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I've only got one shot.

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Feeling hands grip your hips you couldn't help but smile to yourself, biting down on your bottom lip to keep from making a comment, though you can't help but tilt your head to the side as you feel Joe's lips brush against your ear before you hear the roughness of his voice as he says, "I thought I forbid this," as his hands reach up to your front gripping the top you were wearing and giving it a gentle tug, and you hate how you shiver in response, but make no attempt to hide your reaction to his blatant teasing.

"I must not have got the memo," you manage to reply, reaching down to wrap your hand over his, which was still holding onto the top you had stolen from him and were wearing in his kitchen as you made coffee. The unexpected feel of his teeth grazing your neck momentarily makes you tense up before you relax again, feeling him bring you closer to him, which makes you lean into his chest, pressing a kiss to his jaw, enjoying the smile you get before he kisses you before he pulls back and turns you around, lifting you up onto the counter before stepping in between your legs and then kissing you again, pulling you closer to himself again as you wrap your arms and legs around him as you return the kiss.