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Changing Facts

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“So what did you call us for Cross?” Kaname asked as he and Takuma entered the headmaster´s office. Yuki and Ichiru were already there waiting.

“Well I wanted to inform you that we will be having three new students, they will be part of the Night class.” Kaien informed them.

“Three? That’s rare.” Yuki said, since vampires usually arrived by themselves.

“Tsk, just what we needed, more bloodsuckers.” Ichiru complained rolling his eyes.

“Do you have their names headmaster?” Takuma asked curiously.

“No, not really, their mother called to inform their arrival today and said that they will fill the required paperwork when they arrived.” Kaien explained them. “Since they are members of the Night class I thought it would be appropriate to have one of their one introduce them, especially since they are being so mysterious.” Kaien said his cheerfulness leaving slightly at the end of his speech. Kaname nodded along with Takuma.

“When will they be arriving?” Kaname asked.

“Hmm, in a few minutes I guess, so let’s go and wait for them!” Kaien replied, his cheerfulness back.

“Kaien, where is master Yagari?” Ichiru asked as they exit the room heading for the entrance of the academy.

“He is on a mission, he´ll be back tonight, or tomorrow morning the latest.” Kaien replied. Ichiru nodded. They reached the entrance gates and soon they saw a limousine stop in front of the gates, the driver got out and opened the door to allow the people inside to exit.

Kaname observed quietly at the doors opened and he people inside started to exit. His breath caught in his throat when he saw the first person leave the car. Silver hair, check, pale skin, check, lilac eyes, check…yes that was definitely Zero. And the sharp gasps from the people around him confirm it. He wasn’t sure how to react, he was immensely happy, now knowing for sure that Zero was ok. But confusion, guilt and other emotions overflowed him as he remembered their last encounter. He shook his head to erase those thoughts for now and concentrated on the other two males the followed Zero.

The image of both males didn’t relax him in anyway. It was clear they were twins, they looked the same aside from different hair styles and how they held themselves, but they were extremely similar. Vampire twins were very rare, almost as rare as twin hunters were, but that was not what shocked Kaname the most, it was the fact that these twins…had every feature that belong to a Kuran…in other words they looked very similar to Kaname himself, and the others noticed as well, if Takuma´s tense shoulders was to go by. It didn’t help the situation knowing the obvious fact that all three men in front of them were purebloods; they weren’t doing much effort to hide it anyway.

“Good afternoon chairman, it’s been a while.” Zero greeted the chairman as they stood in from of them. The chairman, who looked shocked before, snapped out of his daze and nodded.

“Is good to have you back Zero, I’m glad you decided to return, even if it is as a member of the Night class.” Kaien replied to Zero.

“Thank you chairman. It is also good to see you again, Yuki-chan, Ichiru, Ichijou-san, Kaname-san.” Zero said greeting the others. “Please allow me to introduce my companions, this is Kuran Yami,” he said signaling the long-haired twin. “And this is Kuran Night.” He finished signaling the other twin.

“It is a pleasure to meet you.” Yami said formally and Night merely nodded. Just as they were being assessed by the heir of the Kuran, they assessed him just the same. They nodded that the girl next to the chairman had very similar features, so they concluded this was the girl that Zero told them about, the pureblood-turned-human. Yami then let his gaze turned to the silver haired male that looked just like Zero aside of the hair.

‘This must be Ichiru.’ He thought analyzing the male. He was tense in their presence, and his hand was ready to take his gun in any moment as if they were going to attack him.

Ichiru wasn’t sure what to worry about more, the fact that his brother…his pureblood brother was back in the academy, no longer hiding his vampirism and his relationship to Shizuka Hio, or the fact that two other purebloods…two Kurans had just appeared in the academy along with his brother.

“You look surprised.” Zero said with a smirk.

“You certainly surprised us Kiryu-kun.” Takuma said kindly once he got over his stupor.

“Hio.” Zero said catching the attention of everyone present. “I go by Hio Zero now.” He explained and watched the reactions of those around him. Kaien, Ichijou and Kaname´s eyes narrowed, as if they were confirming something they already suspected, Yuki looked surprised and a confused and Ichiru…Ichiru looked angry and hurt, but at this moment Zero didn’t really cared what they thought of him.

“Well, why don’t we take you to the Moon dorms and introduce you to everyone.” Kaien said, his cheerful smile returning full force. Everyone nodded and headed to the dorms. Once they reached the dorm Takuma opened the door and in the living room there were several vampires waiting for Kaname´s and Takuma´s return.

“Guys we would like to inform you that we will be having three new students from now on.” Takuma said getting the attention of everyone in the room. “You remember Zero of course.” Takuma said pointing at Zero.

“AH! You are back Zero!” A surprise Aidou screamed as he pointed at Zero. Zero raised an eyebrow.

“I think Ichijou-san just said that Aidou, you don’t have to repeat.” Zero said smirking when Aidou blushed in embarrassment.

“What a surprise to see you as a member of Night Class, Kiryu-kun.” Kain said.

“I go by Hio now, Akatsuki-san.” Zero corrected again leaving several vampires shocked and confused. Seeing this Kaname stepped closer to them.

“What he means is the he is part of the Hio family, by name and by blood.” Kaname said, emphasizing the last word to make sure that everyone understood his words, none of them knew how, but Zero was a pureblood and member of the Hio family.

“Our other two students are twins. Their names are Yami and Night Kuran.” Takuma introduced each twin. The vampires were now asking themselves what they should be more shocked about: Zero being a pureblood and a Hio, or the two Kuran twins that accompanied him.

“Allow me to introduce the Nigh Class,” Takuma continued as he started to introduce each one of them. “As you already now, the president is Kuran Kaname and I am the vice-president Ichijou Takuma, this are Shiki Senri, Touya Rima, Akatsuki Kain, Sounen Ruka, Aidou Hanabusa and Seiren.” Takuma finished.

Yami who had been silent for a while gave his full attention to the orange-haired, silver-eyed vampire as soon as he heard his name. Shiki Senri. Level B. Son of the Shiki House and his little brother. He observed him carefully, trying to find his similarities to his father and although they were visible in his face structure and so, it wasn’t easy to tell that Rido was his father, unlike him and Night, who were carbon copies of their father. Especially Night, since his hair was about the same length. Their only difference was the eyes.

Night remained in silence just like his twin. He knew what the other was thinking of course. Yami´s mind had started running as soon as the name of their little brother was mentioned and all of Yami´s attention was on the red-haired male and it was starting to annoy him. Yami should only see him, he was his older brother, his twin, and it was bad enough that Yami had gotten so attached to the silver-haired pureblood. He didn’t want to share anymore. Night snapped out of his stupor when he saw his brother move closer to their brother.

Zero just like Night, watched in silence Yami´s actions. Yami walked toward Shiki, catching the attention of everyone in the room, until he stood in front of the silver-eyed male. His finger reached to take Shiki´s chin to turn his face a little to observe him a little better. Shiki just stood there with an expressionless face, although you could see the confusion flashing in his eyes due to the actions of the recent discovered pureblood.

“You really don’t look much like father, little brother.” He murmured ignoring the way Shiki tensed against him. “It makes you wonder if that´s a good or a bad thing…” He finished and let go of Shiki´s face and walked back to Zero and his twin.

“Where are we going to sleep?” Zero asked Kaname, knowing that he would be the one determining it.

“There are three single rooms in the same hallways as mine, one on the side and the other two in front, you are welcome to use them.” Kaname said politely.

“We will only need two of them.” Night said, speaking for the first time since arriving as he took his brother´s arm and started to walk toward the stairs.

“We will take the two in front then. We´ll go now and arrange our stuff then. See you in a while.” Zero said as he followed Night and Yami, who were now waiting for him at the top of the stairs. Unlike them he did knew where they were headed.

The rest of the Night Class stood in silence for a few more minutes, not quite finished processing what just had happened. Zero was back. Zero was a pureblood. He came accompanied with pureblood vampire twins. Purebloods none of them knew about. Purebloods who are not only Kuran, but also sons of Rido Kuran…Shiki´s brothers…

Everything was getting way too complicated for their tastes…

But not for Zero…he was quite enjoying everything.

The Night Class was once again waiting in the living room for their president, vice-president and their new students to leave to classes. The first ones to arrive were Zero and the twins. Zero was walking ahead, followed by the twins who were walking hand in hand.

“Hello everyone.” Zero greeted.

“It’s good to see you again Zero-sama, Yami-sama, Night-sama.” Kain greeted back. Yami smiled in reply and Night merely nodded.
“Since we are all already here, I guess it’s time to go to class.” Kaname said descending the stairs with Takuma following him.

They headed towards the gate in where the screams of the fan girls could be heard clearly and it made Zero sigh. This caught Yami´s attention that turned to look at Zero curiously, waiting for him to answer the unasked question.

“The Day Class, which is formed by humans, believes that the members of the Night Class are just Elite students. Due to that and the appeal we all have, very annoying groups of fangirls are formed.” Zero explained briefly getting a sigh from Yami and a frown from Night.

“What are you saying Zero-sama!?” Aidou asked appearing next to them. “They are the lovelies creatures you can see!!” he said dramatically, making most of the Night class roll their eyes.

“Shut up Aidou, you are making a fool of yourself.” Kain said sighing as well.

“Not like he has to make such an effort.” Ruka said earning a glare from Aidou…which she ignored as usual.

As soon as they crossed the gates, the screaming became louder, at least until the girls saw Zero and the twins walking next to Kaname. Instead of the usual fan girl screaming whisperers started about Zero returning to school but entering the Night Class and the presence of the new strangers in school who accompanied him.

“Zero´s back!”

“Why is he in the Night Class?”

“It´s not fair, I want to be there too!”

“Look at those two! They are clearly twins and so handsome!”

“Don’t they look like they are really close to Zero?”

“Maybe they know each other?”

Zero rolled his eyes in annoyance; he wasn’t sure what annoyed him more the screaming or the whispering. His anger increased when he felt both Yami and Night tense behind him. This environment was way too loud and crowded for what the twins were used too. A scream directed his attention to his twin, who was glaring at the girls who have resumed their screaming. As if feeling his gaze Ichiru turned around and their eyes meet.
Ichiru walked to his room after the meeting with Zero. His relief on seeing his brother alive was overcoming his hatred for him and he didn't like that. He wasn't supposed to wish for his parent’s murderer to live, especially now that he was a pureblood...
But how?

How was it possible for Zero to become a pureblood?

They had grown up together. He was sure Zero was human, a hunter. He also knew Zero had become a vampire, his red eyes and fangs back then confirmed it. Even if that hadn't, Zero confirmed it after he arrived at Cross Academy, even if he hadn't said it explicitly. But as a turned vampire, Zero was supposed to be a Level D, if not a Level E, although Shizuka's blood should have kept him stable. But as far as he knew there was no possible way for a human to be turned into a pureblood vampire.

Maybe Yagari will know something…but he’ll have to wait until he gets back.

And who were those Kurans? Twins? Vampire Twins were as rare as hunter twins…How were they related to Kaname? He didn’t seem to know them, so they had never met before. Cousins? That would mean they are the sons of Rido Kuran, if he recalled the name correctly. But then who was their mother? She had to be a pureblood, but he never heard of any record saying that Rido Kuran had had a relationship with a pureblood woman, he was engaged to Shizuka, but it seems the relationship was never consummated. And if those twins were sons of Shizuka, he was sure that Zero would have said so in their introductions since they would have been his…brothers.

That last thought left a bitter taste on his mouths. He may hate his brother, but he didn’t want to hear him claiming to be someone else’s child. Not when they had grown up together. Not when they were raised by the same mother and father until they were twelve. Not when they used to train under the same teacher to become hunters…well he was going to become a hunter…it had been decided that it would have been impossible for Zero to do so…

Ichiru sighed as he sat on his bed. He hadn’t notice he arrived to his room, not even when he had lay down on his bed. He quickly checked the clock on his nightstand and realized that he was going to be late for the class change if he didn’t hurry. So he got up and made sure that he had everything before leaving the room towards the gates. The Night Class was already walking through the gates and all the girls were whispering about his brother´s return and the other two new students. Once the girls started screaming again and glared at them, which paralyzed of them.

He felt that someone was watching him, so he turned around to meet the identical eyes of his twin. He held his brother´s gaze until Zero smiled and winked at him, making him glare in return. Really, since when had Zero become so shameless?! And so annoying…. He really needed Yagari-sensei to come back soon…even if just for the sake of his own sanity…

Zero chuckled when he saw his twin´s reaction. Annoying Ichiru was always so easy and so fun, especially know, which surprised Zero a little. It meant that his brother, despite everything, didn’t hate him completely and that made his chest feel warm, especially when he glanced at the twins that were walking behind him. He would love to be like that with his brother, but he knew that it was merely a fantasy. He couldn’t be with his brother like that. His brother would never forgive him for what he did, because he would never regret it. He would never regret gaining a new family, just like he would never regret being happy with them. Even if the price was his brother´s hate.