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Two Morty's For The Price Of One

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"Morty, Morgan, come down here! There's someone here you should meet!"
The two teens looked over at each other from their respective beds, a mix of confusion and excitement written on both of their faces. The boy was the first to get up, glancing over at his sister again.
"W-well, c'mon, Morgan! Your book isn't going anywhere, mom needs us!"
The girl sighed and slotted her bookmark in place before tossing her book down onto the bed, standing up and adjusting her hair a bit.
"It's probably just some long lost family friend or someone from work or something." Morgan murmured, following her twin from their shared room and down the stairs. The two made their way into the living room, pausing just inside the doorway to take in the man before them. He was tall and lanky, with pale grey-blue hair that stuck up all over and a matching unibrow. He was obviously older, if the lines and wrinkles covering his face were anything to go by, and was currently chugging something from a flask. He was wearing what seemed to be a white lab coat. Their mother was standing beside him, asking numerous questions that the man could clearly care less about. Morgan crossed her arms, looking the man over.
"Mom, who's this?" She asked, causing both adults to turn towards her and Morty. The man raised an eyebrow (or, raised half a unibrow, I guess), looking down at Morgan apathetically. "I-I could ask the same about you." He said, voice gravelly. Beth laughed a bit. "Oh, dad, you're so funny! That's Morgan and Morty!"
"I knew Morty, Beth, I'm no-UURGH-t an, not an idiot. Did you seriously have twins without me noticing?" The man asked, looking between the two teenagers.
"Excuse me, question. Did you just say 'dad'?" Morgan looked up at the odd man, curious. Morty, on the other hand, was shifting his weight from one foot to the other, a telltale sign that he was uncomfortable.
"Oh, right! Kids, this is your grandfather!" Beth exclaimed happily, practically gushing over her supposed father. Morty blinked a bit in surprise, staring up at the man.
"Uh-um-geez, uh, hi grandpa.."
"Rick Sanchez. And for future reference, just call me 'Rick', none of that, that grandpa business." The man demanded before taking another swig from his flask. Morgan raised an eyebrow. "What's in there?"
"None of y-UUURP-our business, girl Morty."
Morgan sighed and looked at Morty, who just offered a weak shrug before looking up at Rick.
"S-so, uh, how long are you gonna be here, gr-Rick?" He asked, rubbing the back of his neck.
"I know this is sudden, kids, but my father is gonna be living here with us, now. Doesn't that sound great?" Beth asked her children, smiling. Morgan gave a quick shrug before refocusing on Rick.
"What's with the lab coat?" She asked.
"Damn, you're a nosy little kid, aren't you?"
"We're fourteen, and I was just curious! Geez." Morgan muttered, crossing her arms. "Morty, if you need me, I'll be in my half of the room." She said, turning to leave the room.
"Are you two still sharing a room? At fourteen? That's-that's definitely not normal." Rick uttered, and Morgan sighed heavily.
"I built a wall."
Rick blinked at her, staring at her dumbly for a second.
" what?"
"A wall. I built one. In the middle of our room. Morty's got his half, I've got mine."
"It-it's true, she did! It's really good, too!" Morty suddenly exclaimed, smiling a bit. "She's into building stuff."
"A wall isn't 'stuff', Morty, it's a few studs and two pieces of sheetrock." Morgan murmured with a roll of her eyes. Rick looked the girl over before letting out a hum, sounding almost like one of approval.
"Did you build a door, too?" He asked, his tone of voice hard to read.
"Sorta. I built the framework and stuff, but I just used an old door from Summer's closet." Morgan answered. "Why?"
"You're fourteen."
"And you built a wall in your room."
"By yourself?"
"Well, Morty helped hold the studs in place, but mostly, yeah."
Rick glanced at Morty before looking back down at Morgan, a slight smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. "Huh. That's, pretty impressive."
"Thanks, I guess."
Rick looked the twins over once more before nodding sharply and turning on his heels. "I'm gonna go unpack, no one come in the garage until I say you can." He announced before throwing the garage door open and walking outside, the door slamming closed behind him. Beth looked at the door before smiling down at her set of twins.
"Don't worry, you two, he'll warm up to all of us soon." She assured.
"He's-he's gonna be living in the garage?" Morty asked, almost sounding worried.
"Don't worry, he's getting his own bedroom just like the rest of us. I think the garage will be more of a workspace."
Morgan sighed softly, looking at Morty. "Again, I'll be in our room if you need me." She said before walking back upstairs, flopping down onto her bed and reopening her book. She read a few lines before her thoughts wandered to Rick.
"How did he not know we were twins?" She asked herself quietly before shaking her head a bit. "I don't think I wanna know."
A few hours slipped by quickly while she read, ending with Morgan glancing at her phone to see it was already almost six. She blinked a bit in confused realization before setting her book down and rubbing her eyes.
"Note to self. Set a timer while reading." She mumbled before sitting up, cracking her back as she walked out of her half of the room. Morty's half was empty, oddly enough. He usually stayed in their room if he could help it. Morgan slowly walked downstairs, looking around.
"Hey, Morty? You still here?" She called out. It wasn't like him to leave without at least telling her.
"He's in the garage." Summer's voice called out from the kitchen.
"Thank you." Morgan called back before walking over to the garage door, pulling it open and stepping outside. "Hey MorMor? You here-?"
The girl cut herself off as she looked around. There were boxes littering the floor and devices of all shapes and sizes covering the shelves. There was a desk sitting next to the workbench that definitely hadn't been there earlier. Morgan slowly looked around, trying to process everything.
"..I think I know what the lab coat's for." She muttered to herself. She looked around more, quickly realizing that, aside from her and all the new stuff, the garage was empty. No sign of Rick, no sign of Morty.
"Um..okay, that's probably not good." She said to no one in particular, quickly pulling her phone from her pocket and hitting speed dial. She pressed the device to her ear, listening to the dull tone repeat twice before the other line opened up.
"Morty, where are you?" She asked instantly, crossing her free arm across her abdomen.
"O-oh, hey Morgan! S-sorry I left without saying anything, Rick needed help with something-"
"With what, exactly? Because I'm looking around the garage, and I don't think anything you help Rick with is gonna be very safe."
"We just went and got some parts, we're already on our way home. He's got a ship, Morgan!" Morty exclaimed, voice tinged with excitement.
"A ship? As in...a spaceship?" Morgan asked, sparing a glance around the garage again.
"Pretty much, yeah! It's-it's super cool!"
"Morty, stop yelling, I'm sure she can hear you just-just fine." Rick's voice said in the background, followed by a quick apology from Morgan's twin.
"A-anyway, I can see our house now, see you in a minute!" Morty announced before his line went dead. Morgan sighed, sliding her phone back into her pocket and opening the garage door for the two boys.
Rick had some serious questions to answer.