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Captain America/Avengers Poetry

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This is the end the door is closed.
Your selfish heart has been exposed.
You made your choice and I’ve made mine.
I’m not the keeper of your shrine.
You’ve had your life and lived your dream.
You ran away and left your team.
And now you’re back without regret.
Assuming that we’ll all forget.
The way you left us all behind.
You’ll find that we are not that blind.
Some may forgive and choose to smile.
But I’ll not walk that sorry mile.
So as you frown and ask me why.
I’ll just reply and say goodbye.


(Bucky Barnes/ Steve Rogers (Endgame) 27/12/19)


Don’t Look Back

Walk away don’t look back.
There is nothing that you lack.
Carry on with heart and grace.
There is nothing you can’t face.
Look to the future and live it well.
Tell good old Steve to go to hell.
You’re still here and come what may.
You are going to win the day.


(Bucky Barnes/ Steve Rogers (Endgame) 9/1/20)