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Apple for the Teacher

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Daniel Osbourne, or Oz as his friends calls him, entered the campus hangout called The Lunatic Café. He greeted the members of his pack as well as the students he recognized from class. He had only been a member of the Thronnos Rokke Clan for a short while but had already made some friends. Including the older man sitting at a table near the back.

Richard Zeeman, the local Wolf King, lowered the newspaper he had been reading. He felt the presence of a young wolf approaching him and looked up to see Oz.

Neither man said a word as Oz took a seat at the table. Oz ordered a coffee, powered up his laptop to check his emails and put a red apple next to Richard’s coffee-cup.

Richard smiled, picked up the gift and said: “Teacher’s pet”. He took a bite and returned to his reading. Oz just smiled.