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lemme hear you beg for it

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Summer’s tapering off, but it’s still hot and sticky and really, Jimin knows Jeongguk doesn’t want him plastered to his side but he’s indulging Jimin anyways. They’ve spent the morning lying in bed, too lazy to get up just yet and it’s fine, it’s Saturday, Jeongguk’s still half asleep. Jimin’s got his head buried in Jeongguk’s neck, quietly grateful that Jeongguk hadn’t bothered pulling on a t-shirt last night.

He’s been pressing kisses into Jeongguk’s skin, sucking gently on little strips after biting into them, Jeongguk’s thigh slowly shifting higher up between Jimin’s legs. A part of him knows he should stop inching upwards, the collar of Jeongguk’s dress shirt would only hide so much but he’s feeling clingy, a little starved for attention. Jeongguk’s been busy, but then, that happened when you were the golden boy at work, seemingly perfect. How exactly had his company functioned before Jeongguk? Jimin’s huffed it out before, watching Jeongguk rush out of the door without eating breakfast, spinning around to give Jimin a quick peck. An afterthought.

Jimin sinks his teeth into Jeongguk’s collarbone, shuddering when he feels Jeongguk’s hand slide up his back, under his t-shirt. He swallows, noses along the column of Jeongguk’s neck, hot breath ghosting over the wet kisses he’s left behind. Jimin’s half on top of Jeongguk, wishes he’d skipped out on his t-shirt, too. Jeongguk’s hand dips down to his ass, slips right past the waistband of Jimin’s underwear to squeeze his ass.

“G’morning,” Jeongguk says, voice like gravel. Jimin feels bad for waking him up, mumbles an apology into Jeongguk’s skin as he lets himself run a hand over his chest. He gets a chuckle in response, Jeongguk’s fingers squeezing between his cheeks. Jimin’s mouth falls open, gasp left somewhere between his throat and teeth, anticipation crawling under his skin, alight in the pit of his belly.

“Come here,” Jeongguk murmurs, a hand fisting into Jimin's hair to pull his head back, mouth finding Jimin’s for a chaste kiss. Jeongguk takes his time as he presses kisses to Jimin’s lips, catches the little sighs escaping him. “You’re so needy today, hyung.”

“Am not,” Jimin denies, nails raking down Jeongguk’s forearm as he kisses harder, hungry for more. Jeongguk opens up to him easily, thigh pressing upwards into Jimin’s slowly hardening cock. Sucking on Jeongguk’s bottom lip, Jimin whines as he grinds little circles against Jeongguk’s thigh. They haven’t fucked in three days, and Jimin resents the long hours Jeongguk has to put in, wishes Jeongguk wasn’t hell bent on proving himself.

“And horny,” Jeongguk adds, the hand in Jimin's hair tightening as Jeongguk yanks his head back. He makes an appreciative hum, licks a wet stripe up Jimin’s neck before biting down on his adam’s apple. Jimin’s breath catches, moan slipping past his lips when he feels Jeongguk rub a teasing finger over his entrance. He raises his hips off the bed, thigh pressing into Jimin harder, rubbing against his cock enticingly and Jimin can’t help the needy whimper that escapes him.

“That’s your fault,” Jimin accuses, shuddering when Jeongguk sucks another bruise against his neck. Jimin spreads his legs out a little wider, breath caught in his throat as Jeongguk rubs the rim of his asshole.

“Aw, did you miss my cock that much, hyung?” Jeongguk snickers but the words make Jimin’s cock twitch, heat spreading through him quicker.

“Shut up, you brat,” Jimin spits, lacking venom, lip catching between his teeth when Jeongguk pushes the finger against his entrance, there but hardly enough. It’s not the first time Jimin wonders why he’s so smitten with a cocktease but then Jeongguk’s flipping him over, dark eyes hungry and alight with want, cocky smirk plastered across his face.

Sparks fizzle up Jimin’s spine, Jeongguk rolling his hips down against Jimin’s, the shape of his cock pressing down. Jimin’s mouth waters. Tsking, Jeongguk pushes down Jimin’s underwear in one swift motion, smirk widening as he takes in Jimin’s cock. He runs a finger up the length, rubbing at the slit of Jimin’s cock to watch him writhe, nails digging into Jeongguk’s shoulder.

“You’re so sensitive, hyung,” Jeongguk tells him, licking his lips as he pulls Jimin’s shirt up. He gets it up and off, pinning his wrists under one hand and Jimin frowns against the tight hold, hissing when Jeongguk dips down to suck a nipple into his mouth. Jeongguk is all teeth, like a wolf trying to devour his prey, and Jimin’s spent weeks covered in bruises, purple and blue. When they were younger, Jimin hadn’t spent a day without his neck marked up, covered in hickies. “If you’re really good, I won’t make you beg.”

“Why would I beg?” Jimin growls, glaring, but Jeongguk’s giving him this cocksure grin, like Jimin’s just said exactly what he wanted to hear.

“You’re so cute, hyung,” Jeongguk coos, as arrogant as ever and Jimin struggles to break out of Jeongguk’s hold a second time, frustrated to find he can’t budge. He glares harder, Jeongguk giving him an amused grin, hips rolling down against Jimin’s again and he can’t hold the annoyance. He barely keeps himself from moaning, hating the satisfaction written all over Jeongguk’s face. “I missed all your cute expressions.”

“Just fuck me,” Jimin demands, more a whine than anything else, legs spreading wider to accommodate Jeongguk.

“Tell me, hyung, how bad do you want it?” Jeongguk murmurs into his ear, keeping his hips steady as he grinds down into Jimin, purposefully deliberate. “Do you feel empty without my cock inside you for so long? Bet you tried fucking yourself; how many fingers did you get inside? Be good and tell me, hyung.”

Jimin feels heat rise to his face, hips bucking up and into Jeongguk’s, the friction seemingly nothing, his cock aching between his legs. “Jeongguk, p-please.”

“Please what, hyung?” Jeongguk’s voice is husky in his ear, that gravely tone returning as his hold on Jimin’s wrists tightens. “You’re not answering any of my questions.”

Heat coils in his belly, desperation building up quicker and quicker, the part of his brain that tells him to keep ahold of his pride crumbling.

“Please fuck me,” Jimin grits out, refusing to meet Jeongguk’s eye. He regrets it a second later when Jeongguk bites down on the juncture between his neck and shoulder, hard enough that it feels like he’s broken skin, tongue laving at the wound seconds later.

“Such a bad hyung,” Jeongguk scolds, sucking against his bite, as if drawing blood to the surface and there’s a dull ache settling there. He’s going to be sporting a dark bruise for days, the thought oddly comforting. “Aren’t you supposed to be good to me?”

“You’re a smug little shit,” Jimin huffs, gasping when Jeongguk bites down lower, litters bruises against his collarbones until he seems satisfied with the mess he’s left against Jimin’s skin. “Stop trying to eat me and fuck me already.”

“But you’re so delicious,” Jeongguk pouts, laughing at Jimin’s disgruntled expression, cock aching as Jeongguk stills in his motions. “Besides, it’s been three days, right, hyung? I wanna take my time.”

Jimin lets out a grumble, more frustrated than annoyed, should have known that Jeongguk would want to tease him and draw this out then just go for a quick fuck. Asshole. “But why can’t you fuck hyung nice and thoroughly and quickly?” he asks, switching tactics, pouting cutely.

Jeongguk’s unperturbed, smirk small and discreet as he lets his weight settle over Jimin a little more, the stretch in Jimin’s arms beginning to burn. With their bodies pressed together so tightly, Jimin can feel the heat coming off of Jeongguk, the smoothness of Jeongguk’s skin like a gentle sigh ghosting over Jimin’s skin. “Oh, is that what you want, hyung? To get fucked nice and thoroughly?”

Jeongguk,” Jimin whines, nose scrunching up. “Please.” He can’t keep the desperation out of his voice, and Jeongguk eats it up, leans down to kiss Jimin hungrily, tongue slipping into Jimin’s mouth. He doesn’t break away until he’s sucked all the air out of Jimin, nipping at his lower lip, tongue sliding over swollen lips.

“You’re not being very specific,” Jeongguk says, wolfish glint still in his eyes and he really could devour Jimin whole. Jimin’s not sure he would mind. He noses along Jimin’s neck, hot breath puffing over skin, teeth sinking in just under his jaw. Jimin whimpers, body shivering as Jeongguk sucks on the bite, tongue soothing the sting. Jeongguk’s breath is hot against the shell of Jimin’s ear, “Tell me what you want, hyung.”

Jimin swallows, body burning up with desire as Jeongguk ruts against him, achingly slow. “W-want you to fuck me, please, Jeonggukie. Wanna feel your cock inside me, f-fucking me open, please -- ”

“Shit,” Jeongguk curses, pulling away from Jimin until he’s straddling his hips. Jimin’s eyes follow the lines of his abs, licking his mouth as he takes his boyfriend in. The hand holding Jimin’s wrists down loosens up a little, Jeongguk taking Jimin’s chin in his hand. “Your mouth’s so filthy, hyung. Maybe you should have sucked a little less cock.”

“Wouldn’t know how to deepthroat you then,” Jimin says, purposefully antagonizing, smirking when Jeongguk’s expression darkens. He hisses a second later, Jeongguk pinching a nipple between his fingers so hard that Jimin feels himself arch off the bed as Jeongguk pulls.

“Fucking slut,” Jeongguk accuses, but he's getting up off of Jimin, hand leaving Jimin's wrists as he pulls his underwear off, cock hard and big and mouthwatering. Jimin takes in the upward curve, lets his arms relax, the stretch in his biceps pleasantly sore. Grabbing lube from their bedside table, Jeongguk returns to the bed, straddling Jimin once more and popping the lid of the lube open with his thumb.

Jimin reaches for him, pulls Jeongguk down until he can lean up and kiss him, murmuring into his mouth, “Your slut.” He enjoys the way Jeongguk groans at that, hand sliding up Jimin’s torso, fingers kneading into the muscle of his shoulders.

“My slut,” Jeongguk echoes, licks into his mouth, lets his hips roll down against Jimin’s until he has Jimin moaning into him. “Just mine.”

“Jeongguk -- ah, p-please, Jeongguk,” Jimin pleads, frustration welling up again, and he’s gasping when Jeongguk wraps his fingers around Jimin’s cock, jerking him off languidly. Jimin can feel the burn of his orgasm, toes curling when Jeongguk squeezes the base of his cock, Jimin sobbing as he’s denied.

“Not yet, hyung,” Jeongguk tsks, “not until I say so.” Jimin has tears burning in his eyes, chest heaving as Jeongguk kisses him tenderly, at odds with his actions, with the smirk he’s wearing. “I just love seeing you so desperate, you look so pretty.”

“I hate you,” Jimin grits out, but lets Jeongguk spread his legs apart as he settles back on his legs, right between Jimin’s thighs, squirting lube onto his fingers. He’s got his eyes fixed on Jimin’s cock, on his asshole, lube slicked finger rubbing against Jimin’s entrance.

“But you don’t hate my cock, do you hyung?” Jeongguk laughs, looking younger than his years, face alight with confidence. Jimin only pushes down against the finger Jeongguk’s got teasingly rubbing against his hole, moaning low and throaty when it pierces past his rim, wet and slick. “You never did tell me how many fingers you got up to hyung.”

“I’ll let you know when you get there,” Jimin retorts, feeling light-headed as Jeongguk wraps his hand around the base of Jimin’s cock again. He’s definitely not letting Jimin come easily, and the thought has Jimin whining, needy and frustrated, desire burning through him like molten lava.

“Oh?” Jeongguk hums, slipping in a second finger easily. Jimin clenches around the digits, eyes watching Jeongguk’s tongue as it sweeps over his bottom lip. There’s a predatory hunger in Jeongguk’s eyes as he watches his fingers fuck into Jimin, not fast enough for Jimin’s liking but it’s not like he had any plans on letting him come. “That means you definitely got to three, didn’t you, hyung?”

He says hyung with a teasing lilt, all smug as he pushes the third finger in and the stretch burns, Jimin’s mouth hanging open silently as he gets accustomed to the fullness. This time, Jeongguk lets his finger brush over Jimin’s prostate, sparks of pleasure shooting up from the base of Jimin’s spine, skin tingling. He fucks into Jimin faster, thrusts a little drier but he fixes that easily, squirting lube down Jimin’s perineum. It’s cold, sends a shiver running through Jimin until Jeongguk’s fucking the wetness into him, the ring around Jimin’s cock tightening as he sobs, fingers tightening in the bedsheets.

“Wanna come, Jeonggukie, please, a-ah!” Jimin cries, arching off the bed as Jeongguk’s fingers rub against the spongy tissue by his prostate, digit dragging over the area over and over again. “P-please, Jeongguk, can’t, please --”

“Four fingers, hyung? Really, hyung?” Jeongguk drawls, and on his next thrust into Jimin, he adds the fourth finger, Jimin’s body arching off the bed, heat licking at his skin. “Bet it still didn’t feel like enough for you, bet nothing but my cock feels like enough, isn’t that right hyung?”

Tears spill down Jimin’s face, Jeongguk fucking into him mercilessly but he’s still got his fingers wrapped around the base of Jimin’s cock, denying him his orgasm. Jimin’s gasping, hips pushing down into Jeongguk’s thrusts desperately, the squelch of lube as Jeongguk fucks him echoing obscenely around them. Heat coils tightly in his belly, Jeongguk’s hand squeezing tighter around Jimin’s cock as he rubs at his prostate, a choked off scream escaping Jimin as he feels his body tighten, toes curling, orgasm ripping through him and it’s not enough. It’s not enough. Jimin’s sobbing as his back hits the bed again, cock still painfully hard, tears blurring his vision.

“You did so good, hyung,” Jeongguk praises, fingers slipping out of Jimin and he feels empty, whining at the loss. But Jeongguk’s leaning over him, kissing Jimin until he comes back to his senses, hand rubbing soothingly over Jimin’s belly. “So, so good, hyung.”

“Hate you,” Jimin slurs, but he’s frantically wrapping his arms around Jeongguk’s shoulders, seeking out his mouth in sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. Jimin’s chest stops heaving in a minute or two, Jeongguk hovering over him as he brushes away Jimin’s tears.

“Good?” Jeongguk asks, and Jimin nods, still eager for more kisses and Jeongguk obliges him, thumb stroking over Jimin’s jaw over and over and over again. Jeongguk lets Jimin wind down for a little longer, hand moving down to stroke over Jimin’s side before he’s tugging Jimin’s arms away from his neck, trapping his wrists under a hand again. This time Jimin hardly has it in him to resist, letting out a little pathetic cry as Jeongguk stretches his arms out. “These stay here, got it?”

“Yes,” Jimin answers, barely keeping his eyes open as Jeongguk lets go to grab the bottle of lube again, squirting a generous amount over a hand before slicking his cock up. Watching Jeongguk’s hand work himself up, Jimin clenches his hands into fists, wishing he was the one touching Jeongguk.

“Good boy,” Jeongguk says, spreading Jimin’s legs apart until he’s settled comfortably between them, cock lined up with Jimin’s entrance. He wraps his hand around Jimin’s wrists again, the crown of his cock pressed against Jimin’s entrance. Jimin lets out a frustrated groan, silently willing Jeongguk to fuck him already.

“Are you gonna be good and beg for it, baby?” Jeongguk whispers into his ear, and the endearment has Jimin keening, heart fluttering in his chest. Rubbing his cockhead against Jimin’s entrance again, Jeongguk sucks against Jimin’s lobe and he whines so loud, pushing against the hold Jeongguk’s got on his wrists. “I know you know how to.”

“Please,” Jimin starts, voice cracking as he feels Jeongguk push into him before pulling out. Tears sting at Jimin’s eyes again, and his voice is already hoarse from earlier, cock leaking between his legs, utterly neglected. “Please, J-Jeongguk -- Jeongguk, want your cock so much, please.”

“Was that so bad?” Jeongguk says, slamming into Jimin in one quick thrust and Jimin moans, throaty and loud. Jeongguk’s cock fills him up so wholly, his hand slipping away from Jimin’s wrists as he grips his hips, hold bruising.

Jeongguk,” Jimin rasps, keeps his hands steadfastly above his head as Jeongguk starts moving, fucking Jimin open easily. Jimin’s breathing is laboured, each breath an effort, but Jeongguk is relentless, fucking Jimin harder and faster, force shaking their bed as he thrusts into him. There’s sweat dripping down his forehead, hair matted to his forehead and Jimin’s lost to the pleasure, has to clutch the pillow underneath him to keep his hands from reaching out for Jeongguk.

“Fuck, hyung, you’re so tight, feels so good,” Jeongguk pants, hoisting Jimin’s legs over his shoulders to better his angle. The shift has Jimin bent in half, his own cock hitting his stomach as Jeongguk pounds into him, merciless.

Jimin’s babbling something, begging really, can’t hear his own thoughts let alone his voice, but Jeongguk’s slamming into him so hard, Jimin’s seeing stars, back arching off the bed as his cock rubs over Jimin’s prostate.

“Hyung’s my little slut, isn’t he?” Jeongguk whispers, lips pressed against Jimin’s ear, the forward lean folding Jimin entirely in half. “Always so eager for my cock. Love how your ass just swallows me up.”

“Ah, Jeonggukie, p-please, wanna come,” Jimin pleads, hot tears spilling past his eyes and he’s gasping, out of breath and out of mind, delirious as he begs Jeongguk. The slap of Jeongguk’s balls hitting Jimin’s ass mixes in with his litany of please please please, voice croaking out of him.

“So fucking needy, fuck,” Jeongguk curses, hands holding Jimin by the biceps as his hips roll forward, slamming into Jimin. The dig of Jeongguk’s nails hurts, but Jimin’s so close, can’t keep his eyes open anymore, Jeongguk’s mouth on his as he kisses him. “Go on, hyung, come for me.”

Jimin sobs, clamorous and relieved all at once, Jeongguk’s cock pounding into him. The pressure building up inside of him erupts as he clenches up around Jeongguk, balls tightening, mouth falling open in a silent scream. Cum shoots out of him in thick ropes, seemingly endless, splattering across Jimin’s chest and stomach, one string hitting him against his chin. The tightness is enough to send Jeongguk over the edge, his boyfriend’s thrusts erratic as he fucks into Jimin, his high clouding his mind even as Jeongguk wraps a hand around Jimin’s cock to tug the last drops of cum out of him.

“Fuck, fuck,” Jeongguk groans, drawing the word out, thrusts shallower as he comes inside of Jimin, hot seed filling him up. He’s balls deep in Jimin when he finally stops, rolling his hips in little circles as he watches Jimin wince, every ounce of energy drained out of him. He’s drenched in sweat, covered in cum, and so fucking happy.

Jeongguk collapses next to him, cock slipping out of Jimin as he spoons him, Jimin’s back to his chest. Jimin whines at the sensation but Jeongguk's pressing kisses to the back of his neck, murmuring I love you into Jimin’s ear and Jimin just gives him little whimpers in return. Jimin's ass clenches at the feeling of emptiness, sore from the fucking, Jeongguk's cum still inside of him. Jeongguk's cock really was the only thing that made him feel full.

“Your plug in the drawer”?” Jeongguk asks, mouth pressed into Jimin’s hair, words muffled.

“Y-yeah,” Jimin answers in a shaky breath, feels Jeongguk shift away from him momentarily, pulling their bedside table’s drawer open. He’s back in the next second, just as solid and warm against Jimin as before and he sinks into the comfort of Jeongguk’s skin against his own. Fingers rub at his entrance, slipping inside of Jimin and there’s an indecent squelch, Jimin’s hole wet with cum and lube, Jeongguk pressing a finger against Jimin’s prostate just to feel him shudder and hiss.

“Be a good boy and keep all my cum inside, okay, hyung,” Jeongguk instructs, wet fingers sliding out of Jimin and up his crack. He pushes the blunted tip of Jimin’s butt plug past the ring of muscle, loose from fucking. It slides in easily, Jimin groaning when the fatter end squeezes into him. It’s not Jeongguk’s cock but Jimin still likes the fullness, sighing as he pulls Jeongguk’s arm under his head. “I’ll fuck it all back into you later.”

“Yes, please,” Jimin mumbles, blissfully fucked out, heart still thrumming against his ribcage, cheeks red. Jeongguk’s got a finger running through the cum on Jimin’s belly, languid motions. He opens his mouth up obediently when Jeongguk presses the finger to his lips, sucking his own cum off.

“Think I’m gonna fuck your pretty little mouth for round two, yeah hyung?” Jeongguk murmurs into the shell of his ear, soft cock pressed against Jimin’s ass. “See how fast you can make me come.”

Jimin groans at the thought of Jeongguk’s cock in his mouth, already anticipating. “Yes, please.”

“Good boy.”