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Lessons From the Best

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Obviously, admitting that she'd never gotten herself off was the wrong thing to say; Esme immediately pulls away from her.

“Never?” she asks in clarification, her voice more uncertain now.

“I - I’ve never had any reason to,” Bella stutters, and she can feel her whole body beginning to blush, “let alone any real way to learn.”

“Well, that’s not really true, now is it? It is your body, darling.”

Bella pushes some of her hair back behind her shoulder. Dammit. She'd been looking forward to Esme being her first, but...

“We’re not going to have sex, are we?”

“Not today, no,” returns the older woman’s certainty, and she waits for Bella to meet her eyes again, and then cups Bella’s cheek in one of her warm hands.

“I’m going to show you how I make myself come, and you’re going to pay very close attention to me, and then do the same to yourself.”

Bella nods, excitedly biting her lip until Esme lets her lean forward and kiss her once again.