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Bloody Night

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“Ne Akaya, what are you doing?” Marui asked looking at Akaya who desesperaly was trying to hide from something or someone.

“Ah! Oh…Bunta…well…etto…I was…uh…” He started.

“He is probably hiding from Mura and Sanada, ne Bakaya?” A new voice said making Akaya freeze at seeing Niou approaching.

“Ur-uruse!!!” He screamed in response as Niou laugh and surround Marui’s waist with his arms, while he had a bag in the other one.

“Why don’t you try disguising? Maybe they won’t recognize you.” Niou said holding the bag up. Akaya looked doubtful for a moment.

“Mmm I think Mura and Sanada are heading this way.” Niou said and gestured as if he was searching and immediately Akaya took the bag and ran off to the bathroom with a laughing Niou and a serious Marui scolding him.

“Maa, Haru you should torture him that much, he is already mentally unstable with Mura and Sanada and you make it worst.” He said.

“Relax Bunta, you now those three, love each other a lot but Akaya can be very sensitive sometimes.” Niou said and Marui sighed.

“With a sadist like Mura and a rock like Sanada…I don’t actually blame him. Imagine suffering that for 500 hundred years.” Marui muttered in a low voice, making Niou laugh.

“They better not hear you. You might get in trouble.” Niou said pushing Marui against the wall near the bathroom. “Either way, he seems happy with those, even if he gets himself AND you in trouble.”

“Mmm, but aren’t you always getting me out of those troubles?” Marui responded smiling mischievously and surrounding Niou’s neck with his arms pulling him near.

Niou smirked as he started to lick Marui’s neck enlarging his fangs.

“I want to taste…” He murmured.

“Then why don’t you?” Marui responded in a husky voice. Niou was about the sink his fangs in Marui’s neck when-

“WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!?!?” Kirihara’s scream broke through the air causing Niou to curse.

“Damn brat couldn’t he wait?”

“Niou-sempai what is this!!!” Kirihara asked appearing in front of them dressed in the girl’s cheerleader uniform that was a dark green with white shirt with yellow letters with a short skirt in the same shade of green with two strips in the end one black and one white and in his head he had a black long wig and in his hands he held to big pompoms, just by seeing him, caused Marui and Niou to start laughing.

“Don’t laugh!!”

“Go-gomen Akaya but it really suits you…” Marui said in between laughs.


“But at least you look different, maybe if you are lucky they will take long time before realizing it’s you.” Niou said, making Kirihara stop his screams.

“Yeah maybe…”He murmured.

“Go away and tried, adults have things to do rights now.” Niou said smirking as Kirihara’s face turned red before pulling Marui with him to an empty classroom before pushing him against the door and started kissing him.

“You lied to Akaya earlier.” Marui said once they separate.

“Oh? Did you notice?” Niou asked.

“I’m your mate of course I notice you idiot!” Marui said pouting.

“Jaja, sorry, sorry. I know, and yeah it’s true I lied to him.”

“You didn’t give him the costume to hide him from Mura right?”

“Heh, not exactly, you could say I got well rewarded by someone who wanted to see him in that outfit, beside it the brat is occupied I can have you by myself.” Niou said smirking.

“Your evil, so is Yukimura paying you to get Akaya in a cheerleader uniform. Poor Akaya.”

“Maa, maa, leave him, is not like he won’t enjoy it too, if you want we can go when he starts to-ITAI!!” Niou complained when he was hit in the back of the head.

“You are such a perv.” Marui said sulking.

“Ma, ma sorry, don’t get jealous I prefer to hear you scream instead of Akaya.” He said as Marui blushed.

“Masaharu!!! Wha-”He started but was interrupted by Niou kissing him again.

Niou kissed him deeply pushing him this time against the wall, his hands finding his way beneath Marui’s shirt and started trailing kissed along Marui’s jaw and ear descending to the curve of Marui’s neck, liking the said area.

“Even after 500 hundred years…” Niou murmured against the neck in front of him. “You are still mine. Just mine.”

“Mmm, yeah just yours.” Marui said as he bites Niou’s neck at the same time his mate bites his.