisses his wife softly, cupping her cheek as he kissed her.

Chapter Text

Nervously glancing to the guests, You bite your lip, trying to keep from smiling before glancing back to Bucky, who was practically vibrating in excitement as he glanced from you to the other Avengers and then back to the old gender reveal wife's tales board, a board with old wife's tales and two options, indicating boy or girl, he was in charge of using the piece of chalk to mark down the answers that the guests gave. 

"Do I prefer sleeping on my left or right side?" You ask the Avengers, several saying left, indicating boys, with the rest saying right, indicating girls. With boys barely winning the vote this time, Bucky circles the left answer, before the two of you moved onto the next question.


After a few more questions, it was clear that the Avengers thought that you and Bucky were expecting boys, based solely on the circles, 5 of the questions being circled on the boy's side and 4 being circled on the girl's side. So bringing the board with you, you all head to where Pepper had set up a table for food, plenty of coloured food, half with pink icing or colouring and the other half with blue colouring, sitting right in the middle of the food were three cakes, one for each baby you were carrying.
Feeling warm arms slide around your waist, hands resting on your growing bump, you leaned back into Bucky's arms, turning slightly to give him a quick kiss, before returning your attention to where the group had congregated around the table, all getting a good look at the cakes. 
Reluctantly, you removed yourself from Bucky's arms, walking across the front of the table, and handing one of the knives to him and another to Pepper, who you and Bucky had decided would help reveal the genders, and keeping the last knife to yourself. You decided Pepper would be the one to help as she had been a great help to you both, and had been the one to set up the party. 
"On three?" You say to Bucky and Pepper, smiling, you were ready for the others to know the babies genders. 

"One," Bucky says gripping the knife a little tighter in his hand, which was trembling slightly in his excited-nervousness.

"Two," Pepper said, stepping closer to get a better angle to cut the cake.

"Three," You say,  all of you cutting right into the middle of the cakes, revealing the colour inside of the cake.

You grin, hearing cheers and congratulations coming from the group. The cake Bucky had cut open was blue, revealing Baby A was a boy, and the cake you had cut open, revealed Baby B was a girl and the cake that Pepper had cut revealed Baby C was also a boy.

"Oh my god," Bucky says excitedly, setting the knife down and moving to you, wrapping you up in a hug. "We're having both," he says eagerly, leaning down slightly to kiss you.

After celebratory hugs, you lean against Bucky's chest, watching the team talk excitedly, some playful ribbing happening from both sides, those who thought girls and those who thought boys, though most of the ribbing came from those who had said, boys. 
"Happy?" You ask Bucky, knowing full-well that he was.
"Ecstatic," he says, the smile having never left his face that had appeared upon learning the genders of your babies. "We're gonna have our hands full," he states, but he knew the two of you had plenty of surrogate aunts and uncles to help out.

Chapter Text

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” You tease James, or Rhodey as you more commonly called him, as you see his smile in amusement as he listened to you talk about a prank that you had pulled on his surrogate brother, and famous billionaire, Tony Stark.

"Very funny," Rhodey says with a huff of amusement, even as he glanced down at you, arm sliding around your waist, pulling you closer to his chest. 

"It was," you taunt playfully, laughing and trying to wiggle out of his arms as he tickles you for your comment. "Hey no, stop," You tell him trying to push his hands away. "James, stop," you say between laughs, eventually managing to break free of his grasp. "That was rude," you tell him, smoothing your hands down over your dress, pouting at the colonel for his actions, whilst checking to make sure the other guests hadn't seen or had returned to the party. 

"You deserved it," James tells you, even as he reaches out to tuck the now loose strands of your hair, behind your ear, hand moving down your back and pulling you closer again. Giving you a half-smile, the War Machine pilot leaned down and presses a quick kiss to your lips.

Chapter Text

Steve nervously glanced back to where his girlfriend Lily was waiting before returning to look back to the basement level of the compound, where Tony's lab and workshop were located, as well as the entrance to the garage.

"Just walk past," Lily calls out to her boyfriend, biting back a laugh as he shoots her a look, his gaze quickly returning to the hallway, watching as Steve takes a deep breath but straightens up and walks down the hallway, without glancing to the workshop where Tony was working. Lily couldn't stop the laugh this time as her boyfriend all but ran past her father. 

All but skipping down the hallway, Lily waved at her dad as she went by, joining Steve where he was almost hiding in the garage doorway. "Would you at least try NOT to gather attention?" Steve complains to her as he looks over the cars and then back to Lily who was laughing in response.

"Which one do you think will be the most inconspicuous?" Steve asks as he glances at Tony's array of cars.

"I can't believe you talked me into this," Lily says in amusement as she eyes her dads cars, before pointing to one, "That one," she says, heading to the cabinet where the keys for the cars were, and grabbing the correct one, before heading over to Steve and teasing, "Can you even drive?" 

"Yes Lils, I can drive," he says, taking the key from her hand, pressing a quick kiss to his girlfriend's lips, before leading her to the car. "Come on, before someone catches us," he says, unlocking the car and climbing in, waiting for his girlfriend to do the same, before leaving the garage.

Chapter Text

"Hey," Steve says to his girlfriend Lily as he wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her cheek, "Can I borrow you for a minute?" He asks her, nodding his head towards the hallway.

"Of course," She says before politely excusing herself from the other female members of the Avengers. Following the team leader, she was led to the hallway. "Everything okay?" She asks her boyfriend, getting a smile in return.

"Yeah. Yeah, everything's fine," Steve reassures, before blushing pretty darkly. "I've been meaning to ask for a long time now, but could never get the timing right... So I'm just going to ask," he says, before taking a breath and letting it out, "Will you marry me?"

Blinking in surprise, Lily chokes out, "Could you repeat that?" not sure she was actually being proposed to at her dad's party for their anniversary. 

"I ... Will you marry me?" Steve repeats, though a little more uncertain than before, though he lets out a sigh of relief when Lily throws herself into his arms.

"Yes! Oh my god yes," Lily tells him, kissing him passionately, which the Captain happily reciprocated. Letting her back down afterwards, Steve pulls out a small black box he had been carrying around for months, taking the ring out and sliding it onto her finger, placing a kiss to the back of her hand.

"Can't believe you proposed," she says as she looks at the ring and then to him, giving him another kiss. 

"We should, we should return before someone notices our absence," he says with a shy smile. 

"Okay," she says in agreement, taking his hand and leading him back into the party and then being dragged away by Natasha. "Kiss on your own time," the redhead joked, taking the younger Stark back to the group of ladies. 

Joining back into the circle, Lily excited blurted out that Steve had proposed, showing the ladies and Vision, who Wanda was talking to, or flirting with, more accurately, the ring that Steve had given to her. "Oh my gosh, that is gorgeous," Wanda says as she takes Lily's hand to get a better look at the ring. The ladies cooing and congratulating her.

Across the room, Steve joined Sam and Clint, who instantly started teasing him, seeing the blush on his cheeks. Clearing his throat, Steve smiles, "I did it, I asked her... She said yes," he tells them, glad to have gotten it off his chest.

"Bout time," Sam says, lightly nudging the other man, "I swear you've had the ring for months," he jokes, only to be cut off by Clint. "That's cause he had," the other blond male says, happily ribbing Steve, "I thought I would be a grandad before he finally proposed," he joked, laughing when Steve half-heartedly shoved him.

"I hate you both," Steve declares before folding his arms over his chest, even though he was smiling, unconcerned by the ribbing the two of them were giving him for his dopiness and procrastination on asking Lily for her hand in marriage.

Chapter Text

"Come on, It's a trick!" Clint declares, twirling the drumsticks around his fingers, sitting up from his slouched position on the couch.

"Nay, it is much more than that," Thor tells him, earning a huff of laughter from Clint.

"Can't convince me, man," Clint said, reaching for a bottle of beer off the table. "Ye whom shall be worthy, my ass, it's whoever has the biggest muscles," he adds, taking a sip of his beer.

"I'm with Clint on this," Sam throws in, grinning, amused by the argument.

"By all means, Eye of Hawk, try," Thor says amused as he drank from his cup of mead.


Lily shakes her head in amusement as she eavesdropped on the boy's conversation, even as she talked to the ladies about Steve's proposal and their upcoming wedding.

"Let's see the ring," Maria says, having not seen the ring as she hadn't been around for a while, due to a mission, with a grin, Lily happily shows Maria. and by extension the SHIELD leaders the ring that Steve had given to her.


"You buy this Rogers?" Nick asks catching a glance at the ring, confusing Steve who nods around a mouthful of Asgardian Mead.

"Yeah... Why?" the Captain asks a little uncertain as he eyed the Director.

"On your salary, I was expecting something a little bigger," Nick says with a lazy shrug of his shoulders, his almost careless comment made Steve blink in surprise as he glanced to his fiancee.

"I... Does it really matter how big it is?" He asked, the rest of the guys sitting a little straighter to listen to the conversation whilst also trying to shield Steve and keep Lily from hearing.

"No, was just an observation," Nick tells him, watching the captain in case he tried to come at him for his comment.

"Well, as long as Lily likes it, it doesn't really matter," Bruce says, playing mediator, hoping to keep the peace.

"I love the ring," Lily says, having heard the conversation and knowing that Nick didn't mean it the way it had sounded, but also knowing that Steve might take it the wrong way.


"Well, I think it is gorgeous, and I am happy both of you," Maria declares, deciding the tension would resolve it's self, and leaning across Wanda, Phil and Vision to give Lily a hug, "I expect to Maid of Honor," she jokes, knowing that Wanda would likely be the Maid of Honor as they were closer than she and the younger Stark. Lily laughs but happily returns the hug. "I was thinking Tony could be," she jokes, laughing when a pillow gets thrown at her by him.

"Rude!" Tony declares, despite the grin on his lips. "Oh speaking of Weddings," the billionaire says before turning to Steve, "If you hurt her..."

"You'll kill me, I know," Steve says in understanding, only to swallow when he sees the smirk form on the inventor's lips.

"Nope," Tony says cheerfully, " Natasha, Maria and Wanda will," he says with a smirk plastered on his face.

"Nobody will find your body," Natasha tells him, without batting an eye or missing a beat before returning back to where she was quietly talking with Bruce and Phil.

"Are there usually threats at celebrations?" Vision asked, watching the conversation more than he was participating in it. Wanda laughs, leaning into him, "Only at those attended by Avengers," she quips, entertained by the discussion.


Lily shakes her head, despite the small smile, as she watched those she was closest to her argue over how the ladies would maim her fiance if he hurt her.

"I love you, and I do love the ring," Lily whispers to Steve before giving him a kiss, happy to have noticed him relax since before Tony threatened him.

Chapter Text

Stephen was muttering to himself as he read through a textbook as he lounged in the Sanctum in his 'Wizard clothes', or his tunic and pants, The Cloak of Levitation were off doing something and Wong had been in the Library last he had seen of him. Kirra had been pottering around in the kitchen, doing her own thing, so when the Demoness walked into the room with a mug in hand.

"Hey," Kirra says softly as she hands over the mug of hot chocolate, "Figured you could use a hot drink," the Demoness explains before reaching out and carefully remove the Sorcerer's tunic, much to the Mage's surprise.

"Can I help you?" Stephen asks having tensed up when the Princess of Hell removed his tunic.

"I'm good," Kirra tells him as she sits down beside him and wraps her arms around his chest, cuddling into his chest, just enjoying the feeling of his skin against hers. Stephen relaxes, letting her hug him as he wraps an arm around her shoulders as he sips on his hot beverage. Neither of them bats an eye when Wong walks into the room and raises an eyebrow at their position before he grabbed a book and left again.

Chapter Text

Tugging his jacket sleeves down as he stands up, Benedict's eyes trail over the crowd of celebrities and their dates, before his eyes land on his girlfriend, Kirra, who was sitting at the bar, with a few others drinking. With a smile forming, he heads over to her, unsurprised to find her a little tipsy. "Come on love, let's get some fresh air," he says knowing it would help her.

"Okay," Kirra slurs as she stands up, wobbling slightly, before Benedict wraps his arm around her waist, helping her stay upright as he leads her down a hallway towards the outside. Coming to a conclusion, Kirra drunkenly pushes the actor against the wall and kissing him, the British actor returning the kiss, before his girlfriend pulls back slightly, trailing kisses down his neck, making Benedict moan quietly. Benedict blows out a breath, catching movement from the corner of his eye, he turns his head, to see Tom Holland dash past them blushing.

Clearing his throat, Benedict manages to get Kirra away from his neck, and giving her another quick kiss, he leads her outside, doing his best to keep Kirra's hands to herself, as she was a touchy drunk.

Chapter Text

"Hey," a voice says, making Ella jump and turn around, a blush forming on her cheeks when she notices Wanda, standing at the kitchen doorway.

"Hi," Ella squeaks flustered and a little nervous, before her powers kicked in, turning her invisible, which was a bit of a relief for Ella, but also a bit of a disappointment as it meant she couldn't talk to her teammate.

"Wow," Wanda utters as she looks at the spot where moments prior, her newest teammate had been standing. "That is so cool!" the Scarlett Witch says, realising it was a little odd not to see the person she was talking to but shrugged it off.

"I figured it was about time I properly introduced myself," Wanda carries on, not worried about not receiving a response, she had been informed by some of the others that their newest member turned invisible when nervous. "I'm Wanda, I too, haven't been here long, but everyone has been really nice to me, so that's been great," she goes on, "They've also been really good about helping me get full control of my powers and getting the English language down," she trails off for a moment, before smiling when Ella comes back into view, she was still blushing, but didn't look as apprehensive as she had the moment before her powers had activated.

"Hi," Ella says shyly, "Thanks for not freaking out," Ella says giving the other woman a small, timid smile, as she leans back against the counter, hands tugging on her cardigan's sleeves.

"Are you kidding? Your power is awesome!" Wanda says smiling excitedly as she walks further into the kitchen. "I tell you, sometimes I wish I could be invisible, it would be pretty cool," she tells her.

"Thanks, it's both a blessing and a curse," she responds, most people were a little weirded out by her ability to disappear, not liking the idea of someone creeping up on them. "I erm... I was going to make lunch... Do you want to help?" Ella asks.

"Sure," Wanda says as she steps closer to her, standing side by side with the newest member of the Avengers, helping her in preparing lunch, as she started up a conversation with her.

Chapter Text

Kirra (nightmare) Darkheart - Demoness and Princess of Hell.  Part 2 to Skin Hungry.


Late in the evening, Stephen headed up to bed, having finished studying for the day, walking into his bedroom, he was a little surprised to see Kirra sitting on his bed, hands in her lap, though he really shouldn't have been.

"Hey," Stephen greets her letting the cloak do its thing, whilst he set his sling-ring onto his desk.

"Hey," She replies, standing up and walking over to him, nervously smiling at him before reaching out and pulling him a little closer to herself and nervously leaning up and kissing him.

Stephen returned the kiss, placing a hand against her cheek, a muffled, surprised noise escaping his mouth when Kirra moved him, turning him and gently pushing the former surgeon onto his bed. Stephen pulls away as he lands on his bed, laying on his back, looking up at the Demoness in surprise. 

Giving the Sorcerer a smile, Kirra licks her bottom lip before climbing onto the bed, straddling him, leaning down to kiss him again. The princess of Hell smiled when she felt the doctor smile against her lips. Deciding to take it a little further, Kirra deepens their kiss, sliding her hand under his tunic before pulling back slightly to remove the garment again.

Chapter Text

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Ella asks her older siblings, nervously biting her lip, the three of them hadn't long been brought to the Avenger's Tower and being younger than her siblings, she didn't have great memories from their life before Hydra, she barely remembered her biological parents, her memories seemed to start when she was orphaned when she was 5 and her siblings 10. She mostly remembered being on the streets and being in Hydra's hand. Still not use to people being nice without an ulterior motive, so she wasn't sure if pranking the people who were effectively caring for them was a good idea.

"I'm sure," Pietro says, "If they don't like it, they will just tell us," Pietro reassures his baby sister pressing a kiss to her head. "It'll be okay," he promises her, making her nod. 

"Okay, let's do this," Ella says, making Pietro grin. "What should we do?" Ella asks, glancing between her siblings. 

"I know," Wanda says with a grin, leaning in to whisper her plan to her siblings, making them laugh. Splitting up, Pietro got a jar, whilst Ella, with JARVIS's help, she got an image of a head. Placing the image in a waterproof wallet, they put the picture in the jar, and filled it with water, putting it in the to fridge. Deciding to up the prank, they got some bubble wrap and cut into sections, placing them in off paces, such as the handle of a spoon, under the rug then they gathered in their shared bedroom, where JARVIS brought up video surveillance to watch. 

Sitting in their room, the siblings watch eagerly for their first victim. They didn't have to wait long until Clint came walking into the kitchen and opened the fridge, yelping when he sees the jar in the fridge, making them burst out laughing, missing the curse from the archer. Their attention was back to the surveillance, as they notice Steve walking through the hallway, jumping when he steps on the bubble wrap that was hidden under the rug. Both reactions to their pranks set them off again, into fits of laughter, something they rarely did.

Chapter Text

Tilting his neck side to side, Crowley drummed on the arm of his throne, thoughts wandering away from the report his demon was providing him, to his lover. Holding back a sigh of annoyance, his thoughts returned to his pregnant partner, thinking of him, and their unborn child, a pang of longing shot through him as he wondered if he could just disappear until the birth of their child, especially as he hadn't seen Bobby in close to two months.

Absentmindedly replying, Crowley dismissed the Demon before he stood and stretched, pacing the length of the room being followed by Juliet, his hell-hound. Making a decision, Crowley clicked his tongue before teleporting to Bobby's house, making sure he arrived outside, as not to startle the pregnant man. 

Walking inside, the Demon King skirted around the demon trap he knew was in the kitchen.  Checking each room as he goes, the King of Hell finds Bobby in the guest room, asleep on the rocking chair that was across from the babies' crib. Silently peering in, he paused when he noticed two babies inside the crib. Hearing a gun's rear slide click, he turns around slowly, as not to alarm the man.

"It is just me Darling," Crowley comments raising his hands with a slight smirk. Rolling his eyes, Bobby put the safety on and tucks his gun away.

"You're home early," Bobby says standing to peer into the crib where the newborn twins were sleeping. "Apparently, they didn't notice the second baby," he says, head shaking slightly at the idiocy of the medical professions. A hum of acknowledgement escaped Crowley's throat as he stared at his twin babies.

"I named the boy Cinaed Conall Singer, as we agreed on," Bobby informs him, glancing at the little boy before his attention was drawn to their little girl, "and our little girl is Kenina Caoimhe Singer."

"It suits them," Crowley responds, leaning over to kiss Bobby before pulling away to watch their children.

Chapter Text

Peter wasn't sure when things had changed, but he knew that they had. One day he thought of you as his best friend and then he was thinking about you being his girlfriend and he wasn't sure when or why it had changed.

He remembers coming up behind you, as he usually would in the morning and when you turned to face him, a sudden want to kiss you occurred and it took a lot out of him to keep from kissing you. He tried not to change how he looked at you, and he certainly tried to keep from thinking of you differently, but he knew he must have slipped up along the way, as you were starting to give him suspicious looks, to which he tried his best to act like he hadn't noticed them but he knew it was a weak attempt at best, especially as you were pretty observant. 

What he had never considered, but secretly hoped, was that you knew of his feelings, and better yet, you felt the same about him, which you did. You had been in love with him for a long while now but knew he had only thought of you as a friend, until recently. 

Chapter Text

"Are we sure this is real?" Melissa asks Dean who had just told them about the phone call he had gotten from someone claiming to be Castiel.

"I don't know," Dean says truthfully, "But we can't rule it out," he adds as he drums his fingers on the steering wheel as his mind races through several scenarios about how he could be alive, and who it could be if it isn't him.

"We'll just have to be careful," Sam says, the three of them falling into silence as Baby eats up the miles to the location Castiel had said he was in.


Pulling up in a dark alley, Dean pulled up to a stop before the three of them climbed out, scanning the area as hands go to where their weapons rest, just in case. Walking forward, their steps come to a stop as they stand a distance from where the Vessel of Castiel's stood.

"Cas is that really you?" Dean asks eyeing the man.

"No," Sam says shocked, "You're dead,"

"I... I was. Then I annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that he sent me back" Castiel informs as he walks closer to the Winchester Boys, and Melissa. 

"I  don't... I don't know what to say," Sam tells him

"I do," Dean says as he steps forward towards Castiel, "Welcome home Pal," he says wrapping his arms around the angel, relieved to see he was himself and was back. Stepping away, Dean let his arms drop to his side as Sam steps forward to hug the angel, a little awkwardly, both boys parting to let Melissa throw herself at the angel, hugging him close to herself. "You've been missed," The surrogate Winchester tells him, pulling back to stand between Sam and Dean.

"How long was I gone?" Castiel asks, eyes flickering over the three of them.

"Too damn long," Dean answers.

"Where where you? Heaven?" Sam questions as he eyes the vessel.

"No," Castiel says, to the hunters' confusion, "No, I was in the empty," he replies, confusing the three of them.

"Whats the empty?" Melissa asks confused as she watches the only full angel she considered a friend.

"It is where angels and demons go when they die, and eternal sleep," he explains, "after I annoyed the being, I heard someone call my name," he goes on, "I thought it was one of you."

"No, we were still looking," Dean says sharing a look with his brother, and surrogate sister. 

"Jack," Sam suddenly says, turning his attention to them, "He's been asking about you and wanting you back, he could have done it," he explains his theory, making them nod, it was plausible, they had no idea what the Nephilim could do.

"Either way," Melissa says giving Cas a smile, "It's good to have you home," she tells him, giving him another brief hug, before heading back to the Impala with them, climbing into the back with Castiel.

Chapter Text

Potentially a little NSFW.


"You are going to be the death of me," Stephen manages to get out as he watches the way your body moves as you give him a lap dance, his hands gripping the fabric of his trousers as best as he could, to keep himself from reaching out and touching you.

"But what a way to go," you tease as you move to straddle his lap, unsurprised when his hands come up to rest on your waist as you roll and grind your hips against his in time to the music you had playing. You smile as you feel his hands slide down to your hips and rest on your butt.

Leaning forward, you make sure to brush your lips against his cheek as you lightly grip his shoulder.

"Really gonna be the death of me," The Sorcerer utters giving in to the urge and pulling you closer to him, pressing his lips against yours and kissing you softly and slowly.

"I hadn't finished," you joke playfully, barely pulling away from his lips long enough to talk, not in the slightest concerned about not being done as you kiss him back, making the kiss a little deeper.

Chapter Text

Walking into the lounge, where everyone was gathered for the movie night, you sniffle as you wipe your eyes, almost instantly, the team turns towards you.
"What's wrong?" Steve asks as he climbs onto his feet, walking over and wrapping his arms around you, and struggling to keep from sobbing, you manage to choke out. "My grandpa, he's gone." Steve's arms tighten around you as he leads you towards the other, a group hug happening as the team do their best to comfort you.

After a few minutes of sobbing into Steve's chest, you manage to stand up on your own, a tissue being thrust at you, which you take to blow your nose and wipe your eyes. "Thanks, guys," you manage to tell them, voice a little rough from crying. "Would you... Would you guys come to the funeral with me?" you ask them, glancing at the team, people you called family. 
"Of course we will," Natasha tells you, daring the others to contradict her statement, which no one does, all of them wanting to be with you when you need them.


Days later, finds you and the other Avengers at the cemetery, everyone was dressed in black, a small but important button fastened to their clothing, a red button with the image of a red cardinal bird on it, with Ken, your grandpa's name underneath the bird. As per your grandpa's instructions, the adults, who drank, held a tumblr of whisky, and children, and those who didn't drink held club soda.
Taking a deep breath, you walked from your families side, to stand in front of your grandpa's grave, fingers nervously drumming on the glass as you stand in front of everyone.

“Grandpa was someone you could joke with or tell him something and he’d keep it a to himself. He was strong, gave great advice, and loved you no matter what happened. His favourite birds were Cardinals and he loved the Delta Redwings Hockey Team more than anything. I spent so many nights with him watching them but now, he has left this world in peace. He told me once, when I asked about him and grandma, that they met in their High Schools marching band. Both were in the drum section. He said that he knew he wanted to marry her. So they did, and they managed to drum their way through life together. And that’s true. So let’s all raise a glass to him. To Grandpa Ken. To the bravest guy ever.” You say, choking back tears before holding up the glass of whisky and taking a drink before re-taking a seat between your family, the rest of the funeral passing in a blur as tears continuously slid down your cheeks.


Later that night, found you in your room in the tower, having cried yourself to sleep, the other members of the Avengers were sitting outside your bedroom, having taken it in turns to sit with you. As the team debated on a router, so that there was always someone nearby in case you needed them, they all shoot to their feet as they hear you scream, sobbing soon following after. Entering your room first, Tony sat beside you, wrapping his arms around you, pulling you into his chest as he rocked you, the others crowding around, offering soft reassurances that it would be okay, and that he loved you unconditionally, and that he wouldn't be forgotten. Sitting with your friends, their reassurances and gentle tones, helped you fall back asleep as you cried in Tony's arms.



Dedicated to Ken, Kim's grandad, The Drummer who never stopped playing. Even in death.  May the Red Cardinals and Delta RedWings forever be with you.

Chapter Text

Tiredly, Kirra stepped onto the train, after a quick glance across the train carriage, she sighs not seeing an open seat, instead, moving to lean against the other set of doors. Fiddling with the strap of her bag, her eyes wander over the train passengers, setting on a familiar figure, which, after catching his eye, moves over to talk to him. "Long time no see stranger," Kirra says a little amused, having walked across the section to stand near Benedict.

"Indeed it has been Kirra," he says with a smile. "Would you like my seat?" He asks, ready to get up, to which she dismisses.

"I am good thanks, if I sit, I will fall asleep," she jokes, making him chuckle.

"I am tempted to fall asleep myself," he replies, setting the book he was reading into his lap.


Kirra and Benedict spent a few minutes talking before Benedict offered her coffee at his place. Kirra easily accepted his offer, always willing to spend time with Benedict. At his intended stop, Hamstead Heath, Benedict offers his arm to Kirra as they walked off the train, once again accepting, she let the British actor lead the way to his place as they talked. 

Once at his flat, Benedict got the coffee going as he moved around the kitchen, grabbing items as he talked. After it was done, the two of them settled on his sofa, where he had put the news on. Somehow, after talking for a few minutes, the two of them ended up kissing, both a little embarrassed, they pulled away from each other, but after catching each other's eyes, they both laughed, returning to kissing, this time more confidently.

Chapter Text

Trailing behind Thomas, Ki and Dylan into the hotel elevator, Ashley found herself lightly tapping her fingers on her camera strap as she watched the numbers on the elevators panel light up as they passed the floors. Quietly sighing, she adjusted her bag and reached for her suitcases handle, twisting it lightly, despite how long she had been travelling with the cast of The Maze Runner, hotel elevators still weirded her out. A ding announces their arrival on the floor, even though Ashley couldn't hear it. Seeing the guys grab their stuff and move towards the doors, she tightens her grip on her belongings, and once again, trails behind the guys as they leave the elevator. Checking the numbers as she passed the doors, she finds her room and unlocks it, waving to the men before heading inside, shutting and locking the door behind her.

Later that night found Ashley sitting on her bed un her Pj's as she scrolled through social media, the vibration of her phone caused her to divert her attention to the notification, where she read her newest text. After a moment of re-reading the message, she stood up and headed for the door, peering through the peephole, and seeing it was Thomas, she unlocked it, opening it for him.

"What's wrong?" she asked worriedly ushering him in, as she saw the tears in his eyes. Clumsily signing, Thomas manages to inform her about how his girlfriend had just broken up with him. Despite being in love with him, she felt bad for him, as he clearly cared for her and was hurt by the breakup. Giving him a sad smile in return, she signs as she talks. "I am sorry Thomas," she tells him as she motions him to her bed, the only place for them to sit. Sitting beside him she reaches out to hug him, letting it last a little while as he leans into her, holding back tears.

Eventually, he pulls back, and Ashley hands him some tissues. "It's going to be okay," she tells him, focusing more on her hands than on his face, "you can find better, someone who really cares about you, and wouldn't hurt you like that," she adds on, glancing up to his face, his forehead wrinkled a little in concentration as he mentally translated her signs into words.

Giving her a weak smile, he thanks her, concentrating to make sure he used the right signs, the ones she had taught them during the long days of travelling together. "I don't know if anyone would actually treat me like that," he admits, risking fumbling in his haste to get the words across to her. "I would," she tells him, then winces slightly as her cheeks flush with colour at her own blunt admission. 

Thomas smiles a little at her comment, raising his gaze to meet her eyes. "You already do," he signs back before he reaches over and squeezes her hands lightly. "Will you wait? Until I am ready to date again?" He asks, understanding what she had said, and meant. With a huff of laughter, she signs, once again as she talks. "Of course I will. I will wait as long as needed." 

Thomas smiles before he leans over to kiss her cheek softly, "Thank you." After a moment he clears his throat and signs again, "I should go, we could both use a good nights rest," he tells her, standing up. 

"Goodnight Thomas. I am a text away if you need me, otherwise, see you tomorrow," she tells him, waiting to when they were both standing at the door so she could sign at him as she talked. Leaning forward, she kisses his cheek before showing him out, waving when he turned back to look at her, before she shut and locked the door, a smile appearing on her lips, even as she blushed and headed to bed, a squeal escaping her mouth as she buried her head in to the pillow, still a little shocked that she had actually admitted her feelings to him.

Chapter Text

Mentions of; shootings, blood and death.


"Alright, Split up. DiNozzo's you pair up, McGee you're with me," Gibbs tells his team, motioning to the brothers, Blade and Tony, to head down the right corridor whilst he took McGee down the left one. The two groups soon spread out, moving down their respected hallways, clearing rooms as they went. Tony follows behind his brother, despite being higher in ranking, his older brother still protested about being the first one into a room, he wouldn't admit it, but it was to keep his younger brother safe.

As soon as the brothers entered the last room in the hallway, a shot rang out, making Tony grip his gun tighter as he scanned the dark room, he raised his weapon upon finding his target. "NCIS, Hands where I can see them!" He calls out aiming his weapon at the silhouetted person, hearing another shot, he dived to the side, taking his brother with him. Raising up again, Tony took three shots, each one hitting it's intended target on their shooter. Lowering his weapon again, he went and checked on the body, kicking the gun away before raising his gun and turning as the light turned on.

A gasp escaped his lips as he noticed the blood staining his older brother's shirt. "Blade!" He says somewhat panicked, as he returned to his brother's side. Pressing his microphone, he told Gibbs and McGee that their suspect was down and that he needed an ambulance. Sinking to his knees alongside his brother, he pressed his brother's hands into the wound, hoping to stem the blood flow.

"Stay with me Blade," Tony tells him, to which Blade chuckles, wetly as blood speckled his lips. Leaning into his younger brother, Blade held the wound, and some part of him knew the shot had been fatal. A sharp stinging of his cheek made him open his eyes again, even though he hadn't realised that he had closed them. "Come on Blade, your tougher than this, keep your eyes open," Tony pleaded, "You're going to be okay," Tony repeats, tears welling in his eyes, noticing how pale his brother was, and how he was responding sluggishly.

"You promised Blade," Tony chokes out, glancing up as he feels someone enter the room, Gibbs walked over, kneeling beside the fallen agent, Tony didn't pay much attention to it as he was focused on his brother. "You promised not to leave me Blade," Tony murmurs painfully as he held his brother. 

"I'm sorry Tones," Blade tells him, turning his hand to hold his brothers. "It's going to be okay, kid," he tells him, using what little strength he had left, to wrap his arm around his younger brother. "I'm proud of you. I always have been," he tells him, voice cracking before quieting, his body slumping as the life left him. 

"Blade!" Tony exclaims feeling his brother stop breathing, and managing to get his body to cooperate, he laid his brother down, starting a futile attempt at CPR on him. Feeling a hand pull him back, Tony struggled slightly as Gibbs pulled him away, allowing the Medics to get a look at the other man.

Not two minutes later, it was called, Blade DiNozzo was dead. Tony did nothing to stop the sob from escaping as he gazed down at his now dead brother. "Blade," he chokes out brokenly, "you promised," he chokes, letting Gibbs manoeuvre him out of the way, turning him so that the youngest DiNozzo could bury his head into his boss's shoulder as his body trembled with silent sobs. "He promised Gibbs, he promised not to leave me," he manages to get out, unsurprised, but grateful, when his boss simply held him tighter, letting him cry as people started swarming the scene, including Jimmy and Ducky, NCIS's Medical Examiners. 

"We will take good care of him, Tony," Jimmy says, somewhat awkwardly patting his friend's shoulder before walking over to the fallen agent, saying a silent prayer as he kneeled down to cover him. Swallowing his own sadness and grief, Gibbs lead Tony out of the building, to the car, knowing his Senior Field Agent needed him more than he needed to be supervising.

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"Alright, Split up. DiNozzo's you pair up, McGee you're with me," Gibbs tells his team, motioning to the brothers, Blade and Tony, to head down the right corridor whilst he took McGee down the left one. The two groups soon spread out, moving down their respected hallways, clearing rooms as they went. Tony follows behind his brother, despite being higher in ranking, his older brother still protested about being the first one into a room, he wouldn't admit it, but it was to keep his younger brother safe.

As soon as the brothers entered the last room in the hallway, a shot rang out, making Tony grip his gun tighter as he scanned the dark room, he raised his weapon upon finding his target. "NCIS, Hands where I can see them!" He calls out aiming his weapon at the silhouetted person, hearing another shot, he dived to the side, taking his brother with him. Raising up again, Tony took three shots, each one hitting it's intended target on their shooter. Lowering his weapon again, he went and checked on the body, kicking the gun away before raising his gun and turning as the light turned on.

A gasp escaped his lips as he noticed the blood staining his older brother's shirt. "Blade!" He says somewhat panicked, as he returned to his brother's side. Pressing his microphone, he told Gibbs and McGee that their suspect was down and that he needed an ambulance. Sinking to his knees alongside his brother, he pressed his brother's hands into the wound, hoping to stem the blood flow.

"Stay with me Blade," Tony tells him, to which Blade chuckles, wetly as blood speckled his lips. Leaning into his younger brother, Blade held the wound, and some part of him knew the shot had been fatal. A sharp stinging of his cheek made him open his eyes again, even though he hadn't realised that he had closed them. "Come on Blade, your tougher than this, keep your eyes open," Tony pleaded, "You're going to be okay," Tony repeats, tears welling in his eyes, noticing how pale his brother was, and how he was responding sluggishly.

"You promised Blade," Tony chokes out, glancing up as he feels someone enter the room, Gibbs walked over, kneeling beside the fallen agent, Tony didn't pay much attention to it as he was focused on his brother. "You promised not to leave me Blade," Tony murmurs painfully as he held his brother. 

"I'm sorry Tones," Blade tells him, turning his hand to hold his brothers. "It's going to be okay, kid," he tells him, using what little strength he could muster, to wrap his arm around his younger brother. "I'm proud of you. I always have been," he tells him, voice cracking before quieting, trying to preserve his strength. 

"Just hold on Blade, help's on its way," Tony tells him, and like it was what they were waiting on, two medics come rushing into the room, carefully moving, he let them get to his brother, whilst still being in line of sight, and being able to touch him. "You riding with us?" One of the medics ask and Tony nods easily trailing after them, reassuring his older brother.

The next few hours were a blur to Tony, he went to the hospital with his brother, hours spent pacing the waiting room as his brother was in surgery. At some point, Gibbs had turned up, to get his statement and shoved coffee into his hands, he barely got a few sips out of it as he paced. He glanced up when the doors open, giving his attention to the doctor.


5 years passed in a blur for the DiNozzos. Recovery took close to a year for Blade, but through everything, the brothers were together, helping each other. Nearly a year after being shot, Blade was back to himself, though he decided he wasn't willing to waste any more time, as soon as he was able to, Blade was back at work, this time as a civilian, he had given up his job at NCIS to focus on himself. He had plucked up the courage to ask Abby out, someone he had been crushing on for a while, and thankfully, she had agreed to it. Which is how he had gotten to the position he was in, a stay at home husband, with three young children.

Whilst Abby worked at NCIS, Blade stayed at home looking after their children, Maverick who was three, and soon starting pre-k, and 8-month-old twins Luna and TJ, who was named after his uncle Tony. Blade loved his family and was damn glad that he had managed to pull through surgery and that his brother has stuck by his side.

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Glancing around the room, Kirra smiled, seeing her belongings mix in with Stephen's throughout the room, she had worked hard to get everything the way she wanted, and she was pleased with the results, turning full circle, she pauses noticing Stephen in the doorway watching her. "That was quick," Stephen comments as he glances the room before returning his attention to her, making her smile and shrug, "I was excited," she tells him, accepting the hand he offered and walked out with him, letting him lead her to the living room area, where he dropped down on the sofa, letting her see the food and wine on the table. "You went all out," Kirra teased as she joins him on the sofa, happily accepting the meal.

Between the two of them, they had managed to polish off a whole bottle of wine and were sitting cuddled up together on the sofa. Despite being adults, the two of them were playing a game of truth or dare, neither bothered by the fact they were clearly tipsy, if not drunk.

"Truth or Dare?" Stephen asks as he takes the final sip of his drink, setting the glass on the table.

"Truth," Kirra tells him, as she tucks her legs up under her, watching him closely.

"Have you ever made out with a boss?" He asks, somewhat curious, but also a little worried, Tony Stark was a player, by his own account, and Kirra worked closely with him as his Personal Assistant.

"Yep," she says wincing slightly as she remembered the incident. "Actually, now would be a good time to tell you that Tony and I have made out, we were both completely wasted after a party," she tells him honestly.

"Really?" he asked, simultaneously surprised and not.

"Yeah," she admits before nervously glancing up at him, "We had only been together a couple days when it happened," she adds hesitantly. Stephen's eyes widen in surprise, having not expected her last comment. Whilst he was glad she had told him, he was a little disheartened to know that she had technically cheated on him. 

"Okay," he says, accepting it for what it was, even though it hurt a little, he also couldn't hold it against her, he himself had done some questionable things whilst drunk. 

"Sorry," Kirra says quietly to him, knowing that what she had done was wrong, but also knowing that she was glad to have gotten it out of her system.

"It's okay," he tells her gently, "Just don't do it again, please," he says, trying to mask his feelings.

"Of course. It was not intentional, and I generally try not to cheat," she responds, making him huff a little.

"Okay," he says, pressing a kiss to her head, and deciding that the game was over.

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"What do you think?" You ask somewhat unsure as you step out of the bathroom, tugging on the black and yellow leather get up, that was the X-Men's uniform before turning in a circle, letting him get a good look, even as you continuously tried to adjust the material.

"Take it off," Logan says after a moment of watching you.

"Excuse me?" You ask as you raise an eyebrow in challenge.

"You heard me. Take. It. Off," he repeats as he glances at how you were holding yourself, "You are clearly uncomfortable," he says, making you huff in agreement.

"I already stand out, least I can do is where the stupid thing," you say, as you once again try and fix the uniform so you were a little more comfortable in it. Logan snorts unimpressed as he raises off his bed to walk over, intent on getting you out of it one way or another. With a slight grin, you allow your own claws to extend from your knuckle and point them at him.

"Don't even try it hot shot," you tell him, knowing full well where his mind had gone. With a smirk, he darts forward, grabbing you around the waist. Laughing, you allow your claw to retract so you didn't hurt him, even if you knew he would heal quickly from it. As he tried to dump you on his bed, you move, swiping his leg out from under him and straddling his hips, keeping him held down.

"I warned you," you tease as you place your hands in his, interlocking your fingers as you pin them beside his bed. 

"What you gonna do bout it?" he challenges, making you smile before leaning down and kissing him, deepening the kiss, feeling him relax under you. Just as it was getting good, you pull away, detaching yourself and heading back to the bathroom to change back into your usual clothes.

"Tease!" Logan calls after you, as he watched you abandon him, but pulls himself off the floor, returning to his position on his bed, to wait for you, planning his revenge on you.

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Mentions of: Death, Blood, minor violence.

Part 2 to Requested* Tony DiNozzo & OMC - I know it's safe in your arms.


Sitting at his desk, Tony's eyes were trained on his brothers desk, staring at it blankly, not really seeing it, all he could see was his brother laying dead on the ground in the warehouse. As he sat there, he was oblivious to the looks he was getting from other agents, he wasn't acting as himself but more worrying was the fact he was covered in blood and staring blankly at a desk across the way, the one that his brother had sat at for years.

"Hey," Gibbs says softly, crouching in front of his agent, who was clearly still in shock. "Let's get you washed up," he tells him, retrieving his agent's go bag from under the desk, and helping him down to the locker room, making sure he got into the shower okay, before returning upstairs, hoping to get a lead on the man who had killed one of his men. The shooter had not been the suspect they were after, and he wanted to know who he was and who had sent him.


Mechanically moving, Tony showers and changes, dumping his bloodstain clothes into an evidence bag, dropping them off in Abby's lab, where she tried to hug him, but which he avoided. As he returned to his desk, he went through the motions of getting his computer on, but he ended up staring blankly at the report form.

Unsure how long he ended up sitting like that, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and glanced up at the man he considered his mentor and friend. "I don't know what to put," Tony admits weakly as he turns back to the computer monitor, this was the first time in almost 20 years of being in law enforcement that he didn't know how to do his paperwork. "I know Tony, come on, you're gonna stay with me tonight," Gibbs tells him, uncharacteristically soft with his agent. Nodding, he turns his computer off and grabs his belongings, robotically following his boss out of the building and to his place.


Despite knowing that he should remove himself from the investigation, he doesn't, he continues to work the case with his team, soon finding out that the man who had killed his brother was a rogue CIA operative working for Trent Kort. It took a lot of willpower to stay behind, when they went to arrest him, but Tony knew that if he didn't he would kill the CIA Agent.

When the case was over, Tony did something he hadn't expected to ever do, he put in his resignation to leave the agency. He knew he should probably think about it first, but he knew there was no way he could continue to work in the place where his brother died.

Before he left the agency for good, he headed down to the cells, where Kort was, and unsurprising to the agents watching him, Tony walked up to his cell, let Kort get close before decking him, breaking his nose. Accomplishing his task, he turned and left, grabbing his belongings and leaving the building for a final time.

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Grace nervously bites her lip as she peers around the corner of the door frame to watch as her adoptive parents, Wanda and Vision talk, ducking back into her room, Grace walks over to her paint set, and sitting down, facing the door, she began to draw her new parents, and herself. Hearing someone coming, she quickly hides the drawing and lifts her head, to spot Wanda enter her room. "Hey Dušica (Sweetheart-Serbian)," Wanda greets, smiling softly at the little girl.

"Hi," Grace replies, "Everything okay?" she asks noticing the look on her face. Giving her adopted daughter a sad smile, Wanda nods, "I need you to pack your things Dušica, we are going to be leaving shortly," Wanda tells her, entering her room further and crouching in front of her to speak to her. "Okay," Grace says softly as she pushes herself up and grabs her roll-on suitcase, starting to pack her things, with the help from the Sokovian woman.

After packing, Wanda leads Grace out into the living room, letting her sit there for a short while, whilst she helped Vision pack their things. Done with that, they head out with Grace. The small family move through Edinburgh, the two Avengers checking constantly around them, worriedly, until Wanda catches sight of a TV in a shop, walking over, she watches as the news show an alien space ship in New York. Slightly panicked, Vision lifts Grace into his arms, leading Wanda through the streets to the train station, only to stop suddenly when something pierces through him, causing him to drop the human facade he wore and his daughter, who yelps upon landing on the floor.

"Vision!" Wanda exclaims, jumping into action, only to be thrown through a window. Barely containing a scream of terror, Grace scrambles into the alleyway between two nearby buildings where she slaps her small hand over her mouth as she cries silently, wanting Wanda and Vision.

Fighting back, Vision and Wanda managed to get free of the two Aliens and they then grab Grace from her hiding spot and fleeing for the train station. As Wanda prepared to fight again upon seeing the aliens, she gasps in relief when she notices Steve, Natasha and Sam appear to help them.


Eventually, the team get free from the aliens, scaring them off and the group head for the Quin-jet, where Wanda cradles their seven year old, who was crying in fear, her face buried into Wanda's chest as her small hands clinging to her jacket.

"Who is the child?" Sam asks curiously as he watched the couple, and the way Vision leaned on Wanda, helping comfort the small child. "Her name is Grace, she is ours," Vision tells him, doing his best to not let the pain he was feeling show, not wanting to scare their daughter any more than she was.


Arriving back at the Avengers Compound, they meet up with Rhodes, who was shocked to see them, but even more shocked to see a child with them. As they hash out a plan, Pepper turned up, surprised, and still a little angry at seeing the Rogues, though she hides it for the sake of the small girl, who was half asleep on Vision's shoulder, clinging to his jumper, having worn herself out from crying.


The Avengers decide to take the fight away from the compound and try to remove the infinity stone from Vision's head, so they head for Wakanda, but not before a teary goodbye between Grace, Wanda and Vision. Pepper decided to stay behind to look after the small girl, and silently worry about her fiance, whilst doing her best to keep the young child occupied and not thinking about what was happening and where her adoptive parents were.


In Wakanda, the Avengers fight the Black Order and the Outriders. The team make a shocking win when Thor shows up with Stormbreaker, the God killing Axe. Everyone is astounded by how suddenly it is all over, yet they are all glad for it to be over, even if there was still nervous energy and worry surrounding the group, especially about those who they hadn't seen, such as Tony. Shuri manages, with the help of Wanda, to repair Vision's body, and to both Vision and Wanda's relief, they return with the other Avengers to the compound, where their daughter was waiting.


Vision had shifted back to his human form, preferring it, especially now he had a child. Walking in with Wanda, and the rest of the team, they head for the living area, only to be sidetracked when they hear their daughter in the kitchen, giggling. Pausing in the doorway, the newish parents smile as they see their child standing on a chair, helping Pepper bake cookies, occasionally stealing some of the cookie dough from the newest batch of cookies to eat.

Noticing how Pepper had paused and was staring behind her, over her head, Grace turned around, careful not to fall off the chair, a smile forming on her lips as she noticed Wanda and Vision. Carefully jumping off the chair, Grace runs over to the two of them, throwing herself into their arms. "I missed you," Grace cries as she clings to them, letting Vision lift her in his arms, her own small arms wrapping around his neck in a hug before she is shifted, and she is able to give Wanda a hug as well.

"I have missed you, dragocen (Precious-Serbian)," Wanda tells her, brushing some of the caramel coloured hair from the little girl's face, showing her forest green eyes. 

"I missed you too," the little girl says before blurting, "Please don't go again Mama," making Wanda's eyes widen in surprise, yet happiness. "Never again devojčica, (Baby girl- Serbian)" Wanda agrees, as she pulls the little girl into her arms, holding her close to herself, pressing a kiss to her temple as she rubs her back. Vision places a hand on to the back of her head, watching lovingly as his two favourite women hug, he could feel the excitement and happiness coming from Wanda at being called Mama, and Vision could tell he was anxious to hear their daughter call him Papa.

"Me and Miss Pepper are making cookies, it's fun," Grace tells them with a smile as she wiggles down to go to the counter, where the cooling cookies, from their first batch, was sitting. "Can I have a cookie, Miss Pepper?" She asks politely, beaming when she is handed one, she then walks back to her adoptive parents and breaks the chocolate chip cookie into pieces to offer some to her parents, and then shyly, she hands some to the other Avengers, before rushing back to her parents, happily wrapping her arms around her Papa as she munched on the remains of the cookie, cuddling into him, glad to have them both home.

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Muttering to himself, Tony rummaged through the pile of things on one of his work desks, looking for his flat-headed screwdriver. Not finding it, Tony scowled and whips around, ready to ask Bruce if he had seen it, only to stop short, his science bro was sitting at his work desk, slumped forward asleep, leaning on his arms. 

Distracted by the sight, Tony shook his head amused before he walks over, gently shaking his shoulder. "Wha..." Bruce asks as he comes around, pulling his glasses off to rub at his eyes. "You fell asleep," Tony tells him, moving away again. "Thought you might prefer to head to your room," he tells his lab partner.

"Thanks," Bruce utters as he pushes himself up off the stool, slipping his glasses back on, Bruce went about quickly cleaning his work space up. "You gonna head to bed soon?" he asks the billionaire, who shrugs absentmindedly as he continued to search the room for his missing screwdriver.

"If I finish," Tony replies preoccupied, his voice slightly muffled by the wrench he had stuck in his mouth, thinking he might need it later. "Okay," Bruce says, unsurprised by his comment, and absentmindedness, "Night Tony," he says as he hangs his lab coat on the hook inside the door.

"Night," Tony replies distracted as he finds what he was looking for, and happily returns to his project, pulling the wrench from his mouth as he returned to work. Shaking his head in amusement, Bruce heads out, heading for the elevator so that he could return to his room.

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Danny couldn't hide his worry, even as he paced the hallway of the hospital, knowing there was nothing he could do, but still needing to be close by, just in case. Danny had only been with you a short while, but he was sure he was in love with you, even if he had never told you, at least, not yet. The beeping of EKG's was driving Danny crazy, even if he subconsciously started pacing in time to the beeping. 

The doors opening startled him for a moment before his attention was drawn to the doctor, his heart almost stopping for a moment as he worked on keeping his breathing even.

"Detective Williams?" The doctor asks, looking over the man. Danny nods as he steps forward "Yeah, is she okay?" he asks, praying he would say she was.

"She's stable," The doctor tells him, making Danny sigh in relief, "We were able to remove the bullet and reset her arm, she's just being settled into a room and a nurse will come and get you," he informs, pausing for a moment for any questions, and not getting anything, he turns and heads off.

Danny sighs in relief, taking a moment to silently thank whoever had been listening to his prayer. Pulling his phone out, Danny quickly steps out of the area, into the waiting room, calling Grace, his daughter, to let her know that you were out of surgery and were going to be okay. 


Not an hour later saw Danny sitting on a hard plastic chair beside your bed, watching the rise and fall of your chest. "Danno," a familiar voice calls, and Danny looks up, catching sight of his daughter in the doorway, her mum behind her. "Hey Monkey," Danny greets, pushing himself off the chair, pulling his daughter into him, hugging her close. "Thank you," Danny says to Rachel, who nods, despite her often cold attitude, she knew that sometimes Grace was the only thing that could make them calm.

"Is (Y/N) gonna be okay Danno?" Grace asks, pulling away to peer into the room, seeing her dad's girlfriend laying in the hospital bed, one arm in a cast and propped against her chest and the edge of a bandage wrapped around her arm. "Yeah, she's gonna be okay," Danny tells her, letting her go in, knowing that the two of them were close. 

"What happened?" Rachel asks, watching as their daughter grabbed her ex's new partner's hand. 
"She tried to stop a kidnapping, got into it with the kidnapper, broke her arm and took a bullet through the arm," Danny informs her, knowing his ex would probably blame him and his job, as she often did, and was surprised when Rachel winces, "Was brave of her," Rachel says gently before shaking her head slightly, pulling a bright pink bag of her shoulder, "Here, Grace's stuff," she tells him, "I'll pick her up after school tomorrow," she tells him, waving to Grace before leaving.

Danny huffs before walking back into the room, setting the bag by the end of the bed, pressing a kiss to Grace's head as he retakes his girlfriend's hand, dropping back into the plastic seat, opening his arms for his daughter, who climbs into his lap, joining her father in watching her sleep.

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Taking a deep breath, you push open the large doors, you couldn't believe you were doing this, but, Connor had practically begged for you to rescue him, so that is what you were doing. You could see the moment people noticed you, as it started to go quiet until the whispers started up. Everyone was well dressed, except for you, you wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, so you weren't surprised by the looks you were getting. 

Walking over to Connor, you lean into his space, and whisper in his ear, only that you were there to bail him out, and he owed you, but Connor took on a serious look and nodded in agreement. "Excuse me, I have to go," Connor says politely to his father before he turned to you and walked out with you.

Outside, Connor grinned at you, leaning over to kiss your cheek. "I really do owe you," he tells you, leading you to his car, and dropping into the driver's seat, quickly pulling off his tie and undoing the first two buttons on his shirt, starting the car and driving out of the venue. 

"Damn straight you do," you tell him, relaxing into the seat as you watched out of the window for a moment before returning your attention to him. "Was it really that bad?" you ask curiously, which makes him snort before nodding. "It was incredibly boring," he informs you, which makes you laugh in amusement, falling into silence with him as he drove.

It didn't take the two of you long to get to his place, and after parking, he leads you into his penthouse. You playfully wolf-whistled as you watch him remove his blazer, draping it over the back of his sofa as he leads you to the kitchen. "Wine?" he asks as he pulls out a glass for himself, and you smile, "Sure," you tell him, pulling yourself onto his countertop, letting him rummage for a bottle of wine, opening it for the two of you. Despite pouring the two of you a glass, he moved over to where you were seated and tugged you closer, leaning in and kissing you passionately.

"I love you," he murmurs as he pulls back slightly. 

"I love you too," you tell him, which makes him chuckle, brushing his lips over yours again. "I noticed," he tells you with a grin.

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You and Fergal had had a night out on the town, the two of you had had dinner before the two of you had hit the night club to have some fun. The two of you spent a couple of hours there, dancing and nursing two drinks, each, throughout the evening. Deciding that you had had enough, the two of you head out, heading towards the hotel you were booked at.
    As you walked, the breeze picked up, making you shiver, the tight dress and tights doing little to keep you warm. With a quiet chuckle, Fergal removes his jacket, dealing it over your shoulders, letting you to slip the garment in before you leaned over to kiss his cheek.

A hand grabbing your elbow startles you and causes you to whip around, prompting Fergal to do the same. "Can I 'elp you mate?" Fergal asks, looking the stranger over for a moment, letting his eyes linger on the knife clutched in his hand. "Hand over your wallets and nobody gets hurt," the mugged says, looking down at the two of you, as he had several inches on Fergal's 5'11 frame, who was taller than you were. "Walk away," Fergal tells him, earning a snort from the stranger. The Irish man sighs before darting under the mans outstretched arm, kicking the back of his kneed before giving him a particularly hard curb stomp on the guy, as you pull Fergal's phone from the picket and dialling for the police.
   Fergal's assault must have left the man pretty dazed as he didn't get to to run, and instead was trying to gather his wits, even as the police turned up. Seeing Fergal standing in front of you and the wanna be mugger, whose knife was by his leg, alongside a few other details had one cop putting cuffs on the mugger as the other separated you from Fergal, first to get your statement then his.
    After the cops left, you and Fergal returned to walking to the hotel when suddenly you started laughing, having to lean on Fergal to stay upright. "You're a badass Ferg," You declare after calming yourself enough to talk, glancing at your boyfriends face, which was a little red from the blush, which he wore with a pleased-as-punch look. You lean up to press a kiss to his warm cheek before continuing in the shortened journey to the hotel, occasionally sniggering as you remembered the muggers stunned face.

Chapter Text

In the midst of talking about decorating his place for the holiday, Matt had suddenly disappeared on you, which confused you until he returned carrying a cardboard box. He returns to his seat beside you, setting the box on his lap, opening it to reveal some Christmas decorations, though one immediately grabbed your attention, and you reached out, lifting an old baulbaul, which had the outline of a small child's hand print, and Matt's name. " Wow, this things ancient," you tease, laughing when he takes it from you and gently pushes you. " I'm not that much older than you," He complains, a pout forming on his lips, and you couldn't help but lean over and kiss him.

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" Why is he carrying the candy cane like a club?" Sonny asks curiously as he looks down at your assortment of gingerbread characters. "So he can cane other gingerbread men," you answer unconcerned as you finish icing the gingerbread house. "You made a killer gingerbread man?" Sonny asks in amusement, even as he grabs an undecorated biscuit and grabbing an icing pen and began doodling on the gingerbread man. " I call dibs on that one," you tell him, making him laugh, "Okay, but I want the dog," He tells you with a smile.

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"Why is finding presents so hard?" You complain as you wandered through another store with Rafael, who smiled, pressing a kiss to your temple, "Because you're looking for the perfect one Amado," he answers making you sigh. "I'm half tempted to just buy everyone socks and be done with it," you tell him, making him laugh, knowing you were joking. "Having fewer people to buy for makes it easier," he tells you, adding " though buying for you was quite hard." You huff in amusement, " You on the other hand were easy to buy for," you tell him. "What did you get me Amado?" He questions playfully, making you laugh, "I'll never tell," you declare, earning yourself a smile.

Chapter Text

You and Will were just getting back to Will's small house when you heard the unmistakable sound of people singing, and you could faintly make out the words an you couldn't help but groan, which made Will laugh as he lets you in. "Not a fan of carollers?" He asks and you groan before answering "No." Will laughs as he shuts the door behind him, "I'll lock the door for you," he teased, which makes you groan as you playfully push him for his comment

Chapter Text

"It'll have to be a small snowman otherwise I might just freeze to death," you tell Jay who was helping you pack a large snowball for the base of the snowman. "I agree it's way to cold to be out here unnecessarily," Jay says, and you fake gasp, "Snowmen are totally necessary," you tell him, pretending to be mad at him for his comment. "Sorry gorgeous, I should know better by now," he teased and you grin to yourself as you make a snowball and throw it at him, laughing when he yelps, "Really?" He asks, though from the smile you could tell he wasn't actually mad at you. 

You and Jay continued on, building a three-foot tall snowman, using small pebbles for the eyes and mouth. As you were brushing off snow from your gloves, Jay gently pushes you into the snow, making you yelp, rolling over to look at him, throwing snow at him, though you stay on the ground, making a snowangel before getting up, heading inside to warm up, Jay following behind you laughing.

Chapter Text

After a long day at work, Kelly picks you up from work, taking you back to his place for the night. You were simultaneously completely shattered and unable to sleep, even after a shower and a quick dinner. Kelly could see how tired you were, and so led you to his sofa, where he let you get comfortable under a blanket as he placed on a movie, and you couldn't help but laugh when you notice he had put on The Muppets Christmas Carol, Kelly simply smiles as he rejoins you, sitting with you under the blanket as he starts the movie. You can't help but lean into his side, almost curling into his side as you watch the Christmas movie with him.

Chapter Text

You and Rafael had been working non-stop for three months straight without a break, so you decided that the two of you needed to get Way for a few days before the upcoming holiday, so you take Rafael to a remote cabin in the woods that your friend was letting you borrow. For some reason, you had expected a quaint little wood cabin, so we're a little surprised to see a two story wood cabin, that had been decorated for the Christmas period. "I did not expect this," Rafael admits as he looks over the cabin you got to call yours for a few days. "Me neither. I totally owe my friend, this place is awesome," you say in agreement, letting yourself in, and having a look around the structure, and noticing they had laid out extra blankets, some supplies such as food and games. "Oh yeah, we definitely owe them," Rafael says.

Chapter Text

Did you make me an advent calendar?" Sonny asks excitedly as you hand him a woven basket and peering inside. Inside was a collection of small numbered containers that held a variety of things, from sweets and treats to socks and ties. "Yeah I did," you tell him, laughing when he sets the basket down to hug you. " Oh man, I'm so excited," he tells you, kissing you softly which you obviously returned. "Thank you," he tells you.

Chapter Text

Why did I let you talk me into this?" Matt asks as he uncomfortably tugs on the elf costume, as Kelly walks into the room also dressed as an elf, as were you. "Because you love me," you say unconcerned by his complaint, especially when Kelly snorts in amusement. "Come on guys, it's for charity," you remind the two men, who simultaneously sigh, "That's the only reason I agreed to it," Kelly tells you, making you laugh. "Come on," you say, grabbing both their arms, leading them to our car to attend the Christmas parade, where the three of you assisted Santa in the town centre

Chapter Text

Feeling arms slide around your waist, you smile, leaning into the chest of your boyfriend. "I can feel your excitement," Kelly says in amusement, his lips brushing against your ear as he playfully teases you for your excited behaviour. "Kelly it's Santa," you tell him, glancing at him as you wait in line. "You're an adult," he reminds you and you playfully roll your eyes at him, pretending to be mad at his remark. "Your lucky that you're cute," you tell him, smiling when he laughs at your comment. Unconcerned by the looks you knew you were getting, you turned to give him a quick kiss before turning back to watch the line move as the Mall's Santa talked to everyone.

Chapter Text

You and Rafael had been invited to the precincts Christmas party, the two of you hadn't long entered the party, and you were still greeting people when you made it to Amanda and Olivia, who started grinning at you, much to your confusion, at least until they pointed to the mistletoe that was hanging above you. Playfully you roll your eyes, but leaned over and kisses Rafael for a few seconds. "Happy?" You ask jokingly, "Mmm, o don't think that was long enough," Amanda teases, making you laugh as Rafael wraps an arm around your waist.

Chapter Text

You had been invited to Molly's where Hermann was hosting a Christmas party for friends and colleagues, and you recognised most of the people in the bar, the CPD Intelligence Unit, Meds ED staff and the crew from 51. "Hermann, this place looks amazing," you call out with a grin as you move through the small clusters of people. Someone hands you a drink and you raise it in salute before you set the gift you were carrying onto the table, where everyone had set their Secret Santa gifts. You then found yourself being passed through the different groups, greeting those you knew, accepting kisses on the cheek from your favourite men, Matt, Kelly, Jay, Will and Connor, all of whom you had found yourself close to, especially since you transferred to Med from your last hospital.

Chapter Text

You were hanging out at Firehouse 51 over the Christmas day shift, which the whole crew had been scheduled to work, and you had turned up to help cool dinner with the crew, and whilst you were waiting for dinner to be don, someone had suggested playing a game, which is how you found yourself sitting at the table with the crew, playing charades and laughing at his bad some of the acting an guesses were.

Chapter Text

Christmas Eve had come surprisingly quickly, and yet you found yourself excitedly sitting in Connors apartment waiting to open a Christmas presents, but Connor was teasing you by eating the pancakes you had made for him slowly, prolonging your jitters until he takes his last bite and then you jumped up, grabbing his hand and dragging him into the living room, where the tree was, the presents underneath it. "Open yours before you combust," he jokes, and you 'eek' as you drive interested the small pile of presents, happily tearing into your present, revealing a book series you had been wanting to read, and happily tackled him, kissing him.

Chapter Text

You and Jay found yourself on a stake-out a week before Christmas, and you had permission to use a house for your base, so you could keep a close eye on your suspect. It had gotten very cold, as it was getting late in the evening, so you set a fire in the chimney, using the logs provided. "If we weren't on a stake-out, this would be romantic," Jay tells you, making you laugh, even as you switch places with your partner, taking up a spot by the window to take your watch.

Chapter Text

You and Will were at Molly's a few days before Christmas, sitting in the corner of the bar talking, when Hermann walked over, carrying a tray and setting two small glasses on your table, doing this to all the regulars. "Eggnog?" You ask Will who shrugs, lifting the small glass to sniff the drink. "Oh yeah, alcoholic by the smell," he says and you grin, raising the glass, playfully saluting Will before downing the shot. "Damn, that's more alcohol than eggnog," you say, which makes him laugh before downing his own drink, before mouthing 'Wow,' which makes you laugh, before you return to your previous conversation.

Chapter Text

The team was off for the holiday, from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day, and you were hanging out with Kelly, running a couple of last minute errands when you get a rather frantic call from Cindy Hermann, asking of you could come babysit whilst they take their son to the ER, of course you tell her you'll be there, and make your way to their house.

Getting there, Cindy was waiting outside, she gives you a quick thanks before jumping into the running motor, which quickly peels off. Upon walking in, your ambushed by the two youngest, who explain that their brother had broken his arm, and you could tell they were worried, so after giving them to Kelly, you look around the house, grabbing a few items and taking them to the kitchen table, where you assist the children in making Christmas cards for their parent. Afterwards, you make a late lunch for them, whilst Kelly helps the older two make a blanket fort in front of the TV, where he puts on The Grinch for them to watch.

By the time Cindy and Christopher returned with their son, it was early evening and the others had been given dinner and all were sleeping in the blanket fort.

Chapter Text

You and Connor had gotten the same day off, just over a week before Christmas, and the two of you had plans to do some last minute shopping, but as you prepared to leave, you notice that it was snowing outside, and there as over three feet of snow outside, that had yet to be shovelled out of the way. Instead of being disappointed about not being able to go out, you were excited about being snowed in, as I mean you could drag Connor back to bed, and cuddle whilst watching movies. Whilst Connor was finishing getting ready , sitting on the edge of the bed, with a grin, you gently tackle him onto the bed, straddling his hips, which makes him laugh. "We're snowed in!" You tell him excitedly, which only makes him laugh more. "Get changed and I'll stick a movie on," Connor says, and you happily follow his instructions, changing back into your pyjamas and climbing into bed with him, he had also changed and had gotten the movie cued up. You curl up with Connor, who placed a kiss to your head as he wraps an arm around you, hitting play with his other hand.

Chapter Text

You and Sonny were sitting in Sonny's apartment surrounded by presents, rolls of wrapping paper in front of you, along with scissors, tape and gift tags.  "You have too many family members," you say in fake complaint, making him chuckle. "I am Italian," he jokes back as he grabs a present and begins wrapping it, and you can't help but blink in surprise at how neat he was wrapping them. " How are you so neat?" You question, earning yourself a grin from him. "I have many family members," he teased,this time making you laugh. " Fair enough. But your on your own wrapping these," you tease, enjoying seeing him laugh.

Chapter Text

Unsurprisingly, at least for the two of you, you found out that you were both working the Christmas period, so the two of you decided to celebrate early. The two of you had dinner and exchanged Christmas presents before ending up in his bed, curled up together watching holiday themed movies. The two of you had done some of the traditional Christmas things during the one day, and you had both had fun, even though it was just the two of you.

Chapter Text

Somehow your brother Jay had convinced you to go to Will's house on Christmas Eve to spend the evening with both your brother's for Christmas, something you hadn't done in years. You were initially reluctant, not because you didn't want to be with our brothers, but because the last time the three of you had been together for the holiday was before your dad had passed away, and an argument had ensued, but you were willing to try and spend Christmas with your remaining family, especially as you'd all gotten closer since your dad's passing.

Chapter Text

You had been invited to the Carisi family Christmas Dinner, and you were both excited and nervous as this would be the first time meeting many of his family members. You and Sonny arrived at his mother's place on Christmas Eve to help her finish setting up, clearing space and prepping food for the next day. Somehow, Mrs Carisi knew about your secret stuffing recipe and she asked you to make it, so of course, you obliged.

Despite your initial nervousness, on the day you got introduced to a lot of people and had a lot of fun, making conversation and playing games. And unsurprisingly the food was delicious, and a hit with everyone.

Chapter Text

Despite the coldness of the winter air, Connor had led you up to the roof of his apartment building. Connor had persuaded you to join him on the roof, and as you layered up, Connor grabbed a flash of hot chocolate and a couple of blankets. Once on the roof, he set-up a blanket before dropping down on to it, bringing you down with him, letting you sit in his lap, and wrapping a blanket around the two of you. After being out for a short while, Connor points out the few constellations he knew. As you were gazing up at the stars, Connor poured a drink from the flask to help warm you up, and once you'd gone through the whole flash, the two of you headed back into his warm apartment.

Chapter Text

"Aren't you a little old to be waiting up for Santa!" Connor asks jokingly, as he sees you sitting cross-legged in the middle of your bed. "Never," you tell him feining shock, playfully pouting at him, which makes him laugh as he climbs into bed, wrapping his arms around you and dragging you down onto the bed. "Rude," you declare, rolling over so you were in top. "This I like," Connor teases, making you laugh before you kiss him.

Chapter Text

Merry Christmas everyone.

Family part 2.


Morning rolled around, and you spend a good ten minutes repeating that it would be a good day with your brother's before you finally push yourself out of bed, and after sorting out your hair, you head downstairs in your pyjamas, you headed straight for the kitchen where both your brother's were sitting, drinking coffee. "Morning," you greet, getting a simultaneous response from both men. A cup of coffee was slid you way and you say down to enjoy it.

After finishing your coffers the three of you moved to Will's lounge, where all the Christmas presents had been piled up, and as you had as children, you grabbed a random present each, pulling off the tag before opening the gift and guessing who it was for, before It got handed to the intended recipient.

After presents, you all returned to the kitchen where you made the typical Christmas dinner, each taking turns to leave to change clothes. When dinner was done, you all are and cleaned up before heading to the lounge to watch a collection of Christmas movies, one picked by each of you, and the Christmas Carol to finish up, which you all fell asleep to.

Chapter Text

Walking silently through the departing group of mourners, you come to a stop beside the lingering lone male, and as you come to a stop, you press your shoulder against his, as you silently stare down at the now occupied hole in the ground. Your silence was brought on by a mix of uncertainty on what to say and grief. Despite the closed casket you could picture the young man inside, and even though you hadn't seen the man inside, you knew he would be wearing a suit.

"He'd be mad about the monkey suit," Bruce manages to say, his voice rough from holding back his grief and pain. Reaching over, you gently squeeze his hand, before letting go and kneeling on the wet ground, unconcerned by the fact your black dress and tights were getting wet. Wordlessly you place your small bouquet of flowers, made up of Cyclamen, white Hyacinths , dark crimson and black Roses and several different coloured Zinnias, all showing your grief at the loss of your surrogate nephew, on top of the casket as you say a silent prayer,hoping his soul would find peace in the afterlife, something you didn't fully believe in, but hoped might be true for the young man you called family.

"Very few knew who he really was," you say quietly as you raise to your feet, turning to your longtime friend, "but we did, and I couldn't be prouder to call him family," you say, stepping into Bruce's space to pull him into a hug. "Our little Robin will live on," you say quietly into his ear, knowing he felt responsible for the boy he had taken into his life.

Chapter Text

Throwing your jacket onto the back of the sofa, you toe out of your shoes before collapsing face-first onto the sofa, a laugh from behind you makes you smile but otherwise don't react. "What's wrong?" Will asks, his amusement clear, his question makes you shift onto your back, giving him an unimpressed look. "I hate winter," you complain unhappily as you watch him remove his outer layer, leaving him in his scrubs. "What's it done now?" he asks as he moves over to you, straddling your hips as he leans down to press a kiss to your lips, shivering due to how cold they were. "We were on a stakeout," you start, running your fingers through his hair, "which is bad enough, especially as we were outside anyway, but at some point, I must have lost my glove as there is only one in my pocket, and there is no way I'm going out to look for it," you complain, not even batting an eye when Will shifts your positions, half-way through your sentence, leaving you sitting on his lap. "And you didn't notice, in this weather?" he adds, somewhat teasingly, and you lightly smack his chest. "No, I didn't, I was busy taking photos," you tell him with a grin, and then you slip your still cold hands under his top, resting them on his warm chest, feeling his heart beating under your fingers. "Geez they're cold," he hisses, reaching down to wrap his hands around your fingers, "So now," you continue on, "I have to see if I have another pair somewhere, and if I do, they're probably going to be in one of my unpacked boxes." "You can use mine tomorrow, and I'll have a look for you," He offers, and you laugh, leaning forward and kissing him. "Thanks, but I doubt yours are gonna fit, your hands are huge compared to mine," you remind him, before kissing him again, longer this time around.

Chapter Text

Feeling a soft nudge against your stomach, you glance down to the dog that was laying beside you, it's dark brown eyes looking back at you before it's head turns to your front door, where you could hear a faint sound. The large dog climbs off the sofa, going straight for the door, tail wagging in excitement which you knew meant that Henry was home. Moving your blanket, and pausing the movie you were watching, you get up, heading for the door, and after checking through the peephole, you grab Kal's collar and open the door, revealing Henry, who was bringing his bags up the pathway, only to pause, hearing the door open. "Hey," he greets with a smile, which makes you smile. "Hey," you greet back, as he moves up the path, setting his bags down as he wraps his arms around you, pressing a quick kiss to your lips before moving to pet his dog. "Hey boy," he says as he gives Kal some love, to your amusement.

Chapter Text

The driver picks the music, shotgun shuts their cakehole," Dean declares, smacking your hand as you reach over to touch the Impala's stereo system. "The driver needs to be less touchy," you retaliate, hitting him back before returning to the stereo system, where you turn the music up, singing along to the song, as you were singing along, you were looking out of the window, and therefore don't notice that Dean had glanced at you, a soft little smile on his lips before his attention returns to the road. Reaching over, Dean takes your hand, interlocking his fingers with yours, not turning to look at you, though he had a small smile on his lips, which told you everything you needed to know.

Chapter Text

You and Matt had been walking through the streets of Hell kitchen late in the evening, having spent the day exploring Pier 86, and the museum that sat there, when as you were talking to Matt, his face suddenly clouded over, worry appearing on his features as he turned away from you, head tilted. Frowning to yourself, you gently push him forward, into the mouth of the alley, not completely sure what was happening, but realising he was hearing something, so stood beside him patiently, waiting him out.

"There's a fire," he suddenly says which makes you try to scan the area, looking for it, but seeing nothing, "There's a child inside," he then adds before he moves, taking off down the alleyway, and shocked you follow him. The two of you end up by a building, which looked like an abandoned restaurant, you couldn't see any fire, or hear anything, but you trusted Matt. Before you could say anything, Matt handed you his cane, and jacket, before heading in, mentally cursing him for being an idiot and not thinking about it, while pulling out your phone to call the emergency services but are momentarily distracted by the smell of the smoke, and sudden flames you could see inside.

Cursing, audibly this time, you dial the number, asking for the fire service, and an ambulance, nearly sighing in relief as you see Matt exit, carrying a young child, who was crying quietly. You guide Matt to the floor, taking the child and looking them over whilst answering questions the 9-1-1 operator was asking. Finding all of the wounds on the child to be superficial, you turn to Matt, knowing his hearing would be better than yours. "Can you hear any wheezing?" you ask him, unsure if the noisy breathing was just panic from the child, or something more serious. "No," Matt answers, looking unseeingly at you, and you gently squeeze his upper arm, as you turned your attention back to the child, trying to calm them as you waited for the ambulance.

You gasp in surprise when Matt suddenly pushes you down, just in time for you to miss being hit by most of the glass window that explodes as the fire raged, though you were still showered by the glass. Internally cursing again, you push yourself up, hoisting the child into your arms and helping Matt up and out of the alley, onto the street, but away from the fire. It was then that the fire engine and ambulance pulled up, and you give a quick run down to the firefighters before handing the child over to the EMTs, telling them what you knew, your eyes briefly staying on the child, who you were unable to tell the gender thanks to the long hair and baggy clothing, before you turned to Matt, checking him for injuries, as he had run into the burning building, and shielded you when the glass exploded and was relieved to find only minor injuries.

"You're an idiot," you tell him, letting him pull you into his arms and press a kiss to your temple. "I know," he says softly, understanding that you had been worried about him.

Chapter Text

You find out that Jay has hurt thanks to his brother, Will, who had called you whilst you were at work, informing you that Jay had been brought into the hospital after getting into a fight with a suspect who refused to drop their weapon and had ended up shooting Jay in the leg, after aiming at his head, but Jay had managed to knock it lower and giving him a chance at survival.

When you informed your bosses, Chief Boden instantly pulls you from duty, sending you to the hospital so you could be with him and he would find someone to cover your shift, which you appreciated. When you got to the hospital, Will quickly came over to you, where he wrapped his arms around you in a hug, pressing a kiss to your head, "He'll be okay," Will tells you, which makes you sigh in relief as the tension leaves your body. Will guides you towards one of the bays, "He's hooked to a couple of machines, so don't be surprised by all the leads and lines," Will warns you, and you knew it anyway, you were a medic, but you appreciated the warning, especially as seeing him lay injured in the bed came as a bit of a shock. 

Jay was paler than usual, his skin marred with bruises and cuts, especially to his face, where his left eye was swollen, which was only highlighted by the nasal cannula which trailed under the bruised eye, over a butterfly stitch that covered a cut on his cheek. Your eyes trail over Jay, noticing the leads for the ECG machine, as well as an IV line, and by the bedside was a morphine pump, the sheets covered his body, but you could see that his leg was elevated and you weren't sure if his leg was broken or if he'd been shot, though you do later find out. 

"Damn Jay, you sure don't do anything by halves," you joke lightly as you walk over to his bedside, placing your hand over his before tucking your fingers under his hand and gently squeezes it as you lean down to press a kiss to his forehead. You don't notice Will leaving, though you do hear the door slide shut and you are momentarily startled by it until you see Will has left you alone with his brother. "Well, Will doesn't look too worried, so I can take that as a good sign," you tell your boyfriend as you let his hand go and pull the familiar uncomfortable plastic chair closer to his bed and sit down on it, resting your hand back on his and getting comfortable, sending a quick message to your co-workers to let them know he was injured but stable.

Chapter Text

Feeling hands grip your hips you couldn't help but smile to yourself, biting down on your bottom lip to keep from making a comment, though you can't help but tilt your head to the side as you feel Joe's lips brush against your ear before you hear the roughness of his voice as he says, "I thought I forbid this," as his hands reach up to your front gripping the top you were wearing and giving it a gentle tug, and you hate how you shiver in response, but make no attempt to hide your reaction to his blatant teasing.

"I must not have got the memo," you manage to reply, reaching down to wrap your hand over his, which was still holding onto the top you had stolen from him and were wearing in his kitchen as you made coffee. The unexpected feel of his teeth grazing your neck momentarily makes you tense up before you relax again, feeling him bring you closer to him, which makes you lean into his chest, pressing a kiss to his jaw, enjoying the smile you get before he kisses you before he pulls back and turns you around, lifting you up onto the counter before stepping in between your legs and then kissing you again, pulling you closer to himself again as you wrap your arms and legs around him as you return the kiss.