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Class Act Tease

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“This…” whimpers Darcy, “this is the least fair thing you’ve ever done to me.”

Skye just grins devilishly; Darcy feels the smile as it forms on her lips, almost immediately above Darcy’s clit.

“You’re the one who expected me not to react to your freaking Batman panties, Darce,” she chuckles breathily, and Darcy moans again.

So close, and yet so far, and so cliche for that matter.

Skye sweeps her tongue over Darcy’s clit again, in just a short, sharp movement, and Darcy yelps.

“Oh, come on!” she whines, and Skye tsk-tsks.

“Not yet,” she replies in a sing-song voice, but she pulls the panties to the side a moment later and slips a couple of her fingers into Darcy’s sopping wet pussy.