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Looking At The Cars That Drive By

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Seokjin tapped nervously on the steering wheel. ‘This isn’t weird, you’re just getting gas.’ He thought to himself as he glanced in the review mirror, watching the door to the gas station convenience store open and a tall blond man step out. Seokjin quickly adverted his gaze to the scene of traffic outside his windshield. No matter what Jungkook said, this wasn’t weird, he needed to get gas is all and this happened to be the closest station, if you didn’t count the other two that he passed on the way here, or that it was a full thirty minutes out of his way. Not weird at all.

Seokjin jumped at the tap on his window, he scrambled to roll down the glass. “Huh?” He said. Wow, real smooth. He wanted to bash his head against the steering wheel.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” The blond haired man was fighting a smile, Seokjin would see the edges of his lips struggling to keep from turning up.

“Uh, you didn’t.” Seokjin replied. “I was just startled.”

Seokjin could tell the man was trying not to roll his eyes. “Right, didn’t mean to startle you. Anyway, same gas as this morning?”

Seokjin nodded. He wanted to cringe. Okay, he might’ve stopped in the morning on his way to get gas, but it wasn’t weird, he really needed that gas that time, kinda, okay not really, but he was just being careful, wasn’t because he possibly liked the employee who worked there was currently filling up his gas tank. Of course not.

Seokjin tried stealing glances of the man working, but everytime he would stare too long and the man would glance up, catch his eye and smile and then Seokjin would smile awkwardly back before quickly looking away, only to glance back seconds later to repeat the process all over again. It was probably one of the more awkward encounters over the past two months, but Seokjin couldn’t help himself. He had come by once and when the blond haired man stepped out, he was hooked. He’d come by every day at least once just so he could see the man, he’d tried getting a glance at his name tag, but he’d never been in the right position to do so. So far all he had to go off of was it began with an ‘N’ and ended with an ‘oon’. Seokjin had just taken to calling him ‘the-really-cute-gas-station-employee’ or ‘cute guy’ for short in his mind.

“You’re at a full tank now I believe.” The employee said, pulling Seokjin from his thoughts. Seokjin reached into his wallet and handed the man the money owed.

The employee smiled, exposing two dimples in his cheeks. “Thanks for coming in.”

“You too.” Seokjin froze. Oh god. Oh god, no, he did not just say that. He felt his face burn as the blush spread across his face. He hadn’t mean to, it’d just slipped out. Seokjin blamed the dimples. They’d showed up and his brain went out the window and he made a fool of himself. Thanks for what? Coming into work? Doing his job? Seokjin could never get gas here again.

“Uh, Bye.” Seokjin blurted, as he rolled up his window and pressed on his gas pedal, trying to get out of there as quick as he could. On the way out of the lot, he glanced into his review mirror, where he could clearly make out the cute employee watching him drive off, his shoulders shaking with laughter.

Yep. Seokjin could never return.


Namjoon stepped back into the convenience store, laughing quietly to himself as he leaned against the counter, waiting for the next car to pull up. Yoongi raised an eyebrow.

“What?” Yoongi asked, slumping down on the counter.

“You know that cute guy who comes by all the time?” Namjoon replied.

“Seokjin? Yeah?” Yoongi shrugged. “What about him?”

Namjoon frowned. “What?”

“The guy who comes by all the time? His name is Seokjin.” Yoongi answered. “What about him?”

Namjoon looked at Yoongi bitterly. How come Yoongi knew his name? Did he talk to him? Namjoon had been waiting on the guy for nearly three months now and he could barely get four words from the guy.

Yoongi rolled his eyes, almost as if he could hear Namjoon’s thoughts. “Chill your ass, you dumb jealous baby. His names on his damn receipt.” He pushed a small white paper over to the taller man, a purchase of gas along with the name ‘Kim Seokjin’ signed in black letters across the bottom from when he’d used a credit card.

“Oh..” Namjoon replied sheepishly. He was almost embarrassed by the amount of relief he felt.

Yoongi shook his head before looking back at Namjoon. “Anyway, what about him?” He repeated.

“Ah, right. Outside just now, after I filled up the tank, I said ‘thanks for coming in’ and he replied ‘you too’ and his face got so red.” Namjoon laughed again as he thought back to the event. “He drove off really fast.”

Yoongi gave him a blank look. “Why don’t you just ask him out already?”

Namjoon choked. “What?”

“Why don’t you ask him out?” Yoongi repeated slower.

“I can’t just ask him out! Hes a costumer! He only comes by to get gas.” Namjoon reasoned.

“Fifty times a day?” Yoongi scoffed.

“Maybe he likes having a full tank.” Namjoon shrugged.

“Oh my god, you’re so dumb, how are you so dumb? This wouldn’t happen at my Korean barbeque in LA.” Yoongi groaned, laying his head down on the counter.

“You can barely speak English, how are you going to run a restaurant in America?” Namjoon rolled his eyes.

“I’ll mime everything.” Yoongi answered.

“I’m sure that’ll go over well. What are you going to mime for bulgogi?” The taller of the two asked.

“Shut the fuck up. I’ll figure it out.” Yoongi snapped. “I’m going to take a nap. Wake me up when the shift is over or you’re finally going to pay me the money you owe me from the last game of cards.” He added as he exited the counter and stomped into the back room.

“We don’t play for money.” Namjoon reminded the shorter male.

All he received in reply was the sound of the door to the back room slamming closed. Namjoon shook his head as the buzzer alerted him to another car parked in front of the gas pump. As Namjoon stepped back out into the chilly air, he couldn’t help but think back to Yoongi’s words. Ask Seokjin out? Namjoon snorted. Like that’d go over well.


Seokjin slumped down in his seat. He knew he said he wasn’t going to come back, but he couldn’t help himself and had pulled into the gas station impulsively and now he was sitting in his car and waiting for the blond haired employee to come out so he could creep on him.

Wow, he was so pathetic. Seokjin sighed and slid lower in his seat, too deep into his thoughts to realize one of the employees standing beside his open window.

“Diesel, premium or regular?” A bored tone asked.

Seokjin blinked, that wasn’t the blond’s voice.  He turned his head to take a look at the owner of the words. Standing next to a pump was a short, black haired male who wore an annoyed look.

“Yeah, Namjoon has a different shift today, I hate it as much as you. Now, diesel, premium or regular?” The man asked. A quick glance at his name tag revealed his name was Yoongi.

“Namjoon..?” Seokjin repeated, confused. He search his memories, but couldn’t come up with one person he knew that went by the name ‘Namjoon’

Yoongi rolled his eyes and mumbled under his breath and about LA Korean barbeque.

“The guy who usually pumps your gas like fifty times a day that you obvious come just to stalk.” Yoongi clarified. “You’ve been coming here for what? Two months-“

“Three.” Seokjin corrected before he could help himself. He blushed in embarrassment when Yoongi leveled him with a stare that told him exactly how stupid the shorter man found him.

“Right, Three months now.” Yoongi repeated. “And you don’t know his name? He has a name tag.”

“I couldn’t ever see it.” Seokjin mumbled weakly. Now that Yoongi mentioned it, it was pretty pathetic that he didn’t even know the man’s name.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m sure.” Yoongi rolled his eyes. “I’m gonna fill your tank with regular and if your car freaks out then I’m gonna say it’s your fault.” The shorter man added as he pulled the regular pump from the slot.

“It’s not my car, it’s my friends, and it takes premium.” Seokjin replied quickly, shoving his arm out the window as if to block the Yoongi.

Yoongi frowned and gave the older man a judgmental look. “Why are you filling your friend’s car up?”

“Uh, because they ask me to?” Seokjin lied, shifting his eyes to the right in what he hoped was a convincing manner.

“They ask you to?” Yoong repeated slowly.

So not convincing then.

“Do they ask if you’re full of shit?” The shorter male asked as he placed the pump back into the slot.

“Not really?” Seokjin replied, confused by the sudden question.

“That’s funny, cause you are.” Yoongi shrugged. “This is what I’m guessing and correct me if I’m wrong. But, I think you take your friends cars to this gas station not because they ask you to, but because you’re obsessed with my co-worker.”

Seokjin didn’t correct him, instead he gaped at the black haired man for a moment as he smiled back smugly.

“Don’t tell him!” Seokjin pleaded

“What? Don’t tell him that you come by here almost every day so you can stalk him?” Yoongi replied.

“Yes!” Seokjin cried. “Please don’t!”

“I won’t.” Yoongi shrugged. “If…” He approached Seokjin’s open window and held out his hand expectantly.

Seokjin furrowed his brows in confusion, glancing between Yoongi’s smirking face and his open hand. After a minute he understood and he sighed in defeat, reaching for his wallet.


Namjoon didn’t arrive at the gas station till later that day, on time for his shift. It was his turn to man the counter while Yoongi serviced the cars. When he entered the convenience store, Yoongi was asleep behind the register, having pulled a chair from the back to sit on while he waited for customers.

Namjoon rolled his eyes. He would never understand how Yoongi seemed to hold down his job with such a bad work ethic. But Namjoon knew he’d miss the short man if he ever did get fired, so he was perfectly content with letting Yoongi continue his routine of sleeping on the job without ever reporting him.

“Hey, wake up.” Namjoon said as he nudged Yoongi’s arm, causing his chin to slip from its resting place on his hand and almost hit the edge of the counter before the jolt woke him.

“Fuck, what do you want?” Yoongi grumbled, rubbing his eyes.

“It’s my shift behind the counter.” Namjoon informed him.

“So?” Yoongi shrugged.

“So, you in my spot.” The taller of the two pointed out.

Yoongi stared back blankly. “I’m not moving.”

Namjoon sighed. “Fine, whatever. You’re gonna have to move when a car pulls up.”

“But that isn’t now.” Yoongi retorted, pulling out a pack of cards from his pocket. “Wanna play?”

“We aren’t on break.” Namjoon said, but moved around the counter so he was across from Yoongi anyway.

“There isn’t anyone here, so technically, we are.” Yoongi argued, shuffling thoroughly before dealing.

“Pretty sure that isn’t how it works.” Namjoon placed his hands over the cards as they were slid to him, preventing them from falling onto the floor.

“Whatever.” Yoongi replied as he placed the rest of the cards off to the side and tore up an old receipt from his left pocket to substitute for poker chips. “Seokjin came by earlier.” He added casually as he divided the ‘chips’ between them.

Namjoon glanced up from his cards at that. “When?”

Yoongi shrugged. “I don’t know, early, like, after my second cup of shitty coffee.”

“Please don’t tell me that you ran him off and he’s never coming back.” Namjoon groaned, pushing some of the paper forward to start off the betting.

“Nah, with how much he’s obsessed with you, he’s probably gonna come back tomorrow.” Yoongi traded a card before raising. “You should’ve seen his face when he saw I was working the pump. Guy looked like I crushed his dreams.”

Namjoon considered his cards again, three of a kind, he could trade the two. “How do you know its cause you were working the pump? Maybe he just doesn’t like your service.” He discarded his duce and drew another, he made a face, three was useless. He called Yoongi’s bet anyway.

“My service is fine.” Yoongi protested, dropping a card into the reject pile and pulling another from the deck to add to his hand. “He kept asking about you.”

Namjoon ducked his head, pretending to look at his cards to hide the smile that Yoongi’s words caused. He had to admit that he had grown fond of the broad shouldered man that came by the gas station often, but it was hard to discuss anything but what kind of gas he wanted to fill the tank with. Not to mention that not getting more than three words at a time from the guy didn’t help to make conversation, so getting a number seemed very unlikely.

“Probably cause he knows my service is the best service.” Namjoon retorted, looking up once he composed himself. He frowned when he saw that Yoongi had raised the bet again. That usually meant he had a good hand.

Yoongi snorted. “More like he’s stalking you.” He said, watching as Namjoon matched his bet.

“He comes by and gets gas, how is that stalking?” The blond asked, tapping his fingers as Yoongi traded another card and raised again.

Okay, he definitely had a good hand, royal flush or something like that.

“He does it every day. Who needs that much gas? And Its not even his car, its his friend’s cars, like why would you do that? Cause he’s stalking you, that’s why.” Yoongi explained, his tone suggesting that he thought Namjoon was stupid for not realizing this on his own.

“Maybe he’s nice.” Namjoon suggested. If Seokjin liked him as much as Yoongi thought he did, then how come he hadn’t tried asking for his number, or even asking him out on a date? Seokjin never even implied he was attracted to Namjoon in anyway. Hell, the most he did was glance at him, hand him money and drive away, hardly seemed he wanted anything to do with Namjoon besides have him pump gas.

“If this is what I have to deal with, then I’m never hiring you at my Korean barbeque.” Yoongi replied, right as an alert went off, telling them a car had pulled up to the pump.

“I don’t think I have to worry about that.” Namjoon rolled his eyes as Yoongi put his cards down and exited the counter. Yoongi mumbled curses under his breath that Namjoon was sure were directed at him as he left the store.

Namjoon pursed his lips as he waited for Yoongi to come back, thinking over what the shorted man had said. He wanted it to be true, but Seokjin’s actions proved otherwise. Didn’t people who were attracted to someone act the exact opposite of how Seokjin was acting? They flirted, smiled, gave signs they were interested. Seokjin did none of that. Namjoon wanted to score a date, but it seemed like asking would only end with rejection. However, Namjoon wasn’t against trying.

The blond haired man glanced out the window, watching as Yoongi sighed and waited for the gas to finish pumping, he wondered if Seokjin would come back tomorrow like Yoongi said. He hoped so. Namjoon glanced back down at Yoongi’s cards, stretching his hand across the table and lifting up the edge, getting a look at the face value.

He fucking knew he had an ace.


As luck would have it, Namjoon got stuck with working behind the counter for two weeks. Apparently the manager had caught wind of Yoongi’s tendency to sleep in the back room and in an attempt to put an end to it, had assigned the short male to the pump. Which meant that Namjoon was stuck in the convenient store. Which meant he wasn’t working the pump. Which meant he had zero contact with Seokjin and would continue to have zero contact with Seokjin for two weeks.

Needless to say, Namjoon wasn’t happy about. Neither was Yoongi, who was on the war path to find out who had reported him. He had narrowed it down to two suspects and wouldn’t let up, continuously glaring at them whenever he saw them. Namjoon was pretty sure it was his way of trying to get them to confess. Honestly it was pretty amusing to watch their co-workers sweat bullets whenever they were in Yoongi’s line of sight. But by the third day into the second week, it was getting old and Namjoon just wanted to talk to Seokjin already. Not to mention he was sure that Yoongi was going to stab him with a pen if he kept asking if Seokjin came by.

“For the last damn time.” Yoongi growled. “He came by this afternoon, I’ve told you this four times already.”

“Yeah, but what happened? What’d he say?” Namjoon asked, leaning across the counter.

“He drove up to the pump. I asked what gas he wanted. He said regular, I filled up the tank, he paid me, and he left.” Yoongi bit out in annoyance.

“That’s it?” Namjoon whined, he felt somewhat disappointed that Seokjin hadn’t asked about him. If Yoongi was right that he was obsessed with him why didn’t he come into the store? Why didn’t he want to know where he was? Why didn’t he care?

“Oh, I forgot, he also asked if you wanted to date him. And he was available tonight for a romantic evening on the river in a boat.” Yoongi added.

Namjoon perked up. “What? Really?”

“No.” Yoongi deadpanned. “You’re a dumbass.”

The taller of the two frowned. “So he didn’t ask for me?”

Yoongi shrugged. “No, I think he’s gotten use to you not working the pump anymore.”

“Oh..” Namjoon said, trying to keep the dejection out of his voice.

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Don’t sound so sad, you didn’t make any effort to ask him out.”

Namjoon glared at Yoongi. “So? I still liked him. And I was going to! But then I got stuck behind the counter!”

“Don’t blame me. It’s not my fault.” Yoongi raised his hands in mock surrender.

Namjoon sighed. “Yeah, yeah, I know. It just sucks.”

“Don’t have to tell me, I’m losing precious sleeping time.” The shorter man said. “Anyway, wanna play cards?”

Namjoon shrugged. “Might as well.” He agreed as Yoongi pulled the deck from his pocket, accidentally dropping a wad of cash onto the floor as he did.

“Ah, shit.” He grumbled as he picked it up.  Namjoon blinked in confusion. He knew Yoongi couldn’t have gotten that from their job, payday wasn’t until next week and even then, they got paid in checks, not cash and if it wasn’t from the gas station, then where was it from? Yoongi didn’t have any other source of income.

“Where is that from?” Namjoon asked, pointing Yoongi’s pocket where he had placed the money.

Yoongi glanced down. “uh, I don’t know, I’ve had these jeans forever.”

Namjoon rolled his eyes. “Not your jeans, that random wad of cash.”

“Oh, that. Yeah, I’ve been black mailing Seokjin into paying me.” Yoongi replied casually as he dealt the cards. 

Namjoon choked on his own spit, causing him to break out into a violent coughing fit.

“You what?” He asked, once he’d gotten himself under control.

“I’ve been blackmailing Seokjin into paying me?” Yoongi repeated, confused by Namjoon’s reaction.

“What? Why?” Namjoon questioned.

Yoongi shrugged. “I pointed out that he’s been creeping on you for like months, he asked me not to tell, I said I wouldn’t and he’s been paying me ever since.”

“But you do tell me!” Namjoon said. “Yoongi, why would you do that? How long as this been going on?”

“About three weeks now, I think.” Yoongi answered. “Though to be fair, I didn’t say anything about money. He interpreted that one on his own.”

“And you just let it happen?” Namjoon groaned.

“That’s correct.” Yoongi nodded.

“Give me the money.” The blond sighed, holding out his hand.

“What? Why?” Yoongi asked, frowning.

“Cause I’m returning it.” Namjoon replied.

“Okay, but why?” Yoongi whined.

“Give me the money, Yoongi.” Namjoon repeated, firmly.

Yoongi sighed in defeat and pulled the wad of cash out of his pocket and hovering it above Namjoon’s hand before pulling back. “At least let me smell it one more time.”

Namjoon rolled his eyes. “Fine, whatever.”

Yoongi held the cash to his nose and breathed deeply for a long moment before handing it to Namjoon.

“Do you even know where he is?” Yoongi grumbled.

Namjoon rubbed the back of his neck in sheepishly. “No?”

“He works at Jin’s Flowers about twenty minutes away.” Yoongi said.

“How do you know that?” Namjoon asked, confused, that information wasn’t on the receipts and Seokjin hadn’t mentioned it in the short exchanges they’d had, but then again, their conversations weren’t very informative.

“It’s on the side of one of his cars.” Yoongi sighed. “You’re so dense, oh my god, I can’t wait for my Korean barbeque in LA. I would never have to deal with this, and if anyone was this stupid then I could just fire them.”

Namjoon ignored Yoongi. “Yeah, yeah, miming everything in your Korean barbeque, good luck. Cover my shift will you?” He said, without waiting for a reply which he was sure would be full of curse words, he rushed out of the store, and into his car. He found the directions to the flower shop on his phone after a quick search and was on the highway headed to Seokjin’s store within minutes.


Seokjin shifted the package of planting pots in his arms, having just picked them up from the post office. He pushed open the door to his flower shop and entered.

“Oh, gas station employee, I’m so attracted to how you pump gas, please marry me.” Came Hoseok’s voice from the back of the shop, though it was pitched somewhat higher, as if trying to match Seokjin’s tone.

“Of course, Seokjin, I love how you come by every day and stare at me. Its so charming and not creepy at all.” Jungkook’s voice replied, although his was pitched deeper.

“Gas station employee, I knew you’d be attracted to my stalker like ways.” Hoseok’s voice again, his voice sounded like it was struggling to hold back laughter.

Seokjin rolled his eyes, as he made his way through the shop towards the source of the noise. They hadn’t noticed him enter, otherwise they would’ve stopped making fun of him. Or Seokjin hoped that was the case, he was their boss after all and deserved some amount of respect if they wanted to continue to have a job.

“Seokjin, that’s the main thing I look for in a boyfriend, and you’re so good at being creepy.” Jungkook replied. “I knew after the first two months of your obsession with me that we had to be together.”

“Oh, object of my stalking, say you’ll be mine!” Hoseok broke out laughing at the end of his sentence and Jungkook joined in.

When Seokjin reached the front of the counter, he saw that Hoseok and Jungkook were almost falling over themselves. Hoseok had leaned against the counter in an attempt to keep himself upright, but it was no use as he was slowly sliding onto the floor, Jungkook was already down there.

“Seokjin-“ Jungkook tried to maintain the deep voice through his laughter. “I’ve always wanted a creepy boyfriend!”

They dissolved into bouts of laughter, not yet noticing the displeased look that Seokjin was sending their way.

“Well, aren’t you two hilarious.” Seokjin deadpanned.

Hoseok and Jungkook stopped laughing immediately, staring at each other in horror before turning to look at their boss. Hoseok grabbed a pot and threw it onto the floor.

“Jungkook! Why aren’t you cleaning? Look at this mess!” He shouted.

Jungkook jumped up and grabbed papers tossing them into the air, scattering them. “Hoseok! You were suppose to do inventory! Stop slacking!”

Seokjin gave them an amused. “I’ve been here for several minutes listening to you both make fun of me. Do you really think that making a mess if going to fool me?”

Hoseok and Jungkook shrugged. “It was worth a try.” The youngest replied.

“I hope so, because that broken pot is coming out of your paychecks.” The oldest answered, handing the package to Hoseok.

Jungkook whined. “I didn’t break it though!”

“I don’t care. Now go clean it up.” Seokjin responded. “And pick up those papers.”

Jungkook grumbled as he went to grab the broom and dustpan.

“Hoseok, go stock those pots, I’m going to start arranging some bouquets.” Seokjin said as he headed into the back room. “I’ll be in the back if you need me.”

Seokjin settled in front of the flowers, picking out a few and starting the rhythmic job of making bouquets. It always seemed to help him calm down and clear his mind. Which he needed at that moment. It’d been awhile since he’d seen Namjoon. Lately, when he went to get gas Yoongi was the one working the pump. He thought it’d only be a few days, but no matter when he went, Namjoon seemed to be nowhere in sight. He’d asked Yoongi about the tall blond, but after the first few times of getting an annoyed sigh and a ‘not here’ or ‘how would I know? Am I his mother? Damn’ in reply, he’d stopped.  After the first week, Seokjin couldn’t help thinking that maybe Namjoon was avoiding him. Maybe he’d found out about his creepiness and had been freaked out. Maybe he quit.

Seokjin sighed as he set a sunflower alongside a forget-me-not. Why couldn’t he be like a normal, rational person and just ask him for his number, or even on a date? Why did he have to stalk his work place like some weirdo? Now Namjoon was totally degusted with him and probably never wanted to see him again. Not like Seokjin could blame him, he’d probably act the same way if it happened to him.

The florist leaned his head back in dejection, cursing himself for his stupid actions and lack of courage to just ask Namjoon out.

“Hey, Seokjin.” Hoseok interrupted his thoughts.

Seokjin turned to where Hoseok stood by the door, grinning smugly. Seokjin didn’t like that grin.

“Yeah?” Seokjin replied, warily.

“There is a guy here, says he wants to talk to you.” Hoseok told him.

Seokjin frowned in confusion. “Why? Is it a costumer? What’s up?”

Hoseok shrugged, grin still on his face. “Don’t know, he wouldn’t say, just asked if you were here and said it was important.”

Seokjin worried his bottom lip between his front teeth for a moment before sighing, figuring he might as well go see what was going on. He walked past Hoseok, and out to the counter. As soon as he saw who was standing there, he froze.

Oh god, oh no, he was here to tell Seokjin to stop being a creep and leave him alone. Seokjin couldn’t handle that rejection. No thank you. He tried to turn around and hide in the back room, but Hoseok shoved him to the front desk and into Namjoon’s line of sight, then ducked into the back room, locking it behind him. Seokjin couldn’t escape. Unless he ran from the counter and out of the shop, but that might come off as crazy, and Namjoon already thought he was a creep. The only thing Seokjin could do now was own up to his actions and take his rejection like a man, regardless if he wanted to or not and he really, really, really, really, didn’t want to. At all.

“Uh, how can I help you?” Seokjin said, his voice coming out timidly.

“Hey, so, I work down at the gas station, which you already know, and uh, Yoongi, the guy who pumps gas sometimes, which I’m such you also know.” Namjoon started.

Oh, god, this is how it starts. Yoongi told him.

“He said he was blackmailing you for money.” Namjoon continued. “And I just came to return it.”

Seokjin blinked. Unsure if he heard correctly.

“I’m sorry, what?” Seokjin replied.

“The money that Yoongi took from you, I’m giving it back.” Namjoon smiled, as he held out the wad of cash.

Seokjin stared down at the money, so he wasn’t here to tell him off for being a total creep?

Namjoon pushed the cash towards Seokjin when he didn’t take it after a while. When Seokjin still refused to take it, he placed it down on the counter.

“So, yeah, that’s what I came to do, I’m gonna go now.” Namjoon said, awkwardly. He turned and started walking to the exit. Seokjin wanted to call him back, but his vocal cords decided that not working suddenly would be a great idea, so the florist watched as the blond haired man walked away. He also watched as he stopped, seemed to debate something in his mind and then come back up to the counter, looking more determined than before.

“Do you want to go out with me?” Namjoon asked.

Seokjin started back in surprise. Hold on, what?

“What?” Seokjin managed to reply.

“Do you want to go on a date?” Namjoon said.

“Like a date date?” Seokjin answered, unsure if he was hearing correctly.

“Yes, maybe to the movies? Out to dinner?” The blond man continued.

There was a long moment where they stared at each other. Namjoon waited anxiously for an answer and Seokjin trying to understand what was happening.

“So, is that a no?” Namjoon winced.

“Yes.” Seokjin replied, but when Namjoon’s face fell in disappointment, he waved his hands frantically, understanding what that sounded like. “No, no! Not yes like I’m rejecting you! Yes like I want to go on a date with you!”

Namjoon paused for a moment, processing what Seokjin was saying, then he broke out into a smile, exposing two dimples. Seokjin grinned back.

“Oh god, that’s so creepy, you both look stupid, just kiss already.” Jungkook’s voice broke them out of their trance.

“Jungkook!” Seokjin scolded, blushing a deep red. However, he completely forgot about Jungkook when Namjoon lightly cupped Seokjin’s face and did exactly as the youngest said, pressing their mouths together.

Seokjin ignored Jungkook’s gagging noise as he leaned over the counter and gripped onto Namjoon’s shoulders, kissing him back. Those months of paying for so much gas was worth it if this is what it led to.

Jungkook was gone by the time Namjoon broke the kiss, the blond haired man pressed his forehead to Seokjin’s and smiled gently. “So about that date.”

Seokjin nodded slowly, his grin so wide, it almost hurt.


“Wait, how did you know where I worked?” Seokjin asked, two weeks later as he leaned against the counter and watched Yoongi and Namjoon play cards.

This had become a usual thing. The date had gone well, and they’d taken to hanging out at each other’s work whenever they had the time. Not to mention, Seokjin was surprisingly good at cards much to Yoongi’s displeasure.

“Yoongi saw the shops name on the side of one of your cars.” Namjoon explained, trading out a card.

“How’d you know my name?” Seokjin asked. “Don’t bother trading cards, just fold, he has a straight flush.”

“Damn it, Namjoon! Stop letting your boyfriend help you, it’s cheating.” Yoongi complained as he threw down his cards.

“You signed a credit card receipt.” Namjoon explained as he shuffled the deck.

“Oh.” Seokjin blinked, now that he thought about it, it did make sense. He leaned his head on Namjoon’s shoulder as the man dealt.

A few months ago, he never thought he’d have this, standing in the convenience store, watching Yoongi and Namjoon play cards in their free time. Didn’t think he’d be able to touch or kiss Namjoon whenever he wanted to, but he could and that was probably one of the best realizations Seokjin ever had and he couldn’t be happier or more in love.

“Trade that card.” Seokjin suggested, pointing to a four.

“That’s fucking cheating!” Yoongi whined.

“Thanks, babe.” Namjoon said, ignoring Yoongi as he pressed a kiss to Seokjin’s soft lips.

Yoongi made a sound of disgust and threw his cards down. “Wouldn’t have to deal with this bullshit at my Korean barbeque in LA. Fuck you all.” He snapped, stomping into the back room to take a nap.

Seokjin and Namjoon snickered as Yoongi slammed the door behind him. Namjoon collected the cards and shuffled again.

“Want to play?” Namjoon asked.

Seokjin laughed as he moved to away to stand across from the tall male. “You’re gonna lose.”

“We’ll see.” Namjoon shrugged. “Loser has to pay for gas?”

Seokjin considered it, before nodding. “My car takes regular.”

“I know.” Namjoon smiled, leaning forward to kiss Seokjin once more.