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    What if Voldemort had won? A misheard prophecy, a change of history, and infant Harry Potter was not attacked by Voldemort but adopted by him, raised as Voldemort's son and heir in a Britain that has been thoroughly conquered and a wizarding world no longer in the shadows.

    Alternity was a Harry Potter roleplaying game that ran for seven years (2008-2015), telling the story of Voldemort's "Protectorate" and its citizens through the conceit of a magical journal service. You can read it on the Alternity website. This collection is for fic inspired by the world of Alternity. Although some of the fic has been written by Alternity's player-authors, that fic is not necessarily canonical in the world of Alternity itself.

    Please feel free to add your Alternity-inspired work to the collection!

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