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Monday 12 th  December 2016

Mondays were always a drag.

Bonnie couldn't stand her 2016-17 timetable – her Mondays were the only days she didn't get any free periods, so she'd fallen behind on a lot of her marking. Naturally when the final bell rung, she breathed a huge sigh of relief as she dismissed her final class of seniors.

Usually, she opted to stay after school to finish grading a few more papers, but today had been exceptionally tiring, so Bonnibel packed up the worksheets from her classes that she needed to mark and switched her classroom lights off, relieved that she didn't have a staff meeting on a Monday.

She stopped by Lady's classroom on the way out, waving through the window when she noticed that her friend had a few students staying behind to complete work, and headed to the main office to sign out. After sending the receptionist a smile, Bonnibel left the school and made her way to the bus stop, fiddling with the buttons on her lab coat as she waited.

She hopped on the bus and sent a bright smile to the driver as she scanned her pass, sitting in her usual spot near the front. She pulled her phone from her pocket and untangled the earbuds that she'd recently been instructed to buy, plugging them in and pressing the 'shuffle' button on the only playlist that she had – she didn't even make it, and had copied it from someone else's iTunes after listening to it on a late night drive. She loved listening to it when she was on the bus; it brought good memories back and put her in a great mood.

When the bus finally pulled up at the stop near her apartment, Bonnie got off and headed to the store. She bought her usual groceries and spent a little extra on a cute little box of chocolates for a special someone – it'd been a while since she'd done something like that. Romantic gestures meant a lot to some people.

Spinning the handle of the plastic bag around her wrist, Bonnie made her way back up to her apartment, fumbling with her keys as she unlocked the door. She opened it with her foot, dropping her work bag on the floor and carrying the groceries into the kitchen, smiling when she registered the sounds of the television. She pulled the chocolates out of the bag, her smile stretching even further when she felt a pair of arms snaking around her waist.

"Those for me?"

Bonnibel rolled her eyes, spinning around to kiss Marceline, "They're to share. But I may have had you in mind when I bought them."

Marceline laughed, twirling a lock of Bonnie's blonde hair around her index finger, "You know I'll probably beat you to it and eat them when you're not looking, right?"

Bonnie raised an eyebrow, "You wouldn't do that to your loving girlfriend, would you?"

"Ah, you got me." Marceline let go of her, leaning back against the counter, "Nah, I wouldn't. Dibs on the strawberry ones, though."

"I'm pretty sure we've established that you get the strawberry ones," Bonnie forgot about her groceries, curling her fingers around Marceline's and leading her girlfriend into the lounge, "It's some sort of unspoken rule."

In fact, they had a lot of unspoken rules. There had been many developments in the span of a year - Bonnie had come to understand Marceline completely. Her likes, her dislikes, what kind of things made her laugh, her favourite movie genre and the types of music in her nerdy record collection that she'd started when she was younger and still added to today.

Marceline laughed at her, flopping down on the couch, "Yeah, I guess so. How was the rest of work?"

"Tiring, as usual. You're lucky that you only have two morning classes. I wish I taught an elective rather than a compulsory subject." Bonnie fiddled with Marceline's fingers - another thing that Marceline really liked her doing - and looked over to the television, "What're we watching?"

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Marceline responded, "I finished grading everything that I needed to, so I figured I'd treat myself to the season two box set. Angel has just turned back into Angelus and shit is getting real. You'd like this show, actually."

"Did you manage to finish unpacking the rest of your stuff?" Bonnie disregarded Marceline's comment, knowing that you'd like this usually translated into we're binge watching it this weekend. "I know that you were already nearly done, but I was just wondering if you'd finished completely."

"Yeah, Keila came over and helped me out at around two." Marceline confirmed, draping an arm around Bonnie's shoulders as she leaned against her, "I find it hard to believe that we've been together for a year. I know we celebrated it by moving in together, but I'm going to cook a couple of steaks for dinner tonight as a sort of…thanks."

"Thanks?" Bonnie raised an eyebrow in amusement, "You're thanking me for dating you? I mean, I know you can be kind of annoying sometimes, but you're not too bad."

"That's not what I mean, nerd." Marceline rolled her eyes. "I mean more along the lines of sticking with me and stuff."

Bonnie wanted to point out that she'd be an idiot not to stay with Marceline. She was fun to be around, told funny jokes, was outstandingly beautiful and was a good chef. Plus, she could play music to Bonnie on demand. What wasn't to love?

She smiled and kissed her girlfriend on the forehead, "You don't need to thank me. Making out with you on demand is thanks enough. Although, steak does sound quite pleasant after my long and arduous day of working. I take mine medium well."

"Noted. It's rare for me." Marceline flashed her canines in Bonnie's direction, but that melted into a smile within seconds, "And hey...maybe later, we can do something else to break in the new bed."

Bonnibel scoffed, smacking her on the arm – albeit lightly. Marceline's irreverent jokes always made Bonnie's chest feel warm, even though she pretended to dislike them. She was sure that Marceline knew her reactions were false. "You're so distasteful."

Marceline cackled, pressing her soft lips against Bonnibel's cheek and eliciting a soft pink colour. "Yeah. And you love it."

Bonnie smiled, turning her head to the side to meet her girlfriend's lips. And honestly, while kissing Marceline, she couldn't disagree with that at all.